XRP can now be purchased at 3,000 ATMs worldwide

XRP can now be purchased at 3,000 ATMs worldwide

although folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over some information about ATMs and how they’ve started some support for XRP the digital asset this is on the heels son on a couple months ago one coin me added XRP to its ATM database as well so let’s kind of go through this together kind of feel out what we think is going on here and maybe come to some conclusions at the end and maybe put a comment in the comment section and tell me what you think so you can see ripples XRP which the title is a little off because XRP is the digital asset ripple doesn’t own XRP they own XRP tokens anyway it can now be purchased at 3,000 ATMs worldwide such as the world’s largest manufacturer of ATMs announced a few hours ago that cryptocurrency XRP is now supported users will be able to purchase XRP at more than three thousand ATMs worldwide the adapt adaptation of cryptocurrencies has a significant impact on the confidence building in use of the new technology in people’s everyday lives general bytes is the largest manufacturer of ATMs worldwide and announced a few hours ago that it’s expanding its own portfolio at the provided devices users can buy different crypto currencies easily and quickly XRP now available at all ATMs and ATM is a payment gateway it provides the ability to purchase crypto currencies such as Bitcoin aetherium or XRP by debit or credit card now according to general bytes it has set more than 3,000 ATMs worldwide mostly in prominent locations such as subway stations or large shopping malls in the recent post on reddit which we’re gonna get to the company explains that since yesterday all teams already installed offer the possibility to buy XRP older version may also offer extra fee however it should be noted that all devices are individually owned so the device installers decide which current crypto currencies are offered on the ATM to date general bytes has sold a total and 17 ATMs it supports more than 123 different fiat currencies and has processed more than 16 million 65,000 transactions the ATM has all have also been sold to more than 63 countries worldwide the map below shows where general pipes devices have been installed worldwide I will get to that the latest devices have been installed in Westwood Shell Boston University excuse me Boston you in the United States on route 1 auto mile opposite Porsche and Mercedes Benz interested parties can easily and quickly select the respective cryptocurrency and the corresponding purchase amount and then enter their wallet address the amount is then debited from their debit or credit card and the cryptocurrency is sent to the wallet address entered so you can see here coin mover you can follow them on Twitter at coin underscore mover and it talks about the brand new digital currency machines installed at Westwood Shell and route 1 auto mile across from Porsche Mercedes Benz and here we go now adaptation of X RP is driven being driven forward as was reported earlier so a couple months ago you saw Ripple’s venture capital firm spring and they announced it and what mid to September a 1.5 million dollar investment in the crypto ATM company coined me now coin me is one of the largest ATM fighters worldwide and has already sold more than 2500 ATM and ripple intends to use the investment to promote the adoption of X RP so they leverage their their spring investment in coin me what’s eventually I’m sure that will provide support for X or P if their 2500 ATMs now this company coin mover general bytes they are they have 3117 ATM so here at the latter part of 2019 over 5000 ATMs are going to potentially have x RP support now back to the investment it says the investment will be used to bring devices into service in addition ripples also secured access to other key markets through wise and for example ripple invested in Vega protocol to prepare the introduction of XRP for derivatives financial market and spring is also invested in Flair Networks project to expand the scope of xrp in the future it should be possible to conclude smart contracts on the XRP ledger using Flair networks so again here’s a little information about the price so you know ripple is making move spring is making investments XRP is available on more ATMs worldwide so let’s go over here and here’s another take on XRP being supported this is from Leonidas Leonidas is a must follow on Twitter and he always has amazing information about the crypto space and ripple and XRP this is from his website which is XRP arcade comm so follow him on XRP arcade comm follow this website is updates on his website and follow twitter in his updates on Twitter and the Leonidas here so he has another take on this as well says general bytes say Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer based in Prague from the Czech Republic and brand inton Florida in the United States it brings Android Bitcoin and blockchain based technologies to new and unexpected places now according to a reddit post from December 28th general bytes has now added support for XRP on all ATMs sold to date this means that even machines that already exist are now compatible with XRP and it’s worth mentioning that all ATMs are individually owned and operates and an operator must not carry a ATM or provide support in their ATMs so here’s the reddit post says dear group members this is my first post so I’m not sure if this is the right Ripple group to share the news but general bytes the largest cryptocurrency 18 manufacturers globally just added support for XRP the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap support is back poured into all three thousand-plus ATMs sold to date so even machines that existed long before XRP launched are now compatible with ripple please note and this is again the whole individually owned let’s go through this operator if you can see the bright yellow ATMs or one of the a-teams with the neon rum screen ask the operator to enable xrp support with a little bit of luck we will be able to add XRP to thousands of ATMs in the next coming months whoo for more information you can go to their website general bytes that’s B YP s comm general bytes comm so again this is on the heels of a couple months ago when coined me was received series a1 financing from ripple subsidiary spring in blockchain finance fund now the proceeds from that funding will be used for additional licensing to expand its US and international coverage co-founder and CEO Neil Bergquist told coin Dez that coin me is licensed to operate Bitcoin ATMs in 29 states in United States and will apply for further state licenses in the near future as for international markets coin me has said its eyes on Europe Central and South America given the high popularity of capital currencies in those countries spring is ripples developer initiative that focuses investments in blockchain technology companies and is in as the firm’s first investment in the Bitcoin kiosk industry Bergquist says of coin me raise 4.5 million dollars in total in its previous financing including 3.5 million in convertible debt partly from Coinstar over the last few years and 1.5 million from a venture fund in early 2017 with more than 2,500 locations coin me currently services the largest bit cone kiosk network in the world coin me began as a Bitcoin exchange in 2014 and integrated zatt services with coin to cache Coinstar machines in January the coin star kiosk allowed customers to exchange bills and coins for a code sent to their mobile device that can be redeemed up to $2,500 of crypto the partnership was announced earlier this year with the kiosk mainly placed in public venues such as supermarkets crypto kiosks and atm Bitcoin ATMs have quickly grown in popularity as coin used proliferate day from coin ATM radar shows a nearly fivefold increase in the number of active crypto ATM installations since 2017 in earlier this summer Bitcoin ATM Liberty X surpassed 1,000 kiosks ins under service outside the kiosk oi me provides concierge trading high-volume transactions for institutional investors in cryptocurrency retirement options sell such a self-directed IRA and 401k Bergquist said one of the services provides white-glove transaction services to high net worth individuals with a minimum investment of $5,000 the new funding will go towards developing online wallets for retail investors to help them use crypto currencies for payment and remittances and then this last one will go over coin me expands Bitcoin purchase network by adding coin starter kiosk locations in Dallas and this is key just because we were talking about the thousands that were already in cycle they just added another 90 locations here in the dallas-fort Worth metropolitan area so we’ll just go over this right here coin me today announced its entry into the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area by adding more than 90 Bitcoin purchase points at coin start chaos and Albertsons and Tom Thumb supermarkets that Coinstar kiosks make up the largest network for purchasing Bitcoin for dallas-fort Worth area consumers so the bottom line is folks is that there’s more and more use cases in in the crypto space Bitcoin XRP there is more and more on and off-ramps there’s more kiosks that offer it there’s more exchanges that are offering it so when the next bull market happen there’s me some more on off ramps for retail investors that get involved just you know we’re not and we’re not gonna give financial advise when I pry it price predictors here but the bottom line is that in the next bull market that happens it’s more and more people are going to get into this space so thank you for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal we deeply appreciate it if you already subscribe to the channel thank you very much if you’re not a subscriber to the channel yet we would be honored with your just your subscription to the channel if you like this video please smash that thumbs up button it really helps out the channel and of course if you have a comment about this video put it in the comment section below and if you just have a general comment about the crypto space put it in the comment section below we can have a discussion here here in the community so thank you again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal you

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