hi guys I just want to do a quick update on the world Bitcoin price as you know I've been trying to dig up Bitcoin prices from different parts of the world and then you know if it's anything interesting or if the prices are particularly high or low or you know of interest to my viewers then I would actually talk about it right so anyway today I want to talk about the Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe okay there was an article that just came out on coin Telegraph actually it just came out last night five hours ago actually and it's saying like well BTC trading for 12,500 in Zimbabwe okay so bitcoin price is going right now it's $12,500 per Bitcoin in Zimbabwe okay Bitcoin is trading at a huge premium on locals and bobbin exchange as the embattled country struggled through another bout of hyperinflation at press time Bitcoin was selling on the local exchange goal –ax at 12,500 okay substantial premium nearly double the price in the US okay and then I went down here and then I looked at some of the well actually there was just one comment and then this comment this person says misleading people are buying two to five dollars worth of Bitcoin and pay large premiums to get the limited amount of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe any rich guidance and buy we will buy Bitcoin from euro or Hong Kong exchanges okay so that's fair I mean everybody has their everybody entitled and have their own opinion okay so let's go and try to do some research and see what the deal is so let's check out this Golic exchange right dole X exchange is right here actually I've been wanting to sign up myself with this exchange but let's just go back out for the time being and let me see actually let's click the sign up button okay so this is a you know Zimbabwe South Africa website and they serve that market there and let's look at the volume there so 30-day volume 142 bitcoins not a lot as you know providing this is an exchange right but it's significant okay and last 24 hours they there was a volume of eight bitcoins so it's not a lot of bitcoins going through this platform but then it's significant because if you think about it eight bitcoins 125,000 approximately right each so the low was 11850 the high was 12,500 currently and you look at a tab here it's got the current to Bitcoin price currently it's at 12,500 okay so this is real it's for real and if you want you can you know basically you sign up you know actually sign up an account and then see how to trade on this platform okay let me see what else okay so I always do this outline because it kind of helps me keep my video in place like gives it a more rigid structure as to what I need to be talking about right okay so some Bob way Bitcoin is with 12,500 okay then let me talk about how one person a resident saved money okay using Bitcoin so how people outside of some Bob we are using Bitcoin to get a 41 percent discount on their airline ticket so this is a very interesting article because it says like if you use Bitcoin to buyer your plane ticket you can save money because things are so expensive in South and by way these days right and then they sell you know they buy the Bitcoin from coinbase and then they sell it on Gold X do you make these basically to earn the difference and that's how you earn you know you're 41 percent discount okay so I'm going to leave these links to these articles like to oh I'm going to leave the link to this article to the hyperinflation 12,500 Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe or leave this article the link to this article and I'll leave the link to this article are on the description session okay and then of course I'll leave this website go legs you can go sign up if you want let me see what else okay and then also this article dated back to September of this year okay so even a few months ago there are reports I remember seeing this that coin fetched eighty five percent premium and Zimbabwe so even earlier this year this has been the case is that coin price has always been higher in Zimbabwe at that point coinbase had a price of thirty nine hundred and then they were trading Bitcoin at 7,200 already okay so this it's interesting for us investors you know Bitcoin investors people who are interested in investing in Bitcoin because it kind of gives us a glimpse of where the Bitcoin price will be heading somewhere down the line okay as you know I'm very bullish on the Bitcoin price I do expect it to pass the ten thousand dollar mark very soon you know perhaps you know by the end of the year or certainly by early next year maybe before February okay we're gonna see a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin I may be wrong because nobody knows what happens in the future but then I just have a very bullish view also as a result that's why I always right now from a YouTube channel I am going to pay attention to the world Bitcoin price from all over the world and then if I notice any interesting prices that needs to be mentioned I will definitely bring it up and every couple of days or well basically any time I find an interesting price tag for Bitcoin I will bring it up and then I will put it let me see not sure why this is not okay and then I will put it I will put up a video ok title world Bitcoin price and then the place just like this one hey guys how's it going ok I'm gonna I'm not gonna play this for now ok but basically this is the what I'm talking about is that like yesterday I did one on South Korea I found a Bitcoin price nine thousand eight hundred sixty-six US dollars for a Bitcoin in South Korea right so perhaps they're not moving a lot of Bitcoin but then it's interesting to know like Bitcoin touched that price mark you know in some countries already so you know it is a very good indication of what is to come in the next couple of months in terms of Bitcoin price is concerned ok so anyway this video is primarily about the Bitcoin price in Zimbabwe and you know you can take a look at some of the websites and articles how to save money on your plane ticket and yeah 12500 yeah that's a great price tag and I think what I'm even gonna do is I am going to sign up with the gold X platform and then see what the deal is and you know if you want you can also take a look at their Twitter let me see yeah they have a Twitter well you go to support ok then you click into that and then they'll tell you why the price is so high I think I lost that page already I kind of like closed it yeah okay well this is the their Twitter account so you can kind of go down here and then you can like read about you know what happened in last couple months you know why the price isn't so high some of the comments mmm okay so anyway any comments please leave it down below please let and subscribe and I'll see you on the next one peace

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