Why You MUST Use Bitcoin ($BTC) Satoshi Value When Trading Altcoins!

Why You MUST Use Bitcoin ($BTC) Satoshi Value When Trading Altcoins!

Why You MUST Use Bitcoin Satoshi Value When Trading!

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  1. this is slightly confusing to me but you made a it a bit more easier to grasp. please do more contents like this

  2. So if I buy an alt coin when btc was $10,000 and btc goes down to $5000 should I buy more of that altcoin at $5000 or would that be detrimental.this is confusing

  3. When I explain crypto trading and investing in this way to others from traditional markets, they are always confused a bit at first. They are used to working with valuation based on trading against a more relatively stagnant instrument such as the dollar or other fiat. None of the fiat are truly stagnant vs. each other, otherwise forex would not exist. But compared to crypto assets, fiat is quite stagnant. When trading as a long-term investor in bull cycles particularly, trading against Bitcoin is the way to go. Because if you are looking not to just trade, but also accumulate long-term positions, trading and valuation vs. Bitcoin is establishing Bitcoin as a sort of benchmark for your portfolio. And trading against bitcoin in bull cycles is an excellent indicator of whether you should be chasing a trade in an alt rather than just Bitcoin itself. I remember seeing ETH and LTC break ATH in dollar valuation, while simultaneously falling on the charts in valuation when charted vs. Bitcoin. When BTC really runs, the alts may be running as well, but be unable to keep up. Thanks Marcus

  4. (This is what this video seems to indicate to me) ……if you look at coin market cap, (bitcoin-sitoshi value) stays pegged to most alts pretty closely. Occasionally when bitcoin has a break out or a bad fall, the gap closes or widens a little. But it's otherwise pretty parallel and steady. If your alt does a 10x in 6 months, and bitcoin only does a 2x, there is no way in hell that this sitoshi calculation will matter much. The alt would win easily. The thing that is more scary would be if you bought an alt when (bitcoin-sitoshi) was almost 20 grand and your alt suddenly 5x ed in that same week… then bitcoin drops to 10, but your alt was still mooning. In that case you would get CRUSHED trading back out to sitoshi to get your profits for that alt. You need bitcoin to be doing well when you cash out, and you should prefer (bitcoin-sitoshi) to be doing crappy when you buy your alt. I would not worry too much about the sitoshi value otherwise… because it stands to reason that it is the doubling, and the tripling and the 10xing and best of all the 100xing of the coin that makes you truly get wealthy.

  5. Great video. Just what I was looking for but I do have 1 question if you could be so kind…

    I believe Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in terms of market cap (rightly or wrongly that's what i think so please go with me here).

    In that scenario would I make more gains trading my Alt coins against ETH ?

    All alts I have at present are traded aginst BTC so I'm considering cashing them out and reinvesting in the same alt-coins only against Ethereum instead of Bitcoin.

    Many thanks & once again. Awesome vid!!! πŸ‘πŸ€—

  6. Excellent video!!! THANK YOU!! It's hard to transition from thinking in USD to thinking in BTC but that is way you have to approach this as long as BTC maintains it's position as top of the food chain.

  7. Top video! Thanks a lot for this.. couldn’t have come at a better time.. I was drawing out these scenarios myself.. you have definitely saved a lot of time for me πŸ™‚

    Have to say al your videos are to the point and simple. Keep it up!

  8. great video.. Thanks! trading Alt coins with BTC vs ETH.. At a time when BTC is performing poor compared to ETH does it make more sense for us to trade Alts with BTC? My logic is that if ETH is performing very well then the Alt coin performance against ETH is probably going to be weaker. If you go to CMC you'll see that there's a lot more Green for BTC value change of coins vs the ETH value change of the coins (a lot less green).

  9. Good video, but I have to say I disagree. I think betting coins against bitcoin is going to become less and less effective and relevant. I just want to know it against the US dollar, and judge each coin separately, not against bitcoin.

  10. This is a great video. Thank you. Another reason to think in Satoshi is for the following:
    For now, you can't sell most alt coins to dollars, you must convert back to BTC then sell to dollars. Therefore, regardless of what the FIAT value of the Alt is doing (even if the ALT is going up in $s), if you sell the ALT for less BTC than you started with, you have less BTC to convert back to dollars. You would have been better off just keeping the BTC and not going into the ALT (opportunity cost).

    Digging deeper, if you are buying alt coin, it means you are selling BTC. This is taking a bearish position on BTC with respect to your Alt. It is like short selling.

  11. I was thinking about the same thing today as i was trying to gauge the value of an alt coin. I kinda knew that one should be using BTC as units of value for alt coins but Marcus lay it out all the scenarios. Great video!

  12. Well that video is a start for my understanding, however, I am unclear as to whether I am trading against BTC, meaning when my chosen coin goes up in value does that mean that I made a profit because I now own more of a bitcoin? or am I supposed to be happier when my chosen coin displays a higher dollar value? Again, if the coin goes up in dollar value and BTC is at that time going down in dollar value does that mean that I own more satoshis?

  13. FINALLY!!! I"ve been looking for 3 weeks for something to show this in charts. I didn't even know how to ask the question when correlating the USD to BTC to Alt coins. Bravo guys!!!! Great video. Thank you!!!

  14. I don't understand the first and third Bear images. In both situations BTC rises compared to cash and alts fall compared to BTC….but one has alts rising to cash, while the other falls.

  15. I don't get it…. If I look to take profit in fiat, why would I care about Satoshi's?

    I like the visuals but if I wanted to be in Bitcoin, I would have bought it instead right?…
    All I got from this was, sometimes Bitcoin goes up faster than Altcoins and sometimes not.

    What perspective did I miss?

  16. Marcus, thanks for the education. I just recently started in December and am newer to Crypto. I saw somewhere if you sent ETH from Coinbase to another Exchange (Binance, Bittrex) & sold the Eth, the exchange would automatically convert it to Bitcoin. I am currently trading Bitcoin on Bittrex and ETH on Binance. Question: If I sold my ETH on Binance, would it automatically convert it to Bitcoin? Also, Here is my big question that I dont understand: Am I better off Trading in Bitcoin or Eth? It seems to me the Eth is possibly better. BTC seems like it get more volume & gains. On Bittrex, if I sell all my alts to Bitcoin, the BTC price is way down which is lowing my Alt gains (SInce my gains are paid in BTC). I am growing my BTC totals while the value of BTC currency is low. WHile ETH has had a great run in December. Thanks

  17. bizarrely out of date

    no, don't watch btc values

    if you want to watch how much it's worth in bitcoin watch bch

  18. thank you sir!! your explanation here is gold. this usage of coin market cap you just opened up here is superior in overseeing which coins shine. and i enjoyed your usage of our mate MSpaint πŸ™‚ i will share this vid with friends. a Very Helpful explanation πŸ™‚

  19. Any thoughts on cryptopia's coin "cryptopiafeeshares" (CEFS)? There's not much info on them to date? Currently yielding about 10% ROI from some forums


  20. Good video but I cannot follow the explanation. I dont understand the points he is making on how to predict this. I'll keep watching until i get it lol.

  21. Good video. The only thing is that people should stay away from tether. If people continue to use tether it will have a greater market impact when it crashes. If tether were to go down today, it would crash the whole market.

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