When Will Bitcoin Price Break? – BTC ANALYSIS

When Will Bitcoin Price Break? - BTC ANALYSIS

what's up everyone dan here crypto capital venture November 12th November 12th 2018 November's flying by in this video we're gonna talk about Bitcoin in particular just a nice little technical analysis nothing crazy nothing crazy I have a key key area of resistance key area of support I want to talk about in this video before we do I'm gonna give it a couple minutes so if you're a replay viewer as always just go to the comments below and hit the pinned comment to go right to the technical analysis so you don't have to wait around okay okay what's up tech words capitalized pro baller when down what's up it's good to see everybody Aki action says love your bits thank you appreciate that I appreciate you coming by Monday night I know I know everybody's probably a little busy so in this video we are going to talk about some technical analysis and for Bitcoin in particular and then I'm going to end at the end of the livestream I'm going to go over launchpad foundation talk a little bit about the amount of the amount of money that we've pretty much raised through this channel and we're going to be donating on Christmas so sometime in December for Christmas and among amongst other things so very excited very excited to go over that so how's everybody how's everybody doing Jack Jack says patience y'all keep hobbling ain't that the truth diver Dan says 365 days ago it went mad was it was it 365 days ago how I didn't even realize that is this the anniversary of of crazytown November 13th yeah look at that man those were the days I'm such a tease I'm sure we'll get there again everybody I don't I don't know if it'll be today but we'll get there again how's everybody doing anyway everybody have a good weekend I hope you fix us all right I think I gave it enough time I think I gave it enough time to jump into to the video good weekend yes Nick very relaxing weekend I'm it was very much needed so here's the weekly chart I'm just gonna and we're gonna start technical analysis now for the pink online people this is where we're starting and this is it I I like this chart and probably I'm trying I'm kind of try and save it and keep it because it's it's just a great framework for every video from here on out leading up to 2022 we're here crazy consolidation if you can just kind of see how how much we have squeezed but will we drop into the time is running out area even lower than where we are now possibly and technical analysis today will speak to that a little bit also we can go to the daily to kind of just get a quick snapshot the two main areas I'm going to be talking about two main areas are a resistance area right around here which is a resistance area we've been talking about anyway and basically this support area plays into this longer-term made of range type of symmetrical triangle setting up for a potential higher low so we're going to talk about that so we can first start by confirming that we got our breakout out of this rising wedge that we were tracking so if everybody remembers we were tracking this we basically we we tried to I remember doing a technical analysis video and talking about these areas we try to break above it here and we did for a very brief time but we failed we broke above the upper trend line but failed due to a mid-range upper trendline resistance and we basically failed and when we failed we fell right back down to key support at the lower trendline and because that did not hold we basically broke the lower trendline and in terms of this pattern that we were watching we I mean we got our almost a perfect price price target which is the height of the rising wedge and we pretty much hit our price target as of so this is a perfect simple example of why we use patterns and technical analysis and it doesn't tell us you know it when we're tracking a pattern we're not saying this pattern tells us that we're going to break to the downside it tells us in this pattern if we do break a key support area namely the bottom trendline where will we break to how low will we go and so we did find support like right up right at this right at this area which is the look the heights of the rising which so that was a nice first what's up Stephen good to see you man that was a nice first little step in in terms of where where's Bitcoin going next so our price targets was hit and you can even see if you take out the Fibonacci retracements and this is on the 4-hour chart from that swing low to that swing high you can see our support right now is perfectly on this 4-hour chart at the 786 line right right in this channel of the six one 8786 no surprise there like we love that I love that chat I love that Channel I love the Fibonacci in terms of finding support and also confirming support and resistance and so we got it there moving on we have the the 4-hour chart again so this is kind of like where I am right now this is what I'm looking for this is what I'm looking at and it's pretty simple I'm looking at a couple of things first this possible inverse head and shoulders right now performing on the 4-hour chart it's definitely something to look out for and a break out to the upside is not far away right so we have this neckline right here which is right around 2362 bitcoin currently trading at 63 wait I think I read that backwards neckline at 63 62 Bitcoin currently trading at 63 26 so like we're we're very this is a small four hour versed in shoulders right this isn't like a bullish you know forming a bottom in this in this bear market type of reverse headed shoulders this is a short term if we can confirm a reverse head and shoulders here we'll have a nice little and we break through the neckline we'll have a nice little mini support area namely this this channel will act as a nice little support area however if we fail right and if this for our candle closes red and then the next for our candle closes red and we might start forming you know a wedge a falling wedge well then we have we can start talking about our lower targets and our lower targets in terms of breaking on the downside from this area really is to test the and this is the big one for me this is like what I'm keeping an eye out on it's what I'm waiting for it's simply to test this bottom trendline in this mid range so we have a higher low their higher low their higher low there and then we'd have our next higher load there if we if we don't get a confirmation of support via this reverse head and shoulder so you know there's the main reason we have this area support at the bottom of the trendline is not only because the bottom of the trendline is is literally right there but you can see we also have our six one eight two seven eight six channel on the daily chart longer-term chart right here at the at the at the trendline so it really would set up to be a very nice new higher low for Bitcoin on the daily chart if we did come down here and so that could potentially be around 60 100 dollars from where we are right now so be prepared for something like that for me that's you know as I accumulate anyway often that area is a nice accumulation area for me mind you I know that we could possibly break here right we really could I mean we've been we could at the lower end of this triangle for a while right we've been just testing supports with these higher lows so eventually especially now we're approaching the like maybe were past 75% to the apex of this mid-range triangle but especially because we were in this apex area now the potential to break to the downside or the upside gets stronger so we really have to we definitely have to be careful if we start approaching that $6,100 area if we start approaching this lower trendline because we might get a break below and if we do get a break below and then we're in the five thousands and you know we're testing crazy key areas so just be careful for that that's technical analysis for another day if we actually get there but the next the next thing I'd be looking out for in terms of support and resistance is this channel in this channel we talked about briefly and I think it I think it is interesting to watch I say it could be interesting to watch on the screen but I think it really is interesting to watch so basically since around a month ago we've had this we've had this channel right that we it's that we have on the screen and we've attempted to break the upper side the upper end of it and the lower end of it once and so we're still trading within it so usually when whether it's any type of pattern or to such a sideways channel we look for the same thing which is once we do get a breakout we always want to revisit the upper trend line and we want to confirm support so this would have been beautiful if we got something like this right but we did it we actually fell right back through the into the channel and then the same thing happened on the downside we broke support but then we actually broke back above it and then we sell support within it again and that's where we are right now so I really think this is an interesting channel to watch in in terms of the upper end of the of this trend line and of this channel we're getting to another critical area on the upside we have these lower highs on the 4-hour chart for Bitcoin in this triangle that has formed and so if we test the top of this trendline again of this square Channel you see on the screen we'll be testing a pretty kierra of confluence which is the upper trend line of that and the upper trend line of the of the triangle so of really that 64 to 65 hundred dollar area is extremely important in my opinion and you can see that's basically when we started this video that's where we're seeing the most resistance in terms of Bitcoin so if we get it if we get a run-up for Bitcoin I would definitely look for resistance right where this orange line is it like 64 you know 64 50 in that area so that's pretty much what I'm looking at on the upside on the downside we're looking at right around here in this channel at the bottom of the trend line so it's just it's just more consolidation and you know it gets it really does I tweeted this the other day or no not the other day I tweeted this today come on it's been a long day give me a break I said it's difficult to create fresh content in an environment where we all know that bitcoin and litecoin can go up or down people come to my videos looking for the answer and all they get is my opinion that must be disappointing and it must be so disappointing I'm sorry to everybody all 135 people that are in here right now I'm sorry that I don't have answers I don't have answers all's I have is also have as anticipations and there it is on the screen so what's crazy right now is this channel that we're trading in and this is partly why it gets so hard to create content is when Bitcoin is just like hopping around in a channel that's like two and a half percent it it really just doesn't you know not all is it not exciting but it doesn't leave much room for much technical analysis as we just consolidate more and more like it just looks insane if you look at just I'm gonna clear kind of clear this chart yeah I'm gonna clear this chart and just look at that like the tighter that this this gets the more consolidation we see technical analysis gets tougher and tougher because there just becomes less and less to talk about other than saying we're going up or down folks so but at the same time it is fun to see this crazy consolidation it's very reminiscent of you know when we came in that last bear market towards the bottom just a lot of consolidation right there at the bottom and so it could be a nice little a nice little clue that we might have some some bottom bottoming out happening right now right and with that bottoming out possibly the potential of it comes running out of time time running out so bottoming out equals time running out there's my channel there's my channel file for ridiculously heavy accumulation this is the weekly chart by the way look at these candles like look at this it's crazy do you see that look it just keeps getting tight I don't know every week I'm like the candle can't get any tighter and it just keeps getting tighter and tighter so anything if we do break down everybody I just want to let you know it's not the end of the world if we break down you're panicking or something this isn't financial advice but just zoom out on your charts zoom out on your charts and you'll see that you know this is a financial advice but you'll see that things things are okay things are things are actually pretty normal in terms of the long term trend of Bitcoin so those are my thoughts for technical analysis today if your replay viewer thanks for watching that technical analysis I appreciate that I do I appreciate you come by for your replay viewer hit that subscribe button I would love to have you as part of the channel trying to grow this thing I'm trying to grow this channel in this bear market help me out from me a boon I love it so next up we have something important that I really want to just talk about real quick so if you're still here appreciate you watching and you know appreciate everybody first off who has supported this channel from the beginning through the hard times right through the bear market and we've we've had some fun in this you know this downward trend I've made a lot of friends we've met a lot of people and one thing I just want to throw out there that happened on this channel is there was like a month span or you know a month and a half span were super chats came out of nowhere many of you probably remember this and people were super chatting to you know to me on these live streams and just donating donating money and it threw me off it truly did especially one one day we had Poseidon Lou and drew blood just going back and forth we had like $100 super chats coming in I had a walk off the screen because it was just getting so crazy I felt very undeserving of that but it sparked something it sparked an idea and it sparked something that me and Sarah are passionate about and I just want to say thank you thank you everybody even if you did super check but if your subscriber any kind of comments and you've you've been through this channel with me thank you because it inspired Sarah and I to to pursue something we've been talking about which is to really start helping and donating towards inner-city youth specifically in Philadelphia so there's a project in Philadelphia called Rock ministries that we actually visited not too long ago when one of visit more but we've been really really busy but it's going to be our first funding so we have the launch pad foundation we're gonna do our first funding in here it is it's been quarter four but now that I put the little I put the little Christmas hat on so you can get idea you can take a wild guess of what the first funding will be in quarter for four and that will be for Christmas look there's Poseidon lua the 1999 super jet that's what I'm talking about right there Poseidon Lou I appreciate you man I really do I wish I could shake your hand again hopefully I'll be out in California in a few weeks so hopefully you'll be able to meet up with us it would be awesome to see you again and maybe this time you can let me buy you dinner dude that would be appreciated so that's a super set and that's what I'm talking about right now so that is funding this first funding now this is this is a this is new for us me and Sarah so like I hope everybody out there isn't like man what's this first funding gonna be so as of now right as of now what we've done on this channel what we've been able to do and I I want to just grow this right even as I grow you know my recruiting firm I want to be able to grow this and so our first funding is going to be for three thousand dollars and we're going to Sara and I are going to are going to probably bring it down to Rock Ministries in Philadelphia right in Kensington and it's gonna be awesome it's gonna feel so good to to just kind of walk that walk down there and they have a project going on called the Nehemiah house where they basically have built they've redone a whole entire building they've gotten these kids off the streets right right in like 18 19 20 20 year old area and they're they're giving them school they're giving them housing housing and a bunch of other things it's incredible project something I'm passionate about and I'm just really excited that we can do this this is like this is $3,000 right it's not like it's not crazy crazy but it's just enough to get the ball rolling for the launchpad foundation and especially I'm pretty proud I'm pretty proud that we're able to do it in the bear market and I can only imagine the future and some amazing things that we can do so thank you again super chatters everybody out there that inspired this and that really inspired Sarah and I are really I really truly truly believe appreciate it so Jim Flanagan thank you dude look at that there's a super tat right there so I'm talking about Jim appreciate you man appreciate you Cory McBride $2 super check Cory McBride says we appreciate what you do then Cory I appreciate you just as much I really do it's been so fun growing this channel so really excited about getting getting this launchpad foundation going finally and the promo the promo video is not when you see the video you're gonna be like okay that's why that's why it's taking so long so it's to be to be determined but I'm hoping by the end of the year we're gonna be able to get it done so that's it queue for 2018 coming $3,000 I just want to throw this out there we do have we have litecoin so if you look in the description of this video you'll see a litecoin address basically it says Launchpad foundation it should be in there maybe it's not well it's on our website so this this litecoin address basically goes into a light coin wallet that has a little over 3 light coin in it and this is going to be kind of like an accumulation wallet for the launchpad foundation and this isn't for me I'm not going to be touching it you can look at this transactions or whatever you want to do but we're going to just accumulate light coin in this wallet so you can also donate there I don't think it's gonna be part of this this first funding this first funding is already done the check is well the check is being written I'm gonna have Sarah write the check and but this I think will be really cool to track this wallet has around three and a half light coin in it right now if we can grow that and just watch it grow as like when grows over over the course of the next you know a little bit of time man we have some super chats coming in so we have Freddie f with a $5 super chat when dehl appreciate it I appreciate it Freddie when Dale says Merry Christmas to you and the kids when Dale thank you so much I don't have kids yet but my brother has kids so I have I have nephews and a niece a window I appreciate that big sexy with a 999 super tech man you guys are awesome look at this is what I'm talking about Walter JC 499 Thank You Walter big sexy Thank You prob pro baller 81 for 49 super chat you guys are you guys are ridiculous man that's what I'm talking about this is like this is what excites me right I love this space I really like watching litecoin and Bitcoin and investing in accumulating I love recruiting in the cryptocurrency space in the blockchain space and working with startups all day long every day but like this is what I'm talking about this is what like just it gets me man it puts it puts that like that passion and energy into it and you know I got a you know I gotta just shout out Sarah Sarah's like Sarah's just such a big heart behind the launchpad foundation and I think behind what we eventually want to do and I just want to throw this out there we just like kind of threw this together right as you guys started super chatting so where this goes I'm not sure but we're gonna do our best to see it see it through and I think it's gonna morph into something we'd never even imagined so that's it appreciate all of you launchpad foundation $3,000 I think that's a good first round but hopefully we'll continue to grow that so Bitcoin time is running out I really truly believe it is and when I say timings work time is running out it could be running out through summer so I think we still have some time I don't think we're gonna explode just yet but I hope everybody enjoyed the technical analysis I hope everybody's having a great Monday I did a litecoin video a little bit ago if you want to check that out talking about almost the $2,000 like coin I know that's intriguing so go check that out if you're not a subscriber please subscribe I'd love to have you as part of the channel I appreciate all of you these super chatters you're ridiculous I love you I will see you all in the next video have a good night and God bless

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  1. It's hard to predict accurately when Bitcoin's price will strike up or down but some solid insights. Cheers for the great content!

  2. I like this channel becouse you are realist and are aware that btc can and will broke down and test the long support line like in 2014, without testing that support bull market will not begin becouse big boys must be 100% that that support line will hold their millions investments. Some call that capitulation, I call it testing support. And no matter what we will hit that line before new cycle. Perhaps you have noticed that big amounts of btc is going to wallets this days, its becouse they will stop manipulating and pumping market so they will see the sentiment and since there is no big interes in btc anymore from new people, they will leave it to capitulate-to bottom out.

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