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  1. The whole Tulip thing seems retarded. Why the hell did they start putting value in a worthless flower like that. It serves no purpose other than being pretty for a week.
    It is not gold and silver etc that exist and do not rot etc. Just seems idiotic.

  2. you forgot to mention the real number one on the list that trumps all the rest combine and then some. it's the privately owned federal reserve central bank of murica.

  3. Fantastic channel, I love it all, great stuff. Thank you. The word perceive it's misspelled on a graphic; I don't mind at all but I personally like it when people let me know about spelling errors on my website or posts.

  4. But You forget to say "Dutch East Indian Company" has looted India & at last lost to the Indian Ruler Marthanda Varma 😐 & Then another fucking British company arrived on our soil to Rob us once again.

  5. “the equivalent of the CIA, the NSA and the biggest, baddest multinational corporation on earth, all rolled into one self-righteous, religiously motivated monolith”

  6. If you’re interest less fanboy take on East India Co..

  7. Top 10 the biggest companies in the world!
    1. porn hub
    2. Catholic church
    3. Indomie
    4. tahu bulat digoreng dadakan
    5. poop💩 mie
    6. cangcimen
    7. kehed clothing
    8. seblak
    9. Warung telkom
    10. esia hidayah

  8. interesting that you left out a big part of the Ducth East India Company was their huge involvement in the slave trade. Slavery was what made this company so profitable…not spices and flowers!!

  9. No shit older companies are bigger, there wasn’t any of those gay Sherman anti trust acts or any bs rule back then

  10. Other historians report that VOC was involved in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade from 1600- 1863. How is that 75 years of inflated tulip bulb prices could garner more wealth than 250 years of selling West Africans into slavery? Clearly one can look at the area's VOC built forts along Ghana and the Ivory Coast to see these were main ports for shipping enslaved Africans into Dutch and British colonies. The fact slavery isn't mentioned at all in regards to the wealth building enterprise of the VOC is problematic.

  11. Read a story where a captain got a a tulip worth like $400,000 (I don't know)
    He was set for retirement and all he had to do was this last boat trip.

    He celebrated and everyone was eating and he had a boy or someone to get the tulip from his room,
    When the boy came back he told the captain he couldn't find his tulip and his apple was horrible.

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