What has LinkedIn done to its algorithm?

What has LinkedIn done to its algorithm?

Hi it’s Keir Finlow-Bates here, and I’m
really angry. Over the last year LinkedIn has posted several articles saying that
they want to increase meaningful conversation and engagement on their
platform, and they rolled something out at the beginning of September, as a
result of which I no longer see the articles and posts from my fellow
blockchain enthusiasts, and they tell me they no longer see mine. We have to go to
each other’s profiles and search them out manually. The only thing that I find
gives any kind of reasonable engagement on the platform anymore is discussing
LinkedIn itself. So, from this I all I can conclude is that either A: LinkedIn
has made a mistake or B: LinkedIn has decided that the platform should become
an echo chamber for the sole discussion of LinkedIn or C: LinkedIn has decided, on
purpose, to sabotage their platform and make it
go the same way as Google+ or Myspace. Now I’d love to know from LinkedIn which
of those three is the case, because if it’s B or C then I think I’m leaving, and
if it’s A then – please admit, it and do something about it, because you’re in the
process of destroying what used to be the best business social media platform
on the planet, and I don’t know why you would take that course of action.
That’s it for today see you in the next video soon, when I intend to be a lot
calmer. Bye for now!

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