Too late to buy Bitcoin before the B2X Fork? OnChainFX better than CoinMarketCap?

Too late to buy Bitcoin before the B2X Fork? OnChainFX better than CoinMarketCap?

hey it's crypto Bobby and today I want to talk to you about whether or not it's too late to get into Bitcoin in advance of the Segway to actually the b2x fork and I also want to show you a new website that I've come across that's been around for a few weeks or so on chain FX dot-com that I think has some really awesome interesting data points that exceed coin market cap in a lot of respects and have some really nice sorting features as well so definitely want to show you through on chain FX it's literally something that just found today that I've been really impressed with so a pretty pretty cool website too to use there as well and that's them coming to you today trying to be as happy as possible it is a disgusting day in in New York New York City it's a it's a Monday morning so not only do you have to you know is there the Monday morning commute that I'm sure you know a lot of us face but it's been pouring rain in New York for the past 24 hours I wasn't gonna eat breakfast today was gonna be real healthy do my intermittent fasting and then the second I walked outside I was like I'm getting a chocolate croissant and I'm getting a massive coffee and we're getting the day started that way so I'm gonna better mood now but commute this morning suck so let's hop into it but outside of that that's out of my miserable commute and I'm sure hopefully you had a better commute when you're watching this on Monday but Bitcoin has been on a really nice run the past 24 or 36 hours or so Bitcoin has jumped up yesterday morning jumped up above 6,000 dollars over the course of one hour went from about five thousand eight hundred dollars all the way up to close to six thousand dollars stabilize her few hours and then she's jumped through the roof into from from about fifty nine fifty all the way up at one point I'm setting an all-time new all-time high really at around six thousand three hundred dollars and now Bitcoin has been hovering around the six thousand two hundred dollar mark for the past 12 hours or so and it's been I think encouraging to see number one Bitcoin finished the day yesterday up above six thousand dollars but we're also talking about what is this why is this happening in some sense is is there specific news driven events and there you know there's some things that are coming out a little bit in regards to China but really I think a lot of what this is gonna come down to is gonna be the segue to actually that the Bitcoin 2x the B 2 X fork and and I've said it before I'll say it again I am NOT in I'm not really an agreement with the B 2 X Fork I am NOT I'm not somebody that thinks it's necessary but when you break it down you are in a lot of respects getting free money or you're getting a dividend or how really however you want to consider it for owning Bitcoin you're going to get at the the b2 that you're going to get B 2x and there are you know some issues that are occurring with number one replay protection number two b2x trying to become Bitcoin in a lot of respects or trying to go from how do you have your Bitcoin you have your B to X but which one is gonna be the real Bitcoin all that type of stuff for now it still seems that unless there's something crazy that happens with the miners for now it still seems though that that Bitcoin core is really gonna be the you know the the crypto going forward or the the main thing going forward so when I'm looking at you know what I'm looking at this I'm treating in a lot of respects as a you know as a dividend and to that to that point when you're looking at this a lot of people are buying Bitcoin in advance of the b2x fork because they are in a lot of respects of getting free money and when you're looking at what that free money is actually equal to this is where it's gonna get interesting and where from your perspective I think you really want to analyze whether it makes sense to if you don't have Bitcoin now if it makes sense to buy into Bitcoin depending upon the size of your holdings and things like that but when you're looking at this and you're considering whether it's too late to get in a Bitcoin I think people are gonna continue to start looking at these futures markets and making determinations based off of that and right now if we're looking at coin market cap so the main place where these seg would to X these b2x futures are trading right now is hit BTC we could pop over here not the not the largest exchange not always the most let's say I don't know not I don't want to say not the best exchange I really haven't utilized hit BTC but when you look at the volume it doesn't always speak to you know the overall how I guess realistic a lot of this is but hit BTC is and of the main main exchange trading these b2x futures and when we pop it up you know it it's a thousand dollars as of the rate right now when you talk about bitcoin or you know b2x being worth point one six bitcoins so if you're holding bitcoin right now if you hold one bitcoin in the future when the snapshot is taken in bitcoin b2x Forks you would as of now basically be getting a thousand dollars of free cash now or a thousand dollars of free b2x now will the price of b2x plummet once it hits the market because there's not a lot of community support and people are just selling it to get you know to move that money back in a Bitcoin into altcoins they're more comfortable with yeah it's absolutely possible but and probably likely in that scenario but it's still a good amount of free money and when you're looking at holding Bitcoin in comparison to holding some of these off coins like right now and we have Bitcoin at six thousand one hundred sixty one dollars which is four six thousand one hundred fifty or so dollars so one Bitcoin sixty one fifty if you if the futures market stays relatively stable for b2x even if the price of Bitcoin doesn't even increase you mean if the price of Bitcoin doesn't increase you are getting a thousand dollars of free money so that's six thousand one hundred dollars there's there's a lot of there's a lot of assumptions within this statement but you know the price of bitcoins staying steady and not dipping significantly and the price of this egg with two x futures staying fairly steady but you know if we're looking at things as of the time being that's six thousand one hundred fifty dollars or so goes to about seven thousand one hundred fifty dollars you basically guaranteed a thousand dollar return if you have one bit the market now on the other side of the house if you have your money in smaller cryptocurrencies if you every money in the quote-unquote altcoins you know whatever it might be you have to look at the next two to you know two to three weeks and look at that and say can i replicate a really a 16% return on investment as of right now will I be able to get a 16 percent return on investment in my altcoins or in my other crypto assets to outperform the you know to outperform my Bitcoin investment and I think that's something that a lot of people are doing and you know while it's it's absolutely possible that your your other crypto assets whether you have a theory emerging or if you have neo or if you have ripple whatever it might be you know it's it's absolutely very very possible because small crypto currencies altcoins whatever can easily move easily move sixteen percent in a day let alone over the course of two weeks but you're looking at somewhat guaranteed return on investment versus somewhat of a risk and I think people a lot of people are at least looking at that possibility and saying hey this is maybe a little bit more risky than the all coins are more risky at for the time being and I'm gonna move some of that money over to Bitcoin so when you're looking at is it too late to get into to Bitcoin right now I think the answer is no I still think that the over the next two weeks or so until this Bitcoin seglet to X fork happens until the b2x fork happens there is going to be a run up in the price of Bitcoin because people are going to be looking at these b2x futures and they are going to you know right now you you're basically getting a sixteen point one six one percent dividend on your Bitcoin holdings now will that number move anywhere yeah it could certainly move down it could certainly move no it could potentially move up and the price of Bitcoin could could always move down as well but I think people are looking at this and seeing the size of the b2x futures and seeing what a return on that is and and how they can really benefit from that and due to that I think that the a lot more people are moving money from altcoins into Bitcoin I think people are moving more money into Bitcoin in general in advance of a 16% bit of you know of free money and and from here I'm purely talking from like an investment standpoint and not really in regards to obviously the the issues surrounding a Bitcoin fork the you know devalue potentially the potential devaluate you know devalue to the brand of a Bitcoin or just to Bitcoin overall as well as a lot of the technical issues that might bring up and you know a lot of different things there so I'm not necessarily ignoring that I definitely understand that but from from this video I think that's the one you know important thing not the one important thing but one interesting thing looking forward is overall how really overall what I'm looking at this I'm thinking from an investment standpoint is if I have what is the better place for my money to be right now is it in Bitcoin isn't in some of these smaller altcoins and I think that for the time being at least my my thesis right now is still I'm heavily weighted in Bitcoin I don't think it's too late to get into Bitcoin I even might move a little bit more of some of my some of my other crypto assets into Bitcoin for the time being in anticipation of the b2x fork come after the fork it's gonna be a totally different story I think you know you might see a pronounced altcoin run come after the fork but for the time being I I still think I'm gonna be most comfortable having the majority of my you know my money in the majority of my money in these you know in in Bitcoin because of the guaranteed basically rate of return if the technology checks out and things like that so definitely an interesting thing to keep an eye on and again from my perspective I don't think it's too late if you're still looking at this being like wow bitcoins up big Bitcoin is up and and I've been in these off goings and these off points have been bleeding I don't think that it's I there's still two weeks left and the news cycle is is picking up but at the same point time it's not like outrageous like you can bet you're you know bet your bottom dollar before the b2x for like in the coming days like Bitcoin gold has been basically been a total non-event and a total whatever that was pretty crazy news cycle I'm pretty crazy excitement prior to Bitcoin gold Segway 2x from a futures perspective is like 2 to 3 X the size of a Bitcoin gold right now significantly more than Bitcoin gold if we're talking about from the futures perspective on what Bitcoin gold is trading at be 2 X is 10 times more valuable than Bitcoin gold so I'm not saying that there's gonna be 10 times more excitement or ten times more movement in Bitcoin or 10 times maybe more movement in the altcoins after the the b2x fork which is going to be interesting and we'll continue to talk about that going forward but don't don't sleep on the legitimacy of of the b2x fork and what that's gonna mean for Bitcoin and what that's gonna mean for the Bitcoin prices in the next two weeks so I am I'm continuing to heavily weight myself in Bitcoin over the course of the next two weeks and develop a strategy for the second that fork its what I'm gonna be doing there as well and as I continue to develop that in my head definitely something that I'll keep you guys in the loop on there as well now outside of Bitcoin in the the b2x for one really I thought this website was pre pretty cool and all let's see here I'll minimize myself a little bit more here but one thing that I think is is pretty cool is this website called on chain FX and it's very similar it's not necessarily very similar but it's similar a lot of ways to you know it's similar a lot of ways to coin market cap and some of the data produces but there's a it's a little bit more customizable and it's a little bit more I think flexible in a lot of ways that you know you can kind of handle things so right now I just have this sorted overall by market capitalization obviously Bitcoin at 102 billion which is still crazy over a hundred billion dollars of Bitcoin but some of the really cool things that you could do with on chain FX and and I'll link to this and this is not sponsored by on chain FX or anything like that or anything crazy and this is a software – but I just came across this on Twitter I thought it was pretty cool and I definitely wanted to share with you guys I think it'll be helpful for you you know in the long run but a couple different things so you know not only can you do price by USD but you can also obviously sort by price by Bitcoin if you'd like so you can see the actual price from a Bitcoin perspective whether it's you know if it's satoshis if it's a percentage thereof bitcoins but interestingly enough not only can you view the 24 hour change by USD you can also do that by Bitcoin so you can see if things are actually outperforming Bitcoin or not you know on coin market cap it's the change is done at least for the most part the change is done in the US – our percentage so it's not always easy to see if something is outperforming Bitcoin or not this is very much an easy way to do that you can see what's outperforming Bitcoin what is man civic thanks brother what's outperforming Bitcoin what is not what's having a little bit of trouble in the marketplace then as well everybody reaching out to me about vert corner coin killing it up 12% on Bitcoin in the past 24 hours so you can get a good feel for how that's moving and you can also from from that standpoint – so I'll move move away from this we'll go back to the current market cap sort by that and then pretty cool is you can actually see the all-time high from a u.s. dollar percentage and then you can see days since the last all-time high and their percentage it's down since the all-time highs so this is pretty cool – in my opinion I really think this is a pretty interesting statistic so we can see here that literally Bitcoin had its all-time high yesterday at six thousand three hundred sixteen dollars is down two percent since the all-time high a theory amount on the other hand hasn't seen its all-time high in a hundred forty days it's down 27 percent on that and we got the guys over a triple haven't seen in all-time high in 166 days and are down about 51 percent since that all-time high so pretty interesting to see what that's looking like and we can even go to see you know when it's been the most recent all-time highs we have Bitcoin we have bit connect you also have the big red circle next a bit Connect which is let's see what that actually means so on chain FX calls some of you guys might like this some of you guys are gonna laugh hysterically a lot of you guys know my opinions on it but labels bite coin and big connect as scam coins that have well-documented history showing intent to deceive so interesting that they on chain FX has the you know the balls to to put that there because a lot of people aren't comfortable calling out BS in the crypto world so pretty cool to you know pretty cool to see that on that as well and a couple other things too that I that I found to be pretty cool from an age perspective you can also see how all this specific cryptocurrency is so now obviously Bitcoin the leading the pack that grandpa the crypto world up almost nine years old but you have something like Bitcoin cash that's only less than you know less than like three for like four months old at this point in time so there's a lot of different things that you can sort by that are interesting from a column perspective and then in addition to that too so I'll pull back I'll pull this bad boy back up and you can even search out from a sectors perspective you can if you like let's say you want to find some that's a currency or if you want to find like distributed storage so like maybe say file coin and storage okay so we have made safe coin I coin you can sort by that if you wanted to find like a decentralized exchange platform whose trading there we got copper network 0x this is really cool to get a good feel for the different sectors in the space you can also even go down here if I know a lot of you guys are interested in proof of stake and not necessarily maybe proof of work so we can go down here and find like let's say let's find simply put actually let's just find the proof of some of these proof of stake coins you can go ahead and do some of that so there's a lot of different ways that you can go through this process of sorting these crypto currencies finding ones that you might be tracking and you can also do a number of different things from tracking these assets finding out some the biggest daily movers so I would definitely recommend I think that this is I'm gonna need to do a little bit more diligence on this but from from the initial judgments on on chain FX comm this seems like a lot this seems like a significantly better platform in my opinion than quite market cap at least looking at it and taking a you know taking a bit of judgment on it so I think that this is gonna be really interesting to see how you know being you see up here this is the beta version so we'll see how this ends up panning out and and what type of continued development goes into on chain FX but as of right now I'm gonna start using this more and more in these videos going forward and and I would definitely recommend taking a look at I think the data here is pretty cool and there's some interesting ways to slice and dice it so if you're looking at a new maybe alternative to coin market cap or crypto watch in that and you know outside of that I mean I use coin in G for charts but just for generally looking at these you know generally looking at 24-hour change in u.s. dollars this is a nice clean simple interface that I really dig so definitely gonna keep an eye on this moving forward now outside of that guys if you do have any questions or if you're you know interested in on chain FX or really just the the seg would be 2x futures and kind of what's happening there and how to play the the Bitcoin fork in the near future I would really be interested in your I'd be interested in your overall thought process there definitely sound off in the comments below if you have questions or if you have some comments about how you're playing the Bitcoin 2×4 gonna be 2×4 are you still all in on all coins are you are you and have you been heavily weighted in Bitcoin would love to hear your specific feedback on that and again my name is crypto Bobby I need daily videos on the subject cryptocurrency as well as YouTube live crypto happy hours I won't be doing a crypto happy hour tonight on Monday October 30th but I'll probably try to do on tomorrow I think it's Halloween so hopefully my doorbell doesn't get rung a bunch but yeah probably I do on tomorrow night on October 31st and if you are new to the channel by any chance hit that subscribe button okay I do these daily videos so hit that subscribe button to get those videos and also hit notify Bell that way when a new video comes out or when I do I go live on YouTube you get notified that I am live or a new video comes out so it hit that subscribe button hit that notify Bell I appreciate your time crypto Bobby signing out peace

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  6. Crypto Bobby
    When Holding Bitcoin in a hardware wallet how does one claim b2x when the time comes to do so? I have been asking this question on reddit with no clear answer at all many different answers? Please make a video about this thanks!

  7. Hey man, I totally like you. I can listen to you from start to finish. I watched a couple of your videos and subscribed.

  8. WOAH! this is going crazy! I joined rather late (September) and trickle money into my wallet where I can. its amazing how quickly people like myself pick up onto it, after taking a month of research, i took the plunge and paid in! only can afford 0.1BTC, but its going the right way! i am looking forward to seeing how B2X goes down. thanks for the work so far Bobby! Anyone fancy sending over a BTC? 😀 – 3JAAVwoJcUoQyrpzom7buT4XqTT9ho7nay

  9. Ok I know that this is going to generate a shitstorm but I've got to ask. How is bitconnect a scam? I know it's been covered, but I'm using it and I get paid everyday. However I do not "re-invest", I simply convert to bitcoin and withdraw everyday. Is the scam part in the "reinvest" option? I'm being serious here, I don't understand how it's a scam. Also I get that the referrals are basically a pyramid system, but they are not even necessary to make money.

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  15. 75% bitcoin. 25% alts with mostly market cap weighted allocations to all the coins I consider quality. Hodling through the b2x fork. Hoping it becomes clear that the market is rejecting b2x and my 'dividend' is worth very little as to not tarnish the bitcoin brand. #NO2X

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