what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome at to the ten cash house for another video here today hope all of you are having a good one for today's video as always now in today's video I wouldn't go ahead and discuss a recent prediction by Global Wealth Advisor okay Nigel Greene a man who's in charge of de vere group a big financial advisory firm and his opinions on why bitcoin is soon going to surge at least 40% now I'm talking before all that long it'll actually take off and do extremely well so with that being said folks that's what I'll be covering in today's video if you like it do go ahead subscribe share for more share it with your buddies share with your friends drop the video like and yeah the sink salt the channel out a ton and they are greatly greatly appreciated so who exactly is Nigel Greene let's start with that well he's the founder and chief executive of Devere Group a ten billion dollar financial advisory and wealth management firm for high net worth individuals and actually his firm is very good at predicting current market trends so with that being said he has recently predicted that the bitcoin encrypter winter has finally ended with the recent surge that we saw I actually come into existence fairly recently alright and this is something that I believe as well most of the time with cryptocurrency Bitcoin aetherium you know others ripple etc we only need a slight touch to move them in the right direction sometimes a fairly minimal rally can really have big implications for the price of an asset and foreign assets performance when we saw Bitcoin take off in mid to late 2017 we started to see that take off formed by a couple of key catalysts and those catalysts gradually pushed the price into new territories of course 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 dollars and then upward from there obviously and the feedback was incredibly great from the price cycling through those specific points that is something that we will absolutely see in the near future okay and that means that prices of seven to ten thousand dollars before all that long are actually pretty darn likely okay they might seem far-fetched they might seem unrealistic but really when we take a look at how the price of Bitcoin and crypto has performed in the past we can tell that based on a number of different factors such as global and rest adoption different triggers that could push the price up word Bitcoin is very well primed right now to grow more and more okay so let's see what exactly Nigel actually had to say Nigel Green had to say Bitcoin is primed for a bull run to seven grand at least later this year says a major global asset management and financial advisory company in comments early Tuesday morning so Nigel Greene the founder and chief executive of De Vere Group a ten billion dollar financial adviser and wealth management firm for high net worth individuals says the crypto winter is over and he said and I quote I'm now calling that the market has bottomed and the so called crypto winter has come to an end I believe Bitcoin will now move higher over the next few weeks and months making steady gains for investors as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap this movement by Bitcoin will have a positive impact on prices in the wider crypto sector Devere groups of Bitcoin price target for later this year is a fairly conservative seven grand and Green argues that the price growth is driven by both individual and institutional FOMO or fear of missing out as the inevitability of crypto disruption becomes more apparent and he went on to say and I quote this dramatic jump is likely to attract many investors who have been sitting on the sidelines in addition it can be expected to reignite institutional interest in crypto currencies in crypto investment I feel that there is a growing sense amongst institutions that unless they embrace this sector their competitors could move way out in front and they might find it difficult to catch up this is especially true as the public their customers are increasingly eager to explore the opportunities themselves and that is a very very good point made by mr. green here okay this is something that has absolutely okay absolutely driven prices upward in the past and it's something that's absolutely going to continue to drive prices upward in the future all right as we see this sort of FOMO especially amongst institutions and other big-name investors you can bet okay you can be assured that the price is going to rise because they are worried of missing out big investors big institutions want to make money all right it's what they do hands down and they will use any means necessary to make as much money as they possibly can and that is why we need to be wary of these spikes okay because as we've seen in the past and as I said before the spikes in bitcoins price can very easily drive the coin upward they can take a price that's lower they can take a price that's disappointing you know and even overnight even over a couple of days or even weeks these rallies even the most minut of rallies can transform them into really amazing opportunities they can raise the prices exponentially and that's an awesome thing to witness so this is something that we could absolutely see happen in the near future all right big money is on the move Devere actually projects a 40 percent rise pretty darn soon okay and the market value of Bitcoin is set to rise very rapidly in just the next couple of years so really I think that honestly we'll see a lot of great prices ahead okay the growth is not over it's honestly nowhere near done and we're seeing a lot of financial experts such as Nigel Green who is very well versed in the crypto space very well first and the institutional investment space obviously it's kind of what he does you know he invests big name clients money he's very well involved and he I think knows extremely well what exactly we can expect to see materialize from this community from the sphere in the next couple of years not the next couple of months okay so remain calm but remember there will be good money to be made okay keep your wits about you only buy what you're really able to to afford to lose you know that's what I always say remain calm invest consciously be smart and everything should be okay okay volatility is still there but the growth potential is still absolutely there as well so Nigel Greene I really like what he's saying here I think it's very appropriate and very relevant and I want to go all viewer pains now in the comments section below is this something that's going to happen what do all of you think is Nigel right is he wrong let me know as always I always appreciate the feedback and the comments and go ahead drop the video like do subscribe and share from where those things help me out a ton if you want a Bitcoin shirt go ahead and check it out I have many of them actually some pretty good designs listed just below the video and I have lowered the prices pretty much as much as I could in order to sell them to all of you to spread the movement and to make Bitcoin stronger anyway folks join the crypto army today I'll see all of you in the next video have a good home folks adios

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