Think BIG with Bitcoin Cash BCH

Think BIG with Bitcoin Cash BCH

hello future millionaire today we're gonna talk about money yes money is actually one that you want hear right the very reason you're watching those channels because you wanna make some money so let me show you the big money and I got the best possible argument why you should be staying in B ch despite the hash war and despite everything else what you read in the news so you just google this name the money project let me just show you what I am investing for and what I believe the entire team of Satoshi vision is investing for what are we fighting for in this hash war and why a tweet the most recent tweet of mine is a good indication what is still to come if you go into this website you're gonna see squares a lot of squares tons of squares the size of the square indicates the absolute amount of money the very first square you see the silver this square has a particular meaning to me I will tell you another story another day but just just say I have a long history with silver way too long okay so that's cryptocurrency right now all the cryptocurrency in the world right now it's the size and by the way the size of BCH is about half of the size of the silver power okay and now let's move forward those are the companies famous companies like we'll go and Microsoft and you can read for yourself what's really going on so currency here we come for the first power of money okay those currency they're referring to are literally things in your pocket it does not represent the actual money outstanding instead this is just like cash on hand and as you probably know from your own experience cash on hand practically doesn't come for anything very much nowadays when was last time you bought a house was cash on hand never write a car or even the coffee you most recently bought probably didn't you didn't buy it was cash so here this is a 1 power of money I want to to look at its gold so gold is currently worth about seven point seven trillion roughly thousand times the size of PCH you know that BTC cam wants to be the digital gold let me just tell you up front that's not gonna happen I don't want to go into detail because that one means the five hours of monetary history lesson and everything just trust me on that one I know something about gold you know one day y know something about God this is my home base alright let's just say that and PTC would never be called BDC right now is no more than a Ponzi scheme PCH easily can become gold but BCS wants to be a lot more than that I have recently joined Twitter and started to follow everybody on Twitter and start to treat a little bit myself I'm not a very social person and I'm really bad with tweeting and I didn't even start to return my phone to prevent myself to become addicted to it and my last tweet was tweeting towards Jimmy Jimmy mooing and he is the CEO of and chain and he's a great guy and even though I've never met him before he always gave me a fantastic impression as a human being extremely approachable very communicative and probably the best ceremony master I've ever seen anywhere and I tweeted about my view that what's going on in PCH right now reminds me of Microsoft and Intel in these early days just to share some history about myself my very first investment when I was 18 it was into Microsoft and Intel was one of the first companies are invested in back then I didn't do that much research I was just basically following the crowd but I can assure you that the upside potential is nothing compared to a PC edge so I tweeted out saying that since Microsoft and Intel post combined there was about a trillion dollars and they're just two companies doing specific tasks so pcs should be able to easily reach 10 trillion dollar mark cap that is also a reference to my authorized target the minimum price target of thousand times from today's price because I always look at what can be CH become for me B CH is hot money that's the first function it's like saying fire is there to burn B CH is hot money to be used on a daily basis and it will go beyond that but the first step and foremost is BC I just have money the hardest money we have ever seen let's just call it Bitcoin okay a bitcoin is hard money it is the hardest money I've ever seen you definitely will win over gold hands-down man you can see gold roughly a trillions about thousand times the size of B CH right now so that is my tweet was referring to however the very first person tweeting back to me is professors Fosters which is of course Craig Wright and dr. Craig Wright wrote back simply you think too small and I agree with him so I wrote back say I agree it's because I'm not greedy look I I'm always looking at a worst case scenario for my perspective the worst case scenario phone PCH this become gold that's the worst case actually and if we do not achieve the global domination in currency then BCH will be the gold because it can be used in commerce and it's absolutely a store value it's like a savings account alright the best savings account ever what I'm doing converting my networks into PC H is equivalent of putting my money into a bank that cannot be corrupted and it's unalterable and it's not controlled by a particular party it's a savings account it's my first step into this new economy and now the reason why csw is saying that I'm thinking this most because he's referring to those stuff look how many squares do you have look at all that I'm just keep scrolling you you'll see for yourself I'm just keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going we're talking about trillions okay trillions hundreds of trillions hundreds of trillions of dollars market cap can be replaced by bch why do I say that is because BCH has the potential to power the entire global economy when you power the entire global economy you must have the ability to scale you must have the ability to scale and that is exactly sv is fall right now Satoshi a vision of Bitcoin is meant to scale big time no cap minimum changes which is all make total sense I'm not a supporter of enchain and Craig right because who they are I'm supporting them because what is their principles and their principles aligned hundred percent with my principles that is reason I'm supporting them I've never met those people before they don't know me either I mean maybe one of them watch my channel I hope so hello yeah and I in two weeks time I was going to London to meet up with those people to just to say hello and to party basically but this is what we're dealing with from this tiny seed this tiny seed half of that size we're gonna go all the way to that everything okay this is story of BCH a bit of a spoiler for you all right now you know why I have no trouble thinking this 1000x it has gone away just a matter of time whereas I pay $500 per coin thousand dollars per coin five thousand dollars per coin it's actually completely irrelevant as long as the people who are in this ecosystem operating according to the principle of Bitcoin and do not go away from the principle of Bitcoin then it is inevitable sooner or later we're gonna end up with all this grass Oh every single one of them thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video please share and subscribe and tell everyone you know about the channel I put a lot of effort into those videos you might not know it but it takes a lot of my time and I hope you can spread the word fall for me and on behalf of ecocash thank you very much see you in the next video

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  1. Woohoo finally a BCH channel. There aren't enough people yet who understand the huge implications from what happened in July/August of 2017.

  2. New to the whole crypto thing and I opened a wallet in coinbase and bought some BCH. Is there a better place for me to easily buy bch that is cheaper. I've looked at a couple platforms and they seem so complex and it's a lot to take in for someone brand new to investing and cryptocurrencies. Coinbase was easy but also can be expensive and they only allow so many options for crypto. I also saw you talking about bchsv being better than another type of bch that coinbase supports? What is this difference? I really enjoy learning and watching your videos. Thank you!

  3. Lmao worst investing advice on YouTube. Weren't you trying to by all the bch you could 10 days ago before it lost like 50% of it's value. It's down 20% just today. Noob

  4. I’ve listened to CSW. He must be Satoshi… I think BCH SV will scale massively. It’s an economic incentive system that uses cryptography and software.

  5. i don't understand whats happening with the hard fork, if SV will kill bchabc or bch as we know today and wright will make bch go zero, shouldn't we sell our bch now ? or am i missing something?

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  7. I need a mentor please my brother , I'm young and I have money. I need guidance I'm ready to start a journey I'm only 20 years old

  8. Finger x, I bought some BCH on 11.9. Coinbase withholds my BCH fund until 11.16. Should I buy more now or wait after the fork? I have zero BCH to send for cold paper wallet. Coinbase supports BCHABC not BCHSV. I really don't know what is going to happen after the fork. So what is your recommendation?

  9. So, the idea is to invest in some coin where a few people control enough hashing power that they can F you over any time? No thanks.

  10. BCH would do 2x max again and pullback. look at the drama between these forks. wall street money looks at this as a joke, where is the real value in bch? give me facts

  11. I’m gonna send you some tide pods for laundry… please don’t eat them, they are for that shirt you wear every day

  12. I put 100$ dollars in BCH after viewing this video , let'see what will happen in next seven years.
    Thanks for educating us on BCH.

  13. Bitcoin BCH will be the one that will be mass adopted, not because it has some idiots making songs about it (looking at Litecoin), or someone telling you that you need to use another system (looking at SegWit hacked BTC and Lightning / Liquid), but because it uses original Bitcoin protocol and has people who are backing it… it has the network effect, and regardless everyone attacking it/us, Bitcoin BCh will prevail… talk is cheap… miners who back original Bitcoin and scale is what matters the most, users will see benefits of Bitcoin BCH in due time also. Cheers.

  14. What cracks me up is that if Craig really is Satoshi, then he's really just doing to Roger what Roger did to BTC ! I don't really think Craig is Satoshi, but damn that would be epic.

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