The SEC Just Did WHAT?!? Bitcoin Cash Civil War: “I Was Fooled” – Roger Ver | $BCH

The SEC Just Did WHAT?!? Bitcoin Cash Civil War: “I Was Fooled” - Roger Ver | $BCH

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so it is Friday it's the weekend we made it we did it if we have a look at what's going on right now we are seeing a lot of red in the market however we did have three days of greens so now we're seeing two days of red maybe if we have one more day of red we'll break even I don't know have a look at what is going on in the market right now we do notice that although Bitcoin dominance is going up the Bitcoin price has fallen so we have a six thousand three hundred and ninety one dollar Bitcoin two hundred and twelve point three billion dollar market cap and if we look at the biggest gainers of the day we actually see that Z cash is up at five point three eight percent followed by revena Aires wax decentraland horizon made safe and that's it because then we enter stable coin realm except for augur and for the most part everything else is red so why is Z cash up my opinion is just that it could possibly be people getting excited over it potentially getting listed on coin base although I think most signs are pointing towards stellar lumens but Z Cass was one of the original along with ADA that was you know brought up so that could possibly be it speaking on that news basic attention token was in fact listed on coin base you could get it on the app you can buy it and sell it you don't have to go to coinbase Pro of course if you live in New York you don't get this feature however 20% dunk this is how everybody responds so yeah I mean buy the rumor sell the news this is just a very common thing in crypto you tend to see that excitement leading up to the moment if we actually look back here for the past month it's been accumulating accumulating you know going up up up up up up up and then the final dump after it got listed but for the most part anybody that's been holding basic attention token for the past month you're doing pretty well unless you bought in recently now moving on let's talk about the Bitcoin cash upcoming fork which has started a civil war inside of the Bitcoin cash camp now you got Jihan whoo the bit mein CEO accusing Craig right aka fake Toshi to be a block stream spy so he also commented about this fork stating that the whole Bitcoin cash community are working together to kick fake Satoshi out the resistance against the cult leader proves the inner strength and sophistication of the Bitcoin ecosystem we also had a video that came out from Roger Vere you could watch the video on this page or you could just go to the bitcoin calm YouTube and basically within the first minute of the video he literally says it's never easy to admit I've been fooled maybe I've been fooled um also I wanted to point out that he points out this email that was sent to him from Craig Wright and this is what he said now look at how like unprofessional this is this is from Craig Wright to roger Vere it says if you want a war I will do two years of no trade nothing in the war no coin can trade if you want ABC you want coins welcome to bankruptcy it was nice knowing you bitcoin will die before ABC shits on it I will see Bitcoin cash trade at zero for a few years will you side with ABC you hate Bitcoin you are my enemy you hate whatever I'm not gonna curse no idea what it means you will I'm satoshi i am satoshi he says I am Satoshi oh my god this guy's delusional have a nice life you will now discover me when pissed off and know you could have had proof your choice f off Craig and then it goes on to say if consensus is not met Bitcoin cash ABC and Bitcoin cash SV will emerge as their own tokens in the similar way that Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash diverged and it will split the Bitcoin cash community coming soon member 15b castlemore a film about betrayal among con men Scabbers Schiller's and mining oligarchs in the fight for hash to determine who is the real fake version of Bitcoin I also wanted to point out in this tweet that came out from Alastair Milne if you see right here they point out the Futures Trading that's happening right now and you do have Bitcoin cash ABC up nine point six five percent with Bitcoin cash Satoshi's vision down 47% and he says the real question is how irrational will miners be now let's talk about what is going on with the SEC what they've recently done to this decentralized exchange is this just the beginning are they going to be clamping down on more so it looks like they've charged ether Delta's founder with operating an unregistered exchange now ether Delta is a decentralized exchange it's one of the earliest ones that I can really remember when I got in not exactly the most pleasurable experience however they basically said that according to the order it was you know Coburn who is the founder caused ether Delta to operate as an unregistered national securities exchange so according to the regulator ether Delta found Coburn neither admitted nor denied the findings but he consented to cooperate and pay the state $300,000 in unlawful profits moreover he agreed to pay $13,000 in prejudgment interest and $75,000 penalty the SEC also stated that it would have imposed a greater fine of Coburn had failed to cooperate with the investigations however over the period of 18 you know months they've done 3.6 million orders in ERC 20 tokens so I'm not sure this was too much money for the guy but anyway it goes on to say a lot of these tokens were considered securities under the federal securities law almost all the orders placed through ether Delta's platform were traded after the Commission issued its $27 port which concluded that certain digital assets such as Dow tokens were securities and that platforms that offered to trade these would be subject to the SEC requirements and if you look at this article as well that came out over here it says expect them to target more exchanges so you have Andrew Hanks professor at the New York University School of Law and he actually said that at this point if you're doing an exchange of crypto assets dealing with US persons you probably need to either get a no action letter or get clarity from the council about whether you are implicating securities laws so also it says this tells you that in exchange that use the distributed set of nodes instead of a centralized server isn't going to be treated any differently in other words they don't care if it's decentralized they don't care if it's centralized you still have to abide by the same rules so he goes on to say just because you make it and then it gets operated by a decentralized network of others doesn't mean that any prospective responsibility or liability is gone it's just possibly relocated it doesn't matter whether you sell the business or operating it a year ago or a few years ago American security laws are going to be enforced these guys are serious these guys are taking action and we're gonna see a lot more of them stepping in in the future which is probably why this stl market is going to become the way to go in the future and these icos are going to be a lot more difficult to raise funds because most of them are gonna fall under securities so now it's time to get into some coin news of the day but I wanted to start with an overall positive theme about billionaire Eric Schmidt the former chairman of Google has stated that aetherium is looking to become a powerful platform with huge reserves of potential now this was during a talk given at Village global live event you can actually come down here they have a video if you're interested and when asked what he thought about blockchain and if it was overrated or underrated he actually said that while it might be overrated in the public sphere it's definitely underrated in terms of technical use he says if aetherium can manage to figure out a way to do global synchronization of that activity referring to the use of blockchain he said that's a pretty powerful platform that's a really new invention he believes that while many blockchain projects are showing great promise aetherium is the most intriguing with the potential to revolutionize society and with the recent situation that's gone on you had Def Con and all these different upgrades everyone's getting excited they think it's going to be able to scale faster than they thought it could before could be good time for theory 'm could be good times for aetherium also let's talk about XRP so they got a further push for adoption so decentralized global lending network cred now provides USD loans collateralized by x RP the company has secured over 300 million in total credit facilities available for lending also let's talk about the next innovation from by Nance so now they've announced that they are launching a new division called by Nance research the company's third crypto related education initiative to launch this year so finance research will release in-depth reports detailing specific cryptocurrency projects and as a demonstration and you know they've already done reports on loom network and go chain so that's just more news from finance also super quick I know you guys are into these competitions and stuff so FNX is announcing a trade competition with in collaboration with Walton chain with 0% maker trading fees over the next seven days and the top 20 will receive you can see right here first place is 1,500 Walton around 4500 bucks second place 1200 around 36 etc so if you're interested in getting involved in that definitely go check that out also yeah John McAfee got a sky coin tattoo I guess that's news not doing too much for the price today looks like looks like it did have a little spike though maybe he got his tattoo right around this period so yes now moving on I wanted to talk about we were speaking about how um to Hong Fei was interviewed the other day and how he was talking about how neo was really looking into blockchain gaming moving forward well he also went on to say this other interesting piece that I really didn't report on but the more I read it the more I thought of the importance of it he speaks about blockchain adoption and one of the biggest issues he goes there are many public chains but we are running short of upper-layer application and developers it's like you have developed an operating system but there are no apps running on it which you know the operating system would is basically as good as dead if there's nothing on it so he says yes we do feel some sort of threat facing the competition from our peers neo reacts by exploring how to develop an ease of use and developer friendly like chain for example we think docs and tutorials are important as they can quickly teach a developer to develop smart contracts on neo so that got me thinking about you know we do need to start building on top of these things you know we really don't have any killer apps right now that I can really think of there's a few of them but I mean even some of the biggest ones like you know auger was they were making a big deal about how it had almost seven hundred twenty-five thousand dollars worth of bets related to the election whereas they were having on average between I think was like 15 to 50 users a day or some ridiculously low number like that so that just makes me think about you know who's using the DAPs and then who's even developing them so definitely we need to get more people in the space and yeah I guess that'll just have to change over time we'll see what happens I mean you got this guy as well so professor at you know George Mason University Tyler Cowen he basically says it's time for Bitcoin to put up or shut up and he's not being a jerk about it he's being very realistic you know he talks about the crypto priced crash could actually be beneficial for the market as it could set the market up for something big in the future he made references to the 19th century bubble which saw the collapse of railroad stocks and of course the one that everyone refers to the dot-com bubble of 2000 in all of these events there were some negatives but then there were also some positives internet stocks plunged in the dot-com crash of 2000 to 2002 but in turn cleaned out all the bad companies and paved way for the good tack that came out you know like Amazon and Google and all these other ones so he said to quote we're at the point where crypto finally has to prove its social Worth but what might that mean imagine using crypto as a medium of micro payments to pay for media on the Internet or perhaps he'll use the blockchain to verify your identity rather than telling some stranger on the phone the last four digits of your social security number however he did conclude by saying that you know Bitcoin may be facing its do-or-die moment it's time he wrote for Bitcoin to put up or shut up think of Bitcoin and other Kryptonian alehrer sieving a cash call I am modestly optimistic but it is time to put up or shut up let's hope that this do-or-die momentum will once again bring out the best entrepreneurs and I have to honestly say I think it is from my personal experience and opinion in the space I've noticed that the people that are still in crypto right now you know going to the conferences reaching out to me you know especially in the telegram chat or even just these different projects that I've been talking to the the the level of quality is so much better than it was you know beginning of the year and end of last year I mean there were so many coins so many bad projects that were just absolute garbage and now you're seeing these guys put their heads down get to work focus on functionality adoption ease of use and it I personally think that the bear market even though it sucks for all of us financially it's been one of the best things for the actual development and underlying tech of the space so rant off however guys check this out so Hublot launches a limited edition timepiece for bitcoins 10th birthday so if you come down here i've highlighted some of the cool features of it so they're only making 210 of these watches to correspond with the 21 million capping of bitcoin and they also say that when you buy it you can only buy it with bitcoins and what makes it unique is that the transaction ID of the purchase will actually be engraved on the outer edge of the bezel that makes each watch traceable in case it gets lost or stolen so as you can see right here this is it so one of the gears has the Bitcoin logo on it right here and yeah this is the watch essentially the band you know inspired by blockchain obviously it's you know skeleton watch you can see through it and then there's the number on the side so your transaction ID gets imprinted on the side of your watch making it your individual watch and there it is right there the mecca 10 p2p how cool is that person-to-person so for the low price of twenty thousand dollars you too can own a Bitcoin launch guys now let's get into some adoption and let's get out of here because it's Friday and I know you guys are excited so let's talk about now this company Bravo tip or Bravo pay this is a Maria Luna now they were on Shark Tank actually and they got some investments from the team so I just wanted to quote her real quick before I go into this payment app she says we created our fiat version to prove our hypothesis that there was a real need for privacy and payments while still being compliant and we knew that the ultimate solution to achieve privacy and inexpensive transactions was evolving in the blockchain by the way you see it a lot of projects doing this you see a lot of projects that want to have that privacy layer while also being compliant that was basically the whole concept behind dusk Network is that they're trying to actually bring stos but also have payments that could be on the network you can verify that they happen but you don't have to give it away for example you know like a schoolteacher or somebody trying to prove that yeah I got paid but I don't want everybody knowing my salary right anyway long story short rant over let's talk about this so essentially with this app anyone even people who are not tech savvy will be able to set up an account and pay with crypto in a few simple steps find the person by you know proximity or by doing a simple search and then inter-app crypto payments without the need for external exchanges to pay with BVO token which I'll get into in a second and no long keys needed so coming to here they are on shark tank right here and yeah it kind of just ends right here you know why blockchain well Maria goes on to explain now that we prove the concept we have a real user case for our BVO token and an established market place to drive rapid adoption so this crypto version of Bravo will help accelerate the adoption of crypto payments at a global level by introducing three main factors to the ecosystem ease of use no long no longer you know only just for tech-savvy people utility of crypto in our daily lives from peer and micro merchant payments and trust they are only one of the few teams in the world that actually have a product in the market and a blockchain platform developed before launching their tokens so there you go right there this is more adoption moving forward also wanted to talk about this so you have coin census or consensus I always say coin census because I think that was a conference but anyway so consensus like system blockchain startup collide Oh as well as Amazon Web Services have launched a full stack platform that helps enterprises implement blockchain solutions the platform dubbed collide Oh marketplace reportedly eliminates 80% of the custom code needed to build a given blockchain project by providing an array of full stack tools and protocols that are plug-and-play spanning NEADS and back-end development to front and app user interfaces so I do wonder because we were just speaking to Knowles last night and they have their chain factory chain zillah's also offering a very similar product as well I know that there's others in the space that are also trying to build these kind of like plug-and-play you know arc has a system as well where you can just build right on top so I do wonder I mean if these bigger players start pushing this out what's it going to do for these little companies in the space that's something that I've always wondered in crypto is you know as soon as Google or IBM or Amazon Web Services if they start doing something you know what is it going to do for that for the little guys the guys coming up right now so that's an interesting thought but the one thing that when I was speaking to Travis Walker from arc he did point out that you know for example with something like arc it's truly decentralized whereas something like this you know you're still using Amazon so there may be that kind of factor where people might favor the decentralized over the centralized so that's a possible moving forward we also want to talk about few more things we have Canadian financial institution versus abanks it is finished beta testing of a digital vault for storing crypto currencies so verse of all which announced its so-called digital safety deposit box is aiming to attract crypto exchanges and funds as clients for the new tool and honestly god-sized want to bring this up cuz it's funny because people always like to bash on crypto right well it looks like a group of investors including Blackrock incorporated and aliens SC specific investment management Co have sued 16 major banks accusing them of rigging prices in the roughly five point one trillion a day for an exchange market you could see some of the bank's down here include Bank of America Barclays Citigroup Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs HSBC JP Morgan Morgan Stanley Chase basically all the banks okay and they were saying that this manipulation was done through chat rooms with names like the cartel the Mafia the bandits Club and through tactics with such names as front running banging the clothes painting the screen and taking out the filth by colluding to manipulate these foreign exchange prices etc yeah I just wanted to you guys to see that you know people like tend to say all this does why crypto can't regulate it wah wah West look what these guys are doing it's like look what these guys are doing what about what they're doing right I mean jeez anyway ending on one positive note I really like this tweet from Erik Voorhees that came out yesterday and he says when the next global financial crisis occurs and the world realizes organizations with twenty trillion in debt can't possibly ever pay it back and thus must print it instead and thus Fiat is doomed watch what happens to crypto and on that note I want to say thank you so much to everyone that's been coming back to the channel you guys are freaking awesome you seriously you like light up my day like thank you guys really I love reading your comments everyone that's been liking subscribing joining the telegram chat signing up for the blockchain brief newsletter you guys freaking Rock thank you once again my name is que dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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  6. 2:02 I've been suspecting now for a while that Bitcoin core team (+Blosckstream later) has been infiltrated somewhere after 2011 by some people with bad intentions towards bitcoin (BTC) and it's journey towards a sound world currency. Some people definitely didn't want bitcoin (BTC) to success worldwide. They chased away Vitalik and Roger from the team for example who wanted bitcoins (BTC) success. Now when bitcoin cash (BCH) has gain some market acceptance momentum they decided to ruin that one also with Graig. Their strategy have been "divide and conquer" from within. This is why it is now extremely important that all crypto projects and crypto community as a whole works as a one movement against corrupted governments and banks.

  7. "Put up or shut up" is an absurd statement … "It's time for the so-called Internet to put up or shut up." —random economist, July 17, 1994

  8. NEO struggles because of oppressive Chinese legislation. NeuroChain. French gov have said they want to be ICO hub of the world. NeuroChain is massively overlooked.

  9. This is why the NEO exchange will do well, the SEC will start clamping down… the crypto space will have to be regulated as serious players join

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