The Future of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain

This is Troy from Blockchain Rookies
and this is blockchain essentials. Really glad that you’ve watched through the
last series the last bit I want to talk about is the future of blockchain where
do we see blockchain actually going in five and ten or in 20 years. I want to
begin with the end a lot like Internet one of the parallels we talked about in
blockchain rookies when comparing email to the Internet is we say all email runs
on the internet but the internet runs more than email and all cryptocurrency
runs on the blockchain where the blockchain runs more than just
cryptocurrency the interesting thing is almost no one talks about the internet
anymore they talk about things they can do on
top of the Internet in 10 years time in 15 years time no one will talk about
blockchain it will be an invisible part of the fabric of the Internet it will
make the services that are built on top of it
the real value that’s where people will think and that’s what we will focus, not
on blockchain but on what blockchain enables. Some of the really interesting
things that we see happening are the ability to do provenance to prove where
things come from and prove where individual components come from whether
we’re talking about the source of luxury goods, luxury watches, luxury handbags or
whether we’re talking about the source of actual authentic drugs removing
counterfeit drugs from the supply chain improving health and well-being for
people. Both of those things are really interesting projects that are currently
being looked at for the blockchain another really interesting one is
identity. Right now my identity is granted to me and authorized by an
individual country so my passport tells me who I am and it’s recognized by other
countries what if my identity was down to me and was owned by me we call this
self sovereign identity and my identity is more than just my name and more than
just my birthday it’s everything that is a
about me; it’s the car I Drive it’s the food I like. Having control of my data as
part of myself sovereignty identity allows me to share that data with who I
want and especially in the days of Facebook and data leakage and data
breaches I can control who gets it and how it gets monetized and I can
participate more actively in those value exchanges when I look at where is
blockchain today I really compared it back to where the internet was and where
computers were in 1998 it is indeed the windows 98 day of blockchain since
Windows 98 to 2019 we’ve had a variety of evolutions windows has transformed
completely a couple of times mac OS has changed completely and unix
has gone from nothing to linux to powering some of the biggest companies
in the world I really see blockchain having the same
level of evolution to deal with the same core principles of immutability,
decentralization and distribution to create a trusted environment from
multiple companies to come together for industries to work together but it may
not be the blockchains that we see today
we may get totally different versions of blockchain. Another example just as a
tangent is at angle from iota it’s a blockchain principle but it’s not the
classic blockchain structure these are really really some of the most exciting
times for blockchain around and the future of blockchain is incredibly
bright and I hope you will join us in learning more about blockchain. This is
Troy from blockchain rookies this has been the future of blockchain thanks for

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  1. "Hedera Hashgraph" is not a blockchain but does the same thing in a bigger way. It is way Faster, more secure, stable and way less expensive to use. No waste making it superior. It is a virtual voting protocol that will not fork. This makes it very stable, makes it desirable for unlimited uses.

  2. Great video, very excited to see what the next 20 years will hold and if EOS can be as big as MacOS or even bigger!

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