The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 87- The Mossad Meister? NY times on Alex Jones, Kamala Harris, Q&A!

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golden age no matter what the bitter media is saying strive for greatness
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and Bitcoin but I just want to mention MWC the MWC cryptid dividend that we all
got people impulsive people realize it words it went down to so little to the
30 cents well now it’s back to like a dollar 30
or something like that okay people you got it for free you got it for free I’ve
got some listed on there that I want to sell it hot bit for like close to two
bucks all right so everybody’s got a price and I I’d
love to get one percent return and and that’s that’s what I’m aiming for so do
what you’re gonna do but don’t be impulsive about if people are still
finding out about it remember you if you got it for free that is great that’s all
I can say you got it for free I’m not the guy saying to buy it now here is he
from my comment section by the way people
from my comment session I’m gonna read you something and this gets into like
the conspiracy stuff I’m gonna talk about in this there’s so many people
they they just overlook the obvious you see he on the MWC dot MW site it says
Andy Hoffman part of the marketing team so yeah he work and when he comes show
he was on my show on Thursday check out the links below people against and
disrupt meister come you can see all my old shows he says what he’s so you saw
strongly suspect and he gets paid to show these coins yeah it’s out there
it’s that he doesn’t he says it himself pound that like bunny sometimes skies
it’s that simple you don’t have to make a big that he’s a shill he’s this is no
he’s that you might not like that he’s a marketer that he again this is the land
of opportunity the dude used to work for gold like and sell gold to 80 year olds
okay so what would you like him to do that or would you like him to come here
where it’s so easy to get a frickin job in this space people were telling me
people uh first of all and he made up his own business he Marcus for all coins
you don’t have to like all coins that’s great buy Bitcoin I buy buy Bitcoin also
but yes that is the and II as a marketer he’s always been a marker he’s found a
place in the cryptocurrency space great anyone can find a place here who was I
talking to the other day I so Alex doesn’t mind show Adam Adam from
Philadelphia who was on my show who is a Christian by the way we talked about the
Christian Bible for a second on this week in Bitcoin at the end the show you
know we will talk hey you never know what you’re gonna get on this fricking
show okay um Adam but it was saying that you know he he started talking to
somebody online about cryptocurrency and all of a sudden it turned into a job
interview I mean that if you’re a smart dude or an aggressive dude and an
organized person sown with some create there are jobs in this space okay and
yeah maybe you’ll have to work for an altcoin or whatever but there’s all
these people that are saying oh I’m so poor I got a do piece of delivery oh
I’ll never be able to afford a Bitcoin never be able there’s so much
opportunity this is a golden age we’re about to enter if you’re watching the
show you’re already interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency get a move on
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in exactly what is today’s the seventh in exactly three weeks so that’ll be
nice I’ll be in Tucson though so escape so this guy this is doomed tweet gone
wild in our space his name is litecoin underscore underscore Lord it’s linked
to the Lord below there must be very few crypto
travelers but I can only think of tone Vaes and Adam Meister both Israeli
passport holders by the way why are most of the big corners possibly Mossad
agents asking for a friend so that’s what that guy tweeted out
there’s a complete lie has no basis in reality at all is based
on stereotypes and just so much making up a lie but this type of stuff spreads
and this is kind of stuff people love people love this scapegoat and blame
like how can people be travel traveling and Bitcoin fans
first of all today’s is Jewish tone BAE’s has never stepped in
Israel so the CEO has an Israeli passport is insane it’s insane he’s he
was born in Russia he’s an American as for me I’m an American citizen I am
Jewish no item Jewish but I do not have an Israeli passport I go to Israel
though I have been to Israel I love Israel
I’d love I’d like to get Israel really Passport they say it’s pretty easy but I
never get around to doing it maybe next time I’ll do that I have a ring down it
do eventually I would like that you know it’s good to have a second Passport they
say peoples it is good to have a second Passport
the first one gets filled up with stands and you’re gonna have to I it’s fun I
guess I don’t know we’ll see I mean maybe I’ll be able to open a bank
to open a bank account another country be pretty cool although I hear Israeli
banks aren’t too fun to deal with the point is we’re going back to this guy
here and then he calls us what why are most of Bitcoin is possibly Mossad
agents I mean again the homeless odd thing is is ridiculous you hear it all
the time Alex Jones talks about Oh we’ll talk about Alex Jones is a second too
but people eat this kind of stuff they love it they just can’t they can’t just
get used to the simple fact that some people just they travel nothing special
anyone can travel any put you know anyone can go to Israel they don’t have
to be Israeli citizen anyone can be a Bitcoin er they don’t have to be Jewish
there’s always people would a stereotype blame
I guess they date they have some inadequacies themselves so they have to
live through in the fantasy world of some sort I don’t get it most bit
corners are possibly Mossad ease I mean that that’s got to be a joke I mean I
mean unfortunately this guy’s probably serious
his name is litecoin Lord so who knows who knows what that means
um but yeah but when I’m hanging out at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv I could
pretty much tell you there no Mossad agents there dude it’s like it’s Bitcoin
smart people some are a little geeky some are kind of alternative you got all
shades of skin colors and stuff you got Israelis of Yemenite descent you got a
of European descent of Syrian the center of whatever no not not too many Masada
anyway tone they say to the worst part of that
is like Toby’s his Mossad and he’s got an Israeli passport I mean so ridiculous
the man hasn’t stepped foot in Israel’s own life
that light but so that’s all that’s in that’s on the big end the Bitcoin sign
on the crypto side even in you know you would love that our space would be have
seen people in it but it doesn’t it’s just like any space we’re not special
say insane people can come here to this is where the big boys play but since
this is where a big boys play I’m gonna call out when you when you have like
fantasy world type of stuff like that tweet it out so let’s talk about
scapegoating ink here scapegoating and envy ink and conspiracy ink that guy is
just a little player I read um I’ve talked about Alex Jones before on the
show alright and I’ve said it many times like
about 10% of what he says is true okay he’s got some interesting gun control
ideas after that he just takes it to a whole
he’s a marketer he’s a showman it’s entertainment and um apparently is an
alcoholic I did not know that um until relatively recently and I just thought
he was fat and out of shape and whatever I gained the benefit of the doubt but
it’s got a serious alcohol problem too serious alcohol problem but and that’s
no joking matter no laughing matter and out it here’s the article from New
York Times magazine that came out that I’ve read the whole thing I work for
Alex Jones I regret it I dropped out of film school to edit video for the
conspiracy theorists because I believed in his worldview then I saw what he did
the people now I think this article was this guy and maybe the New York Magus
Times magazine published if it cuz they thought it was gonna um it was New York
Times Magazine because they was gonna hurt Alex Jones even more you know what
this it there’s nothing really new in it okay I don’t think if I don’t think it
rips on Alex Jones anymore I think it just brings up the obvious that first of
all this kid this young person I don’t know if he’s young anymore okay yeah you
don’t like what you’re doing you’re gone what it did the people I mean and maybe
it was hard to work for Alex out here and screamed at people it was a little
scary working for him at times no shot no shocked at all the guy is really I
mean he gets behind his product and he’s just full into it full into attacking
the mainstream he didn’t like the mainstream media and so he
makes up store you know they have a story he has a new twist on the story he
makes up his own stories and people just love this fantasy kind of stuff and it’s
so it was so obvious all along that most of it’s been fantasy and and just he
just makes up something and he’s looking for a story
dig dig dig go jump on some conspiracy thing whatever we’ll get the clicks
whatever we’ll get the clicks and he got addicted to the clicks and the attention
and just I I don’t think he they’re actually some points in the article I
mean he supported his employees at times he’s not the worst dude in the world he
just was into making his his nonsense infotainment bigger and bigger and
bigger and people just eat it up and they have to realize this stuff is fake
it’s just most of it is not based in reality at all and yeah I don’t think he
should be banned at all at oh just because he makes some weird stories it
would be great if he was still around so everyone could say yeah yeah it’s
complete nonsense what he’s been doing and it now it’s all race and no one even
knows what I’m too after someone talk to bring it up here he’s let off he has let
off the hook for most of the things he said in the past who’s you to took it
all down he’s led off with the hook so I mean you’ll be able to convince some
other people also of some of his nonsense if he still does it I don’t
know what he does anymore um but but but the bottom line is this all right people
it’s their fun fantasy stories out there you know you read a book and you know
it’s fake all right when you start getting you can go down these rabbit
holes and you think you’re so smart you think you’ve got the inside info and he
hat and Alex Jones had fancy sets and graphics can’t reporters he had hot
women working for him and all this stuff just to be bigger and bigger and bigger
so you’d believe in ever so many people fall for it and it’s just not productive
it is not productive now if you’re watching it as entertainment as comedy
as well okay he’s bringing up an interesting point about gun control or
the bilderbergs taking our guns no but uh-huh but do the bilderbergs
have power of us no but he is gun control and issue
in the United States when we’re the second amendment yes if you can like dig
if you can find the base points there that’s great or if you just uses
entertainment or you know or play drinking games with it I don’t say the
drink because that’s that’s bad that’s unhealthy but if you you do that yeah
fine but you got to realize it um so yeah Alex Jones made a huge business out
of scapegoating again was it the NWO he made up this grandeur and again a lot of
it is based on stuff that is really sinister and nasty stuff that boils down
to you know a small group of people in the room in the world is sit in a room
and control the world you know which goes back to the tweet that I said but
you know calling everybody Mossad and he blamed Mossad on things too I mean I’m
not I’m not saying Alex Jones was anti-semitic IIIi don’t have you know
he’s just but I mean some of these conspiracies are one step away from it
people take it to that next level which is their I mean if they want to do that
they can do that it’s just nonsense for me it’s just as nonsense saying
Bilderberg controls the world as as like a bunch as the protocols of Zion can
control the world it’s the same thing it’s it’s not it said there is a bit
there actually is a Bilderberg Group a bunch of rich guys get together so what
don’t let it bother you at all who cares a bunch of rich guys have a meeting and
you don’t get invited you’re jealous and you’re envious why don’t you become a
rich person and so Alex Jones some of his conspiracies in your Bitcoin he
didn’t buy Bitcoin but you know he said was NWO and all this stuff and this just
hurt him this and if you believed in it you weren’t in motion you see Alex Jones
knew about Bitcoin early and he talked about it early but he didn’t talk about
it good we he missed out and now if a Brie Bella shoes would have got Bitcoin
he owned his own YouTube at this point be broadcasting his nonsense stop that
so you can read a New York Times article I don’t think there’s anything really
shocking in it you know it reminds me that he is an alcoholic he has a problem
I think that maybe that led him to some of his delusional stuff and just to run
with it and he’s and they kind of make fun of him for being overweight or
whatever but it’s out there it’s at if you he was selling health products
he was completely overweight and red-faced I mean are you gonna really
buy as how people were buying is how he just used fear so much you know the
Fukushima stopped and then selling iodine and people fall for it people
thought they want doom there’s just a certain amount of the population that
that loves doom and he appeals to them and you know it’s if people are gonna
buy it let him do it I say don’t censor the dude but I just I can’t believe
people fall for it I just can’t believe this is where the big boys play again
and hey just just think sometimes you know stories are fun but it’s just if
you’re getting if you’re getting into this do rabbit hole you’re not being
very productive and usually there’s a very simple answer
just like with Andy Hoffman no he’s not a shell he says straight up on his page
he is a marketer and he gets paid for it just like just because Adam and tone
travel places don’t mean doesn’t mean they have Israeli passports and they’re
they were for the most thought I mean it there’s usually a simple answer they
just know how to travel it’s not that expensive I’m gonna talk about my
favorite Airbnb s in a second so pan that like button
Romek you said is Trey still coming on the show next week it’s almost proof of
keys time yes Thursday Thursday at 8 p.m. mountain time is I will be in
Tucson I will be landing in Tucson like three and a half hours before that if I
can make it to my Airbnb he will be on at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles 8 p.m. in
Denver 9 p.m. in Chicago 10 p.m. in New York and and Baltimore and Washington
and in Philadelphia I will announce it again many times
Thursday tres mayor will be live on the show so you’ll be able to ask him
questions also so it’s been a little while since he’s been live because we
had that problem not being able to do live interviews since August and he’s
been on once he’s been on once it’s August but yeah he’s gonna talk about
all about proof of keys and I’m actually asking about proof of Keys coin which he
only tweeted about once which I thought was a great idea all right
MTM D who’s in Maryland just like I am right now I just listened to your this
week in Bitcoin show and your guest brought up some really good points
against proof of keys yes he Daleks brought that up
and that is something else that I’m going to ask tres about mt MD very very
good question the that really goes well with with Romans question and what Alex
said basically for some people it is so hard to even move Bitcoin that more
Bitcoin has been lost moving it around then has been lost you know keeping it
on in exchange so if you’d unfortunately if you don’t know what you’re doing and
put and I said that part of traces campaign is to educate people to know
how to move the stuff so if you don’t know how to move the stuff it can be
better keeping it on coinbase you really if you buying it though you should know
how to move it it’s really really uh really important to know that all right
now it says Alex Jones is a Zionist no he’s I don’t know what he’s I’m a
Zionist Alex Jones believes the land of Israel is the land of the Jews I don’t
know if people I don’t know what he he believes in creating fear and fear to
promote his show I mean his show is all about doing and getting more and more
saying the most outrageous things to get more and more and more and more people
to watch I mean I don’t know what his core beliefs are anymore it doesn’t
really matter and I don’t think he should be bad was I think he’s just a
lot of his opinions are completely ridiculous and silly and if you ever
look in his archives he used if it’s archives we’re still there
you’d see some of the nuts he had on his show how wrong they were about some of
their predictions and about the elite taking over this that and the other oh
my god all right so lele I need you’ve brought
up that topic before about your backside what I don’t know why maybe you need
more more fruit I don’t know what you need
there Lele I’m not a expert on that or perhaps you’re putting stuff back there
I mean are you engaged in that type of activity man old man I mean what’s
what’s going on lately I’m being careful not this is a family show I don’t to get
too graphic I went lately Lele always brings up a problem he has with his
backside I don’t know yeah all right alex is not as bad as Joe Biden you know
they’re two different animals I mean one is a pullet what is a
political sociopath one is a person who runs for office it’s one worse than the
other that they’re pretty they’re they’re in different categories they’re
different different they’re in different fields okay Joe Biden might be a little
senile now – I don’t even know but Jeff Joe Biden is a career politician and
have lived that that that’s lives off of people that’s lives off the government
teat what since 1972 or something um and did he just call some guy bald I mean
Joe Biden is really did or not he got an argument some I don’t even
know the whole thing that’s why I I thought he’s called the guy bald Joe
Biden he’s really buff he has he has empty his plug see his hair plugs so
he’s really bald so I hope he didn’t call anybody bald because he’s bald
he shouldn’t be making fun of people freaking bald when he’s bald he just has
implants you can see him so obvious um but at least Alex Jones he’s an
entrepreneur I’ll give him that I’ll give that Alex Jones start a real
business yeah I think that’s uh on the capitalistic level
yeah Joe Biden is worse than uh Joe Biden is in a capitalist Alex Jones is
Alex Jones is a capitalist he built I mean you got to give him credit bill to
a fear industry a doom industry very successful um but he has some issues
with alcohol some serious issues he’s not a healthy person I mean he did he
he’s talking about all these supplements you take he’s clearly not living a
healthy lifestyle even though he’s a terrible spokesperson for the
supplements just getting redder and redder
I didn’t understand why I was getting ID no he’s alcoholic until I guess I have a
little naive about half of what alcoholics look like I thought it was
just like like to eat cheeseburgers McDonald’s or whatever drink soda I
didn’t know he was sometimes he probably was intoxicated in some I mean according
to New York Times thing I he probably was intoxicated on a few of his shows
but if he wants to do a show that way you could do a show intoxicated he did
well you did well for himself all right moving on
people love to come up and the funny thing is Alex Jones makes up the wildest
stories the way I did people are like Jesus he’s a shill he’s a shit he’s not
seriously he’s not down the rabbit hole or not it’s so that’s the part I found
most fascinating they like we really he’s working for the government and this
is all a trick come on what do you want him to do what do you
want in God it’s it’s it’s a shit I mean if you just if you’re tip if you’re
watching it as a show as entertainment and you’re like okay this guy isn’t fake
enough he’s making he’s not making up a ridiculous enough lies okay you want
someone that makes it but if you think he’s not that his ridiculous enough lies
are not truth uh because it’s really much more ridiculous than we saying you
you totally lost it he was he I know anyone anyone could fall for it for some
of that stuff yeah some of the stuff is somewhat interesting with everybody all
right moving on ready he did a great business out of it and it just shows you
what I’ve always said I mean ten percent the people in crypto I mean I know
that’s nothing I mean sorry people are willing to get behind just a wild man no
matter what they say just willing to believe anything they believe anything
they’re told just in our space that’s the bsv people they believe anything
they are told by a strong man and Alex Jones conveyed astray he was very
convincing very convincing very he would yell and
scream yelling the yelling and screaming some people just if they’re gonna get
yelled in screen they’re gonna believe it they’re gonna believe okay alright
yeah some people talking about but the joe biden situation with the the the
overweight guy I knew him I don’t want to know I I heard I heard ben shapiro
mention like I can’t I cannot I did not watch the video people were saying well
you know did he skull him fat I don’t care what he called him pound that like
button the guy was Elizabeth Warren supporter
all call each other I don’t care it’s fine it’s just it just I love it is
hilarious we’re gonna talk about Kamala Harris in a second that uh the the the
the now I’m not saying all black voters are mindless not all black voters are
mindless most voters in general are totally mindless but there’s a there’s
certain black voters that are totally mindless and and so they’re expected to
vote for Kamala because she’s a black woman but no they would rather vote for
Joe Biden he is he is black to them because it was Obama Biden and because
he was Obama’s man he is now he’s blacker than come on he’s that’s the way
they’re gonna make their decision now that’s a horriffic way to make any
decision you know based on race and who’s blacker than the other person but
I do I do find it entertaining that um and because and they would if they
listened to a word if they cared about just competency competency in a human
being I mean you’ve got to say she’s more competent than he is I mean he’s
apparently doesn’t make much sense that the clips that I see of them I mean
she’s a totally a total sociopath – they’re both sociopaths but he’s old and
he’s a but it’s funny there’s a certain a certain caliber of black voter that
have been oh no he was with Obama no no I’m not
no matter the Obama that’s it come on who’s just come on who’s Kamala who’s
Corey you lose this I’m with I’m sticking with the black man I’m sticking
with Biden Biden his black Biden his black for some people seriously for some
black people he’s black that’s good enough he is play although he’s like the
whitest dude and on earth trust me about this and maybe some black people can
chime in here and and talk about this this type of this is this is bad this is
not a voter this again there are many many white voters that don’t that they
were thinking oh and oh I’m a God in Jewish people we’re supposed to be so
smart so many Jewish people they don’t think at all know who’s a Democrat let
him steal all my money and I’ve done so well from his let me vote for the
communist bestie all my money the Democrat the most calm yet the most Jew
hating Democrat I’m gonna vote for as a Jewish person that’s Jewish me I mean
that’s most Jewish Democrats will vote for the most Jew hating Democrat
possible not that so that’s that’s the lowest of the low in terms of
intelligence that’s worse than thinking Joe Biden is black as a black person
voting when you’re a Jewish person you vote automatically for the the worst Jew
hater of all the Democrats I mean that’s that’s worse than thinking being a black
person voting for Joe Biden because he’s black because he worked for Obama so
yeah huge people I blame or I’m Jewish I’m you know but no I don’t do that but
this is this is Paula that this is this this how sickening politics is it’s just
it’s a sickening horror and that’s why you cannot worry about it but on this
show we bring it up as we can say things like this I love you know it’s fun to
say stuff like that that people are scared to say the speaking of Kamala
Harris and things that are that that people are scared to say wait a second
oh wait Alex Jones there was one more thing unless say uh infotainment I said
first of all pound that like button okay Alex Jones taught the talk he didn’t
walk the walk all right in terms of his health products that’s what I mean so
Scott Scott Adam but we’re talking about white guys that are ski you know I I’m
saying the truth about politics but you guys
got a guy like Scott Adams who I I got a link to his channel before and so he
thought he made this bet I don’t know where you could make bets like this I
mean California Vegas I have no idea why he bet that Kamala Harris would be the
early on he bet that she would be the the Democratic nominee and you know his
logic was he’s a woman she’s black and you know the Democrats are all into
minor and it was a it was logical and then he was bright you know he was so
happy after that first debate was she attacked um Joe Biden look like she was
doing so well and then ever since then she’s been doing horrible everyone and
he said he said the really brown thing that she slept with the former mayor of
San Francisco what’s his the bully Brown and said is it Willie Brown the that the
former mayor of San Francisco she slept her way to the top there’s no doubt
about it she slept her way to the top it’s out there and and he said no dough
pre who cares who cares about who’s who slept with who who cares about that that
doesn’t matter he said I mean not not understand I mean voters care about very
superficial things okay and that’s a little bit more than superficial
she only got her position because she got into a position for a dirty matter
man like Willie Brown all right she is the type of woman that sleeps with
Donald Trump dead so he’s soaked we’re gonna bow tie I brought this up
beforehand you gonna vote for the person who gets the women to sleep for him or
are you gonna vote for the woman has to sleep with the guy like Donald Trump to
move up that shoe sleeps with Donald Trump by the way women who want power
he’s 70 some years old do you think he get those women want power they want
wealth they want everything and he can’t get anyone didn’t get come on Harris
probably right now you get the picture here okay so put Scott Anson ignore all
that no one’s gonna care about that no one’s gonna care about yeah right yeah
right so anyway she fell apart but she’s a fool anyway she because she doesn’t
desert she got to her high office because she’s very aggressive mean you
gotta give her credit she’s aggressive she’ll do willing to do anything willing
to do anyone to get to her position but it failed she had to drop up she had to
drop out so he goes to great lengths and this is a classic of Scott Adams to make
up these excuses and he always uses an exaggeration technique so if you watch
Scott Adams and maybe other people do this too but to me it’s so obvious he’ll
always say est he’ll say that you know that was the great the greatest tweet
ever he’s the greatest present ever isn’t he the greatest vice president
ever that was the worst campaign ever he said the worst that her campaign was the
worst campaign ever Matthew Stone Scott Adams do you know about all the
Democratic campaigns in 1992 in 1996 or the Republican ones in 2000 do you know
about every single one in the primary and hers was the worst hers was the
worst ever and so people fall into this people are
like oh yeah he’s right it was a worse time how do you how was the worst ever
she had a headquarters in Baltimore when she was from the West Coast that was a
pretty smart move she attacked Joe Biden in an early debate it that hurricane and
it was all planned her campaign plan that out that was a smart move how does
that the birth this the worst campaign ever he’s making up excuses why he lost
why he why he was wrong he can’t just say he was wrong
it didn’t work out she slapped you know it just didn’t work out just move along
but and still he says well how about this if it
Oh Biden gets the nomination he should pick her and then maybe something will
happen to him and then she will have to run for president instead of him I mean
it’s insane scenario it’s saying he hopes Joe Biden dies he hopes that Joe
Biden picks Kamala Harris and dies before the election that’s what he’s
saying that’s it that’s his hope now it’s like dude you’re wrong move on just
just move on man it’s it’s but they just shows you he goes to great lengths when
he’s wrong to just and when he’s right he’ll go to great lengths to show how
right he’ll say it’s the greatest it’s the worst it’s always some extreme and
you don’t think you don’t think the arguing but if it’s very easy to argue
some of the greatest vice president ever this is he a historian a vice presidents
is he a historian does he know all the vice presidents can he tell me what
Walter Mondale dated 1978 penny what is Spiro Agnew drew in 1969 I mean no he
can’t it is absolutely ludicrous some of the
things that he says a best tweet ever best so I mean I’ll say this he’s got
some interesting technique I’ve learned the system thing from him but if he’s
the one his whole thing about loser think is you can’t comment oh you know
there’s certain if you’re not an expert in a field you’re not gonna be able to
properly comment on it like an expert can it is he an expert in politics no
he’s totally blowing it out of his backside totally bored he just got into
politics after he wrote about Trump he didn’t know about he didn’t follow
politics before not and that’s great that he didn’t follow politics he was a
productive person being a comic guy is it’s much better than being a politician
he was a he was a contra preneur he he’d worked for companies but I’m just I’m
just saying you know I’m giving you a little bit of insight here and yeah I
think he’s I think he’s a smart guy but I’m just pointing on his little tricks
and he does they’re uh alright Roman Q has some questions here but I’m gonna I
want to end this Scott Adams thing here because all right
he also think he’s very another weak point of his unfortunately he had a
stepson who died from fentanyl overdose see son was with his stepson was a drug
addict and he’s very angry at China he is so angry
he says China killed his stepson the first of all I mean first of all guys
you know don’t Matt you know it’s it’s you put a lot on the line when you marry
a single mother okay marry a woman that already has a kid so
this is like help you know I won’t say ruin Scott Adams life but take a huge
chunk of Scott Adams life away you could tell he’s very angry about this this
wasn’t even his kid this was his ex-wife’s kid he’s got abs now with a
younger woman who also has kids who also has kids he keeps he is a Cu CK with
women he unfortunately he keeps man with women that already have kids he’s taking
care of other men’s children and unfortunately this other man’s child
became a drug addict and died it’s horribly and so Scott hands just goes
off of China and starts the only time Scott Adams curses on a show is when
he’s talking about China he uses foul language he loses it almost and again
he’s a really slow talker I have never like apparently is I have
only played him to 2 X it seems normal to me so listen to him a to exile it I
linked to him below but he thinks he’s got this outsized influence like he
thinks he’s gonna influence the policy United States toward China he really
really does and so you can dick and I think he does this on purpose so he he
he creates a little world around him of his supporters and he makes himself seem
much larger than he is and he has his huge influence and he says on Twitter
that he argues with people on Twitter a complete waste of his time I can’t
believe he stoop that low where he says it’s okay to argue with jerks
dude it’s a total waste of your time you’re a multimillionaire already okay I
get it but you’re only adding to your own doom
that that’s a sick thing if you are sick and sad because your ex-wife’s child
died of a drug overdose I wouldn’t get into arguments for trolls I mean I would
just try to do some more pot and he does do positive things in his life but I
mean he is clearly so affected by this fentanyl overdose of his son that he
really loses it on the China thing he really loses it and I got it I gotta
tell you I mean the leaders of China are bad dudes and what they’re doing
time in Taiwan is horrible but he takes cotton states to a whole new level and
again they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing to those readers at all
it’s horrifying it’s horrifying I’m glad he brings that
up I’m glad he brings that up but with the fentanyl you know there is a choice
everyone makes eventually to get on the drugs and not to get on the drugs okay
you Scott and says he smoked he himself smokes marijuana fermented additional
purposes well guess what guess what for some people they start smoking it for
medicinal purposes then they get into other stuff I know something you say no
no no but some people do okay so it it isn’t the leader of China not getting
rid of the fentanyl dealers is not making all these Americans addicted to
fentanyl I mean they’re addicted to up they’d be addicted to other drugs they
chose drugs their parents beat them it might be their parents fault for
horribly massively abusing them abusing them but but Scott Aaron’s take it to a
whole new level of scapegoating with with China with the fentanyl thing
there’s it’s all their fault they killed his son trying to kill his son china
killed his son china didn’t kill his son and he also
scotland says he doesn’t believe in free will so i mean that that’s another thing
i strongly disagree with i mean if you don’t believe in free will and it’s all
program down anyway why be angry at china your stepson was destined to die
anyway he couldn’t he couldn’t help it that was part of the the pre program
thinks is there’s no free will if you want to break it there’s no free will
why do you angry at china why are you person in china there is
free will okay you can change your behavior people you can change your
behavior people can get off the drugs people can avoid drugs people who are
abused can seek help before they self-medicate okay you can change your
behavior you can find solutions and just escape its gumming thing i’m not down
with it okay I don’t like China I don’t like China’s
leaders I don’t like what they’re doing to the we Gers and stuff and I don’t
like people doing fetanyl I don’t like that no all right all right and yeah so
we talked about well uh uh he’s one of these wealthy
white guys that his suit is scared of being called a racist you know he is on
a certain level on a certain level because he says we would be great if we
had a black woman in the white house it’s about time it’s about time it’s
about time you know that our to have a gay man in the white house is about time
I feel good about that why who cares you know you’re the most
competent person you want the most competent because you’re guilty
why are you guilty who cares you didn’t do anything to gay people or black
people or whatever yes yes they suffered of course they suffered you do you
realize when you give something to someone that they don’t deserve that
that just causes more and more animosity so if you’re just gonna pick Kamala
Harris because she’s a black woman to become president United States that’s
like the ultimate in examples of like yeah we’re just we’re just giving a
freebie to the oppressed people just because that that’s gonna make people
unhappy you want you want the the pitman again president president is just
something that is out there that it that people unfortunately look up to
shouldn’t so it should be the most competent person but it is not it is not
anymore it’s all about identity politics and all this stuff so he goes to a
certain level where he says I’m scared to eat you says person of color or he
says well he he says all these turns and he takes it to us he’s so careful around
certain minority groups that like the stuff he’s saying is really racist about
them in terms of like he can’t criticize them you should be able to criticize
anyone you should be able to you know and and you’re you by saying you know
we’re gonna give this group a boost because they’re not represented the way
I like them to be representative you’re saying they’re they’re not competent
enough so I’m just gonna give them a freebie so you are being racist that way
you are Burien salting you really are um but he’s trying to fit in say this is
what he’s used to he’s living in California etc etc um yeah I’m gonna go
back to Kamala Harris one funny thing that you know she hurt her campaign did
fail they spent a lot of money she doesn’t have enough money to go on
whatever the reason is okay it’s not because of racism that she had to drop
all out she’s in the Democratic primary people walk the Democrats love that
many Democrats are black many Democrats are women they love black women why she
got kicked out cory booker screaming it used to be so diverse this group and now
it’s not they burton it’s still free damn tired diverse it’s got Tulsi
Gabbard would she she’s something it’s got the gay guy it’s got all this stuff
but I mean Cory Booker I mean he’s only got one leg to stand on now he’s the
black he’s the one black guy remember me I’m the black guy
oh no but now that other Deval Patrick you jumped in but he could say he’s
blacker than the devil I don’t know I don’t know what that you just make a big
stink out of racism and hopefully people vote for you that’s what Cory Booker is
going for now um but some of these media people that the clips that I’ve seen out
there that say oh this is because racism that she got kicked out or because of
sexism what I mean it’s the Democrat it’s a Democrats it was just a bad
campaign people didn’t like her she slept with a bully Brown to get to get
power I mean he’s like she’s weird laughs she just doesn’t didn’t resonate
and she she blew her load she didn’t said she she didn’t but the campaign
didn’t budge it correctly clearly they should have been able to make it to
freaking Iowa but she knew she wasn’t gonna do well in Iowa I guess by the
polls whatever to each his own so I that’s my media
commentary this week I guess I have some more safe things to say about
non-political media but it is you get a real insight politics does bring out a
lot in people so I will say that when people start talking political you start
hearing about their biases and just the weird way they’re influenced or how they
try to influence or how important they think politics is or how they think
they’re an expert at politics alright so Romi cute and what and what
they think about race relations just do the best people compete don’t complain
this is where the big boys play that’s why I love Bitcoin you didn’t nobody
gets uh-huh everyone gets a fair shot here everyone
gets a fair shot there’s no no favoritism no uh-oh we want better
representation and people are free to say they want better representation but
it’s not nothing’s gonna be for better representation it’s not gonna be forced
on anyone in terms of minority representation all right Romek you said
did you have any predictions about 2019 Bitcoin
or otherwise it didn’t end up happening did anything happen in 2019 that you
didn’t expect to happen until later in the future I can tell you something
happen to 2018 but I didn’t think was gonna happen to me unfortunately but
2019 2019 did it was there anything that shocked me about 2019 not about Bitcoin
ah yeah I I didn’t think we were gonna have that uh I think my Bitcoin went up
to 14th I really it was a one day was that fourteen thousand that was shocking
that I didn’t really I didn’t expect that then I didn’t expect that at that
time that came out of the blue that that pump whenever it was was in June that
pump was very surprising to me very surprising to me I thought this year
would be like 2015 which it mostly has been but that wasn’t that wasn’t like
2015 at all I am a little surprised that there not more individuals buying
Bitcoin this year I thought there would be more people buying Bitcoin this year
not not just like mega-corporations planning to do it I don’t think we’ve
had that many new people enter the space this year at all and I thought I thought
there would be more new people I gave I gave the general public too much credit
but this was a really good time to enter I mean at the beginning of 2018 and 2019
it was a good time to buy it really was for quite quite some time quite some
time I mean the whole winter right so I thought more people would come in like I
think I learned this year this is not wasn’t a prediction or not a prediction
now I’ll talk about this more on tomorrow’s show it’s just we’re always
there’s a lot of dumb money out there and it’s on the sidelines and it’s gonna
come back it left it’s gonna there’s gonna be a
bigger amount of dumb money that comes in you know you see and the reason I get
peeks I get glimpses into the dumb money thing
when I see the bsv people buying it when I see the hex stuff people how much
money he’s raised for that that people still fall for you know things like one
coin or big connect that realization has been building over time and I think this
year even without like hardly any newbies coming in I still see people
making horrible horrible horrible decisions and so that then that just
makes me think that it’s going to be so much worse in the future in terms of
people making horrible decisions like the 2017 will come back probably in 2021
on steroids and that I I don’t want to if people have all coin bags right now I
would not be surprised if all of them like every off coin that Lee still has
like a working team gets reap UMP again in 2021 to like
just insanely it by just ignorant people but but like we’re gonna there’s gonna
be a lot more dumb money entering and re-entering the space we still have some
dumb money here but it’s so it’s just so easy to convince people to buy all coins
and icos and defy I did not know I didn’t predict defy that’s something
that shocked me I didn’t I didn’t see that coming
but I do see what’s coming next I see that defy is gonna become outrageous
it’s gonna be just become it’s gonna become like icos but I didn’t know that
this deep I didn’t see defy on the horizon in 2018 at all
I did I did not see that hand and people were I didn’t know that was gonna be the
trendy word of 2019 and it’s probably gonna even be more trend year in 2020 so
that there’s something that I did not did not predict and I think there are
some legitimate defy people out there but I think there’s gonna be a lot of
illegitimate ones and a lot of illegitimate defy products and a lot of
people calling just anything defy just to sell whatever they’re trying to sell
I mean maybe the next dumb money phenomena will be to pump out all these
altcoins some of these all coins that have nothing to do with defy they’ll
just say we’re defy coins and they’ll sell themselves to people in
the future so we and of course with all these dumb money rushing into all cojito
come in the Bitcoin – its what 2021 should be a fun time I think that that’s
a prediction I’ve been saying for a little bit while is the transgender
going to run for president is the transgender going to run for president
one day one day a transgender well I mean that seems to be the big thing now
they are so rare transgender people are so rare but um if you are one you’ll
just go to the Democratic Party say who you are in the ola nominate you for some
position and who knows you might be a mayor of a big cities or something I
don’t I don’t know it seems like something it’s a trendy trendy minority
to get behind now so yeah I you know I was you know you say is a translator
gonna run for president I couldn’t see for Siwon running in 2024 but you know
what things evolve a lot faster so wouldn’t shock me I mean there’s no
transgender governor right now but I mean and I would think there wouldn’t be
one in 2024 but things go much faster in in the political world these days toward
insanity just they want the most the rarest of minority and it’s both parties
really I mean if you’re uh if you’re a black woman in the Republican Party I
mean you you can you could probably be like today you could be someone on the
just like a mayor of a small town somewhere and you could be vice
president United States in 2024 probably running with nikki Haley or something
like that I mean they would be up for that
I mean it’s identity politics certainly identity politics so so it’s wretched
it’s freshest stuff and but I’m just commenting on it it’s I believe in you
know production and actual competency not just like fancy sets and graphics
and that’s you know being a transgender it’s basically fancy sets and graphics
that that’s what it is it’s like oh look look what I got here
look I’m hanging I’m showing you a transgender vote for me vote for me vote
for my party we’re great we’re so friendly it’s it’s they’re using it is
kind of sad you know using these people as tokens
to get to get votes to get power alright alright so we enough health tips so
let’s talk I mentioned some of these health tips before now yeah I don’t
believe some people there was a rumor about Michelle Obama and and there’s a
video she’s a woman dudes come on come on she it’s she that’s a woman that’s a
woman she’s a woman yeah I know there’s a video that shows what it looks like
something’s down there I don’t know what that is I saw it for a second I’m not
watching that thing again but no Michelle Michelle Obama’s a woman she’s
she’s a woman I’m not but that’s the funny thing she that’s the weird she
could probably become president she has no qualifications whatsoever besides
being the wife of the president and that’s basically what Hillary Clinton
was it’s just the world we live in and again in Argentina they did it that’s
how I Cristina Fernandez became president she was the wife of the
president that’s in she became president so we’re I mean if we would have elected
Hillary Clinton we’d be one step closer to Argentina and that’s nothing to be
proud of pound that like button Argentina is a beautiful country though
I will say that so much potential but they always they are addicted to
socialism we’re gonna talk about Chile in a second oh there’s so much to talk
about on this show health tips people have to help hear these I’m gonna say my
again I’ve said these before but sometimes people miss them I take cold
showers every day every day I take a cold shower
even the days I don’t run just after I workout what does that do for you at the
very least it wakes you up baby it wakes you up some people say it strengthens
your muscles it does XYZ it makes you healthier I don’t know about that it
wakes you up you’re wide awake after it and makes you more alive makes me feel
more alive you could google it and hear what all other people say it does I
don’t know if there’s any uh any real proof that it makes you healthier I have
no idea but I do like it it doesn’t it doesn’t wake you up but
you’re wide awake after and it makes sure when you do have a regular warm
shower you treasure that warm shower so much more and there is something it’s part of my system the cold shower
system shows your can consistently do it you could have some conviction there I
will tell you that you can you sure you prove commitment when you can take a
cold shower every day I don’t know okay – tooth
teeth brushing tooth brush teeth teeth maintenance
I’ve only been using baking soda I think this 2014 now no problems I brushed
three times a day I wake up in the morning I brush like for 20 seconds with
not just with the toothbrush just to get the slime off and off my
tongue and then I swish around water for a while and then I brush my teeth for
the first time a fit a fit well second time but I do two minutes with baking
soda that’s it I’m ready for the day this stuff’s out of my mouth I’ve put
water in my mouth I’m very fresh and then of course I only eat one meal
during the day so many hours pass I eat my meal and then I wait hour after a
meal and then I well right after the meal I clean my tongue off the tongue
scraper you use a tongue scraper they’re good gets all that you gotta you gotta
scrape your tongue tube is there’s food on there you know without running away
and stuff but you wait an hour after you’ve eaten especially if you’ve eaten
citrus and stuff because your teeth are a little soft after you eat you want
them to harden up again the enamel and then you brush your teeth without baking
soda for two minutes an hour to two hours after you’ve eaten
try not to wait more than two hours alright that’s it that’s that’s my
that’s that’s my health tip of the day oh I don’t drink water two hours before
I eat that was something I had added since Craig ship actually told me
something about that Craig ship of the who’s interviewed me
from his undisclosed location near Camp David before what’s up Craig yeah and
after I brush my teeth I don’t drink water until an hour afterwards so I if I
drink water before I eat it has to be two hours before I eat because it can
you know you would observe absorb all that food you don’t want what
in there apparently if you have water like a lot of water before you eat you
don’t observe absorb everything apparently okay so I do two hours water
two hours before I eat so sometimes as many hours before I eat but you wanted
at least two hours between your water and your meal okay enough stefan
molyneux is linked to below he interviewed a guy in Chile and I I’ve
wanted to do this I’ve said on past shows that what’s going on in Chile is
is not cool the revolutions the people that are protesting in the street
they’re envious they want more it’s based in communism and socialism and
this guy basically says the same thing he’s actually in Chile and rumack you
says bikal Meister if America ever became very hostile to bitcoiners from a
tax perspective what are the top countries that you’d want to move to
well Australia but one would think that Australia would go the way of America
wouldn’t it but if a stray Lea didn’t it would be Australia Israel
um I’ll show you any Israel come to mind but Shelly would be okay I know there’s
like not Norway because they already are unfriendly they already get lead do a
one-percent wealth their wealth tax is there any place that doesn’t have a
wealth the clay place can’t have a wealth tax so if I was if I was wrong
about if the Israel has wealth taxed that’s not cool I don’t know if you I
don’t even know if either has a wealth tax I don’t think they do they have bad
taxes though but I’ll share cuz mine Israel comes in mind I’ve got the New
Zealand obviously I’d let I like modern country no well
Singapore Singapore fly had to I mean we’re getting in Japan or South Korea
that they would be fine I only like modern countries I mean then
let’s say if all the modern countries became if they all all the comfortable
countries in Asia and the West went the way of America that they including
Israel then I I mean I’m go to South Africa actually is I mean put assuming
they didn’t go that way but in a country like that
oh I go what every South your way but then is Uruguay a western
country that would go that way I go to Uruguay before South America obviously
but but before South Africa excuse me you know we’re really gonna dip going
down the rabbit hole here a little bit too much there I am and I’m not being
specific about some of these scenarios but there’s always a place I I know that
I could run to III I don’t think all those countries that I just mentioned
they all have a little bit they’re all a little bit different and they all
wouldn’t they all wouldn’t do the same thing they all wouldn’t follow America’s
lead South Africa wouldn’t follow America’s lead if all those other
countries did and possibly a Uruguay wouldn’t anyway but yeah I just wanna
clarify I would rather live in Uruguay then South Africa just and I would
rather live in Chile Uruguay and Argentina than South Africa because they
are safe they are safer but I was assuming they would go the same way as
America and if they did a sow that was beautiful though but they do have
there’s there’s many many issues in in South Africa many issues but I can I
know I know how to handle some of the issues there obviously and I could get
my own security detail if I need to do it that’s the other thing being a
Bitcoin at that point if it came to that say it’s not gonna come to that people
very interesting question though interesting question okay and I still
have more countries to try and maybe and you know I haven’t been in these Eastern
Europe countries what Moldova I got in Moldova a good
place is Moldova safer than South Africa it probably is but it’s colder than
South Africa alright you know I well so moving on
Stefan Mullen okay we talked I say my favourite air B & Bs so do you guys when
we do a show one day where I really go into all the air B&B as I ever stayed at
say my favorite air B&B cities say which was my favorite because it was cheap
which one was my favorite because it was big which one was my favorite because it
was modern but there’s different ways to grade the air B&B is a nice data and I
just looked over at every one I ever stayed at and I did come up with a
little list here of my favourite ones and I’ll tell you why I like this one
the one I Stata in Santiago in September or the second September October November
of 18 it was modern in a modern building
with a doorman in Santiago which is a good City as before they took to the
streets of Santiago and everything was not like you know that the oven was
great and it was very inexpensive Oh most of the Airbnb zin in Chile in
Santiago were very inexpensive and food was pretty everything was very well
priced in Santiago so say if you guys want your first place to travel Santiago
is a good a good first step is good they don’t speak English but that’s fine um
the one problem with this Airbnb de that takes it away for being my favorite one
was something specifically happened at this great building any time I would
cook chicken all right apparently the neighbors would call the
guy who owned my Airbnb and complain I couldn’t smell in the hall I literally
was keeping my window open 24 hours a day when I would cook chicken and still
at times they would still complain I’m like dude you’re living in an apartment
built I don’t know how the hell they could how they could smell it I have no
idea I have no idea but that was really annoying like every once in a while the
dude would be like what are you doing why are my neighbors complain I’m like
I’m cooking chicken come over and and he had someone come over to check the
filtration it was fine I said and I showed him my food I shown how I could
you want to show see what I’m doing I mean it so that was annoying that was
pretty annoying this can happen in places you never know I think there are
people not I don’t know people on that floor just aren’t used to people cooking
chicken even when I would keep the balcony door open okay it was I was
going to great it was good temperature I mean it was at that time of year is the
springtime was a good time to pay they’re saying okay what other Airbnb
Edmonton was great in 2018 the summer of 2018
it was located in a pretty hipster area it was a modern building it was a good
price and and Mateen is kind of like Austin but again Edmonton is a summer
place to travel to not any other time the year from what I can
tell but I did enjoy that it was a good deal and the other thing is that one the
guy sometimes lived at so maybe that’s why it was maintained so nice it was it
was so good it was a one-bedroom so was the Santiago one was a one-bedroom I
don’t care between one bedrooms and and another
question people ask these which was the coolest one I ever stayed at there what
like the one in Denver and Spokane they well the one in Denver was not cheap the
one at Spokane was pretty cheap but they were like converted garages so they were
pretty cool but they weren’t like they’re not on my best list here I’m
still going on my best Edmonton okay Sydney the one I just said stayed
in Sydney that was awesome that was a good way it was two floors now that
wasn’t cheap either great neighborhood Sydney is huge Sydney
is great that was that was a good one Brisbane Australia was a trendy area it
was modern now the woman who owned that though she’s actually taking it off
Airbnb now she didn’t like that one of the hand towels the white hand towels
was like she left one white hand towel that’s all I had
so like I like use it as you got dirty you got dirty okay I wash he still got
dirty okay and she’s like that was her complaint to me afterwards she gave me
high ratings and everything yeah why is the hand towel dirty I had to buy a new
hand towel you had to buy a new hand towel big deal lady you make you do mean
good money oh it was it was moderately priced that Brisbane for Brisbane it was
a very good Brisbane is a great city in Australia best weather on earth so that
so that was a great Airbnb – that was a great air pp I went there during the
winter which is July but it was brutal it was so beautiful there Brisbane but
she had a little attitude afterwards she was a French woman actually she was she
was a French woman who I guess moved to Australia so she she was little she had
a little attitude there but there with the hand towel but whatever okay and
finally a Lisbon I had a flat Lisbon was a great city the air it was not a modern
building but it was it was convenient it was cool and for Europe it was good it
was a good price for Europe you’re cheap poor Lisbon is you get real hardcore
Europe at a pretty cheap price so and and like cheapest place on earth
Airbnb still is South Africa but that’s their issues you know you have an alarm
system at some of the plane those are cheap and they’re big and some can be
somewhat modern too but I gave my favorites so that’s your little air B&B
there you guys if you want me to do like a maybe a beyond Bitcoin just about all
the Airbnb ease I can go over like everyone I stayed at in every city but I
love the Asian cities but all of those air B&B czar little when they’re kind of
they’re clean not the cooking utensils it’s very they’re not big ovens all
those places that I mentioned that when my favorites had full ovens and actually
the Brisbane one was not a one-bedroom that was a washing about a studio but
Portugal was a one-bedroom nice nice oven there – I mean Lisbon wondered
Lisbon Portugal so I what you got a hat for me to rank
you as the best one you got to have a full oven and so many these places just
have like they’re not hot plates but or they have toaster ovens or again I can
cook a full meal just with a pot I am really good so I don’t need you to full
oven I don’t need the full you know with the range and everything so some of them
just have these mini ranges and that’s cool I can use a pot I can cook in a pan
I can cook anything with a pot of the pan okay I really can I’m really good
with that but it’s much more convenient to have the whole full oven so all those
places had four others alright last week found that like button and and again
some of these are very reasonably priced like Sydney was not cheap sandy was not
cheap but the other ones were okay let’s see if anyone had any questions about
that and I actually I Oh God the one in San Juan Puerto Rico
was cheap and was spacious and was new mostly and had good heat a good a good
oven but the internet was horrible it was just it got bad they really got me I
would love to stay there again but if the internet was unacceptable so that’s
another thing to all those places had good internet that I just mentioned –
what’s a cheap monthly ape Airbnb rate Oh South Africa and that would be oh no one
of this place well the place in Johannesburg might have I didn’t stayed
it for a month but the money but only cost like $1,000 to stay there for a
month and that’s mean again that’s everything includes your he did you just
Kim a thousand bucks and everything’s DSL this then the other it’s you can
doorman this it’s all included I mean that that’s really that like I think I
think Johannesburg that one might have been like a maybe it was 1112 oh that
that’s that’s cheap for a month that’s cheap for a month and that includes
everything guy that is really good it cludes includes everything do you have
to bring your pots and pans never no no no no no all these places that I’m
talking about everything is there everything those
South the South Africa Joe I can have to look up how much that place cost me for
a week in Sandton in Sandton when I was at the not 2018 South Africa a Bitcoin
conference did it only cost me like $250 or less for that week or it might have
been eight days yeah and that had everything that had two bedrooms in it
again the South Africa was ridiculous sometimes how much extra space you get
and it had full it had everything it had and you couldn’t get into the there were
security to get in and as South Africa has like superb security and because
it’s South Africa business Johannesburg but yeah of course there’s pots and pans
everything full kitchen full kitchen full range for that that was great
there’s a good kitchen there I’m I and again this is all to myself that would
had two bathrooms in the Technic ridiculous ridiculous but like I mean
you’re gonna be kicking some of these Asian ones you gotta be careful you
might have to bring your own pots and pans to some of them you got to ask you
got to ask all right someone says Serbia is cheap I bet it is I want to go to
Serbia one day I want to go to Surrey but I can only go there during warmer
months do you ever feel your safety was at risk at an Airbnb never never never
at all and that’s partially because I’m from Baltimore and I’ve seen some crazy
stuff dude mt MD you’re from Maryland um but no I haven’t never never felt any
no safety at all issues ever at Andy’s Airbnb and I have been in sketchier
neighbor in sketchy neighborhoods to neighborhoods that people would consider
sketchy definitely I’ve been in neighborhoods people consider sketchy
not I have not been worried at all in the neighborhood is I mean some people
say in Tel Aviv where I stayed last time was a little sketchy but they were
working on the light rail and they closed the street off so like around the
corner for me there would be drug addicts there were a couple a couple
drug addicts and stop so I read comments for people who it’s a sketchy area this
is like whatever there’s like a some crackhead laying on the ground or
something like that there’s one beggar I mean that day for Israel that is sticky
if you have one beggar a crackhead or something like that what else another
area that was all right you said yeah these are great questions for a future
episode like what was the sketchiest area you’ve ever stayed in
listen terribly I mean I’m willing uh alright when I stayed in Hong Kong in
Hong Kong that area there were some people said it was right near a
red-light district like I didn’t really even noticed that like compare it to
Baltimore all these places are great anyway and I grew up in the suburbs of
Baltimore but I’m just I lived in Baltimore City for quite some time when
I did my buy a block project in Reservoir Hill which people were selling
crack on my property and I prostitutes on my property all sorts of horrible
things people got killed on my street all my all my birthday wants something
that was killed I remember I’m not saying when my birthday was
people still don’t know when that is all right so I remember God moving on so
let’s talk about David Berlinski was the name of the guy that was on ben shapiro
show who i thought was really fascinating dude i linked to him being
on ben shapiro show look up some of his youtube videos he I though he could be
kind of an elitist he’s a smart guy he’s a smart guy I’ll leave it at that
creative different way of thinking it makes you think David
Berlinski he is he’s linked to blow don’t agree with him on everything
definitely he’s not a conspiracy dude at all though which I well of course if
he’s a Ben Shapiro you’re not here bitch beer doesn’t like conspiracy Jews Alicia
rumex you said if you stay in a city for three months do you stay at the same air
beep and B the whole time or do you mix it up the goal is to stay at the same
one the same time in television that’s what I did I stayed three months in one
and then two and a half months and another so yeah the goal would be stay
at the same one there been times when I had to switch that was ready plant like
when I was in New Zealand and yeah the one Auckland New Zealand that was a good
one also that was a good one Auckland New Zealand that was modern that was a
modern one I forgot that one that was like when the
first ones I ever stayed at i but I stated to when I was in Auckland so I
didn’t plan it properly enough but no it’s so much easier just to stay at one
when you’re when you’re a rookie to the air B&B thing oh cool I can stay at two
I get to know it’s a pain in the butt it’s a drag your suitcase across town
because again I don’t pay for cabs right yeah and and and there’s like to check
out the check out time is so early the one that you’re leaving and then the
check-in time is a little later so there’s like six hours in between
something ridiculous like NASA no there’s it’s better just to stay at the
same one the entire time and that that is what my I plan to do and I love this
day of places for three months and I’ve only really been able to do that with
Tel Aviv that in December and a year ago was a year ago I was off to Tel Aviv
okay and again Los Angeles has some of the most expensive Airbnb is there are
which is really a disgrace because that’s America but we tax our Airbnb is
a lot in the state it’s a disgrace to that California is a disgrace to
California they have very high Airbnb related taxes they’re complete disgrace
but hey compete don’t complain I go to other cities get
my attention because and I have said this I’ve said this before if you’re
going to a country beat the United States try to go to like the second or
third largest cities because there’s one the air babies are usually cheaper than
the most famous cities I get just like what I’m doing too
instead of LA but Boise instead of New York it’s not something like that does
they’re in there they’re very interesting places that hang out and
they and and people are saying what do you do in these cities Adam I just live
my life that’s all I do I don’t do any tourist stuff I just I do a new show
every day I don’t have a home those are my homes for those period of
time there’s my homes I would do what I would do if I lived when I lived on
Linden Avenue in Baltimore except when I lived in London a boy I had a cat and I
had roofs to fix I had all this stuff to worry about the insurance or someone’s
gonna trip on like my front and your someone’s gonna sue me this that and the
other when you’re going from one place to another you have no worries like that
it’s great it’s great I don’t I don’t why would I even own a place again I
don’t even know I don’t even know it’s it’s it’s really it’s fun it’s fun doing
this Airbnb thing it is so as long as it’s sick as long it is it’s it’s
reasonable and it is very reasonable in places I’m gonna keep on doing it and
you know tell you guys the truth um I could I could up my style and many of
these Airbnb s III I have enough saved up where I could do it a little bit
better but I think of the future I am NOT gonna be just the case um bad
happens I gotta save I gotta save that Fiat that I have for an emergency you
know just just in case just in case if I need to spend it it’s if things go a
little bit longer than expected or if I bring in a little less Fiat from YouTube
or whatever so I’m not there’s no need to be luxurious at these places the
Sydney place was great that was good that was fun enough but I
tried I don’t need anything fancy I don’t need two bedrooms I just need a
clean I can cook my own food and a good internet connection and it’s all mine
all mine nothing share all mine that that’s all I
really need there’s there’s the most important aspects right there all right
so the media let’s talk about the media why the media paints things as being so
bad like the whole world’s falling apart why are they so bitter why why aren’t do
they or do they have such a negative attitude why do they think the world is
dying and they’re they’re so probe that mainstream media
and some of the alternative media even why and you know why it’s because they
are not in motion they are stuck in a dying industry if you are working for
one of these big media conglomerates you’re getting laid off dude it’s not
that revenue model is not working anymore
and unless saying there’s a lot for individuals for individual content
creators it might not be that lucrative either but I mean a lot of people like
me it’s on my main job whatever it’s cool and me covering stuff it takes or
people like me covering stuff it takes away for the mainstream media so they
are it’s a dying breed they’ve been letting people go so those people are
bitter those people are angry they they haven’t be able to pivot to new
industries so they just complain about life in general and here at 7,000 700
people have lost their jobs so far this year in in a media landslide for
comparison is estimated that some 5,000 media jobs were cut from the market from
2014 to 2017 so that that’s quite a few years there were 5,000 and then just
this one year it’s 7700 so this is why you’re getting negative media but why
everything seems like the way these mainstream outlets cover things seems
like everything is falling apart why writers are so negative and unhappy
yeah maybe if you were in a dying industry you’d be unhappy too probably
and they they could they could be creative and go their own way do their
own thing put their own spin on it but some people like to work for the big
names the New York Times The Baltimore Sun ABC NBC CBS whatever they are not
emotion they are sticking and dying industries and that’s why they they
convey a sad sad aura and a bitter aura that a lot of us are like whoa and then
unfortunately other people who watch this stuff they get depressed also you
shouldn’t avoid avoid people like that that are stuck in the mainstream media
okay that guy bitcoinmeister one last Airbnb question no these are good I like
this how far in advance do you typically book I’d like to I really like to do
more than two months in advance I really like that you really get some good deals
that talk that way so now I’m going into a situation though here in Tucson
what is today December is December 7th a day that will live in infamy and I am
going to be my Tucson air BnB is from the 12th to January 14th so I don’t have
a place booked after January 14th and well that’s that’s like a month away so
I don’t have a I don’t know what I’m gonna do next I don’t know what I’m
gonna do next where I’m gonna go next I might drive around down there for a
while just in that part of the West um I mean I’m just looking for some ideas but
I do know that I’m probably would be in Israel after Passover so I might book
that one already I might book my April May and June
before I booked my January in February now again I also know I’m gonna be in
San Francisco I don’t know where I’m gonna stay in San Francisco but this so
darn expensive who knows what tricks are gonna be up the Meister sleeve then I
might like stay in some other place out west then just fly in the San Francisco
for the conference then leave or something like that all right so yeah I
do like to I do like to book in advance most of the time so many of them have
been booked more than two months in advance but I will tell you this I went
to Israel in January or December of last year only booked until January and then
I like the place I was staying at so much I booked it until March so that
that one was also similar to that I guess it’s similar to the situation I’m
going into in Tucson maybe I’ll just stands Tucson afterwards
I’d like to say I’ve been the Tucson before I really enjoy my time there I
think it’s a great place to be in the United States tour in the winter it’s
not it’s not deadly hot or anything it’s not cold it’s it’s nice that’s nice so
who knows who knows all right the good questions I like to therapy if people
are interested in this Airbnb kind of stuff so leave some ideas in the notes
section of like other shows if you want me to mention every one I’ve ever stayed
at and what was the most expensive or what’s what was the worst why is
something was the worst why is something was dirty was the weirdest thing that’s
ever happened the weirdest thing I’ve ever found
I found hair you find hair all the time women’s hair you get over it you get
over it oh I think it’s some places have ants and I can deal with that kind of and I gotta tell you the place in
Adelaide would have been one of my top ones also but that the internet went bad
last two weeks or whatever and that’s like I can’t take that I gotta have the
internet good clean Internet place to cook my own place that’s it baby
and good deal with good prices what do we have here okay so we talked about how
many people have lost their jobs that are writers all right so that there’s
their bad vibe they gotta be in motion they got to change a little bit they get
they can still be writers or something like that
James this is something I’ve shared before I just want to remind everyone
James Claire says systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly goals
are for people who care about winning once found out like button create your
system dude you never know what’s gonna come out of your system
like with me new show every day I’m winning all the time baby I’m coming up
with ideas all the time I’m meeting people traveling all over the place it’s
awesome I’m getting more Bitcoin and uh the goal is to I do have a number in my
head it’s good to have a number of Bitcoin in your head what you want
keep on aiming higher and higher but create a system a productive system
where you know you’re getting the knowledge and you’re slowly getting more
and more Bitcoin all right here Romans who says any other countries that you
think you will visit in 2020 yeah I think another time I said this it I want
to go to Fest Olas the boogie Greece I want to go when I’m so when I’m in
Israel starting after Passover I might not come sit back to Baltimore until
Russia Shana and so I probably could stay in Israel for more than three
months straight but I think I’ll go to that place in Greece I think I don’t get
anybody’s hopes up maybe I’ll go to Serbia I know man we’ll see I was I I do
want to go to really go to a real Eastern European country um now I’ve
been to Prague before but that doesn’t that’s not I mean I want to go to a
place like Moldova or Serbia but I also want to go and then the
grease is in Eastern Europe that’s southern Europe but I also want to go to
that second-largest city in Greece because it’s a beach and stuff I want to
see that I’ve actually in time you know I’ve got time if it’s not 20 20 to 20 21
who knows if people up they suggest and suggest them Prague is paradise for
Bitcoin well I went to I was in Prague – 2015 at a Bitcoin conference second one
I ever went to so it was a little different then it was a little different
then the people the Bitcoin conference then they were selling all it wasn’t
just Bitcoin there were people saw in all sorts of stuff a little beyond
Bitcoin it was the early early days Lorien Gambhir off was there with me it
was the second time I hung out with Loreen Gareth was in Prague because I
had met him in Johannesburg whatever a few months before then oh those were the
days 2015 Bitcoin conferences Prague yeah but yeah Prague is a beautiful city
they maintained all their classic architecture there they are very
interesting stuff there if the streets are very confusing very everything’s
confusing this it’s not a grid at all it’s just whoo
and I stayed at two different places there that’s a long story
it was good it was good all right they weren’t the best places but it was
probably was a nice place to visit I think it was cheap ah and again the
thing with Airbnb you want to stay more than a week because you get a discount
usually with more than week and then a month to get another discount sometimes
so when I was in Prague it was split into two different trips like I went to
Prague I attended the conference then I flew somewhere else a couple other
places then my return trip back to the United States was to Prague so I stayed
like two more days in Prague at the end of my trip so it was Prague three places
I think was it was Prague Prague I flew into Copenhagen stayed in Malmo then
went back to Copenhagen flew to Tel Aviv then flew to Prague head back to United
States I stayed in Prague obviously two days
I back then I was not a master of traveling I’m just it wears you down
when you’re jumping you’re like spending like 12 days abroad in five different
places or whatever it was it was it was ridiculous I tried to put too many
places into little little bits of time don’t do that don’t try to do three
places in a week never try to do that try to do at least
a week for each place because that helps with the Airbnb costs too so again
there’s a little tip for people if you’re going places make it at least a
week cuz it’s too much you can’t just go from one place to the other to the other
it’s just in a week you can’t go to three places in a week it makes you sick
and really it can really wear you down and finally the para shot last week was
told oat was the bible portion you can leave if you don’t wanna hear about this
you can leave this now but this is this has to do with people being impulsive
though so the the the portion of the Bible that was read in the Jewish
synagogue was told out and it’s the story of Esau and Jacob the sons of
Isaac and basically Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for red lentil stew
he was hungry so he was impulsive so he sells his birthright
he’s like future leadership of the Jewish people of like of all the
inheritance of Isaac he sells it all but he was hungry
from hunting and doing dangerous things from from being a wild man he was a wild
man and so he was hungry so he’s I don’t care about the future I don’t care about
my birthright I’m not I’m not willing to wait for that I need some lentils red
lentil stew right now so hey Jacob you made some good red lentil stew I’ll give
you the birthright and so yeah we still have been in this world today people who
are not long-term thinkers just like Esau Jacob he deferred gratification he
herded sheep he raised the sheep he had great flocks of sheep
you know he’s takes time to raise the sheep and everything and he plays
for the future II saw that he just lived for a day he went hunting he gots he got
what he could get he was honk sometimes he was hungry so he was so hungry one
day he got rid of his birthright this this great treasure of the future this
great you know it’s gonna be awesome this brought your father’s freakin Isaac
your grandfather’s Abraham they’re already legendary and you want some red
lentil soup so you give away all that for this so but I mean again there’s
plenty of Bitcoin holders that give away their Bitcoin for uh you know I need a
hundred bucks sir I got I gotta buy a Maserati right now my god I need that
Maserati right I really need can’t wait till did three more years four more
years I know that all coin is tempting me oh look look my my buddy over there’s
got a really great all coin I’ll just give him all my Bitcoin yeah who cares
about the future so yeah I I did like the the Torah portion it talked about
you know the impulsive doesn’t work out too well for them the long-term thinkers
the ones who could defer gratification Jacob was a big his name became Israel
he was the father of the twelve tribes they you know it was he he became the
one of the greatest heroes of the Bible right there so there there you go guys
that there’s your Bible story combining being impulsive stuff that I talked
about and the deferral gratification it’s all there in the Bible Old
Testament town that like fun i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this job likes me share this video check out the
links below oh yeah this is from israel guys this is from this is bitcoin right
there was it to Tel Aviv blockchain week which what I was at one was that just
last I was in Israel this this summer what was it in September it was
September that was a great time I love oh my god this went 90 minutes almost
this show time that like thanks a lot guys and bang the Bell button click on
those squares I’ll say hi to you could use the chat bye

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