The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 83- Billionaires battle back! Airbnb tips, free food, Uyghurs, Q&A!

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 83- Billionaires battle back! Airbnb tips, free food, Uyghurs, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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today is November the 9th 2019 strong hand uncompensated well bitcoin is next
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good to be here on what’s already Sunday where I am but I’m in Adelaide Australia
but hope everyone’s having a good Saturday night in the cold united states
i think it’s cold there all right it’s nice here uh let’s talk about start with
bernie sanders uh bernie sanders he’s throwing around some some envy i mean
it’s not not a shock his his fans are quite envious people right around the
time I believe on Friday or Thursday icon the days were confused now for me
but Michael Bloomberg announced he was entering the race for
the Democratic nomination for president the United States and Bernie Sanders
tweets this out the billionaire class is scared and they should be scared and
clearly it was in reaction to a billionaire by the name of Michael
Bloomberg entering the race for president that bernie is is also in I
thought about that is such a envious type of uh tweet I mean imagine if you
picked another class of people or a race of people and substitute it with
billionaire the this minority is scared and they should be I mean it’s a very
threatening thing to say but would you say about billionaires it’s acceptable
in today’s world it’s envy and know why hate all billionaires here’s trying to
be a billionaire try to prove your own life but when you when you conjure up
these feelings these not so nice feelings toward a minority group this is
how you get people behind your cause and it’s a sick way of getting people but
behind your cost scapegoating scapegoating the billionaires they
should be scared they are scared and they should be scared it’s it’s terrible
pound that like button by the way people someone says Bernie give me free stuff
yeah that’s what I mean that’s that’s all it’s not just Bernie that’s
promising to free stuff that’s is what elections are about today in America
it’s the 80 percenters wants something promised them free stuff now I will say
something that’s hilarious you know talking about Bernie Sanders and Michael
Bloomberg and I’m sure some of the people out there already know something
they have in common and Rondo there did you know Michael Bloomberg’s very
productive person Bernie Sanders is not productive he hasn’t done once he
produced he just lives off the government
people elect him and then he lives off the government but Michael Bloomberg has
created a lot he’s produced quite a bit now unfortunately a lot of Jewish people
who were registered as Democrats all they do is if a Jewish person is running
though just those just vote for this no vote for the person because they’re
Jewish and you know black people do black people people do gay people and
people think that’s great people Scott Adams was just saying the other
day you think that’s great it was nothing wrong with people just voting
for people because not because what they stand for but because they’re the same
as them it’s a tickets no that for me that’s just so mindless but a lot of
Jewish people and I’m Jewish as many of you know even though Jewish people are
supposed to be so smart they do stupid things like they’ll just vote for
there’ll be an election and the Jewish guy I’ll just vote for the Jewish guy so
many of them were gonna vote for Bernie because he’s Jewish but I’m sure there
were plenty of Jewish Democrats who were like oh god I’m gonna have to vote for
this kind because he’s Jewish he’s going to take all my money and he’s you know
I’m not a communist and he’s a communist and I’m sure there were some Jewish
people they were just like oh I really don’t want to do this and now they’ve
got the other option they’re like oh okay fine oh that’s great so this is
gonna and Jewish people do vote a lot they do they’re a small minority but in
certain states they’re not as small of the minority and they vote at a very
high they although we all go so this might take away some votes uh for about
Bernie Sanders a bug about Jewish people that that’s I don’t know if anyone’s
gonna phrase it the way I just did it but hey this is the VI Bitcoin show I
live in the Bitcoin overlay I can say whatever the heck I want town that light
but but hey I mean voting is it’s overrated anyway but if you’re actually
thinking these people good all right so a CNBC so let’s go back to a billionaire
hatred here CNBC article jamie dimon now a lot of
you hate Jamie Dimon because he hates Bitcoin or he makes him like he hates
Bitcoin and so anything Jamie Dimon says you’re gonna be like aw it’s horrible
but Jamie Dimon got rich Jamie Jeff diamond is smart he is a good
businessman man I’m not gonna hate on the dude just because he’s not in the
big coin so many people make such a big deal a pedestal Jamie Dimon when he says
something about Bitcoin everybody panics I mean it’s ridiculous
he’s a rich dude it’s okay great but I do like this I do like it shows you that
some of these liberal type of people these wealthy liberals and I don’t know
if piece of liver I don’t know but people that are involved in the
financial system they try to say they’re liberal or and try to like brag about
voting for depth they’re getting very uncomfortable about their Democrats now
okay they’re getting very uncomfortable about it whether it be Bernie Sanders
but now and so this is why Bloomberg’s running was he he knows like there’s a
bunch of lunatics running on the Democratic side he’s a lunatic in his
own way with the he’s with the sodas and all that stuff he tries to micromanage
people’s lives but in terms of economics Bloomberg is not insane he is a
conservative I get anything what I want to put it that way but he wouldn’t go to
that extreme but he’s not like Sanders and Warren and everyone who wants to
take take take and this might really appeal to a lot of people but okay
getting to the point when Dimon said before Bloomberg even ran Diamond says
Elizabeth Warren vilify successful people yes she does do it by successful
people and it is good someone out there is speaking up that vilification of
successful people is bad now of course Bernie just did it to an extreme and so
Diamond says she uses some pretty harsh words you know some words some would say
vilify successful people he said I don’t like vilifying anybody know he’s
vilified big reveal I think we should applaud successful people good you’re on
the right track there we should apply to applaud successful
people jamie dimon we should applaud successful Bitcoin people also pal Matt
and that’s what I do here I do a plug and then oh who else do we have who else
do we have yes someone says Bernie’s Jewish yes
that was the whole point now there’s Bernie practice Judy you know he’s a
self-hating Jewish but he hates Judaism he hates it umm he was born Jewish he
can’t help it he I’m sure he wishes that he wasn’t a Jew but he is a Jew is that
you can’t deny he’s got a mother that’s Jewish and serves I don’t know how to
Bloomberg how practicing he is of Judaism but he doesn’t hate Judaism to
the level that someone like Bernie Sanders does was a communist who hates
all religions I I assume well but hate is a strong word for saying all the way
I know he hates Judaism but all religions I like communism communism is
the religion of the state so that’s his religion so let’s go to what Fox
Business News says here Bill Gates go gates brings up Elizabeth Warren because
he’s he’s getting a little worried here too
Bill Gates jabs Elizabeth Warren over beef with billionaires and wealth tax
now Bill Gates is kind of he’s kind of a C uck he could be harsh sure about this
but at least he’s bringing it up I mean he’s still trying to fit in here I paid
over 10 billion dollars in taxes I paid more than anyone in taxes Gates said if
I had to have paid 20 billion in taxes fine no dude that isn’t fine but when
you say I should pay a hundred billion okay I’m starting to do a little math
and what I have left about what I have left over so you know saying that you
know he’d be cool with paying 20 billion that’s see that’s like I see you CK
there that’s that’s disgraceful but I’m glad nonetheless that Gates Bloomberg
diamond they are all speaking up in their own ways against hatred and
jealousy toward billionaires and perhaps of leech encourage people to be more
productive instead of crying compete don’t complain
and that he’s that Elizabeth Warren Bernie said they’re not going to solve
your problems for you they are just conjuring up hate because they know
picking on a minority pick scapegoating that’s how you uh that’s how you get
support and it’s disgraceful with Bernie Sanders with his ethnic heritage that he
does scapegoat like that it makes it even worse because he it in the end of
the day his ancestors were scapegoated plenty but he’s turned his back on them
he’s turned his back totally now moving on let’s talk about air Billy you know
people enjoy the air B&B tips that I I gave recently I’m gonna give you some
more air B&B tips Visayan I that’s all I do I stay in one air B&B over just from
one to another one to another now and this is for people who just want to
travel and see different countries but not do it that expensively
alright instead of you stay in anymore you want to go to a country okay a brand
like Australia like I’ve always wanted Costra instead if you don’t have that
much instead of going to Sydney you go to a second or a third tier type the
city there’s in there’s it’s cheaper to stick to air B&B is in third and second
tier cities in major also Western countries where you can live it up baby
where you can live very comfortably and be very safe much safer than the United
States of America in terms of walking around in pretty big city like let’s
talk about a second or third tier city in the United States it’s like Baltimore
because that’s not too safe but there are some safe ones but you
save going on with in these Airbnb second and third tier cities and because
there’s less regulation on less taxes and thus it’s cheaper less tourists so
they don’t get as many people staying at their Airbnb store they have to lower
the prices and this is this is kind of targeting some of the young people out
there that I’ve been by just you know you’re not going on
vacation you’re living in a different city so you want to live in a different
city for two months in a different country for two months a great way to
save money is picking a second or third-tier city another tip is this is
not if you’re spending six you know two months in the city or three months and
in a place trying to live somewhere you get discounts
instead of saying staying six days stay a week there are weekly discounts all
the time on Airbnb instead of saying 27 days stay 28 days it is often that’s a
month it’s often cheaper to stay a month then then stay 27 days to stay an extra
day it’s cheap in the same 27 days so dad’s would always look for those
monthly and weekly discounts when you’re going we’re using Airbnb and in like LA
that is a major American city all right and I’m talking about regulation they
have all these extra taxes and when you’re staying in Airbnb so if you stay
instead of saying going la you stay in Boise it’s incredible amount of money
suspect safe because they don’t have extra taxes so I even wrote down
something here I stayed in when I went to South Korea I
stayed in Busan which is the second largest city in South Korea it was
awesome and I traveled up to Seoul for one day and that’s it that’s another
story a great guy here who loves who loves his channel a great big pointer
actually who I met up with there he already in Seoul he arranged for me to
go to solid stay there for one night at a hotel he’s an awesome dude he’s
watching right now town that like button dude but Bruce odd I stayed there for
three Airbnb that was cheaper than staying and saw and it was actually
warmer than Seoul to that time of year at December I’m not a winter traveler
usually I don’t go to cold places usually doing which and and Seoul is
just better I mean Busan is better weather than salt
in the winters Adelaide / Sydney that’s what I’m doing
right now I’m Stata ladies is chief from that city must keep everybody’s
beautiful Dharam instead of a Melbourne eye I did that I stayed in Darwin once
now of course I’ve been to Melbourne and Sydney also but I’m just saying for the
newbies out there who want to save someone Boise and Spokane and Tucson
instead of Los Angeles Seattle and San Francisco
I love Boise scoot Spokane and Tucson they’re all great I’ve gone back to
Tucson very soon found out like bun and you get
the point Edmonton in Quebec City instead of
Vancouver and Montreal I’ve never been to Montreal but I’ve been to Quebec City
of in Edmonton I’ve also been all right down that like button so I went to
synagogue yesterday a very small synagogue here in Adelaide there not
many Jewish people here at all or ones at least ones that go to synagogue by
the way people have questions again you type in big lecture I see people of
writing all sorts of stuff in there I’m not read all sorts of stuff without me
saying bitcoinmeister doing a super chat but when I’m when I’m leaving synagogue
yesterday I’m walking up the street and I see a mulberry tree I’m like holy this
is awesome a mulberry tree it’s time for me to get some free food here in
Adelaide and it does sure enough I picked the bomb I didn’t eat him
yesterday because yesterday was a sprint day and I all my sprint days I didn’t I
only I very I like had I had one little orange that was my only major you know
fructose the only thing that had fructose in it I also had avocados and a
little bit of olives and onions I had onion which it has a little bit of
fructose in it too actually but so this reminded me so I grew up in Baltimore
everyone knows that as a child in my backyard
these grew these grew I would but it wasn’t in November because our spring
summer was in May in June so it was always late
in May and he got earlier over the years it did change a little bit but I would
have purple hands purple feet I would run in the backyard this is before you
had to worry about Lyme disease and stuff and and ticks the world was a
different place or maybe they were there but you see the work is better then and
so I would eat these so much and then when I knew when I lived in Baltimore
City as an adult they grew in my alley in the you know and I lived in Reservoir
Hill which was a rough play you know we that’s a whole sports story unto itself
but no one would pick the berries in the alley and people would come up to me and
they would be like aren’t those poisonous and then some people were like
you don’t make wine out of that aren’t you gonna make wine out of that that’s
the kind of questions you get in Baltimore City like you’ve got all free
food right there they couldn’t eat because people are supposedly start on
the Baltimore City you could buy you can eat the free food just this is what you
can pick in the alleys of Reservoir Hill but people know I picked it they just
said or are you oh you’re gonna make it with the wine or isn’t it poisonous now
when I was picking these here in Adelaide just to show you the difference
other people saw me picking they started picking two they start paying two and
then the other story I want to tell about um all berries and these are so
good for you now sometimes by the way you get a wash
um but even and if you don’t wash some of you can they I think a lot of us
aren’t used to eating food off the trees anymore and they can give you they can
mess things up in your stomach every once in a while that would happen to me
like once a year picking them as an adult in Baltimore City I would have to
go to the bathroom like viciously like later that day give me that this is rare
that’s right this birds defecate it’s the wild that doesn’t hurt but so I’m
just so fascinated people were just laughing at me now because I can get
these in their bedroom because it’s spring here and it’s just so weird to be
able to pick these in November but some of you may I mentioned this before when
I was in win hook Namibia in 26 steam which is a poor country no doubt
about it a poor country you don’t think you could you can’t get free food here
people are starving I found mulberry trees they’re in the
middle of wing Hawk and they there weren’t they they weren’t like plentiful
like this but I got free food in Windhoek Namibia I mean that is how good
I am that is how you know that’s why I
welcome it you gotta be overcome I I got free food in win hook of all
places and this is when I got when I was there so no shame in picking from trees
a lot of people and I just said yes sometimes your stomach can get messed up
it didn’t get messed up in the midea for me um but yeah I think in this world
people just like trees it must be poisonous now we make it nature provides
dear nature provides you just don’t have you don’t have to be scared of like a
restaurant in the midea or wherever you can pick your own food in some of these
places and in Western countries maybe it’s not a Western country but in all
the Western countries I mean you can dumpster-diving get like plenty of great
free for you to download like but re he who has a he he had let me read this
from I came in rebut that says from the lam looking yeah sorry dude he who has
ears to hear says bitcoinmeister what do you have to say about the quantum
computing being built by Google that is capable of breaking I have talked about
this before us total fund hasn’t happened I and I said watch this andreas
video that proves it wrong it’s complete it’s a complete waste of your time and
nonsense they haven’t invented it yet and it’s just again you have brought up
you you get into these fun things again you you you believe like cliff high and
stuff you’re ridiculous on that level you’re a good guy but I mean you’re like
is a total waste of time stuff and if people been messing up but people
naturally these same things since I got into this in 2013 it’s a complete waste
of your time alright Lele said and you’re in Lele can
be a troll sometimes so I’m gonna be careful what he says you’re hanging on
he says a Jew who likes to eat mulberry blue
which causes him to poopoo and do two very funny alright good very good you’re
rhyming with childish words and inju very good um let’s uh laughs alright so
we did the Airbnb we did the Windhoek story and I know one of the be
Thanksgiving yet Thanksgiving is in two and a half weeks I’m loving Australia so
much I don’t want to go back to the war I want to see my family but I know what
I love it here this is great I love Austria
yeah so Australia so you’ve been great by the way today I met in person
Bitcoin to the mood you see me wear his shirts before he’s got a Twitter you’ve
seen him tweet I met an in person just a few hours ago so he’s a great very great
guy big coins and moon greats you uh great to meet you today and by that I
have more Show and Tell here guys after I and I’m gonna pay I’m gonna pound
these down today I can’t wait because again yesterday it was a sprint day I
had like one little arms so I love to have my fruit I’m gonna give you a fruit
tip people I’m gonna give you a health tip in a second here oh yeah here it is
eat an onion raw I love to eat raw onions okay I treat it as I treat it at
a hand fruit I just eat it like this it’s sometimes I’ll rip it up but I I’m
just used to eating abroad I love what they do and what date what they help do
seriously if you eat them wrong all right and you’re trying to cut down on
sugar and stuff and if for some reason you know their various people talking
various diets even fruit is great it is good evening fruit could be pretty good
but so people can’t eat a lot of it for various reasons if you’re if you eat all
fruit if you’re referring to tearing you’re gonna gain weight you’re going to
gain weight alright because it does have sugar in it is carbs and everything and
you just keep eating more and more of it you you mix in an onion you start you
don’t crave fruit as much during the meal
also it really makes for all you people the fat and protein and
animals I love chicken other fish but especially chicken if you’re
stuck if you haven’t liked to get breasts usually your turkey breast but
sometimes you accidentally have some this it makes you eat it helps it makes
the taste so much better of the animal it really for me it enhances meat it
really enhances me so I love onions and having one a day is very good for you
there’s this there’s some beneficial aspects of them too so just just purely
alone they have many uh but I’m giving you
tips on like it or cut down on your fruit intake if you need to do that and
it makes the meat taste better I love onions pound that like button for the
onion all right Lele okay yeah I’ve read that already yeah now I don’t assume you
believe everything that cliff height pie says but dude you believe too much of
what it says but most of what he says is total BS t I I hope you don’t watch
everyone okay it’s it’s really good watching a minute of clip I and III
don’t usually say his nap name I just call him uh Bowie bond is such a waste
of your time it’s such a waste of time again he said aliens we’re gonna let it
land in Israel in 2010 and everyone forgets that but then they’re like oh he
got Bitcoin once a bright a couple times he’s a genius yeah like everybody wants
it this guru everyone wants a magical guru there are
no magical gurus and if someone tries to make himself up to be a magical guru
they’re usually full of you know what they full of the stuff that comes out of
my backside when I eat poisonous versions of this all right now let’s
talk about egalitarianism versus inflation you’re on Brooke recommended
this article called egalitarianism and inflation by in Iran so I trying to find
you I can’t find it online I read this article he says it’s a good
thing she wrote like 1974 I want to read it and law behold I find a video but a
dude is reading it if pond so at all I’ve just played at 2x I’ll just get all
this in there real quick now I linked to this dudes to videos
this guy I guess he has his own he has his own podcast and he puts it on
YouTube sometimes and eg I was the first person to watch both of these videos and
they’ve been up there for over a year so and this is quality stuff I mean people
would rather you know hear about that they’d rather hear about the clip I then
read you know have a true genius like and Iran have something learn for my rep
but I will say this now did this guy I link to the videos and I found the film
articles where the articles were pretty good but he says you know in this
article Iran says that inflation is gonna ruin the United States of America
inflation is bringing and she’s pretty she predicts doom and he critiques her
because he says that Iran says you know madman is positive man can produce so
much man can we’re on a positive track but she got into a doom and gloom she
even called the doom and gloom thing and he says she people been saying this
since 1974 and she was wrong it didn’t happen the United States was not brought
down by inflation at all and he gives some reasons why so I thought this
critique was very good because it it really hits on some of the things that I
say that doom and gloom in the long run it doesn’t work you know that people
find a way man finds a way the 80 percenters don’t understand the economic
system that and so they do foolish things that keeps it going and going and
going I mean she she talks in the essay about
how does she really rip some people for not understanding what inflation is and
that they really need to understand what inflation is no they done
that’s how the system continues and continues now egalitarianism yeah it is
it is silly she rips on that but if people want to people want to be in that
she talks about how Chile in the seventies was brought down by people not
understanding how by communism basically by socialism and she’s correct by that
she’s gonna but what she didn’t say but she didn’t know it yet
Chile they learned their lesson they made it up not communist they made it
producing coal again and she only did well and now we’re in the situation
where they’re so spoiled over there they completely forgot about how it was pre
1974 okay that’s another story but yes so listen to those or watch those videos
they’re just listening videos you see nothing and at the end of both once he
critiques and Iran and doesn’t very well does it very well
and the essays themselves are pretty good please play them into X because
they are long and it’s not worth your while to not to listen them at 1x it’s
not worth it no it takes up too much time
something about that I then I find very interesting about Adelaide and it’s just
not known very well I don’t think it’s known throughout the world with the
weavers who are being prosecuted now in a persecuted in China they’re up there
Muslims their Chinese Muslims basically okay and in the United States I never
seen the Chinese Muslim before and you could tell the Chinese Muslim because
it’s a Chinese looking person with a burqa on and they look a little
different that I mean then they’re mixed with Turkmenistan people of all sorts of
stuff okay but I’ve really never seen them before but here in Adelaide there
are I keep stumbling upon Weger restaurants now of course I don’t go to
any restaurants at all and I would not go to a Chinese
restaurants but it isn’t their weaker restaurants weaker cuisine there I see
we Gers walking on the street Chinese women with Burke Kazan and it’s it’s
fascinating and here’s a quote throughout Australia there are around
three thousand we girls with the majority of the community settled in
South Australia which is where I am right now so that’s I find that
fascinating you’re learning all the time so there you go for those who want the
cultural experience of going to the major city in Australia Sydney which is
a beautiful city huh I’d loved it you get coach you get culture here baby you
see the wieners walking around and the weekers are in the news and it’s it’s
it’s amazing and I had a little I thought to myself you since we are
Muslim they don’t need pigs and so I assume the Weger cuisine has no pig in
it which would make it great for you know Jewish people love Chinese food for
some reason it did not keep obviously seriously who don’t keep kosher love
Chinese food it’s ridiculous it’s a ridiculous stereotype and so many of
them play into it on Christmas they nothing’s open supposedly even though
everything’s open the United States now and Jewish people have to get there
these secular Jewish people they have to get there they’re Chinese food on
Christmas it’s such a ridiculous disgusting tradition that is mean
because it’s poisonous the Chinese food in America the way they cook it taro is
that they got to eat a pig a fried pig on Christmas what are you doing dude
just work on tree it’s just a regular day why you can everything’s opening
Christmas in America basically you you’re not starving okay you can go to
rest you can make yourself food it’s it’s average Americans are so spoiled of
all all religions but I thought to myself yeah if Jewish people really want
to have Chinese food they want they the weaker cuisine is probably you can get a
you can get it approved as posher I assume if there’s no pig in it and they
cook everything else the right way you get a rabbi to give him a stamp of
approval I ain’t theory not a month of something
I’m missing out on here but it usually hello if it’s hello you just have to
take a few more steps and it’ll be kosher
okay pound that like button for all people yeah this is definitely the
beyond Bitcoin show we’re talking about pigs and and berries and
we were and this Zach band said I replaced all my cleaning products with
food grade hydrogen peroxide good not many people talk about cleaning products
when talking about health I do Zach pound that like button I only
wash my I only have baking soda I don’t use any I don’t use any chemicals to
wash my plates to do and when I’m gonna air BnB all I do is I just use the same
utensils and over and over again so I don’t have to even watch that much stuff
okay I use one plate one for one spoon one night over and over I don’t get into
the other stuff is it your fishing that way you’re seriously that’s all I need
that’s all I’m a single guy I watched it over and over again with water cold hot
water that’s it it’s clean dude I am so happy you but I brought that up on other
shows before then I think a lot of rich people are just exposed to so many
chemicals in so many ways with these soaps and these you know disinfectants
and that they’re always just infecting their hands and to a point where they’re
not even getting good bacteria in their body and there’s theories about that
that’s why some kids have peanut allergies now it’s all it’s all real and
IR allergies beyond peanuts like there are kids are allergic to everything
these days because they’re not exposed to anything anymore they don’t go
picking berries they don’t go running outside and they’ve got their moms or
constantly putting that clear stuff on their hands disinfecting your hand think
they’re getting nothing in their body so their bodies just react to everything
know react very bad ways because they don’t have any kind of bacteria in them
anymore I know this a little bit of an exaggeration
all right Iran also was a born Jewish we’re talking a lot about like Jewish
people today and but she did not like religion at all she did not live
religion at all but she did she did understand very well that Israel was in
the right there’s no doubt about that that you can
watch some of the stuff she said all right now I mean she said it quite a
harsh way that is Israel was right and the Arabs were quite wrong now
moving on who else we had here a blue pill and red
pill I forgot who said this some some content producer pointing out that you
know it is a choice it’s a choice to take the blue pill – okay – stick with
the easy way of fitting in because they fear a different that that’s why you
take the blue pill you you wanna fit in you you don’t want anything different
you love being comfortable even if you’re unhappy so the blue pill is it is
a choice don’t I I do often say that you know collectivism is the default and on
a certain level of these but you’re making a choice you are making a choice
you can see at least there’s certain people that know that there is a
different way there is a different way out there there is a red co out there
for those who know that the red pill exists you are you are making a choice
sticking with that blue pill sticking with just I’m gonna have my McMansion
I’m gonna you know by a SUV go to value my wealth in dollars I’m gonna go in
today I gotta stay in the best school district possible to buy it is blue so
that the video which I not forgot whose it was the blue pillars of Troy it is
it’s it’s just a mind exercise to do out the area you know to think about it you
know how these 80 percenters are thinking and some 40% of plenty of 20
percenters or ARB you pill type of people also where they don’t they have
to stick with the traditional way of life they’re they’re producing there are
20 percenters in the sense they produce a lot they’re smart they produce but
they got to fit in and they are really presenting themselves in a non
thoughtful way alright I’m thoughtful learning how many days are left in this
decade dudes we have so few days left of the decade it’s today’s November 9th
you got what 21 days 21 plus 31 there’s 52 days left in the decade man wow wow
what did this pink I’m just pumped about the 20
our lives have changed so much since 2010 and so now I just imagine what its
gonna be like for 2020 to 2030 but we’re getting closer do so it’s it’s great to
be I’m very positive about it very now I’m not gonna I don’t do the New Year’s
Eve drinking my I think it’s ridiculous it’s fun I love a certain level it can
be fun but if you don’t need to like fit in and drink yourself to oblivion and
think you’re gonna meet a lot of women that night and I actually have met women
on New Year’s night in my partying days but it’s not a guarantee trust me
yeah I’m very look these last year New Year’s I’m so lucky I’m so lucky so I’ll
be in Tucson I will not be party as far as I know
I hope all right but yeah we’re about to enter that we’re only a few days away
but don’t rush it let’s not rush it into 2020 let’s savor every day of this
decade that we have left because it’s great to be alive every day is a great
day Nick Carter and we got some from roaming shoe I’ll get to you in a second
Roman Nick Carter a great big coin er has a tweak this is write down things
that seem obvious to you someone out there will find it useful slash edifying
found out like one dude that sounds very basic day is a good idea that though I
do that sometimes write down things that seem up obvious to you someone out there
will find it useful slash edifying so soft for this show sometimes I’ll write
down like an obvious idea you know about onions that I means are healthy yeah
that’s obvious but someone someone finds it useful something it’s good it’s a
good exercise to get into writing down things that seem obvious these not
everything is obvious and some people need reminders that like obvious things
or things that you should not forget and the basic playing outside it’s fun it’s
second it’s obvious what everyone’s forgotten about it Hey Romek you said
big core my sir it’s awesome you’re talking about what is happening in China
Hong Kong and now The Weavers many in the West aren’t aware
what is happening outside of the presidential election see that’s
unfortunate is on a fortune guys yeah check out the links below where again
I’ve got a guy in freakin Hong Kong telling you what is going on on the
streets of Hong Kong and yeah that’s Leo Leo Weiss Leo we see Elise is not
licensed Wiese so yeah everybody please check out for this week in Bitcoin shows
they were split into two so like the first part was like a beyond Bitcoin
show was he only talked about Hong Kong all right all right let’s go to so we’ve
talked about Nick Carter this show is long isn’t it yeah I know I know I wish
they’d be shorter I wish I could kill shorter but hey that’s life okay so let’s talk about this Kamala
Harris idea this Kamala Harris idea this is from Matt Walsh who really okay I
wouldn’t phrase the way he does but it it won’t get much attention but Kamala
Harris’s plan to enact a 10-hour school day 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. is both disturbing
and revealing Democrats are trying to replace the
family with the state now that’s I wouldn’t say that I don’t think all
Democrats are trying to replace the family with the state she is that’s
that’s why they keep extending the amount of times kids spend in school
well that’s not the only reason they do it because it benefits the freaking
teachers unions they’ll have they’ll be working longer they’ll get more of a SAP
working the beginning more of a salary but he is disturbing that people want to
drop off their kids people are down with this too that she can bring this up and
this is supported by people beyond this again the teachers union supports it
because it’s just more money for that it’s a way that that this part of the
reason she’s suggesting it is and part of the reason that Democrats are would
be behind is because it benefits the teachers so and the teachers unions
support them and so it’s a vicious cycle of money but some people are trying to
say all we want to do it because we want to educate the kids I’m sure
there are a few 90 people that think kids are going to get a better education
if they’re sitting there in a public school from 8 to 6 p.m. well no they’re
getting it’s the brainwashing it’s more bullying it’s more the viciousness of
the whole public school system but yeah and it is there are many people who yeah
they don’t have families anymore they don’t have fathers anymore so yeah this
is a good replacement school is your daddy now school is gonna be your daddy
oh it is I don’t know how anyone can send their kids to public schools
anymore and so many people are go I’m saying my kids in you know Howard County
Schools in state of Maryland there’s the best public schools and yeah I say some
they might be they might be but still Oh God come on man you spent I pay my taxes
I have to spend a good I have to send them to public schools BAM that’s the
welfare dollar right there and that’s why the dollar isn’t going anywhere
people there’s a reason right there I’m paying somebody high so my property
taxes so high I gotta send them through these public school dollar isn’t going
anywhere all right so but it is it is interesting this is
kamala is bringing us up when she’s desperate also this is to get attention
but this is something that gets attention people can’t get behind this
Oh imagine hmm imagine her as president if she could be
president does it again that’s why you cannot put a king up with these
presidents on on pedestals when they have this is their it’s their visitor
ideas 10-hour school day Oh imagine that
with government curriculum that’s just school as your daddy and Kamala is your
mommy all right okay I’m leaving this this I keep there’s something I keep
leaving out and I just I’ll talk about it next time yeah we’ll talk about that
one next time there’s no need to do that it’s linked to below anyway you’re gonna
stumble upon that while we’re on I’m gonna leave that one out too I’m
leaving that out the toward of Easter stop you can see well it’ll be next time
guys Spirit Airlines I want to say this real quick Spirit Airlines is a cheap
airline United States and it had told stories about how people almost rioted I
saw people go absolutely berserk when they found out they were gonna have to
pay you so much for their suitcase because they did not register their
suitcase originally it’s what you have to pay as you go airline everything you
paid for now if you are a grown man and you’re going on a very short trip maybe
it’s just one day or two days all right here’s a tip for you all right you don’t
even need to have a you say oh you don’t pay a date thing other than the really
cheap spirit price because you have to pay for check-ins too but there’s a
little minimum you can have you can have like a laptop so you got your laptop
with you and then you wear a jacket all right and your stuff if you need
extra clothes X or underwear whatever extra you use and if you’ve gotta be a
skinny guy you got to be in shape you can’t be fat you can’t pull this off if
you’re fat you wear your jacket you stuff your stuff into it and then you’re
good you’re good for a day yeah and this is for a person who just wants to go on
an innovation trip too but sometimes the Bears are so cheap and you can go on it
you you can go on an adventure trip just no no suitcase at all or maybe a little
teeny one thats that’s saying I don’t want to get into all their little
regulations then of course when you’re only when you’re on the plane you don’t
buy their food you see all these kids and women buying it’s silver and grown
men buying is ridiculous you can’t go one and a half hours from Baltimore to
Chicago without food it’s ridiculous it’s particularly surge in baltimore to
houston i I use spirit when I went to the Chicago bickerman conference in 2015
I used to be I when I when I traveled around North Dakota Minnesota and South
Dakota I use spirit to go to Minnesota to Minneapolis when I travel around
Texas I flew in the Houston D thinking so cheap and I did it for the you know
so cheap to I mean very little suitcases you can do it where you just living out
of a rental car if you need to if you’re going on one of these tours I mean this
is when people say they can’t travel I’m giving you ideas right now you do it on
spirit you stop it clothes into a jacket you live in the rental car that you’re
driving at drop driving around in there there’s your chief fun trip of the idea
of the day but again if you’re trying to with spirit be careful it’s not trying
to be real cheap they’re gonna get you they are gonna get you’re gonna have to
pay your if you’re buying a spirit ticket over a Southwest tables you think
it’s cheaper it might not be cheaper it might not be cheaper it you have a suit
because on Southwest you’re all your luggage is free all your luggage is free
on spirit none of your luggage is free or just a little teeny bit of history so
also when they had wow Airlines before it went out of business and I took it to
Iceland I wore a heavy coat and I saw this stop stop and do I remember it was
you need a heavy coat and it was an it was late October and Iceland can be cold
then and it was a little it was a little cold in Iceland the weather is so wacky
from one day to another especially in a month like October they were they were
like a couple good days I got where it was like like fall but then it was you
needed the winter coat at night I said but there was it was cheaper in Iceland
if he’s so much cheaper not to go to go there when it’s not the summer or the
spring because no people are scared to go there doing the fall was it could
snow but it’s a way to save money going Iceland there’s another tip for you
there I’m giving you a travel I’m give me everything Oh God oh my lord
I mean I forgot I had this one to talk about we got two more things bear with
me people one of them was a bar mitzvah story Serena Williams this guy is
talking about here Z Lurie on having Serena Williams on the SurveyMonkey
board okay Survey Monkey is a company United States he is trying to virtuous
England bragging to everyone that he’s got Serena Williams on his board okay
but the way he says it is unbelievable if you have five white men on your board
get to work this is not the board you should be proud to show all your
employees it is the ultimate reflection of you the CEO of your ability to
recruit now your board of directors is supposed to guide your company it is it
supposed to be something that you’re supposed to show off to your employees
that oh I’m diversified on my board of the serena’s might be a great member of
the board of directors does she have your business experience I
don’t know dudes I’m going with I want a board of directors they have the
smartest people that are gonna be able to make great business decisions
business advice okay it isn’t the same as I know it’s not the same as a co-op
CEO CIO CTO it’s it’s an advisory board on a certain level okay but you still
need some more people you need people with real business experience and to die
to like put some token people on there to brag to the world that you’re
diversified it’s the world we live in today this this no meritocracy anymore
it’s not about production it’s about virtue singling so I disagree with this
guy I’m not gonna ripple and Serena Williams or anything like that but he’s
it’s just the way people run companies now just I get on down people people
praised this but then people ripple Jeff Bezos because his inner circle of
geniuses is a hundred percent white and his cut in his company is a lot more
successful than serving my town that like all right Roman Cuse said do you
have any plans in 2020 to travel to a country that you haven’t been to before
I’m trying I’m thinking about it I’m thinking about I’m trying to come up
with some ideas with that I would like to I would like to good but I really
what was I thinking up the other day I keep thinking I keep all these repeat
countries keep all not yeah but there’s a at Greece I’d like to go to the second
one second largest city in Greece Cobb I want
there a few fields a pathologist I can’t pronounce it not Athens but that Theo
whatever it’s called Tessa saw papa papa this I’m sorry I’m if I’m butchering her
your name I am butchering the name of that city but I would I would like to go
to Greece I have not been decreased before but I don’t want to go to Athens
I want to go to the second I want to go to the number two I’m all about going to
the number two cities I practice what I preach here Zack
Manguera said I know book spirit if you have to be on time for an event frontier
is better uh-huh spirit always castles my plight
funny thing is with my my friend frontier delayed me it was a little bit
over a year ago huge delay synchronous to Las Vegas but they did give me they
gave me uh no I said they gave you a voucher a bath sure and I pulled up the
ultimate Meister instead of going to a restaurant in st. Louis’s horrible
Airport I got a bag of a healthy almonds and I did not eat them till the next day
I you know I defer all gratification I made because most people when you get
that a voucher for food they go to the horrible restaurants in these horrible
places but because most airline airplane here it’s all poisonous I mean some of
them look real nice but I got pure beautiful owlman’s nothing on them I ate
a minute state when I was in traveling from Vegas to Los Angeles that’s that’s
a story upon itself but yeah spirit can be unreliable but short if frontier can
be unreliable to do and frontier does not fly everywhere that spirit does you
can’t have bad experiences spirit though I they gave me I hadn’t delay with them
recently I think it’s all getting up bashed up in my mind and Rome and Q
spelled it out there this so lunch see I can’t pronounce alright let’s end it
with the bar mitzvas story so on this very day in a while in my youth in my
youth let me sure everyone can see this let me go to
the I can see myself here alright so what is this what is this this is a
tallest bag in here is my Tallis and Jewish people it’s a prayer shawl so you
do it like that so uh it was before my bar mitzvah my father gave me this it
was – it was today it was long I know it was all November tonight he got he got a
new one that year – because it was more mitzvot and he you need you need a new
one but this one I loved even though it is it’s a smaller one and everything so
what it looks like it’s at this day I got it this is the day he gave it to me
and this is this will be the one some guys want to get married to get a new
one or whatever this this will be mom this firm I hope forever and so I this
was the day I got it with this so I did I think I knew I knew it was November
not that we went on he took me to synagogue it was uh you know wasn’t it
it was just just to show me what it was like to go to the synagogue and it was
news it’s hard to talk about something it was this day it was I remember was
November 9 so this is what I got to stay a long time ago and I still added and yeah so it in might what’s Wells’s in
here though so something that my dad would always do is he would like you can
when you’re in synagogue sometimes they give you like the approach tours the uh
you know what’s going on that week and he’d always stop his his week it’s so
big so I do the same thing – I still have you know this is one when I was in
Sydney I got this one and you then here at a bar mitzvah and
they’ll give you uh they’ll give you yarmulke so you you put the young
because that you get purple different permits versus different weddings in
theirs so mine is just like Mike my dad’s keep to the good side that’s a
little tradition of mine I like to uh keep things like sigh I got things in
here from 2010 2009 2007 and these this is from weddings in what 2008 this is a
fat ass off one of my siblings but wedding cousins and stuff and stuff in
here so anyway this is uh I wanted to leave you with that show you guys what
uh what mine what mine looks like and I know I need my father
we still have my father’s and uh I where I all I’m gonna wear I wear that one
once a year for Yom Kippur Oxford the last service of Yom Kippur my father had
said yeah and it was that if you if you if you’re a ratings it’s hard to talk
about this stuff still it’s uh if you’re around for the uh if you could hear the
chauffeur if you hear the chauffeur at the end of Yom Kippur then you know
you’re gonna hear it the next year you know you’re gonna be around again if you
can make sure you hear it at the last chauffeur but that’s a good style you’re
gonna be around the next year to say it again hear it again so for in honor my
father I wear his tallest one the one time it’s packed away otherwise but I
wear that for that one last service because that was his big saving and
unfortunately you know in 2000 and in 2017 my father didn’t hear it and that
he wasn’t he wasn’t around no it was a Suzie 2018 my father didn’t
you’re the chauffeur and he wasn’t around for twenty nineteen he busted the
round for the one we just had so this year I liked it where his palace
else so this one it looks like that’s your little bit of uh meister history or
whatever you want to call it in the little tradition what we do or what i do
and yeah never forget that he got me this I do appreciate it and it’s it’s
great and you know we still am I my father’s um you’re speaking about
Alice’s I should make that yeah you know what I’ll do I’ll make that the
thumbnail for this video my father he got his grandfather’s
Tallis okay and he showed it to me as a kid he’s like this was my grandfather’s
Tolleson it was this huge thing like falling apart and stuff I mean this
thing has to be like a hundred years old so we still have my grandfather’s of my
great-grandfather’s Tallis that my father present if he he saved
so I actually when I was in Baltimore the last time I put on this ancient
Taoists I gotta get it fixed or something and I try to picture me or my
mother took a picture of me with this uh Tallis this ain’t she Tallis it’s over a
hundred years old or so so I’ll put that as the I put that as the thumb down
hopefully I got that picture somewhere oh my god I got to do that all right
there they found that like button i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this
video check out the link below pound that like button I’ll see how do you
guys in the chat bye

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a personal story. BTW I usually throw my onions in the pan first, but now you're convincing me to throw them in last 😀

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    Quick comment on Proof of Keys dividend an exchanges: If an exchange practices fractional reserve on BTC and therefore is unable to get the dividend for all it's users, it can do fractional reserve on the dividend too. So, from the outside, there would not be an obvious problem with the exchange.

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