The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 74- Universal basic income, diet, local media, Robert Mugabe

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 74- Universal basic income, diet, local media, Robert Mugabe

hello everyone this is adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to beyond Bitcoin show today is
September the 7th 2019 strong hang on confiscate what bitcoin is the next big
one first responsibility is a new counterculture the furrow of
gratification conviction golden age we’re going to talk about
that’s deferral gratification quite a bit tonight remember this is the beyond
Bitcoin show we’re gonna talk a little bit of Bitcoin here and there but it’s
mostly subjects beyond Bitcoin health a little bit of politics philosophy all
sorts of stuff but do check out the links below Fridays this week in Bitcoin
was a little bit different we had Yanni Asya on from eToro yet the CEO of
freaking eToro was on this show so the guy he is
he believes in Bitcoin but he believes in a multi coin future he owns a company
that trades cryptocurrency so he’s a different perspective you gotta open
your mind a little bit again I definitely did not agree with everything
he said but I get different different views on here he is a smart guy he is
respected guy in the space and he’s done quite well for himself and he goes
beyond crypto currency trading he goes he trades his company trades regular and
regular markets all Franklin are traditional traditional markets also so
it’s something to check out it’s something to check out it’s a different
perspective definitely don’t agree with him on a lot but he’s he’s in the stable
coins check it out yeah or a pal man like button let’s first of all take a
step back to last week’s beyond Bitcoin show again it’s in the archives go to
disrupt meister comm follow me on twitter technical te CH blt you’ll see
all this stuff but I forgot to say and when we’re talking about democracy last
time some people really think that the 51% being the bossy people that that’s
freedom when reality in reality that it’s theft
okay people a lot of people they hear that they hear the word democracy you
explain to them to what it is what it is well the 51% can just boss around the
49% that’s fair looks good a lot of people have nothing they find
nothing morally wrong with that they don’t understand that it ends in depth
it ends and gets real nasty when the when the 50-something were very bossy
people they’re they’re obsessed with power god amighty but yeah you can eat
if you finish again we talked last week about democracies got this all these
warm feelings around them just people think we live in a democracy but really
it’s it’s it gets real nasty when the majority can totally start making up
rules to destroy the the minority to put them under the thumb and to steal from
them all right so yeah democracy not good all right moving on
local newspaper model it’s dead okay like it Baltimore where I’m from and
right now I’m in Tel Aviv baby but I will be back in Baltimore for the High
Holidays uh I’ll be back September 26 actually and I’ll be there till October
15th and I’m off to Australia we’ll talk about that more later so no the local
newspaper model is dead but so many local newspapers and they’ve got a lot
of overhead they’ve got union contracts they got big
buildings it’s horrible and so they’re trying to guilt they’re trying to guilt
their cities and the bailouts and all that they’re the victims here the world
is a changing and so the Baltimore Sun has had a byline strike or something
lately and then and there are some people that are brainwashed into this
stuff yes we need a local newspaper a local newspaper it gets rid of
corruption look how the Sun exposed and they did expose the the healthy Holly
thing that was one thing they did there like that but this Baltimore Sun takes
care of corruption if you really you think the bottom or Sun is control
corruption in Baltimore of all places have you looked around Baltimore lately
and you think that because there’s a local district but there’s no corruption
oh my lord oh and this goes in any any major city these local newspapers just
fluff pieces now it’s nonsense it’s old news this air you have to get to it but
behind a paywall it’s all time delayed in the new world that we live in and
they’re not stopping any sure they might expose a story here and there some
corruption these cities are filled with corrupt individuals in the in the
bloated horrible bureaucracies you could tell within one you can tell real fast
but when you’re walking around the streets there’s there’s something wrong
in many of these major cities in America and it leads
unfortunately into these big group bureaucracies and clearly these local
papers aren’t doing supposedly their job anymore ok it’s all it’s over it’s a we
need you need to be nimble here so would I recommend it the way I see local news
now again this is not and even the local news stations I don’t watch TV but a few
a few times I’ve heard the fluff pieces there’s the weather sports this that
it’s so fun aren’t watching that anymore either
so we’re transitioning to a new time where media local media I would advise
the new model is for youth if you’re if you’re in college if you’re a college
aged person become a do-it-yourself reporter I mean you’ve got the energy
you’ve got the free time you don’t have the commitments yet you don’t have
family to take care of yet maybe a semester off or a summer off you start
do anyone can research a story okay I mean I use few blogs in Baltimore I
would find out so much stuff it was so easy and again you can do this in Annie
and you can make youtube videos about it and you just you put it out on Twitter
you don’t need to have a big location you don’t need a printing press it’s
minute-by-minute updates you can give people okay
and that’s that’s the way and the incentive is
you’re not going to get paid but you’re building up your your place in the AMIA
attention economy which I discussed before okay
we’re transitioning to a world where if you’ve got a lot of attention if you’ve
got a lot of followers you can monetize that eventually okay the more attention
you get in this digital world the better off you’ll probably be in the future
again and some people did there’s very cheap clickbait ways of doing it and I
mean that’s for those people if they want to do that but if you are a young
person and if you’re even if you’re a person traditional media right now
you’ve got the energy start your own start your own Twitter feed that’s all
you need and you can combine with other people too that are doing it and you do
form alliances and to retweet each other and then come up with your own ways to
monetize it okay because this old way we don’t have to feel bad for the Baltimore
Sun that they’re going out of business let them go out of business okay
let them all go out of cincinnati enquirer who knows Detroit Free Press I
don’t know if these things in Cleveland Plain Dealer let them all go they’re not
nimble what I just described is nimble up-to-the-minute stuff is for the youth
you could be a lone wolf reporter out there with no bureaucratic overhead or
anything like that you just you pay to feed yourself and that’s your those are
your expenses right there and again the lone wolves could combine to make their
own alliances get each other at home each other’s YouTube channels on their
Twitter feeds whatever is going on it the tools are out there the tools are
cheap the tools are free and the low you can do this locally I don’t I don’t know
about a lot of local in Baltimore I know some local individuals they haven’t
combined forces yet they’re not that well-known but again the local someone
with a good Twitter feed with with a video camera they can make a big they
could be more popular than the Baltimore Sun or whatever the equivalent is in
your city so again the modern lesson you don’t need a local paper or TV station
credentials to be legit or successful in the new local news
industry so there’s some advice right there take it from there and yeah I who
I don’t know who pays to see what’s behind those pay walls when again you
can just you go on Twitter people everybody’s tweeting stuff out it’s not
that organized but you can find up-to-the-minute stuff all the time
about your local communities and is it the best information right now it’s okay
that’s why there’s an opportunity in the space for some young enterprising person
just to take it to the next level and just make it their thing for a semester
off or again a reporter can just quit there darn job at the Sun is started oh
need the Baltimore Sun but they rely on that salary and their union hours and
all that is outdated stuff welcome to the new economy you’re not gonna get
taken care of compete don’t complain and the people the son the Union all of them
Baltimore Sun they are complaining up the yin-yang and people are buying
people are both well we need the Sun you don’t need the Sun you’ll see in the
2020s there won’t be a Sun by the end of the 2020 it’s probably or it’ll be quite
different and when I say the Sun the Baltimore Sun newspaper 13 minute mark
of the following Scott Adams video first will pound that like button people
you’re have to be on big point show so that’s why we’re not talking about
Bitcoin now but Scott Adams says at that thirteen minute mark that he says the
Democrats out there are talking about health care you know everybody needs
health care we need the universal health care but they don’t talk about the
American diet and reducing the number of people eating themselves to death and
well the reason for that is the government is not about personal
responsibility that’s not that’s not how they get votes if they get votes for
telling people we’re gonna wear the magic pill vote for us we’ll give you
free health care you can destroy your body you can eat yourself to death the
simple solution is people take on personal responsibility if the American
diet if Americans actually cared about what they ate and 80 percenters a lot of
them don’t at all they wouldn’t need the free health care they wouldn’t need to
do want to be going to the doctors their health expenses would be cut in half it
by by they would be cut by 80% who knows they’d be cut by an incredible amount
but there’s no personal responsibility we’ve gotten to such a comfortable level
in the West where people don’t think they need
take care of themselves anymore they can do eat no it’s unfair I can’t eat what
you say I can’t eat that it’s unhealthy no I’m gonna eat it I’m gonna eat it and
I’ll deal with the consequences later was the government about me out and
they’ll pay for my healthy no dude we were there wouldn’t be a need for health
care people just a person responsibility ain’t healthy it’s a huge thing and in
another video Scott Adams actually the previous video to that and that’s where
I think he mentioned it in that most recent video that you know he knows
people that tell him you know I’m depressed I can’t get a job
okay I’m not successful I feel horrible about myself and then he sees what
they’re eating and he says to himself if I hate when you ate I’d be in the same
situation and he brings up something so he says it’s obvious but most people
don’t realize it if you’re not healthy you have no chance of being successful
at all okay you very very little chance of
being successful at least or being happy or just accomplishing anything that’s
the first step get happy and eating is such a big part of being healthy and and
being in motion being a healthy you getting some exercise and stuff that
that brings up your happiness level also and that brings up your healthy miss
level also so I mean that’s just a comment tip I think that people are
forgotten in life like if you’re feeling depressed if you’re feeling down if
you’re feeling you have no future what are you eating
or you’re just eating horribly every day or are you actually getting any
exercises or you’re seeing daylight take take those first steps they’re six
that’s more likely to come to healthy it should it should be obvious and you know
healthy equals energy all right so moving on what’s this study finds what’s
this hurry up hurry up modern patient stress holds lower than ever before
survey finds patient threats thresholds lower than ever before technology
technology is the blame survey shows average person grows frustrated after
waiting 16 it’s probe webpage so 25 seconds for a
traffic signal to change yeah people cannot defer gratification at all all
right just just wait dude wait wait good things come to those who wait and we’re
living in an instant gratification world now and people are becoming if you were
a patient person there you go that’s that’s one huge step to attaining real
wealth okay it’s the furrow of gratification but
this this survey shows that uh it’s getting worse and worse for the 80%
they’re getting less and less patient there and more and more and again if
you’re in a rush all the time you’re going to make mistakes sometimes deadly
mistakes okay take it easy study things make a plan create a system and just
long defer gratification long term thinking again the big point impoundment
like button so sorry in terms of health I’m going to experiment with something
I’m going to change my routine a little bit after after you’re doing a little
bit of reading and just thinking about a little bit more I’ve told all of you
that I when I am doing my longer fast and that’s more than 40 144 hours or
longer when you’ve totally skipped a day of eating that I do my I do my run still
sometimes you know in the 40 something hour sometimes it you know when they’re
going real long into the 70 something hour the 90 something hour I do my runs
and I’m not gonna do that anymore because I was reading some stuff about
cortisol levels getting too high when you’re doing too much a clinic activity
in a fasted state and that can be bad for you and so in the past part of my
routine is that I’m not willing to not run not take two days in a row off of
running the most I’ll ever take off of running is a skip a day you know I
usually run four or five days out of the week but there’s never a two-day a two
day gap between brats and and that’s ends
because that rule I end up sometimes running during a pretty hardcore pass so
that’s the rule that is changing now I’m I’m willing to skip two days in a row of
running so I don’t have to run during one of these after I’ve I fasted for a
longer period of time I think I think it’s a good experiment we’ll see what
happens and but I’m still running my twenty miles a week and I do realize
that running isn’t the best exercise in the world and what I have heard is that
if you run under twenty five miles a week you’re not if you run over 25
you’re overdoing it so I’ve run 20 and I also do my intermittent or interval
training which is sprints once a week so we’ll see how it goes and I’m gonna try
something you know my exercises that I do during the day sometimes I’m doing
them quite fasted like right before I’m going to eat and which is there’s a
question of you if you haven’t eaten for 24 hours should you be doing some
exercises so I’m gonna try to move some of my exercises and maybe some of my
runs too right after I eat now – to lessen the amount of exercise it’s done
on a long you know I’ll still be doing some exercises and running in a fasted
state but I’m gonna I’m gonna try out see um see what the results are you guys
got tinker with it a little bit see what the results are of doing some athletic
activity much closer to after my meals after so ramping up the athletic
activity after my meals some and toning it down before the sorry a little bit
just just a little bit shifting it around but that uh skipping two days in
a row of running is that’s important during those longer pass and yeah when I
fly back to Baltimore I’ll be doing one of actually when I speak in Tel Aviv on
Tuesday I’m not gonna eat it all on Tuesday so that’ll be if that’ll end up
being like a 40 you some hour fast so I’ll probably skip to be the first time
two days in a row for the first time in quite some time so I think we will see
how it all works out Susy Garza what is this oh here here’s
something about universal basic income people here’s a universal basically
income article I’m gonna read you a quote and it’s very important to pay
attention to it remember follow me on Twitter a tech ball more important than
ever to get the whole ecosystem I tweet out the my podcast only shows two there
have been that many all right Susie Garza has never heard of yet andrew yang
but since February she’s forgetting $500 a month from a non-profit Stockton
Calvin Stockton California as part of an experiment that offers something unusual
in presidential politics a trial run of a campaign process promise highlighting
the benefits and challenges is in real time now first of all I want to point
out that I mean Andrew yang doesn’t he’s not doing this experiment but he is from
California this woman’s getting UVI in California
she’s never heard of it that’s interesting whatever guess she’s not
into politics that’s maybe that’s a good thing okay just this end but but for
Andrew yang it’s a bad thing because you you know that’s just your
stronghold hold your state that you’re from and the person who’s getting who’s
like taking participating in something that you’re promoting your biggest
campaign promise she doesn’t even know who the heck you are okay but but
besides that Garza Garza can spend the money however she wants she uses $150 of
it to pay for her cell phone oh my god you know I’m getting to hear people and
another $100 or so to pay off her dog’s veterinary veterinarian bills she has a
dog she spends the rest on her two grandsons now that she can afford to buy
him birthday presents online and let them get the big bag of chips at the
7-eleven Oh chips at the 7-eleven refer back to my uh my food comments
previously all right so first of all there should
be a pay high schools or parents offer your case of you if you’re teaching your
kids homeschooling a class about priorities and that children are the
most expensive and time-consuming things on earth okay so this woman is a former
drug addict apparently former she’s already got grandkids so she had a she
had kids pretty young and she $150 cell phone bill you know I have no cell phone
bill as everybody is that is that a lot I don’t have a cell phone so okay
everyone knows I’m pretty I’ve done pretty well with the Bitcoin thing so we
got this former drug addict who’s poor she’s got a hundred it’s just the
prioritizing something she also has a dog I tell people don’t have a dog
it costs her $100 a month for her dog prevent to send it to the bed apparently
a hundred dollar bill I mean this is this is unbelievable
I mean people we’re supposed to feel guilty for the poor but then the poor
should be able to take from us that I owe the poor something when they behave
this way this is their choice this is just act of
a dog she’s a hot dog okay she’d have to have $150 cell phone play
really I mean it there’s other I know there’s this pay-as-you-go plans okay
you can get at Walmart and stuff it don’t cost $150 a month and her
grandson’s yeah do you have to get you can hang out with
your grandsons maybe you don’t have to get them chips that are gonna get them
out healthy make them obese seven years old or whatever and you know it so this
is so she’s get this is what ubi is good again this is great if a private
organization wants to do this that is their prerogative I think more pride if
private organizations get joy from giving ladies like this $500 a month be
my guest be my guest but if we’re gonna happen it
is complete and utter theft for ubi to be instituted in the United States while
we still have all these other welfare programs going on okay if they’re gonna
get rid of all the welfare programs and replace it with ubi that’s different
that’s not that is not that really isn’t he
bring down in some places anyway okay these are personal responsibility
deferral of gratification this woman didn’t need a darn dog and people are
probably saying well you sounded me matter this is common sense stuff this
is coming it’s not my fault this woman has no common sense it can’t defer
gratification it’s not wealthy people’s fault
that she is poor in not at all not at all I didn’t get her hooked on drugs so
she didn’t it’s unbelievable yeah but this is the type of stuff the people
feel guilty all she’s so they don’t actually like examine the numbers
they’re those numbers are overwhelming numbers they’re just back there to me
it’s a shameful shameful and then we live in a society where victims like her
are glorified and successes shames accept no not on this channel pound that
like button where we get more into that and say so Robert Mugabe is dead okay so
he was the leader it was in Bob way for quite some time and I actually found
that out today I guess it hasn’t been around maybe I wasn’t paying enough who
knows but he died on Friday was it wasn’t Saturday so Mugabe is dead he
died in Singapore you know because so many Zimbabweans can afford to fly to
Singapore to get their health taken care of yeah and it’s a he K because you know
he stole he died to Singapore he was 95 years old and Piers Morgan of all people
had this tweet it sums it up pretty well anything Morgan is a pretty lefty type
of person there are a lot of you wouldn’t think that a person like this
would say what I’m about to read here Mugabe was a vile and ruthless dictator
who terrorized his own people and ruin Zimbabwe that’s his legacy the fact he’s
your hero says all we need to know about you
so that tweet is linked to below some guys saying that bobby was his hero you
know Mugabe was a Marxist Mugabe you know he stole he thought it was good to
steal from the wealthy to give to the poor
ends up to well over there now that the scary thing is is that economically now
the new economic policies of these new leaders that took Mugabi place there’s
again Mugabe just died but he got kicked out in 2017 these new guys they’re worse
than him economically they’re printing money again it’s um it’s unbelievable I
mean I my big furry friends in Zimbabwe I have no idea why you stayed that’s the
point of Bitcoin to get out of situations like this and even if there’s
some beautiful aspects of Zimbabwe I was there in 2016 that’s why the Kimbo is of
course the most famous a Zimbabwean a big corner who’s been on the show many a
time and it’s funny when I was there in Zimbabwe in Harare in November of 2016
and after the conference I want I definitely wanted to go home and I was
thinking myself what if Mugabe dies when I’m here it will shut this whole country
down I’m not gonna be able to get home and it was oddly enough like the day I
left Zimbabwe Fidel Castro died and uh and it’s fine year after I left almost
exactly a year after I left Zimbabwe was the coup to take care of to take Mugabe
out so Castro died the day I left which is like the equivalent of Mugabe in Cuba
and did they shut down here but no doubt that day probably was hard to get out of
Cuba that day if you were a tourist or whatever but uh the front I mentioned on
my show oh my you can go to the archives and you
can read in the comment section on a freaking Bitcoin show I was saying that
I was happy that Castro was gone he was deceased because you know he had stolen
from so many people and there were people in the comments section here
saying that I was a horrible person and if Castro supported the people again
stealing is stealing from the wealthy the mean horrible wealthy people he
stole he stole from them and he killed he killed wealthy people just because
they’re wealthy it’s terrible complete discrimination against against
wealthy people it is that’s the way the world but that’s people’s up so-called
morals these days you know if you’re saying you’re helping out the victims
then you’re good you can do anything you can even kill wealthy people apparently
and people will love him so little you know those just two dudes are always
intertwined in my mind because my experiences in Zimbabwe I I was watching
the great Henry Abramson who does these Jewish videos Jewish history videos and
I’d link to his channel I mention it last week his channel I look to his
channel again he’s a good dude and he says that Jews Jewish people are
resilient and I thought that is a great duh
that is a great way of summing up the Jewish people you know they take a
lickin and they keep on tickin baby you cannot you know we’ve been through a lot
and just keep bouncing back and Mark Twain had that uh he was here the famous
quote I wish I thought maybe I’ll link to it below I’ll have to find it what is
the secret of their ways or something he talks about how like throughout time so
many empires have come and gone but the Jewish people remain that they’ve beaten
them all or in terms of surviving them all Roman Empire the Greek Empire these
tremendous empires the the Spanish in 1492 so much were powerful and they all
have all disappeared and yet the what is the secret of the truce it’s the
resilience I know that man there’s a but I thought that was a good a good a good
word when you talk about Jewish people resilient good good word there Henry
Everson so you’re on Brooklyn on a related topic he has a a little quick
little video about Israel a busy Rob Brooke is from Israel originally and he
deserved it he is not a religious man at all he’s anti religious and he gives a
very interesting secular reason for Israel and he talks about the 1967 war
and how before the 1967 war all these countries and in Europe they loved
Israel Israel was the victim make sure israel’s made up of these Jewish people
that were almost destroying in Europe and they were so weak and they were they
felt bad for them but then in 1967 Israel defeated five Arab countries in
six days the six-day war in like a biblical type of battle I mean you
defeat five enemies in six days and increase the size of your country by
like four times in six freaking days and after that though so Israel was strong
Israel was a human it was an unbelievable victory and he I have
talked to people in Israel who are live thing they were preparing for like they
thought they were gonna be overwhelmed they thought that was the end because
again Jewish people of that era you know they’ve been kicked out of every single
country before already so why not they thought well what now we’re going to
kick out of Israel because we’re about to lose this war you know all the Arab
countries were going to destroy us here we’ve got nothing and so then they were
prepared to be kicked out of Israel at that point but and there was just
everything switched they was a tremendous you can look it up and night
it’s they defeated them all and and it was amazing and but so then the European
countries like wait a second here these guys are a huge victory they’re not the
victims and they’re not victim so we don’t like them anymore
and that isn’t things did stir if you around Brooke makes a good point the
attitudes of the world toward Israel changed after 1967 really changed
because you couldn’t say that these were a bunch of people skinny people who came
out of Europe were starving and whatever and we’re good to almost destroy they
were they destroyed they just it was tremendous what they did it’s a six day
victory so since then Israel you know it’s you know Israel as strong as real
as successful Israel has built the technological marvel out of nothing in
the desert and so they’re to be hated and the other people no matter no matter
what the other people do they are the victims we should feel bad for them
you’re the true you know they’re the ones so the reason in the European
countries like Israel in the first place but that was a good reason like it was a
terrible reason for my Israel that’s terrible reason because
they were they felt they were victims the Israel was that and they weren’t
victims it’s just in European or the Western mites and it appeared that they
were victims the people in this country there are no victims I will tell you
that that is not there is not a victim mentality here and you know that there
is because it is this liberal type of government and everything they do they
succumb to the same things that Western people do all this guilt all this guilt
of success shaming but there is a core people that you they’re not gonna
they’re gonna ignore that stuff and they’re gonna be successful just like in
the United States we’ve got a core people that don’t put up with all this
politically correct nonsense you know you gotta hate yourself you gotta use
success cheney’s awesome victim glorification is is great now that’s
your office it’s getting worse and worse that that’s becoming bigger bigger in
America but there’s still a core you know as long as there’s a group of
people out there that are trying that know the success shouldn’t be shamed
even if it’s just 24/7 people things you’re alright okay think things are
alright so there’s that you’re on Brooks video is very good so I’m gonna end it
you know we’re talking about conviction and sticking around it was uh 24 years
ago yesterday on September the 6th 1995 Cal Ripken jr. in Baltimore Maryland
broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played record he played in his 2130
first consecutive baseball game he did not take a day off from 1982 and it
actually extended past 1995 but at that point it was 1990 it was he played every
game from some point 1982 to that point in actually until 98 I believe and it’s
it’s yeah I link to a video of when he hit a home run during that game it was
so many I remember very very vividly from from my youth it was such a huge
thing and it was an example you know sports can be kind of nonsense obviously
but that bad thing did first of all it was supposedly an
unbreakable record no one would ever be able to breaking Gehrig’s record and
never say never I guess and that you know aim high aim high and he definitely
hang time and we should have big dreams like that but it also was a testament to
his conviction and and hard work and and conviction and the commitment conviction
and I’m saying those for some words so there’s a lot of as a youth of Baltimore
I think that did a part of that definitely stop with me you know just
keep on going do it every day every day every day says that’s why I like the
system thing you know in my system does make a new video every day maybe thatís
my parents inspired me a great deal more than that but that’s something in
popular culture that definitely has stuck with me too so that is a 24 years
ago yesterday and every everybody that was a young person in Baltimore an old
person in Baltimore remembers that that time very very well there was a lot of I
guess a lot of Baltimore pride back then all right
I’m Adam Meister remember you’re an individual be proud of yourself dude you
can you can have a your own consecutive game streak or something like that i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister when we subscribe
channel like sushi or you check out the links below pound that like button bang
that dublin click on all those squares see you dudes later

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  1. Interesting about cortisol when fasted. Bit running over 45 mins in general cam increase cortisol. There was a research paper that stated fast on 20 hours per Fay and exercising in fasted state increased high by 2000 percent. Maybe lift fasted and run in fasted.

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