Street View Electronic Harassment Dangers Frequency EMF Readings Cars Trucks English

Street View Electronic Harassment Dangers Frequency EMF Readings Cars Trucks English

this is I’m guessing this is the energy
put out by cars now we do have a little signal pole right there
we it so I am getting some readings maybe it’s from that the wires
possibly – but when the cars go past Oh here we’ve got some trucks coming hang
on we’ve got some trucks coming I’m sitting here on Benton Boulevard let’s see let’s see the readings when
the trucks go by it appears to me to be the traffic the
traffic is actually increasing as an electromagnetic field along with it as
well so now there’s a little lul in the
traffic it slows down some you see that and so that so it actually starts
reading the trucks before they even get here
now here comes another car that’s kind of interesting right there

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  1. Hello Teresa . To correlate the readings with the acceptable and legal level , please see the Table 1 and 2 from the . You need to know also which frequencies are on that spot . I can tell that if the values measured are over those specified in EC recommendation , the danger is real and the biological effect is tremendous.

  2. Robert
    Shrewsbury  July 30, 2019 

    Repetition, Drama, Chants and Cantors 

    sample Cantor

    The effectiveness of oscillation, repetition, drama, pulse-beats,
    chants by Cantors (song leaders), news commentators, entertainers, ad agencies
    and politicians is not generally well understood deeply by the peoples at
    large, however it has been/was understood and used by a few individuals and
    groups since time immemorial for the purpose of influence and direction, of
    both good and evil creations. Even Rhythmic-Harmonics, which can and has taken
    down bridges, broken up ships and many other structures, works on the
    principles of oscillation, repetition.

    The walls of Jericho were brought down to rubble, after the
    Hebrews practiced Applied Oscillation, using repetitions and (rhythmic-harmonics)
    with their feet stomping the ground rhythmically and horns blowing in unison. Perhaps
    some of the current weather mis-control and excessive quakes are triggered in a
    similar way, through Satanic prayer work or electronics undetected?

    Shamans, Priests, Wizards, Magicians, Medicine-Men,
    Sorcerers, Kabbalists and the like to some degree practice verbal and mental-concept
    oscillation and repetition emanations. Even Hymns sung in a Church, as well as Prayers,
    are related to this ongoing cycle pattern of oscillation, repetition, precipitation,
    condensation/solidification, creation over time.

    The most important aspect of this
    creation method, is that it does work for both good and evil, however when this
    oscillation, repetition is done in an evil and un-righteous, unethical or
    ignorant manner, it has many negative returns against the individuals doing it
    themselves or groups that do it. Even though it may not be an instant negative return,
    it will non-the-less return and then it will ultimately be payback-time for the

    If this were finances, some actions
    create a positive bank balance and others, a debt or negative balance in the
    overall cosmic scheme of things.

    Cosmic Law, for the welfare of all life, does exist and when
    violated, it comes down on the perpetrators, even to the point of crippling or annihilation,
    so history evidences this ever so abundantly. 
    Whole civilizations, groups, individuals have suddenly gone-under, when
    they reached the point of causing great harm to society.  If you are a person or group working to do
    "Good" actions and make good choices, then your cosmic bank account
    will be prosperous and viable. Whereas an Evil choosing person or group, in harming
    others,  they then draw down harm on and
    to themselves and this eventually digresses from apparent prosperity downwards
    to bare survival, to eventual insolvency and labeling as a critical danger in
    the cosmic accounts and courts.   

    Oscillation and Repetition, when done in and with
    Understanding, Wisdom, Lawfulness and Sincerity, has NO NEGATIVE RETURNS, an
    important concept, because it is a condition consistent with Divine Providence
    and Inspiration. Because we don't always understand the "big picture"
    of reasons, that is why there is the clause to God/Cosmic Universe, "In
    accordance with thy will".  That
    means our "well meaning" prayers are adjusted to be lawful and should
    always be lawful and that is why these guidelines were all previously laid out
    clearly, regardless of your take on spirituality or religion.

    Some Satanists use the good, pure energy of a child – and
    their connection to God/Universe – to piggy-back or carry Evil to where it
    should not go, for their own purposes. 
    This violates mentoring children, our next generations, as well as
    causes a considerable amount of polluted dark-prayer effects.  Things that are "wrong", as pedophile
    sex, torturing and killing of people and children, have a sharp spiritual
    effect, from the distortions  from Truths
    and Laws. Good tends to take more time, patience and certainly compassion but
    Evil can destroy all in a short space of time, relative to perspective.

    I see a lot of Negative Oscillation And Repetition played on
    public news, movies and radio stations at large (all around the world) and that
    includes using subliminal's, which are unlawful. The use of subliminal's can be
    clandestinely and aggressively used around us but are rarely, if ever, policed
    or even noticed by the people. I suspect that one of the current uses of
    subliminal's is to trigger pedophile type sex and to groom children to accept
    it and further degrade our civilization.

    Negative oscillation, repetitions, subliminal's are closely
    related to hypnosis, witchcraft and Sorcery and have their roots in the Dark Side
    and are devilish and satanic. This is "electronic-witchcraft"
    technology, applied by the Dark Side in a modern world.


    In my own private scientific research, I have tested this
    oscillation, repetitions (on material substances) for many, many years now and
    have been able to produce tangible results. These tests I have done, that produce
    results, are nothing short of miracles as far as creation and /or alteration of
    one element into another element, however I did this in a very positive,
    harmless and lawful way.

    There was not any economically viable results produced or
    received in these element conversion tests, however they were very rewarding as
    far as knowledge and understanding are concerned.  

    The first test I did took three months to produce results.
    This was with four ounces of Mercury (Hg 80) and converting Mercury (Hg 80) to Gold
    (Au 197) was my intent, postulate and destination.  I took a vial 
    of four ounces of Mercury, wired two antennas around the vial that held
    the Mercury and then resonated this Mercury (Using a Sine-Wave Generator) with
    the resonant frequency of Gold-Au 197. This was inducted into the Hg for three
    months, including tweaking the resonant frequency (of AU) every day and night,
    AM and PM, for about 92 nights and 92 days.

    After this, I could still only see Mercury in the vial, so I
    had an associate come to my Labratory and bring his Mercury Retort and so we
    retorted the Mercury and found about a teaspoon of very, very pure and fine
    gold in the bottom of the beaker.  I had
    this teaspoon of gold assayed by another person, because I needed another
    opinion for proper protocol.

    This was not yet good enough for me and I was not sure of
    the possible Mercury purity or contamination when I started, so I purchased a
    container of triple-distilled, sealed and certified Mercury and re-ran the Hg
    to Au tests for another 92 nights and 92 days. Once again I retorted the Hg to
    find about a fluffed up teaspoon of about 3.2 grams of Gold-Au 197 in the
    bottom of the beaker.  This I could swear
    to on a stack of Bibles. However, I could also wager with anyone and prove my case,
    if I felt it was needed to demonstrate or illustrate my point and what I am
    leading up to, but I probably won't spend any time illustrating this.

    On another note, this frequency resonation/creation is a
    very complex, sensitive and intricate work, however it does have enormous
    potential. Anytime the isotope number and configuration can be changed in an
    element (by frequency resonation) it says a lot about the many possibilities
    and staggers the imagination.  A while
    back, on 5/3/2018,  I wrote a short, but comprehensive
    article on resonant frequencies and sent it out to a few interested people. If
    you want a copy, then please do ask!

    My research and tests have gone far beyond just making gold
    from mercury, however I will not cover those here and now, because it is too
    lengthy,  nor do I have the time or
    inclination to teach individuals, it has been over 20 years of ongoing and at
    times all-day studies and tests.



    So then let us now extrapolate on the ideas and facts of
    Oscillation and Repetition, with a broad (unbiased) and comprehensive view on
    these possibilities and effects at large here on our world. Think about the seen
    and unseen, the heard and unheard video-audio (News/Movies, cell phones,
    pictures and books) Oscillations, Repetitions playing 24/7, 365-days-a-year for
    decades and centuries. Consider the effects on you, your people, children and
    countries and the directions these oscillations influence them in their lives.

    Negatively, un-solicited, deliberately harmful and even
    mistaken creations are trampling and tampering with human life.

    In short, Oscillation And Repetition can and do cause a
    change/alteration in the material world of elements, of both organic and
    inorganic materials.  Among the Media-Heads,
    they know it changes peoples values, character and beliefs and apply it accordingly,
    no less than feeding or harvesting turkeys or cattle for sales and profit.

    The humor of the pattern "Keep Those "Doggies"
    (cattle) Rolling!" is in the following dramatic link, for perspective
    purposes only.

    Cordially, Robert Shrewsbury

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