Staff profile – Alexandru

Staff profile – Alexandru

My name is Keith Aldgate, and I work in the
IT department at the ECB. In the IT department there’s a lot of investment in “new talents”,
if you like. We have a graduate programme, and many traineeships. Alex began in May with
another trainee. He is surprisingly confident, he quickly get a grip of his tasks,
and he responds very well to responsibilities. You get the chance when you’re a trainee
at the ECB to discover your skills and what you want to do further in life by interacting
people from different departments. It’s like working in a multinational corporation
and you’re travelling all over the world but you have all that international environment
in one place. My relationship with Keith is quite a special
one, I don’t know how many people get the chance to connect that much to their manager,
but I just don’t look up for his professional advice on my career, also look up at Keith
as my mentor in both my professional and personal life.
Of course you work better with someone if you have a slightly more personal relationship
rather than just professional. It gives us a chance to speak a little bit more informally,
I think it’s a really good thing to do. He’s the kind of person who manages to build
a successful career and at the same time a beautiful family. It’s like the older version
of me. My advice for future trainees at the ECB would
definitely be just come, be prepared to find a lot of people that are going to be supportive
and encouraging of your work. It’s a good balance between a great social
environment and also a very challenging place where you’re going to learn.
You’re part of something that’s designed to help the whole European Union.
Professionally and personally, it’s a really good place to be.

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