good day ladies and gentlemen today I have some fantastic news for you one Bitcoin will be worth twelve million dollars this is what I did and this is what you can do to calculate this number another day I was browsing the web and I found an information that some well-respected and famous people believe that Bitcoin will become the single global currency like the US dollar today I don't know if this will actually happen but since Bitcoin is driven by such famous and powerful people it might happen we know that there can be only 21 million bitcoins this is important I am NOT going to go into details but this is what we have to remember the most important difference between fiat currencies and crypto currencies like Bitcoin is that the government and the government's can print as much paper money as they as they want and this is the main reason for inflation but there can be only 21 million bitcoins so I asked myself if there can be or if there is only 21 million bitcoins if bitcoin is the global currency the only currency used by by everyone in the United States in Europe in Africa in this case all the richest on earth will be worth how much 21 million bitcoins so what I did is I found a global wealth report buy credits waves they did some calculations and founder and found out that the total wealth of the world in 2015 I don't think that something has changed fundamentally since then so the total wealth of the world was and let's assume is estimated to be 250 trillion dollars million billion trillion to 250 trillion dollars now let's do the math I have to take 250 trillion dollars this is the total net worth of the map of the world and I have to divide it by all the money in the world buy all bitcoins in the world by 21 million this result will shock you if you like Twitter a CEO Jack Dorsey like Bill Gates and other influential people believe that bitcoin will become the global reserve currency because the result is around 12 million dollars if all fiat currencies go to zero like they always do if the US dollar Europe and all other paper currencies collapse and if Bitcoin becomes the global reserve currency today's 1 million dollars will be worth less than 0.1 bitcoins and if you have three bitcoins you will be considered an ultra rich person because today ultra high-net-worth individuals are defined as having a net worth of at least 30 million dollars if you have a friend who has bitcoins inspiring him into this video I believe my research is worth sharing why not give it a like it's free and let me know in a comment section below what in your opinion is the highest possible price of Bitcoin and do you believe that this can happen in reality of course this video might sound like a like a joke but it's not a joke if this happens in reality and if Bitcoin becomes the global currency one Bitcoin might or will be worth 12 million so you're in the next episode

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