S. Korea’s consumer price index falls to -0.4% m/m in September, lowest among OECD

S. Korea’s consumer price index falls to -0.4% m/m in September, lowest among OECD

concerns over possible deflation in
South Korea are intensifying as the Consumer Price Index fall into negative
territory last month and even worse data show South Korea had the lowest rate in
the whole of the OECD are yinz omen tells us more last month South Korea’s
consumer price inflation remained the lowest among OECD members and even to be
members mainly because a lower demand from the private sector data released by
the OECD on Wednesday showed South Korea’s consumer price index was minus
0.4 percent in September that’s far below the oecd average of 1.9
percent the Consumer Price Index for the US was 1.7 percent zero point 8 percent
for the euro area and point 2 percent for Japan in fact South Korea saw what
the sharpest declines in its inflation rate than any other OECD member during
the past year law September the Consumer Price Index where South Korea was just
above 2 percent lower than the OECD average was hired in the euro area
however South Korea’s indexed her- this year while other g20 countries including
the US and Japan all remained above zero experts say concerns are growing on the
back of sluggish private investment and consumption as well as lower
agricultural product prices the Korea Development Institute that the falling
consumer price index was not just attributable to the supply-side but to
this man site as well the Institute has criticized the Bank of Korea for its
monetary policy calling for a more aggressive rate policy considering the
rising concerns over deflation the central bank said in a earlier report
that consumption has contracted due to slowing investment in facility and
construction enjoyment Arirang news

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