Roberto Capodieci: The IT Prodigy

Roberto Capodieci: The IT Prodigy

So, I’m born in Italy,
I’m an Italian citizen, in 1974. My father introduced me to IT. I had this small calculator that can be
programmed in BASIC. It just showed me that was asking
“what’s your name?” If I wrote my name,
the calculator will give a nice answer. If I wrote a different name, says
“I don’t want to talk to you with other name.” And this really caught my attention how can be that this calculator can decide
what to say based on which is my name and my father showed me
how the code was written. And they bought me the first
personal computer, Commodore Vic-20 where I start implementing video game
and I started making money I started actually selling
those video games and cashing in good money for the age
that I had because I was 10 years old. When I was 14 years old with
the authorization of the court for minors I became partner of my first IT company. It was the first in the city
that was a software house. Then I had an experience working
for law enforcement as well where I’ve been doing software to do
intelligence analysis to reconstruct social network or a criminal organization with the managing big data. Then I’ve moved here to Asia where it was already time
of people doing web sites. So we were implementing the social media
with the software development of a certain kind. From there, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur
since I was a little kid. That’s what works for me the best. I almost never been funded. I always finance the company. I started to buy the business
that the company did. Starting small and growing I never reach huge dimensions because I like a lot the human connection
and working with teams. But I started several companies
that made a little bit of an imprint on the industry that
I’ve been working on. I was really planning to retire whilst we onboarded in this beautiful project
of ZooBC. It’s a blockchain that is open source,
is for the people, and it will evolve a long time. So, I know that I already booked myself
for at least the next 10 years in following this project.
But, it doesn’t feel like working. I feel like having fun is the most exciting
aspect of my work. Sitting, brainstorming, evaluating,
validating ideas and implementing them. So I know that I’m gonna have
a very fun next future. Not only implementing the technology, but also
bringing technology around the world, presenting it to people,
teaching it to people. So that everybody can embrace this
evolution in the decentralized systems.

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