REALIST NEWS – Bitcoin Cash $300 on Coinbase. Also, reminder what Whitedove said

REALIST NEWS - Bitcoin Cash $300 on Coinbase. Also, reminder what Whitedove said

remember when some of the idiots Joe you sold at the bottom you're like boy what's wrong with you you acting idiot hi guys don't worry about it I'm gonna make it up in Bitcoin cash people who follow me on patreon we're gonna make this up don't worry about it don't sweat it I've made a couple good moves actually have three different good moves on Bitcoin cash technically yeah Joe you're gonna have to get in the high court at $100 no I don't want like $100 for the same reason I told you I didn't want it last time Bitcoin cash made a great move and the time before that it didn't make Bitcoin cash made a great move and litecoin was still doing okay of course getting back up to $50 range and I said numerous times I will make it up with Bitcoin cash and I will be able to use the profits from Bitcoin cash to get back my light point if I want to but after thinking about all this why the hell but I want to when I have a coin that I know is gonna do really really really well the volatility is insane when it goes up in Rockets it's crazy when it comes down it's the same story would you just take a look for one brief moment at this chart trading view I don't know if I switch that up yeah I did okay do you see this wick right here today this is all today this are you telling me that like Bitcoin cash just about touch $300 yeah 298 it looks like to be precise this is also should be a coin based coin based price 297 298 ish roughly look at this wig this thing is climbing was just 280 something just a little I mean like almost moments ago came back down to the two 60s this thing started out at 168 169 I got back in over here and told everyone pay John I'm getting in this is why and my guy told me the Cobra told me Joe I'm gonna say no less than six or so times I don't know if I'd play with Bitcoin cash hold the damn thing this is one you want to huddle to the time period that I gave you and it's gonna do minimally he says to me minimally it's gonna be multiple X this DISA mount really he goes and I'm conservative my guy Cobra Commander says it's probably would be double what I think a roughly double actually wasn't quite double but very close to double what he thinks he goes you know me I'm conservative and typically I'll probably be wrong he'll probably hire ya I hear ya that was when Bitcoin cash was 127 okay 127 and I did make a move got out at 140 something got out 138 two different bags I had it came back down waited waited and while the markets doing this Bitcoin cash boo boo boo sideways boo boo higher side of it whoa we're at 150 now Oh 160 now whoa okay wait a minute the rest of the market isn't really moving that much you know so I had to get back in like I told ov apaec on it there's gonna be a certain point where we have to say you know what it's doing stuff that it shouldn't be doing right now and if it gets to this point I'm getting in I got order sitting there and they will fill limit stop living orders that will feel so I've got a lower-priced here great if we can pick some up at this price if not I got to get back in around 170 because if it hits that we need to we just need to get in this so I did and it sure enough my orders triggered I've been sitting on it for a few days and then this happens today I'm out a little over things you hundred something books this is to what eight this is why my guy told me Joe don't f with Bitcoin cash don't trade it hard all that son of a gun trade these other coins you want to play with light point or Bigfoot play with something else don't trade this one I'm like but the volatility is crazy something where nothing goes up holy crap it goes up and when it comes down you know what catch a few of those two or three of those in the year and you're you know he's like I hear you I hear you use I quite like I always tell you I can give you an estimate where we think it's gonna go typically these things blow through the price we think it's gonna go to because the FOMO kicks in it is insane we can't have a data model or tool that'll ever tell us that I'm like I know you told you know you told me so I just came here to do a video it's got back with one of my kids we went out and got a little little bite to eat and I'm looking at oh but Bitcoin cash is up 50% 50% I was just bragging about my twenty two percent gain what the this thing moved 50 percent and that's when I saw it but hold on it touched three hundred I mean two dollars away we'll call that three hundred and it started off at 168 once it let's call 170 so that would be three hundred forty would be a hundred percent it got to three hundred so basically this coin just got somewhere around I think what 70% or more today the coin I keep telling don't want to use that like way back maybe you'd like I'm not on wanna mess with my coin keep laughing I don't wanna mess with my coin I know a thing or two because someone who's really got his ear to the ground has told me a thing or two and now my woohoo friend it was telling me something I thought okay I'm listening and then today the rally of all rallies happens unbelievable and again even now that the trading view charts have reset I think they reset at eight o'clock eastern bitcoins up one percent fifty bucks Bitcoin cash is up thirteen percent right now at twelve two hundred seventy three dollars two hundred and seventy three dollars Bitcoin cash litecoin 7% 8% hey not bad not bad light points 83 dollars can't argue with that a 3-2 are like when Kenya nope but you can't argue with the 75% up in a single day of course Bitcoin cash either okay and I'm currently waiting for for a pullback on Bitcoin cash a my guys again he's quick through Miami Joe I don't think I'd played that game with Bitcoin cash and this is a prime example 22 percent I could have been staring even right now now that's come down from 298 and it's at 273 that's still you know about twice as good as well that's still 57% I think you know from where I was telling you I got in and all that not frickin bad but again when you're trading you're looking at stuff okay this is what we thinks gonna happen get in here get out there is there anyone gonna be upset with a 22% bag increase in one day I don't think so but again if you sat on this on them if i sat on the son of a gun like he told me from day one Joe don't play this game I would have been at around 127 was my first entry when he first told me again I rode that up a bit sold it market came down waited waiting okay have to get back and whatever if you waited at those prices what's 130 oka caught 130 130 plus 130 260 that as a 100% game at 2:30 or to see me 260 we're at 275 right now I'm looking to 75 so I'm not gonna chase this now even if it does go cray off back to 300 I'm not chasing it now I've gotta let the pullback happen my woohoo friend thinks very near future pull backs coming she gave me some price targets on like coin and I gotta tell you see an 83 dollar litecoin the price she told me for like one that you know and she says Joe if I get it right I got guys to come on here and tell you I'm I know that she's like I'm new to this kind of woowoo thing it seems like I'm I've got something here but I don't want to stick my neck out yeah so be you know take everything I say with a grain of salt like all right but if she's right about this move down a litecoin it's gonna be gut wrenching from where it's out right now I had 80 bucks it'll be gut wrenching for some people for snip it won't be oh I can get my light going back if I want it the question is do I want it when I have an effing beast known as Bitcoin cash and the white dove report what did we show wide of recently say about the about Bitcoin cash in her white dub number three report well log in to my rep website real quick and I'll read it to you I'll read every little piece of light I'm not like when Bitcoin cash or nickel in cash I will read every single little piece of the word Bitcoin cash for your pleasure you're listening and viewing pleasure and there may be things out prior to today may have shocked you like she'd like to get better than light coin what but she said like one's going in a thousand yeah she said that but she still likes it better for some reason Bitcoin cash that is so let's just pull this baby up and I'm gonna type in B CH to search so I'll have to go through the whole giant report Bitcoin cash you know I love it this is the long-term strategy play it's going to take a long time but it's still going to do good and hold its own now so in the medium term it will continue to rise more on bch later in the report you might be surprised how it stacks up against some of your other favorites she says moving on Bitcoin cash verse digi bite first Bitcoin she has a this coin verse that coin and there's several in here different ones Bitcoin cash first which is ABC version versus SV the Queen s feet Bitcoin cash all day long the ABC Bitcoin cash first is e bite I wonder if I should say this to loud but because I'm a big dizzy white fan and and Hodler a bit dizzy bite Bitcoin cash wins in the long run but I love both she says mmm-hmm Bitcoin cash first light coin I love litecoin hang on to your hat don't get mad but dch wins in the long run I've taken so much crap about BCH I have to pick it over litecoin I know this is controversial and not what people want to hear but I can't lie for over a year I have been hell-bent about how Bitcoin cash is the new Bitcoin but nobody would listen to me in the long run that's going to be the better purchase in the long run BCH is a better purchase than litecoin and Bitcoin in the long term that's years from now by the way but again after today's performance you know just go throw that out there she has her biggest holding she talks about she lists some stuff then she goes my next three holdings combined which is about 50% of her bag she says is 20% Bitcoin cash 15% litecoin and 15% digi bite and then Bitcoin cash she lists again under here a lot of haul but I took so much heat for sharing this would overtake Bitcoin way back right after the fork and 2017 that I am holding it until it happens smile tax changes for crypto boy she got some excellent news for taxes on crypto and certain kinds of crypto specifically that she says is going to be tax exempt kind of like the forex market this will not be considered a you know stock or a share it's not gonna be true that way and there are a few coins listed I'm not gonna give those out right now cuz again is part of a report but again I gotta give credit when credits do and when that credits do has to do with woo woo in any way shape or form with the haters that can't stand when I do this I can't help myself but I gotta come out and just stick that little knife in your back in there all those negative comments to Jason if you just trying to help people take that you little jerk you you you best but in all seriousness gotta give credit where credit's due mrs. white dove and remember what I said when she first put in the first in the first report I even vocally said be trash right be trash bitcoin trust ain't no way Steven crypto karaoke is singing songs what was a bit be a Bitcoin be cash is a Ponzi right on the UH every day I'm Harlan he's poking fun INF crypto songs for God's sakes back then I tell you a little secret ol Stephen is I've been playing the Bitcoin cash game with Jason at port which also means he may have got out a little early to today but again 22% o got out at 22% guy sorry you know with the 2500 and now it's up 50 whoa that little you know the little devil and the angel trade Bitcoin cash it's got all that volatility huge ups huge downs just traded the angel de Cobra I would not play with that one Joe just how did that one play with another bag play with another don't think I'd hard let me trade this oh just just miss out on an additional 20 something percent or whatever and again if it if we'd have done even longer I coulda been in a 50% addition to the 20% cuz again if this thing opt is nearly $300 and I'm saying that it did there's a much bigger move than even 50% right so my twenty two percent plus an additional fifty or so would be seventy two percent roughly that could have been had but again you have to know for some reason though Bitcoin cash is about to hit that and there's no signs telling us today that Bitcoin cash is gonna go on one of the most notable terrorists it has ever been on in its entire life today but my woohoo friend did tell us today would be a day that this big pump was coming for the whole market and now she's saying what she's been saying dumps coming so finally part two of this dump I've been waiting on so that's why I'm on the market now the question though is that two hundred and sixty-five dollars currently as I'm looking at the screen how far down is how far down kiddo don't take Bitcoin cash after rallying like that son of a gun holy crap right so again you you're playing the game this is part of the game it's part of the game so I'm my whole litecoin mistake it's pretty much fine now it's pretty much back to normal no big deal wipe it off the map doesn't exist anymore so to speak and like I said I thought we would make this up we certainly are right now watching this it's like crazy and I look forward to the rest of the year see what the hell happens but you know I'm here at all I'm 100 million dollar whale came in today and spread it across a bunch of exchanges well it reminds me of something I said in 2017 hey guys look at me when the whole tire market every coins no damn coins they all went out they all took the pump somebody threw this money in there who what when like who did that and why would they buy everything in the whole space unless there's some kind of control thing going on here and I've mentioned that a few times throughout the last couple of years so when a hundred million comes in out of nowhere allegedly from the articles I'm reading just lol go makes you wonder was it that same old entity back in May of 2017 scene yet we're here to do our job again new market cycles starting over get in while you can you know that kind of thing who knows but uh anyways we'll see we'll see where this goes I just uh I'm also floored that Bitcoin cash went like remember the movie space balls we were they've gone past ludicrous or you know ludicrous speed and they went to plaid sir we've gone plaid ludicrous we went past it we've gone plaid no now look we're future Bitcoin cast just went plaid and my guy was just telling me the other day snip don't be surprised if we see 200 our bitcoin here shortly our biklen cash shortly I posted and patreon hey little something for you guys what he said and then I got a call from him a little while ago I saw I'm like I said I just took my magic 8-ball to ask why you were calling me right now and it told me something to do with Bitcoin cash he laughed he's like oh my god you see you know you see how high they yeah that was when it wasn't when knew it was 209 27 I get back from eating oh my god it went in almost 300 so I sent a little text uh it's more that tell him I said that I says 263 he goes yeah I think it will hit 268 to 78 I guess he's watching it now from where it's out like uh on coinbase it went to nearly 300 holy crap so anyways these are these are uh these are good problems to have with a 1-1 coin that I've been hell-bent on talking about patreon I'm not talking about any other coin for a while now anyways but Bitcoin cash and I'm explaining over and over again why so that the new people didn't have to go buried back to the old pose was he saying there we just guys but like I told me this remember that don't forget this you know the coin cash hey so this is great insane on coinbase it got the two hundred ninety-eight dollars no I didn't say got the phone I said got to I'm talking to another guy airline pilot guy that's a subscriber I met him all the time yeah so anyways this is crazy for Bitcoin cash right now and that's all I gotta say about that okay take care

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  1. You don't make up lost MONEY! It's gone! Now it's being announced BITCOIN CASH TO START BEING DELISTED! GREAT MOVES! WOO WOO IS SO ACCURATE…….a joke!

  2. !?!?…. man you sound like a real a$$ … I used to love listening to your videos back when you were a silver guy and gave your opinions and views on current events… now you just sound like that old Jsnip when you had your sportscar flicking everyone off after your online website fortune blew up..

  3. Oh your woo woo people have their ears to the ground!! The spirits people must be making a mint… I have no idea why the woo woo people or the spirits will need cryptos, when did the woo woo people get into cryptos and what do they do with them? Is there a cryptos shop in woo woo land? How did the woo woo people find out about cryptos?.. or maybe they are behind the Bitcoin?… Oh.. yes.. it all makes sense now… Satoshi Nakamoto is a spirit!!! :o)… Snippy shouted for months about Litecoin and lost money on it and now got into Bitcoin Cash and thinks Bitcoin Cash is the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn't matter what coin snippy shouts about because all he does is getting more views and more comments. Eventually people are going to understand what's going on. It doesn't matter if it's trader boss, The cobra, whitedove or even snippys mummy is just a way of leading people to make money. In a couple or months snippy will be asking the cat to get a idea what the cryptos will be doing… :o)

  4. So you’re saying with your bitcoin cash increase you’re going to be able to triple your LTC holdings like you were claiming before. Well do it. There’s no way bitcoin cash is going to be better then LTC.

  5. U ppl are such haters. He did well, be happy for someone else 4once. Stop the hate, become a better person. Quit ur hatnnnnn

  6. Step by step guide to making real money in cryptos.
    Step 1) talk non stop about cryptos. Doesn't matter which ones. In fact the more the better.
    Step 2) Repeat step 1
    Step 3) Continue to repeat step 1
    Step 4) Open a patreon account with the implied promise of cool "extras"
    Step 5) talk non stop about your Patreon account

  7. If u want to actually learn anything about trading search Kash Cycle with Kazonomics if YouTube sent u there in 2017 or 2018 u would've saved and made a lot of money learning not being 🐑 can't hate on Joe he s getting paid

  8. Im starting to believe that LTC and BCH are Bitcoin's "Scale". Even tho they are diff chains, there are derivatives of Bitcoin. LTC and BCH are Bitcoin's "scale", called it here.

  9. During every gold rush in California, the black hills, and the Yukon, the only people that made money were the saloons, brothels, and hardware stores. The miners all went broke giving their gold to these people in exchange for over priced garbage. Recognize any parallels to this in the cryptosphere with all these "patreon" accounts out there now giving all this awesome "for entertainment purposes only- supposed non financial advice"?

  10. Joe Still waiting for you to admit your wrong doings to your subs who paid you and trader Boss for trade calls and you took the LTC and basically left them holding the bag. Karma is coming so repent while you still can.

  11. How's your $0.11 theta doing ? The fact that you and your gang out so much faith in ltc shows you don't know a whole lot about how this system works. Ltc was nothing but a test net for Btc. Dude all your comments are negative case you led people down a path of financial loss. When you going to recognize that? That's why they can't stand you.

  12. You all do realize that the entire market went up due to Btc going up $1000? I think you have lost your damn mind dude.
    Your ltc that your guy told you to sell at the very bottom has gone up 100's of % since your crazy ass sold it. Dude. Get it together.

  13. Don't quit your day job snippy you may need it if you keep going the way you are. Your YouTube comments say it all and u can't depend on patrion handouts if things keep going like this. Man your blowing it all

  14. You should listen to Bo Polny. That man is the truth. BCC is a good investment but litecoin is going to rocket this year. LTC will hit $1000 this year

  15. Man you are getting roasted in these comments jsnip and your buddy Bitcoin Ben" s racist video is all over Twitter and Wayne Madsen is exposing Bix and the good guy theory all to pieces. Man your whole crew is getting roasted !! I guess it had to happen sooner or later. You can't play with people without consequences or karma eventually.

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