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  1. Hello from AUS. Question. With the way the these other criptos are improving do you think that Bitcoin is really over priced for this moment. Is it worth thinking about trading Bitcoin for some of the others you have researched. Example NEM,NEO,RIPPLE.
    I believe what you say about the ease of use with these other criptos and the transaction fees of bitcoin and that it's completely impractical to buy a coffee today. I'm new and slowly building a portfolio and buying a few different kinds. I would like to hear if you think Bitcoin will still be number 1 at the end of 2018? Because I think that these others offer better value today for my investment. Thanks for the lessons, cheers

  2. Yes this coin is heading in 1 direction w or w out you. Up. People just figured it out. No fees 7000 transactions per sec. Fairly low circulating supply. And the full supply is out and distributed. Land grab time.

  3. This thing is absolutely taking off. Wish I had gotten in sooner, but getting in at $14 isn't looking too bad right now. It's also winning the binance vote to be added there next now.

  4. Hoi…leuk dat een NL er cryptocoins bespreekt. Heb je vandaag ontdekt door je RaiBlocks video…well doen!

  5. Hi, I love your videos, but this one is bad. You are not giving any information how they make zero tx fees possible etc.

  6. It would be nice to see if we can actually trade coins with XRB on bigger exchange like Binance next to BTC and ETH

  7. heb je al opgemerkt dat raiblocks erg lijkt op HASHGRAPH? het verschil is alleen dat raiblocks wel toegangelijk voor t grote publiek!! keep up the good work

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