Pro Trader Reviews MEMES!

Pro Trader Reviews MEMES!

Trading meme review! hey guys welcome to another video my name is Mohsen and this video is gonna be a little bit special
it’s gonna be a more fun video finally compared to the other ones you know and
also by the way i have a special announcement to make at the end of the
video so make sure to stick around for that so, without any further ado let’s do it
first meme when you bought Bitcoin at 19,000 plus and check the price today I
was told there would be Lambos yeah you know it has to start to be like the
guy who bought really at the top on like the topest topest topest price on the
charts but yeah I don’t know what’s the Lambo thing about everybody in crypto
wants a lambo but why would you want to spend your money on that next meme
hour here is 7 years on earth good we can HODL here… so actually thats a pretty good one up so imagine you can actually travel somewhere where time goes by slower your invest here you go there you spend a few hours you come back lambos not bad real
profit app was supposed to make me real profits if there’s any app that you’re
using that has the name the word profit in it or money or whatever you’re
definitely gonna lose you know apps are there to help you do something you’re
not necessarily gonna make profits out of them right there’s a large percentage
of traders who lose so the fact that they’re trying to lure you by promising
your profits means it’s a bad app. HODL okay so this is Angelina Jolie right I think
she was beautiful back then too it’s not like she was it wasn’t beautiful and
she’s beautiful yeah I don’t know about this meme I feel this was a beautiful
girl is a beautiful woman that’s all with women is the same thing as an
investment or men right we’re getting into a position or the long-term right
so you got to make sure that it’s something that’s gonna
mature well. Next meme: A stock market crash is worse than divorce you lose
half your money and your wife is still around. I don’t know about these memes,
you know to be honest I prefer if I’m getting a divorce that my wife not be
around, because I’ve been through some major crashes and a stock market crash it
about 50% that’s what you’re gonna lose so it’s the same amount of money that
you lose in a divorce but at least you just lost it and that’s it you don’t
have to keep paying for somebody that you don’t like anymore really
I would prefer my wife not to be around if we’re getting a divorce. Next meme: honey
come to bed, sorry babe we gotta protect our Bitcoin yeah if you’re actually
doing this correctly where you’re not leaving your cryptocurrencies on an
exchange and every time you trade you put them back in your wallet
it’s super time-consuming I can understand this picture but yeah
otherwise you think the risk so it’s a risk reward
you gotta risk either your money or your relationship. Next meme: Can’t wait till
Monday who says that? so i if you’re a new day trader I remember when I started day trading at
this firm called the WTS we were market making and I was still new right so I
wasn’t good in the beginning every time we had Friday I was so sad I was like I
couldn’t wait till Monday to prove myself you know nowadays I like
a lot of time off I love time off but when you’re starting off you’re just and
you’re young you’re younger just eager to prove yourself so yeah I can I can
relate. So you’re a day trader I too like to live dangerously. You know that’s one
thing with day trading if you’re day trading you’re taking a lot of risk all
right so for example me I don’t take any
other risks except in trading you don’t want to go on vacation I do bungee
jump i don’t skydive I don’t I don’t drive a motorcycle I don’t do any of
these things where there’s some risk because I feel that i’m
already taking so much why take some more? so I think day traders yeah they do
take some risks but in the other places in their life they
don’t live dangerously they’re super safe that’s what I would think.
Next meme: Discovers 60 second binary options wipes out in 60 seconds. OMG… I
don’t know how many people get caught with binary options this is the worst
thing you can tradee, binary options. The amount of stories that I’ve heard where
people like and even from girls I met a few girls who traded or invested in
binary options I don’t know why but they find it alluring where they say okay
well it’s very easy there’s a button called and says buy a button that says
sell and that’s it I’ll make money but your percentage of winning through
binary options is so minimal and these companies are really really bad they’re
just gonna convince you to put up as much money as as possible even though
the probability of you succeeding is minimal never do binary options it’s the
worst thing if it seems too easy then you’re not gonna make money. F irst time
they trading with 2k and it’s gone I lost my first trading account most
people I know blew their first trading account this is why I highly suggest to
start with paper trading I think we all say that but there’s very few people who
actually do it there’s so certain of their success that they’re not gonna paper
trade first but the thing is you don’t know if the first strategy you’re
gonna try is gonna work the second the thrid the fourth the fifth maybe it’s
gonna take you a while to find a strategy that works and for you to like
implemented correctly so start with paper trading don’t start with live
money, Well if you start with live money starting a small account my account that
I started with initially was a thousand I blew it so good thing that I only
started with that right don’t start off with your life savings – that would
just be gambling yeah this happens to so many people so if you can try to avoid
it please do. Next meme” Hello mom YEAH is my old room still available yeah this is
when you go through a huge crash the first time you go through a huge crash and
you don’t have any money saved up and you just once you do this long enough you
start realizing that you’re gonna go through some peaks and throughs it’s part
of the game right this is what you signed up for. Spending
$20 at the grocery store spending $2,000 oh yeah I guess when you’re when you’re
just spending money so for example for me I don’t have a car I don’t like to
waste my money on depreciating assets anything that is just going to lose
value groceries I don’t mind I spent actually groceries and food is the thing
that I spent the most money on because I feel it’s good for my
health so I’ll spend it on that but then when it comes to investing you know it’s
an investment you have a high probability of it yielding a good return
for you so it’s easy to spend money on investing that I can relate to. But spend money on
food guys it’s important. Next meme: Told you see TVIX was a buy at $30 wrote LMAO
when you texted him it fell to $2 yeah douchebag alert yeah some some people
are always telling you buy this buy that and then when it just tanks by 50% can
you see that it’s like oh what? what happened? LOL Next meme: She thinks he’s
cheating actually day trading at night in Asia
yeah yeah this is no this one of the hard things is balancing a relationship
with trading I haven’t been great at it I’ve been really bad at that one of the
firm’s I worked at here they wanted to implement it you know 24-hour trading
and I was testing it for them so I started trading a few of these markets
you can actually go on I think 24-hour clock market calm and you can see which
market is open at which hour and you can literally trade 24 hours a day if
you want by trading you know Australian Stock Exchange Japanese stock exchange
European stock exchanges there’s so many of them and each of them opens at
different times so you can just keep trading but I don’t really like trading
at night I prefer trading early in the morning it’s not a good live balance like
you might do it in the beginning if your situation and if your energy level
permits it but after you do it a few years you really get tired from doing it
and you know if you’re trading let’s say the Asian market, stocks there they’re
numbered the name of the stocks are numbers the news you gotta like use
google translate there’s not as many resources as you know what you used to I
guess if you if you are you know a local if you live in the country you’re
trading it’s easy to understand these news and it’s easy to understand
companies but trading in a completely different country it’s a bit harder than
trading in the country that you live in. just because of the information of that
stuff so yeah next meme: When stock market closed on weekends yeah I guess that’s
like the other meme I guess this is a good meme to write stuff on this from Pablo
Escobar right so I guess we put any type of words on there it would make sense
Stock market closed, you’re just waiting or doing some analysis don’t
wait just do analysis. Demo trading versus live training trader
transformation yeah the funny thing is when you’re starting off as a
trader and you go to work like in a nice suit or you’re dressed up and you’re
clean-shaven you’re ready to be professional and a few years in and
you just walk in your t-shirt and you’re not thinking about any of these other
thing the only thing you’re thinking about is trading all the positions you
have all the orders you have what you have at this time what news is coming
out when you’re just a hundred percent focused on trading so yeah you tend to
like forget about all the other things it’s not about the looks anymore
it’s more about with actually doing the trading you don’t you’re programming or
coding things for trading and you’re gonna look like this and not like this
this is just for sure next meme :Me picking which altcoins to
invest in. yeah this is that minesweeper so if you’ve never played minesweeper
this I only played a long time ago when we didn’t really have other games
so when you click on one of these things there could be a bomb I believe and it
just explodes so yeah if that’s how it is in investing in altcoins I think it’s
something like 80% of altcoins go to zero if you look like way back let’s say
four years ago the altcoins that were there and then a few years
later most of them just disappear so yeah altcoins that we have now a lot
of them are going to disappear, that’s what it feels like when you’re investing
in altcoins you gotta really make sure that you’re investing in a good project solid
team solid foundation as you know you gotta make sure it’s a it’s a good
project next meme: 90% of retail traders lose 90% of their
money in 90 days so you’re telling me there’s a chance yeah yeah
that’s exactly the right percentages see now this is a really hard subject to
talk about because you don’t for me when somebody tells me I want to trade and I
know the likelihood of success is so low it’s hard for me to tell them don’t do
it we’ll do it because you know they could be in the top ten percent and
succeed but there’s you know there’s 90 percent chance that they don’t but it’s
the same thing in every industry you know if you open a restaurant which I
have a bunch of friends who opened restaurants and out of those I think
almost all of them except one have failed because 90% of restaurants fail
does that mean you shouldn’t open a restaurant
no if you want to start a tech company you know a huge percentage of tech
companies fail if you start any type of company so if you’re doing anything
really you have like a 90 percent chance of feeling it’s just I don’t know why
people think that I’m treating they’re all gonna succeed it’s like any other
business high percentage of failure every single business is that. so yeah my
suggestion is just do what you love so example if I went and opened the
restaurant I for sure would be one of the 90% to fail because I don’t have the
the traits to be good at it I’m not as good with people I’m not going to do it
with some of the things that you’re gonna need to be good at to have a
restaurant to make it hip to make it look good I’m not good at these things so
I will fail, I’m good at math, computer science logic so I’m good in trading I
say if you want to do trading or if you want to open a restaurant if you want to
do whatever it is as long as you love it it’s something that you want to do then
go for it but if you’re if you don’t necessarily love it and you just want to
do it for the money then don’t do it it’s not going to work, that’s what i have to say. Next
meme: Dinner with candles, no, dinner with candles. This is not good candles to be
having dinner with and with some ramen noodles haha when you have a bad streak and you
start saving money on other stuff yeah that’s bad
I’d prefer this this better now honestly next meme: When you have been bragging to
your friends about crypto and then a market crash occures. the crypto market
haha yeah it’s doing well anyways I gotta go
I guess we all kind of did that right 2017 was an amazing year everybody that
had anything to do with crypto had a beautiful year 2018 nobody is talking
including you know positions that I had I actually had a huge amount of money on
quadriga and they went bankrupt, 100% of the money on quadriga was lost my own
bitrail 100% of the money on bitrail was lost so a bunch of like things like
that that happened that we just don’t talk about but it’s part of the risk if
you’re in any type of financial market you have to watch out for anything you
get lessons out of that for crypto especially you have to be very careful
with where you place your money because some of these exchanges do go bust, so
you have to keep your money on your wallet or you have to really diversify
and you gotta have money on like ten or twelve different exchanges so if one of
them goes bust you still have the others yeah a crypto crash is huge but
if you’re in crypto you’re gonna be in it for the long run and you gotta have
those positions for the long run yeah this is something that happens. This
is not one guy running this should be like hundred guys running like this
everybody. Next meme: indicators Add clarity to your chart analysis oh my god I
see so many people with charts that look ridiculous have like hundreds of lines
hundred of things and this is really when I know that somebody really doesn’t
know what they’re doing because every place I’ve worked five different firms
all the hundreds of traders that I’ve met that are doing really well
you use very few indicators just a few that’s it you don’t need to use all it’s
not like if you’re stacking indicators you’re gonna give you better odds if
they all align doesn’t work that way you know if you have too many indicators I
think in an excess of five or something and that’s not just for trading it’s a
across the board and anything if you’re trying to predict whether if you’re
trying to predict anything you start losing predictive value as you add more
variables to your equation so something like five is the max after that you
start losing predictive value so yeah stop leering at indicators. I’m hard forking
Judaism new consensus mechanism I am the truth that’s actually a good one
so in cryptocurrencies what you have is you have your blockchain and you know it
operates in a specific way and if let’s say the community wants to add the
future but some of the community doesn’t well what they do is they just fork you
do a hard fork where they copy the blockchain and just continue on that
chain with the new way of operating so then you’re going to have two different
points go in different ways where the new coin hard forked is continuing and
then it just says we are the truth from now on so we’re gonna continue on this
path you guys continue on that path I guess this is what it’s say here we had
judaism and then christianity came it’s like hey this was okay we’re keeping the
past but the future we’re gonna have a new set of rules that’s we’re gonna
operate on which is pretty funny okay next meme waiting for my bags to rise in
value so I can get that lambo yeah again this meme yeah okay yeah this is the
last meme so we’re finishing on this bad meme now guys I want it to say
something quick I’m going to be posting videos weekly going forward so every
Wednesday from now on we’re gonna be having a new video so what I would like
you to do is put down in the comment what you would like these videos to be
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it could be programming non-programming funny videos not fun
videos just tell me about it and lastly if you can guys just drop the like
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see you guys in the next video next Wednesday

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  1. Hey Masumi,
    thanks for your video.
    i'm ready to learn Trade I even bought your course on udemy, but I fell like i need a one to one training. please advice

  2. Can you do videos about certain stocks that were hot from that week, and the signs to have followed before hand in order to make a profit on it.
    For example: FTNW
    This stock started spiking on 10/11 or 10/23.
    I see that there was news on 10/18 for notice of non-compliance, which I thought was negative so expected stock to go down, but started going up instead.
    The news on 10/24 was about CEO being replaced, which again I thought was negative news, but stock went up.
    RSI was over 70 so I started shorting, but ended up going higher instead.

    So it would be helpful it you can pick random stocks, and show what to look for that can help make profits on those specific stocks.
    Like for one above, would you have been following it (why where you following it), if you were following when would you have bought or short it (why, what where the signs, etc).

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