“Phone Support” Crypto Wallet Scams: Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet

“Phone Support” Crypto Wallet Scams: Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet

all right so for this episode of crypto
scam watch I just wanted to really quickly look at some of the phone
support scams that have impacted Leger Trezor and MyEtherWallet and one of
them happened just recently as in just a day or two ago and I’ve got some
examples of them here so this is a screenshot of the ledger Nano one where
basically if you googled Ledger Nano S support number it came up with this
number that you can see here on the screen we has nothing at all to do with
ledger and neither does this website have anything to do with them this is a
100% scammy setup likewise the same thing happened to Trezor a little while
ago this one’s from a few months ago where the same thing where basically a
company had set up their website so that they were ranked on Google so if you
typed in Trezor phone support their details came up and again these details
have nothing at all to do with Trezor that phone number is not there as that
website is not there’s all of these things just a recipe for disaster if you
ring them their primary goal is to scam you and we even saw one happen here this
is a listing of the etherscamDB and that’s that web site cryptophonesupport.com so it’s it had hosted multiple scams so we’d also had one for
myetherwallet where if you looked for the phone support number for myetherwallet it would direct you to this page and people would ring that number and
again get scammed so this is something that can affect every wallet basically
on the market or every crypto service as well you need to be really really
careful of and it’s important to know just before anything else that in this
space a lot of big players don’t have phone support at all so myetherwallet
if you have a look on their website and go down to customer support it opens up
a web-based dialog and they will direct you to things like their official
Facebook their official Twitter medium reddit
github likewise ledger do not provide phone support at all and I explicitly
say that on their website so you can contact them again online or through
Twitter and you know they outline what they do and they also say you know
they ledger will never proactively reach out to you you are the one who must
initiate it so don’t trust unsolicited calls emails or messages or anything
some from ledger and Trezor all are the same so Trezor have no phone number or
anything on their website all of their support is web-based all of it and this
is true for a lot of the companies and it’s important to acknowledge this
really sucks if you’re stuck and things aren’t working you’re panicking
sometimes it can feel better it can be real reassuring to be able to
reach out to somebody on the phone and talk to a person and get some help but
unfortunately that’s not something that these companies offer they are all
relatively small companies and don’t really have the ability to offer that
sort of phone support so some some ways you can stay safe firstly it can be to
bookmark websites from your wallet and your wallet vendor so you know if you
have a Trezor or you know bookmark Trezor’s website if you have a ledger
bookmark Ledger’s website do not just google the name of their company every
time because people can pay for paid ads or do other things that mean that their
listings will come up first you can also get reputable plugins that can
protect you from phishing so one example is I’ve got a few different plugins and
when I punched just for preparing for this video you know cryptophonesupport.com straight into my browser it actually went straight as phishing page
through my a wallet and that was this my that wallet plug-in and if I disable
that one this one here EtherAddressLookup also was showing this warning page and
eventually Google Safe Browsing will block it too so you
can get some plug as a help so the other way to say safe do not call them do not
call any of the numbers that you see on these websites or ads if it’s from
Ledger Trezor or MyEtherWallet they’re just trying to scam you and do not talk
to anyone calling who says they are from one of these companies and it respects
do not give out your twenty four word seed I cannot emphasize that enough do
not give it out someone on the other end of support will never ask you for it and
they have no reason to need it that’s that’s not a service they provide what
you can do if you find yourself with seeing one of these scams you can report
the website so you can report it to Google Safe Browsing you can report it
to this etherium scam database or any of those things
likewise if it’s an ad you can report the ad to Google or Facebook or any
other service like that so there are things you can do that can help the
community to be a safer place too so I hope this was useful to you if this kind
of content and turns me how to identify scams and how to stay safe is helpful to
you certainly give the video a like and subscribe because I’m aiming to make
more of these on a weekly basis over the next couple of weeks
so if there any other questions you’ve got around this feel free to leave a
reply and I’ll do my best to help answer those questions

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