New Kids Token GIVEAWAY / Crypto Poker / Confessions of A Crypto Millionaire

New Kids Token GIVEAWAY / Crypto Poker / Confessions of A Crypto Millionaire

welcome everyone coming in for another
crypto Laden show with us the New Kids I’m ash and I am the old ball and
blockchain , apparently also known as Lisa and we have a special guest he didn’t
want to be on her own this morning so she’s on my lap make Buddy’s sick again
he’s got kennel coffees downstairs literally for days it’s been going on
literally like a pickaxe in your head and the wonderful thing about it is ash
hasn’t mentioned it at all while it’s been happening I’m sure you can imagine
anyway enough of such a Friddle tea and nonsense what is on the show this week
I’m so pleased you asked for our block chain banter this week we talked to Dan
Conway on his really incredible book confessions of a cook to Molina now this
book was so good I listened to an audible and I was actually upset when I
got home at night in the car cuz I wanted to continue listening and if you
haven’t read it in your part of the 2017 madness then this book does what we hope
our documentary will do so we’re very excited to chat in and we’re also gonna
give you guys the chance to get your hands on some free new kids tokens what
we have taken yeah you may remember last week we have now started on creator eco
it’s a new system which basically allows content creators to set up their own
audience tokenize it people can buy tokens which you don’t have to spend you
hold them and as those tokens grow in value you’re part of the community
you’re helping to build so this is YouTube is not easy these days to do
it’s it’s a very difficult for content creators so these guys have set this up
we have our new kids community and the guys have given us some free tokens to
help kick-start it so stay and watch and get some free new kids tokens
who’da thought we’d talk about tokens after 2017 I thought no word tokens
seems to be dirty these days but this is smart
you can token also keep watching this show to find out how the tow
they’re doing oh yes they’ve actually got up which is quite exciting and in
blockchain event we got our poker on with crypto poker global anyway I guess
before we get too carried away with all stuff we should have a bit of a news
roundup so let’s start off with a quick look at
the weekly market stats brought to us with coin paprika we can see over the
last seven days bitcoins down just under 1.6 percent we’ve got sort of slight
2.79 over the last 24 hours the big winner in the last week’s
obviously been aetherium up over 21% and Riffel
nearly 17% but everybody seems to have done pretty well across the last week or
so stella up thirty two point two one percent so even our old friend Yaffe’s
seems to have had some modest gains of nearly five percent so let’s see what
the week ahead brings our first story about Bitcoin is from decrypt and it
says Millennials love Bitcoin but they still don’t understand it or trust it
according to a survey a new survey commissioned by p2p Bitcoin
exchange packs ball suggests that Millennials and generation Zed are gaga
for crypto but most still aren’t ready having grown up in the wake of the 2008
financial crisis is it any wonder that Millennials and generation Zed like the
sound of Bitcoin over the traditional banking system a survey today conducted
by uk-based research firm one poll and commissioned
by peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace pets poll suggests young people in the United
States have a growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the
trouble is a sizable portion of them still don’t trust crypto and some even
struggle to understand it according to the report next up from news BTC a
Bitcoin slides 5% as predicted market slide occurs following a week of
consolidation in an ever tightening channel Bitcoin finally made its move
today many had been predicting it would be to the downside and they were correct
as the king of crypto slumped 5% in an hour plunging back into the mid 9,000
zone with a monster red candle just an hour or so ago this was Thursday one
huge red candle plunged Bitcoin prices through support at ten thousand one
hundred and back into four figures the move culminated in bottoming a previous
support of 9600 but things bounced off this price quickly onto litecoin and
next up from Forbes why has litecoin plunged
he percent since June litecoin prices have declined sharply from there 2019
high significant losses as the digital currency struggles with numerous
challenges the altcoin defined as a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin fell
to as little as sixty two dollar sixty five late last month down more than 55
percent since its price of one hundred and forty six forty three in June Quinn
market cap figures show since then litecoin prices that recovered trading
between seventy and eighty dollars over the last few days additional coin logic
cap data reveals even after bouncing back the digital currency is still far
below it’s 2019 high next up on the other side of the coin etherium ripple
and litecoin start recovery suggesting the start of a new alt season old coins
such as etherium ripple and litecoin are finally showing significant moves
regaining some of the market dominance they lost a Bitcoin year-to-date
if the trend continues it could mark the beginning of a new alt season bitcoins
market share began rising in December 2018 following a three hundred and
twenty seven percent upswing BTC went from thirty two hundred dollars to
nearly fourteen thousand in a matter of six months during that time its
dominance broke out the ascending triangle that was forming its one-week
chart per the bullish formation BTC was expected to experience a thirty eight
point seven percent upswing which could have taken it to 80 percent market share
similar to what Max Keiser host of Artie’s Kaiser report forecasted Bitcoin
rose to levels of dominance not seen since 2017 peaking at seventy three
point four percent market share now the BTC dominance moved below the
71.5% support level and the 200 week moving average signaling a further
correction down to the 150 week moving average this coincides with the most
recent report by by nance suggesting that BTC dominance will go
back to the 50 to 60 percent range so who knows maybe this long-awaited old
season that everybody has been predicting may in fact come who knows
now moving on to eros from Quinn desk everyone’s worst eos p
approving true the take away heõs is the world’s seventh largest blockchain by
market cap with a value topping three billion since February 2019
however the project has long been plagued by fears that its structure was
too centralized and now the lion’s share of entities that govern the chain er in
China prompting fears of state intervention AOS contributors devoted to
building decentralized apps DAPs and development tools for the blockchain are
losing clout and making little or no money from contributing to the health of
the ecosystem one of them publicly disavow the blockchain early this month
citing the excessive power of the largest eros token holders block one the
company that launched the code-behind yos following the 4.1 billion ICO is the
largest token holder critics say it could easily redefine governance on the
chain but has yet to take action next up is on to card on oh and card on o X
collation takes the price to five point one cents traders IAD a to cross the
point five three cents mark cards are no ad a currently deals at point five one
cents the intraday trading might take the price up to an astounding level card
on o price gets a push along with the market boost to a whole new level the
counters reflect that today that would be amazing hike which might take a DA to
the trading price of 0.53 cents the last few days have revived the hope amongst
the traders the ongoing quarter has initially given quite a blow on their
chests but looks like the situation is on the verge of improvement the intraday
trading in Cardno would give the traders a great opportunity to recover from
their losses and fetch profits if the current scenario persists thus the
interested traders can dig into book profits on blockchain banter this week we’re
delighted to chapter Dan Conway author of the book Confessions of a crypto
millionaire anyone who is part of the early sort of crypto adoption and that
crazy heady 2017 kind of mad times will really appreciate this book because yeah
we just literally couldn’t put it down so thank you Dan for joining us can you
first tell us why you wrote confessions my name is Dan Conway I’ve written a
book Confessions of a crypto millionaire my unlikely escape from corporate
America I discovered aetherium sometime in late 2015
maybe mid 2015 at the same time I was washing out of my corporate career and
had had enough of centralization either I was too flawed or the companies I work
to work for were too flawed for me to kind of get ahead to the extent that I
needed to so I discovered crypto and quickly etherion and became very
obsessed with the idea of decentralization and of course there was
an opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth is and to make a big
investment and my book documents that journey about how a regular guy in his
40s who’s never been on the bleeding edge of anything went down the rabbit
hole further than I would have ever thought so Dan I mean you managed to
you’re one of the few people that managed to kind of get out at the right
time there are a lot of people out there still you know holding bags of crypto
you know is this crypto dream still alive or are there just tons of naive
people out there just desperately praying for another boom time that isn’t
coming I’m the moon kid I’ve said that in my book that’s said I think it’s
highly implausible that crypto doesn’t explode again in price and the reason
why I say that is that eventually there is going to be a mainstream youths
mainstream use after crypto scales and it’s going to attract users which will
drive the price up now it could happen without that that could just be a
speculative spark sort of a crazy energy like happen in 2017 in fact it’s not
unlikely that that happens but when I’m asked about what I think of
Krypto going forward I mean it’s so tribal and tribal not just in terms of
affiliation but in terms of belief systems
I think aetherium and ether is going to explode upwards because I simply don’t
see how some of these projects don’t come to fruition but if you ask me about
other coins if you ask me about ripple I say I have they’re going into the toilet
you asked me about Bitcoin I say well we thought Bitcoin was going down but it’s
turned out to be a whole lot stronger than we thought and it definitely has
the store value trait according to investors so it’s hard to
ask someone about what they think of crypto in general because we all care so
much about our special precious darlings our own coins thanks Dan a real pleasure
to chat and anyone who hasn’t read the book and has an interest in crypto I
would strongly suggest you go and find it we’ll take you on a roller coaster
and also I would like to congratulate his wife for being so patient and so
understanding oh you have to read the book to find out why exactly so who would like to get some free new
kids tokens it’s so easy all you have to do is go to art creator eco community
and start getting involved it’s links on the screen yet linked on the screen and
the link will be below basically there are going to be two posts there all you
have to do is be one of the first people to comment on the first story if you
comment you’ll get one three new kids token and all you have to do is comment
but if you want to get five three new kids tokens there’ll be a second one you
have to comment on but in order to do that you have to have joined and you
have to hold at least five kids tokens it’s it’s really straightforward it’s
really easy well when we minted them there were ten cents each but they’re
now heading towards nearly $1 and it’s not 2017 there you go so we’re basically
the whole concept of this is come on board be part of our community
buy some tokens and you don’t have to use the tokens you just stake them so
there will be free content on the channel but we’ll also have premium
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there’s liquidity to the tokens so the whole idea here is to incentivize people
to impart of a community and as the community grows everybody benefits
rather than on YouTube at the moment you get on there the creators are doing a
lot of work it’s hard to monetize it it’s hard to find ways to do advertising
community don’t feel part of it because they don’t have any engagement in or any
sort of participation this is a great new way of doing it the guys behind it
very clever and they’ve come up with a way that hopefully allows everybody to
be part of it one of the other clever things is they have a really simple
onboarding process where you can actually just come straight from credit
card rather than even needing to know about crypto we’ve got a very simple
little video here so you have no excuse guys you can get on board you can buy
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the content and also as we grow the token value will hopefully increase P
part of the success of the new kids come and be part of us and also as part of
the community you can tell us the kind of content you want we can produce
content that’s the kind of content that you guys want to see both made-to-order
content yeah even maybe you want to speak to us directly we’ll have you know
ask me anything kind of sessions or other things for certain it’s it’s very
early we are the first set of people on this channel and it’s going to grow very
quickly I think so come on board be part of the apex predators of cryptocurrency
I just might even do a shirtless pose those old ten – are you gonna do a
shirtless post as well for maybe twenty to twenty tokens
OhLaLa but watch this little video and it’ll explain really simply even if you
don’t have any crypto how you could literally with a credit card and a
couple of dollars be part of this at an early stage using a service that’s
called carbon that allows you to just come on board on board real easy so
here’s that simple onboarding video now you have no excuse come and join us new
kids on this fantastic new journey so if you’re already a crypto holder
this little tutorial is more for a Fiat gateway but go to creator eco with the
link on the screen set up a wallet which is really straightforward and you can
purchase new kids tokens with eath or EOC or whatever if however you need to
do it with a credit card the guys from carbon have set up a
really easy thing so go to tokens go to by token go to deposit and you can see
select cryptocurrency and here we’ve said by some BN t EO s and we’ve said $5
amount we can go to that just pop our email in there which is really easy and
then it’s going to send you an email which you’ll click on with your
verification code which is literally just gonna punch in here the good thing
about this is there is no kyc so it’s really straightforward but it does have
that so here’s the checkout we’re now going to select credit card buy those
and we’ve literally just just bought five dollars worth of crypto we’ve got
our iOS wallet address there and you can see that we will get a verification
transaction and there we go we’ve bought BNT e o s– tokens and that’s Bortas
just over 12 tokens for five dollars we can now go to our new kids on the block
chain by token and it then is as simple as entering the amount of new kids
tokens you want to buy so let’s just say five changing to the BN t that we have
there we’ve got just under 11 with the processing charges and we will then
literally allows you to put in your password to do the conversion and bump
it’s done we can now basically go to the new kids Channel tells us there of
course that we have now completed that and you’ll see now that any of the
locked content is now unlocked because we are holding more than five new kids
tokens again you don’t have to spend those
tokens you just have to have them in order to access it and we can see there
the transaction details so really straightforward but again if you already
hold eath oreos it’s going to be even simpler this is a very simple fear
on-ramp for doing it come and join us guys it’s going to be a
lot of fun so tonight the new kids on the block chain are here at crypto poker
global in London’s patron where we’re going to play some cards
why do crypto people look focus so much well we’ll also fold in and panel over
like risk and it’s about bringing the community
together in a way that’s fun and interactive and slightly competitive but
mostly about getting people together and not talked about he knows so projects
and stuff is really relaxing atmosphere I think we’re the best event in the city
so it’s always sold out so come and check us out on the forecourt our global this is all about fun don’t worry if you
get knocked out turbulence is our next event we’ve
already got quite a few people put so make sure if you want to come to the
next one okay so it wasn’t my night I’m afraid I got knocked out but I’ve had a
great time a lot of fun here if you’re into crypto and you’re into poker you
should come and check this out that’s everything we’ve got this week for you
lovely people don’t forget always like subscribe comment I know we keep banging
on just please do it Jesus the quicker you do it the less
likely we have to just keep saying it time and time again like a broken old
record we would appreciate all the lights and all the subscribes and
comment comment what you think meg the show the book everything and also get
yourself to the link down below to our Creator
Eko get your free new kids tokens we’re not going anywhere we’re growing this
community whether you like it or not so you might as well get hold of some these
free tokens and be part of the journey the links will be below and also they
will be on the screen now on the screen now the magic of Technology exactly so
until we see you next week the only thing you need to remember is
you’ve been blood chained you

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