#NAVIVLOG: Победа над MIBR, Electronic не прощает

#NAVIVLOG: Победа над MIBR, Electronic не прощает

– Hello – Hey. – How are you? – Fine. – Hey, guys. Good luck! – Hi, thank you. – Is the camera on? – Yes. That’s how we kick off our second StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 vlog. After two bitter Bo1 defeats, we are now facing an elimination game. This vlog will include more live footage as you understand the importance of today’s match, so we’re not gonna disturb the players too much and just show you everything as is. I’m certain you’ll find it interesting to see the atmosphere in the team and how well they’ll do today. – Misha, how are you? – Hey. I’m fine. Do you have any new tactics? No, we’re gonna play off the raw skill today. Raw skill? Do you want to shut them down in a slam-dunk fashion? Not sure about that but we do hope to win. Boombl4, tell me. I haven’t seen you in a while, I’ve missed you. Are you raring to go? Yes, I am. Looking forward to it. Cool, huh? Take your pick. Looks like four candies were a mistake. Did you take four? – Do you want a couple more for later? – For the game. No need, thanks. Come on. I made a post on my Instagram where you can ask me your questions that I will then forward to the players in our vlogs. Boombl4, how is your workout going? Do you go to the gym? – No. – You quit it? What weapon do you focus on the most? – I see you using the AK right now, are the M4 and AK your thing? – No. Okay, choosing between a farm gun and a shotgun, what would you choose? Shotgun probably. – Wow, and choosing between the AK and M4? – AK. Choosing between the AK, M4 and AWP? Well, if it’s an official game, and my position and money allow me to take an AWP, I will. Tell me about the crosshair you’re using at the Major. I change it a lot, but now I’m using size 3, gap -3, yellow, thickness 0, style 4. Danya has $200 on Steam and Flamie decided to use them, nothing new. If you were a fruit, which one would it be? A pear. An Asian pear. Flamie, if you were a fruit, which one? A peach. – Peach? – Yes. Danya, which one would you choose? A banana. A pear, a peach, a banana. Elec, which one would you choose? It’s tough… a strawberry. Sanya, which one would you choose? Sanya is warming up, he can’t answer right now but we’ll ask him later. Write in the comments which one is Sasha. I see the goal, I see no obstacles! Guys, we get a confident win on the first map and we are now releasing the first vlog. You are watching it in between the matches while we move on to the next one. Raise your shields. The score is 9-3 on the T side of Inferno. Every player knows it’s important to win rounds as many rounds as possible on the attack side of Inferno. The atmosphere is great and I hope we can close this one out. – Oh, did you see that shot from Sanya? – Yeah. Take a look at the players’ lounge in Germany – these desks are the same as in the American movies. Here you can grab a bite – I suggest we go and see what they have today. There’s a large choice of food: oatmeal… though it’s probably too late for this one. – Salads, steamed fish. – Buckwheat. – Yeah, buckwheat too. A couple of food bloggers in the house. Get a load of that chef over there – he’s a real yakuza. Guys, I want you to go into the comment section below and post your top 5 of the funniest people on our channel. There’s a tie between Evgeniy Ugin Erofeev and Boombl4 for the top spot on my list. – Boombl4 has fit right in. – So, wanna hear a joke? He wants to snatch that first place. Okay, let’s go eat. That round when I was in Palace with the SG and zews thought he couldn’t be seen there. You know this spot when Taco is in the site watching Palace. – By the triple box. – Yes. But he was turned sideways against the wall with half of his body exposed. I was wondering how you got that kill. – How I was killed or how I killed? – How you killed zews. Because half of his body was exposed. What do you think about the game against the Brazilians? It was hard for them to play, though I don’t know why they were swapping their roles so much, passing the AWP around. What happened to electronic anyway? He popped off. Yeah, he just went ham on them.

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  1. Я недавно начал за вами следить, желаю вам победы в Мажоре.

  2. пацаны плиз помогите какой юсп на даный момент используют симпл

  3. 9:00 самый смешной и подымает настроение Зевс!
    Я хочу его видеть в черных очках когда команда выходит на арену. ЭТО ПРОСТО НЕЧНО!

  4. Бумыч
    Кэйн и Зевс (нельзя разрывать дуэт)
    ну и Алексей

  5. Так и просится ответ томат, вместе мы…. но рекламировать ничего я не буду)

  6. Саша затрудняется ответить, ибо картошка не может стать каким-нибудь виноградом)

  7. Электроник ты бы какой фрукт выбрал?
    Но клубника же это ягода,нет?

  8. Из фруктов Саня прям очевидно – лимон. Такой же кислый, но при этом кайфовый. И дарящий NaVi миллионы(лимоны) 😉

  9. Ясен хрен Зевс самый прикольный! Без него вообще скукотища будет, разве что Бумыч сможет развеселить 😀 тоже тот еще кадр 😀

  10. Почему у меня написано
    У нави появился новый видос 10 часов назад
    Дата публикации 1 сентября

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