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opportunities hello friends welcome to our YouTube channel open4profit
today in this video I’ll show you how you can make decent and regular income
just by using social media platform whether it’s Facebook Twitter Instagram
or any other popular social media site there are job vacancies open for you
few years ago I never would have thought that social media will become another
source of getting a job. Today there are hundreds of jobs available through
social media and there are tons of ways to make money from it
one of those ways is to become a social media evaluator with APPEN. Now what
exactly is this “Appen”. Appen is a company that has been in business since
1966 and it specializes in global tech services. They work with some of the
biggest names around to provide social media valuation search engine evaluation
and other transcription services – other popular job titles at appen are web
search evaluator, search engine evaluator you can work as a consultant you can
work as a data entry operator. Now as an appen social media value tube you
can get paid for using social media right because appens mission is to help
technology companies to grow their audiences across global markets. Now to
do this, appen often employs virtual workers for a variety of short-term
contract and even full-time positions. So if you are interested in working with
appen, here is what they are looking for you in regards to social media
evaluators. Now what kind of work the social media evaluator do
as a social media evaluators you are given a specific assignments to ensure
that a social networks newsfeed is relevant and accurate based on the
criteria given, in this position you will evaluate photos, search queries,
advertisements and much more. Now each project is different okay so
before you are accepted to a social media evaluator project you will have to
pass a qualification test. Qualification tests are generally
performed over the span of one day. Now it is important to note that each
project has a different contract length and hourly requirement. For instance, you
may be asked to work four hours per day, four days per week for a year for one
project while others may only last week long and be only 2 hours per day so it’s
all depends upon project to project. Now what are the job requirements you want
to become a work from home social media evaluator here is what you will need
first you need to be an online daily usual media user second you must be able
to follow instructions and work independently and third you will need
the good communication skills both verbally and written in English now next
comes – what type of equipment you will need – You need a good computer PC laptop with operating systems like Windows or Mac
and should have a good internet speed and should have the ability to install
applications to your computer after that you can join the appen network and
will be regularly notified when they have positions open. Now comes,
what kind of hours and pay you can expect from appen,
hours what happened will vary by project ok as I said number of hours
totally depends from project to project you may be asked to work two hours four
hours depends from project to project However to give you a broad idea they
have recently asked applicants to be willing to work one to four hours per
day five to seven days per week so this is a work from home position and you can
see the hours are totally very flexible now you must be wondering how much does
the social media evaluator or a data entry operator make at appen. I’ll give
you in one line also anyone in roughly make around 12 to $15 per hour that’s
really sounds good so friends let’s get started at open the website you can
see the website name once you open the website you see a page like this. This is
the main website and here you can find different types of work from home
opportunities and different types of jobs which you can do in your spare time
you can even search job here you can click here find flexible jobs you will see a form like this to show
you some results just click the search button once you click the search button
you see relevant job openings as per the country ok so I have selected India and
here you can see lot of job openings are there in India and you can see the
location also ok and these are the different categories are there ok so you
can select for example if you click online part-time job in India ok you see the full details about this all
and part-time job in India at appen and scroll down a little bit you
will see a complete job description like what are the requirements and all so you
can go through all these details and if you are interested you can just click
the apply Now button here once you click the apply Now button you’ll be asked to
join our Talent Network so it’s a simple registration so I’ll show you how to
register here you can enter your first name here enter
your email address select the country then location you can
enter your city name here next is desired assignment opportunity okay so
here are the four categories out there so you can select web search evaluator
in this will get lot of data entry jobs are also there which totally depends
upon you like on which category you want to register next is next option is are
you fluent in English you can select yes what is your native language whatever
native language you have you can engineer for example I will enter here
Hindi now next is desired job title so you can enter and desired job title
which you are looking for well enter data entry operator here you can
mention other languages you know so and enter English you can also upload your
resume here if you have it will be a plus point if you uploaded resume next
you click the join button once you click the submit button you will see matches
thanks for joining our Talent Network and you can see recommended jobs available
that is when job is open here that is crowd sourcing work from home flexible
hours anybody in India so if you want you can just click it anything go
through the details okay and if you are interested you can click the apply
button. So once you click the apply button you will be notified by appen
about the job and then you can immediately start the job work, so it’s a
very good opportunity for anyone who are looking
work from home opportunities and this is absolutely free of cost you don’t have
to invest a single penny, and the reviews about this website is very good over the internet, you can search it on google
okay so likewise you can search work opportunities on any locations you can
see all countries are available here you can select for job openings in any
country and you can complete the task I’m just working from home now finally
everyone would like to know about the payouts. Payouts are basically done as per the project
suppose the job is weekly payouts then you will get payments weekly if it is
monthly, you will get paid monthly Payouts are normally done in two ways -first is by papers check or another option is direct bank deposit because these are
the two options okay through which we will get paid so friends I hope you
liked the video and have got the complete idea about how to create an
account at and how you can make money by working on social media
websites so it’s a very great opportunity from a great website and recommend everyone to register on this website and create an
account and you can apply to the all available jobs here apart from this you
will also get direct work invitations from different companies also so friends
that’s all in this video if you have any query if you have any
question regarding this, I request you to please post comment here
and I’ll try my level best to answer you as soon as possible finally if you
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opportunities which we bring from time to time
ok friends please do share this video with your friends so that’s all for now
see you soon till then take care and have a great day

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