LIVE Bitcoin BLASTING (Or Hidden Trap) – March 2019 Price Prediction & News Analysis

LIVE Bitcoin BLASTING (Or Hidden Trap) - March 2019 Price Prediction & News Analysis

you you [Laughter] [Applause] in [Applause] well well well we're all back once again yeah ready for another night of some crowns crypto cave want to be wishing everyone out there and cryptocurrencies and very happy very special Wednesday or Tuesday or whatever it doesn't matter what day it is man always here is its 24/7 market as always want to be wishing you well let's get into some goddamn charts right over here and let's see what the live scene has for us in store right now yes indeed oh by the way I got it I got a little bit of a haircut my ears lowered during the middle of day and now the hair is gone unfortunately anyways turn off this music right here and looking at the daily of course nothing is chained from a Daily Double perspective you know overall I would be sure you know just looking at the daily I would be short term bullish I mean maybe not short term bullish as is the right word but I wouldn't be bearish as long as we're above the daily twenty one exponential wait what just lost the stream what what's going on over here impossible hey what's up everyone and thank you it's so so sweet it's so nice anyways you know as long as we're above this this 21 exponential which is coming in around 37 70 now I wouldn't be bearish so that's a big thing right now do I want to be bullish in this range I mean we're currently right at resistance and while I would say that there is a good chance that we've actually break this until 3850 is actually broken well it's still a question mark and of course when you're whenever you are right at resistance my rule is I never I never long into resistance I will short at resistance and actually did not take a short right here not even on my main account I'm actually just playing options right now I still have the same options positions on that I've been showing for the last day or so I just learned this one decay and actually and actually providing a little bit more edge now actually almost doubling up the PNL from yesterday so I like that good learn how to do options I've been recently new new videos on options every night so there'll be actually another one today whoa oh my god how dare you no please no I I would never want anyone to ever feel obligated to donate it's all good guys I trade for a living but it is it is also highly appreciate I don't want to say I don't want to make it sound like I'm ungrateful but hey Thank You min I just want what I should really be saying is thank you gratitude my friend anyways back on the charts lower timeframes are starting to turn right now we do have our for our Stokes getting pretty high and showing a little bit of lost momentum right at this resistance we have three hours folks already confirming a turn down and I believe two hour is already down as well and what's up Daniels ilk is how you do my friend that only fin in this whole fucking chatroom but also you know when I'm looking at all these time frames starting to turn down right at a resistance I do pay attention to something like that and so while this actually does to be quite honest as long as it dailies above 3,800 the the Bulls have more pressure on right now but until this actually breaks I wouldn't be getting you know I wouldn't be looking to put on any lungs or anything like that and if this area does break 3850 I would be looking for a move to about 39 50 that's our next big resistance also kind of reliant on the daily you can see the two three six come in right around there you can see the 89 exponential starting to actually shuffle its way downwards I believe it's actually even lower than that right now I'm just make sure that I can see this behind right there there we go but yeah the 89 expedition is actually coming in 39 40 now so it's slowly but surely getting ground down in governing price so I'm gonna imagine that Nick Orton probably does goes you know my personal opinion that Bitcoin probably does go sideways mic volume is low I mean it's pretty it's pretty loud on my screen over here can anyone Cal's confirm is the is the mic volume low or not for you I would I would love to know I could OD centralized what's up man the other are there either honorary finem let's see you know I can turn up the mic a little bit guys but please do let me know if this rapes some ears as I don't have a pop filter on right now so I just turned it up just a little bit more please let me know if I sound like an angel or fucking devil in your in your mouth hole okay how can you say that man and massive massive thank you again the real stagger stagger out you really do for you to them em but back on of the charts you know as long as we're on the daily what I what I'm looking for here is a sandwich between the 21 exponential and the 89 exponential and that's gonna be demonstrative of the next sort of medium timeframe outlook whichever one that we take out first now of course with yesterday's move back above the 21 exponential I would be you know in what's up digital sloth good to have you on twitch man fucking yeah finally building out choice that's awesome M um you know I I would be I would be saying that there's more pressure on to the upside right here than not but again opinion aside all I'd be looking at is these two moving averages again the twenty one exponential at thirty seven seventy and the eighty-nine exponential at 3940 which is rapidly coming down so it would not surprise me Bitcoin actually went sideways on this range for a little bit of time as the Aiden exponentially even got a little bit lower aligning with the 3900 number which would basically be you know in line with these last few hives that we put in this area and then we can get a full on resolution on this whole consolidation which would be very enlightening but as of the current moment in time yes we do still have daily Stokes headed healthfully down they are losing momentum here though so that is of note and what's more of note to me is that each every time that the daily Stokes have crossed down in this more critical zone above the thanks man hey by the way check out check out the interview on flood TV check out Elliott he actually puts out some good fundamental information which is which is where eyes severely lacks so so thank you for that feedback my friend but you should every time that we've crossed East Oaks down the daily Stokes down in this range with my settings it has went on to major dumps from a bull trap essentially in the past year well right now if we were to actually cross these guys back up this would be the first time that we've actually crossed them down in this range and not dumped to the low side of the range and when I say low side of the range I'm actually looking for 3400 so it really does make me start to consider do we have something new going on is there something new to consider and of course I always want to be fluid and flexible but as far as the macro triggers that I look for when when went went when looking at bitcoins overall macro cycle I just don't see it yet they're just reading some comments right now you can net you never know it goes down in the comments section my friends anyways let's go back to the lower timeframes that's where all the actions going down right now and you know it does look like Bitcoin is flagging out right here it looks like you actually wants to give another try into the end of this for our doodle clothes so keep in mind this 3850 area of great importance and whoa move it up was digital kronor what Jeff brow what in the hell did you just say my friend I think dobro means okay but after that you lost me man you lost me but again massive thank you my friend massive thank you Jeff grout the goddamn legend back now over here though with this four hour and eight hour closing in the next twenty-one minutes and 58 seconds we should get we should get another try at this resistance trend line out imagine if this one gets set in stone as a rejection with a massive whip to the upside and also basically a you know a rejection into this into the supply order box right here I would be looking for this to actually pop back down to support and test support at 3800 first before giving another try higher now very low timeframes like an hourly are looking like an ascending triangle right here we do actually have a fresh one our dildo golden cross on the hourly not a big deal not something that I really monitor but the reason why is sort of relevant is because it can you know it can it can have leeway into the next higher time frames which I believe are all are still gold and cross let me confirm this to see your to our no to our just got golden cross right over here so actually hourly crossed after that what about three hour three hour is never got death crossed so yeah it's just a one hour and the two-hour kind of playing around so really these lower timeframes were actually being the more insightful timeframes out of them all because that's where you know bitcoins bitcoins ranges are so small now that that is kind of playing off these guys more often than not so again I'd be pretty comfortable with saying you know you're 21 exponential on the hourly if you're looking at very very very very very low timeframes would be the sport if you're looking at the if you're looking at this horizontal right here at 30 or 50 that's resistance and from there you know if we do break this guy onwards and outwards to the upside yes I would be looking for another move up to about thirty nine fifty test this area and probably beyond after that of course though I want to make it very very very very very abundantly clear though until bitcoin actually closes a daily above this cyan 89 exponential the medium timeframe picture is still neutral and I wouldn't I wouldn't really be leaning bearish or bullish either which way there's indications for both and there's really not much to do in a region like this as long as we're between again thirty seven eighty and thirty eight and sorry 3950 it's there's it's more of a question mark than anything is what I'm really trying to get out I would say though that there are a few more indications that we move on onwards and upwards from here though anyways let's go over to the 12 hours to 12 hours saying 12 hour having a good close above the 21 actually not really tone us anything unique about the current price section Jule not giving shit right here what about 6:00 hour do we have anything on this guy 6-hour printing a little bit of divergence here it's very very very very very small let's see if we can actually find that on the for our for our does have the same sort of divergence one choose one two strikes but again I need to see where this next for our dental clothes is we definitely can see we haven't really confirmed this is a lower our site as a local high so it is hard to make some something of it right now but if we could confirm this as a lower high and then we saw the for our Stokes turnaround at the same time that would be a pretty damn good indication for me that we thought at the very least I'd be looking for a pullback into the low 3800 region of course so what I could say a little bit more handily is that a Bitcoin does violate this area right here quite literally this area right here 37 80 on just about any timeframe if it closed and hourly below there to our four-hour whatever it might be and especially a daily that I would get immediately bearish off of I would get immediately bearish off of it and I'll be looking for a move back down to test this descending trendline that Bitcoin put in over the last three months going all the way from our November high over here late November high governing these last three highs and then we broke out of it a couple weeks ago and we've actually coming to retested it once to three times which is what you saw a couple days ago and I'd imagine that if we did break down that would be that would be kind of the destination for that at the point five hip notch tradesmen somewhere right around you know 36 50 but for now that is willing far away there's only really ideas to talk about with reaction to price action not you know not immediately actionable unless you're shorting this resistance right here which I don't think it's a bad play I mean technically this is an ascending triangle it does work as one but then again you know if I'm looking at the four-hour I would be saying that at the very least it's probably worth the trade you know with it if this guy's gonna be confirmed as a rejection and we get those four-hour Stokes turn and then yeah I would be looking for a pullback is that you know is that tradable for someone else I mean again that's a personal preference right what's enough edge for you for myself I wouldn't be trading this right out I want to see a move outside of the range because that's in my opinion the more easy trade to be made and in right now it feel like it feels like something's brewing but hey there is a little bit of bearish divergence on the four hours on the four-hour hour size so I would be cognizant of that if you are taking Long's I mean I would have definitely been taking some profit right around this area and then you know if it confirms above then you can re add you know that's that's trading right anyways go check out CME's what are they doing right now oh my god man sometimes I just glance over at the at the at the comments and they're just – they're just too fucking good today anyways daily on CME's not really telling us too much either we did get another run-up to basically fill this gap right over here at 3900 officially actually even higher than the past prior one so again looking at something like this I do see that we are above all these moving averages right here but more importantly we are still being be held in by this descending trendline right here so again this is why this 3850 area is so fucking important because really it comes down to the CMEs for me and when I look at the CME's I don't really see all that much stop me from about 40 100 or into the four thousands if we were to take out this area of course it's a different story on spot which one do I put more weight on well actually for the most part CME's I do for the most part CME's now you can see that we do have a nice wick above this resistance so far but it's a long day to go so where do we end above or below I think that would perhaps be an earlier indication than spot marks are gonna give you so if you are looking to make a trade if we were if we were to end below this resistance which is about 36 what is this about 36 or sorry 38 60 then sorry not 30s 60 38 50 then yes you know it's it's gonna look like a rejection and then perhaps a nice scalp scalp short if we do end above then I would be looking for a move you know according to CME's if there's not much stopping from from from the very low for thousands so I would be saying that and that is actually quite clear right here in fact CME's see me daily Stokes losing losing losing a lot of momentum right now so unless we have a nice down by the end of the day these will start to cross up and you can also see that I would also interpret this as a rejection of getting out of the bullish control zone and just the Bulls essentially maintaining control which would also be a you know very massive plus RSI not really told us all that much yeah I don't really have too much to make out of that just quite literally in the neutral zone let's see what about the lower timeframes for our right here for our Stokes are already turning so we haven't seen that happen on spot just yet but again it does this get confirmed as a rejection or not we haven't seen follow-through as of right now but whenever at a resistance like this and I do see these medium time frames start to turn it usually will result in a rejection for at the very least a small pullback and when I say small pullback I mean like a scalp not like a fucking full-on reversal reversal talk again is not really initiated from the smaller timeframes until we break that down below 37 80 so for right now that's well and far away I mean that's well its perspective right it's about $50 away so again that's what I'd be looking at over here but overall that's that that would be my main interpretation of this guy let's go check out GBC GBC real time rallying off a Down open and again getting above this horizontal resistance right here the $4 62 cent region that has been holding GBC back for the last week or so actually more than a week about 10 days a week and a half going all the way over here and if we can't go up there first hourly dildo above this area which is also the three seven seven exponential then that would be of great importance as well and I would be looking to see probably some continuations off that GBC has been the first mover for the past you know pretty much for the past the pots are setting up for a huge dip thanks crammed for your technical analysis hey man you're welcome you're welcome my friends secure cryptocurrency nice name by the way but again you know if GBC does and above this area it has been the first it has been the first mover you know for the past year so I would be looking at that as an early indication as well but again 40 43 minutes left to go it's gonna be a long time until we actually got resolution on this guy but that would be the first Regained regaining of this some of this exponential for you know about two weeks of price action we could call anyways the bit whoa hey there's a nice little step up but again this is OTC bullshit that's just one tick anyway so let's go check out missus like when she's been the queen of the market right now she's been quite literally running the whole market and as you can see right out resistance as well right at this 56 Airfix six dollar area which is very important because this $56 area is she coming in all the way back from this former swing high right here and what's up Ken stuck good to meet you Mount Hope from hopefully I'm saying your name properly pleasure to meet you my friend but this $56 region coming in all the way over from this last wing high which was in very early November this was the last high before like coin in Bitcoin and you know all the majors have that major push down when Bitcoin broke 6,000 so if like coin actually could confirm itself above this area just by closing a daily above that which is where is it oh yeah about $56 ease them even that would be significant right now we're just coming up to test it yes I do still see this as an ascending Brownian wedge the volume tariffs are proper on this as well you see that nice orderly drop of Invo on from left to right until you know this is a nice consolidation so as long as we are essentially respecting this guy as resistance this rise in resistance trendline it is you know it's still within the context of that which is typically a bearish reversal pattern so looking at something like this I am you know I I would be I would be careful right here sorry let me just put my weapon my Michael my mic away how does one get identified as a kayvyun well all you have to do is just subscribe to this channel my friend that's all you have to do and then you too can be a kayvyun yourself getting on over here though I should say this overall the picture for missus litecoin as long as she is you know below this area which essentially does coincide with the upper resistance of this of this sunny broadening wedge this is still the picture of a massive rising channel or rising which whatever you want to call again you know I don't care what you call it it does have the right shape doesn't for light does have the right size and just have the right volume to deter on this guy so when I look at something like this as long as we were below that critical $56.00 region it is still a question mark and you know I'm not really ready to say that the overall trend has changed until they gets taken out and when I say overall trying to mean macro trend of course the lower timeframe Chen trend has been changed for quite some time I mean that's there's no doubt about that no you know no question mark about that but the macro timeframe change a time frame trend more accurately speaking is something like this and until we have she'd get back above this area and confirm above this area it is still a question mark but I will say I would say this missus litecoin is the best argument for for essentially being out of the bear market this chart right here stands head and shoulders above anything else I've seen of course do I think that misses like Wayne can get out of the bear market well Bitcoin and the other major still in a bear market that is not that has not been the trend in the past that's not what we've seen doesn't mean that it can't happen but like coin actually did get out of the bear market first in 2014-2015 compared to Bitcoin and we can actually go over this really quickly right now I know do people really want to talk about this but yeah actually yeah let's actually talk about this right now and let me just add a new like winsome signal I won't you get a fin X on there Phoenix is the one that has all the price action history but going on over here in fin X you can see by the way the two hundred exponential on the weekly coming in right around we're right around about fifty three and a half dollars so that's gonna be significant as well when the weekly total closes so far we haven't be held in below it but going back all the way over here to 2014 2015 you do see that that basically let's actually put them side-by-side let's let's do this let's do something like this and I'm gonna have like one on the left screen and I'm gonna do let's get this guy off come on tradingview come on yeah fuck Jesus Christ man so embarrassing when it takes so long let's get on over here and let's put on a bit stamp for Bitcoin and there we go okay great and let's get them back around the same space it's right around here's where we're looking at and right around here for missus litecoin and you can see that you know missus litecoin basically got above the area of breakdown before bitcoin this is the area breakdown this is what I this is what I kind of you know consider akin to 6,000 area when Bitcoin broke it down and basically entered the new the the new phase in the mark cycle this is where I'd say that missus like coin officially exited the bear market cycle now after that it went literally sideways for about two years I mean that's you know really fucking long so a lot of you know dead money for about two years but it was out of the overall bear market cycle right around here which was June of 2015 well you can see over here Bitcoin did not turn around the cycle and get upwards momentum until November of that same year so actually taking significantly more months does this have to do something with the happening dates does this have to do something with you know fundamentals of like coin perhaps perhaps it does and and and and is that a trend I mean to one-time does not make a trend three times makes a trend so I wouldn't necessarily be ready to say that just yet but it is worth noting it is worth noting now of course when whenever we're talking about something like that I also do while we are here I'd also do want to say even if even if both of them were to change around the market cycle I mean no real rush to get into long term long positions until we actually get some upwards momentum as you can see you know both them taking well Bitcoin about a year before it before it had some upward momentum and like went out argue had about three years before it actually had some upward momentum I mean it's basically flatlined for all the way from 2015 to 2017 yeah middle of 2017 and what's up Jindo Lee good to meet you man good to have you in here if the cyan on the jewel on a daily rejects of the yellow with that would that be a short signal no I want to see it very specific set up if you have if you have access to the jewel you should you should know these things by the video I'm gonna guess that you probably don't have access to the jewel which in that case it's like when to I mean do you really want me to explain it's probably probably probably use this information then right anyways back on a Bitcoin and let's go back down to those lower timeframes as we do have another eight minutes until the four hour and eight hour close I really want to keep a quick eye on where we are in relation to this horizontal resistance at 30 and 50 that is the only thing that matters right now does Bitcoin and above or below this fit this 3850 area if it ends above then it's time to consider something new for this for the shorter time frames if it ends below then it's time to start thinking about what's this going to look like if we do have bearish divergence on a four-hour RSI and the four-hour stoke cistern are turning down as well that would probably be good enough for me right at a resistance typically a decent setup again not because it's gonna work out every fucking time there's no trade that's 100 percent gonna work out in fact you guys saw a perfect example of that yesterday when I took a trade at the 21 on the daily obviously did not work out but that's why you know when you take a trade that's right around the area that you can manage risk upon you have to risk all that and left to find out it's gonna work for you or not that's the way that you can set up a very sustainable you know trading environment for yourself and again for anyone wondering I don't have any active spot trades on right now in my streamer account I've only been playing options and a very small option position at that I mean it is you know it is is it is produced in a respectable PL but overall whenever we're in a range like this and I feel a little bit undecided about the about the direction I will I'll just play options because it's a lot more it's a lot more forgiving in the way that I think about it playing ranges then just you know static straight-up spot which to me is not the way that I want to do it I'll put it that way anyways let's go check out mr. Peter Oh what's he doing can we see any sort of actually you know what let's go back to missus like went really quick I want to see litecoin on on lower timeframes like went on lower timeframes you do see that we are turning down the hourly Stokes right over here out of the RSIs printing all kind of divergences all the way through with a rejection of this of this $56 resistance if we go over here to the four out here's what this guy's printing for our Stokes losing losing momentum as well for our RSI not printing any divergence by the way no divergence to be found there I'm curious how high this divergence goes up till we got to our right here yes we do have to our bearish divergence what about three our debris our has to be up any no we do not have bear severance on the three hour and three hour Stokes actually still up so man like coin definitely being the most resilient of the bunch but again lower timeframes do you know when you are grinding up against resistance right here we can put in some time but uh still a lot of things signaling that we could be indeed ready for a little bit of a pullback again after a nice run like this you would think that that is it's kind of a little bit more likely right now but but but but the overall picture the overall macro picture still stands keep those levels in mind those are the most important things be aware of as we spoke about on the daily and the weekly which is really what its gonna come down to as long as the dailies close below $56 and as long as the weeklies closing below fifty three and a half dollars nothing's changed from a macro perspective as far as I'm concerned although again litecoin is the best argument or potential argument for the bear market being over anyways let's go check out mr. beater all what's he doing one forty-one and one cent here's a three-hour dildo time frame throughout Stokes coming down three-hour RSI showing no divergence here no whatever it's what about to our to our to our does have some divergence to our actually had a pretty damn good reaction off this off this 21 exponential down around here but still being be held in by the 200 simple as you can see this pink moving average governing price action basically meeting up with the resistance right here at about 144 so that's a critical area for mister buter all in relation to bitcoin bitcoins 3850 is mister butor all is 140 what is this what did I say one one forty three and a half yeah there you go again oh by the way sorry if you haven't been getting alerts I've been getting a lot of a lot of messages about this I don't know why people haven't been getting alerts I might be shadow banned from YouTube maybe they don't like talking about dildos who knows but what I can say is what the best way to do it is either be involved in the discord cuz I always post my videos in the discord and also just about every day at the same time I post my videos to begin with so again you know I think it's 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time is my live stream and then I upload a video sometime around like 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time what's up Albert Armisen good to meet you man good to have you here and yeah you know again I do apologize over it I suppose the best way to keep in contact is to subscribe and then hit the Belsen symbol but it sounds like a lot of people have been doing that and then they still don't get notifications so I I'm probably fuckin shadow man all right let's get back on over here so again you know critical area for mister butor all right around to you i what am i thinking as we do come into this next to our 4 hours 8 hours total clothes on this guy i do want to bring back up the indicators let's see what the eight I was printing right now eight hour Stokes are still headed healthily up and eight hour RSI eight hour price action just looks fine I mean actually about to get a pretty damn good um yeah pretty good exponential cross right here actually and this is confirmed or will be confirmed in the next three minutes I mean that this looks good if I was looking at a tower beuter all it's a that's okay let's go look at a tower Bitcoin in our Bitcoin looks more like a rejection off of a major resistance right here in our our side not telling us too much not telling us too much about price action not really too much to make out of that right now so again it might be a kid it's probably gonna be a case of having to wait just a little bit longer unless if we have a last-minute push above 38 50 which it's getting damn close you can see that it's actually starting to formulate itself right now two minutes and 31 seconds to go with two and a half dollars away you could actually see this break together but again I want to see this don't on volume but yeah you know it's a nice sunny trundle right here so hey what's up David Maurice good to meet you man notifications working for you awesome man good to hear that same Zilla so it's not broken for everyone that's good that's good to hear all right we talked about we talked about Bitcoin we talked about beautto we talked about litecoin to be talked about gbtc I believe we did already yeah we did again this is a critical area right here yeah I think it might be time to get on to some comments right now or let's actually look at the Long's and shorts long sent shorts are quite interesting right now we have around 24,000 open Long's and around 18,000 open shorts I think about two or three thousand these guys are hedge oh sorry three and a half thousand these guys are hedge right now this is this is we're getting into unseen territory I I can't recall a time that it's actually been this low in the last year fourteen and a half thousand open naked shorts that is very scary we have a gross imbalance between the two again between the shorts and Long's which to me typically does reside in favor of you know of some downwards movement but I've been saying that for the last week as shorts I've been below that critical 20,000 level which again going back on over here to the shorts chart should probably point out just really really quickly right now each and every time they have gone into this red box here toward the past year those that is where major major major dumps have emerged from but we obviously have not gotten that just yet and more importantly can we stay here for can we stay here and actually change around the general outlook of the price action with regards to sorry the way that I wanted the rhythm the way that I want actually say this is is there something new to consider with the shorts in relationship alongs as the market cycle starts to reveal itself well perhaps we have been in this area we have been in the more critical area for the past two weeks yeah all the ways since 20th of November sorry 20th of February we were below 20,000 shorts the last time that we were that we were here for this long was July of last year on the bull trap to 8400 and yes it's been about spend about two weeks in there you know in that range as well so it would be getting to the point where it becomes a little bit more of a question mark if we were to spend you know another week in this area without having any sort of major changes in price action that to me would be indicative of something going on with the underlying market dynamics now of course with just this factor changing around does that change around my whole outlook no of course not whole outlook is still very it's still very much set in stone until we actually get one of the macro price action triggers changing and that comes down to the two hundred exponential in weekly that comes down to the monthly twenty one exponential and that comes down to well essentially just being below six thousand all three of those things of great importance more more so than something like this but if I were to start seeing one of those level being taken out prefer I mean you know obviously the children exponential on the weekly is gonna be you know first and foremost and this level still staying in here that would be indicative of something new growing up but for now I would still still run with the former interpretation of this as each and every time that we have gone into this red box territory hat you know major dumps have emerged major major major dumps from major dumps from bull traps over the last year again this was your double top at 12,000 in February of last year this was your this was your top at 10,000 in May last year this was your top at 8400 in August last year this was your breakage of 6,000 then this area obviously we're once again very healthily in it we just closed the last four hour an eight-hour dildo and it is below 3850 still so let's go take a look at them right here right now again right below this horizontal resistance still within the context of this you know of this triangular consolidation but for our stokes are going to be crossing down now i'm curious where the two hours are two hour are headed headed more down gained momentum down what about a tower a tower are just going to be getting into the bulls control zone for the first time in a while but again a tower closed with a massive wit to the episode right here so yes while the lower timeframes do look like it's kind of you know it's kind of flagging out making an ascending triangle typically a bullish continuation pattern as the Exponential's actually look good on the hourly as well until this area gets healthily taken out I would be very very very very very careful in this area as we are gonna be printing divergences confirmed now on the four-hour this is this is bearish divergence on the four-hour RSI and we do have for our Stokes turning as well so typically when I see bearish divergence on a timeframe like this it will get at the very least nice pullback and when I say a nice pullback I mean oh somewhere around the 10 simple moon average which would be right around here but around 38 20 as these two moving averages approach each other which would be a more bullish look on this but here's what I also want to show in and what's up crypto chronic crypto chronic good name man good to meet you man as well let me just take a sip of this water guys damn Thursday so much better oh so much better baby let's see so so here's the thing that I also want to present this sort of this sort of look on the on the overall picture let me just make sure that I'm gonna hit the there we go okay I'm gonna hit the the right symbol right there and let's go over to the monthly and this is what I really want to show so this is why the 3850 this is some of these comments that t good man so this is what I really want to show on the monthly this 50 exponential moving average this green line right here the screen moving average is of great importance that to me takes precedence over everything and where is that coming in around it's coming in around 38 80 which I would pretty much put synonymous with that 3850 resistance where did the dump initiate from yes sorry the rejection from yesterday and the rejection from today initiate from well if you remember the price section got up right around that 3880 3900 area which basically the same as far as I'm concerned on a monthly it can be a little bit sloppy but again as long as we are below healthily below this 50 exponential moving average I am cautiously I am very very very very very cautiously overall bearish and why do I say that because basically this looks like consolidation of me this is a lot easier easily or seen on a three day time frame which you can see a very obvious signature of consolidation you know just faded from left to right we obviously see price structure in a nice consolidation area ish type fashion as well and when I look at something like this and then I can and I can relate that as consolidation and I go over here to the monthly and I say that we're consulting below a major exponential moving average as these two moving averages approach each other right here the red tends simple in the yellow 21 exponential moving average that to me is a very deadly scenario because as long as bitcoins below be held in below that 50 exponential moving average that would offer up the opportunity that if this is consolidation when these two cross a lot of the BigBoss a lot of the big hours going to be looking at those two kind of signal the next big selling you know selling in is intensified selling I suppose you could say so as long as this is as long as this can be considered a considered consolidation I would be very cautious so that is why that 38 50 to 30 we can even say all the way to 3900 is pretty damn important I mean shit you could basically say all the way up to the daily the daily 89 exponential so that's where that's all coming from and that's why I'm very hesitant to be taking big positions to the upside right now even though some of the lower timeframes look good the higher time frames are still pretty damn steady and more importantly of course you know even the most preliminary macro trigger as far as I'm concerned has still not been hit I need to see Bitcoin both open and closed when weekly dildo above this purple childred exponential before I even consider that consider that that the bearish market could be over until that happens to Toby both open and closed above that it is gonna always be a question mark in the back of my mind of course there's gonna be other markers after that but I would drastically change my tune on Bitcoin overall in crypto overall if big one were to were to essentially regain the the children exponential but you do see it back in off this 38 50 ish resistance so again if you did take a scalp they're probably fine again it's not financial I'm not finished advisor but hey not a you know not about try to be making if you're looking for a quick little scalp so again looking at something like this I always want to want to remind myself that none of the macro triggers for anything change around have been hit just yet doesn't mean that that can't happen but let me also bring you over here to the two-week Dillo timeframe which very important as well because it's actually been it's actually been pretty damn right now we have a very nasty ex nasty exponential moving average cross happening right over here with the yellow 21 and the green 55 crossing a bear cross and also you can see that bitcoin is still being held in by this red 10 simple moving average which gave the impetus for rejection on that run to 4200 we have been unable to get above this for about half a year now the last time that we were above it was a rejection right here and of course this was a fake out really the last time that we were above it was all the way in January of last year I mean you could even say that that bitcoins essentially been living below the Red Tent so an average for the whole entirety of the bear market I mean a little bit sloppier but of course you know you can see basically we close one above right here but we were never able to both open and close above that's the significance of that anyway so when I look at some like this we are brushing up against against it right now now it's currently coming in around 39 let's actually see where it is on mid stamp yeah it's coming in around about 38 90 which is where our wakeup was today again so a lot of things coming around this area we have the monthly 50x potential we have the two-week ten at ten simple moon average and these things have actually been governing prosection for the more intense for the more intense bear market of course the ten simple and the two-week deal of time for him going all the way through very nasty exponential moving average cross very recently as well by the way right over here and then of course on the monthly as we just saw we are being be held in in the more aggressive part of this of this downwards move by the 50 exponential moving average as well so these two things come into confluence with all of the macro triggers still not being hit which again it's a torrid exponential on the weekly the 21 exponential on the monthly and then also above 6000 I would be cautious here until proven otherwise doesn't mean it can't happen of course there of course anything anything can happen but as a trader not an analyst but as a trader this is where I this is where a tradable different from an analyst I won't change my mind around until I see a see something new confirmed that's what it comes down to analysts can say anything because they don't trade and they don't have any fucking accountability but if you trade you know this to be true that you can't just declare something Intel or the or at least it's not financially it's it can be a career-ending move to declare something you know over and tell until you have full on confirmation so that's what I'd be saying about that anyways all you know all of the macro perspectives obviously on the higher time frames lower timeframes are just for kind of like trading and scalping right now which we should go back to you right here and what do we see what did our next hourly tick hourly Stokes are down getting a little bit more momentum down hourly RSI is still whoops let me get off there is still training below the exponential so not bad but again I'm gonna get on over to the comments right now because this is this is essentially the picture until it's not on the lower timeframes already let's get on over here to let's see is twitch going yes twitch is good awesome man fuck yeah I'm on twitch right now and welcome everyone on twitch alright let's see what is going on on this guy okay Johnny Q says crown why you choose the 200 weekly woops why do you choose a 200 weekly exponential am ATB are bullish rigor is I wouldn't say it's a bullish trigger it would be I would change my tune on Bitcoin but the more traditional metrics of getting bullish would be or like declaring that the actual mark cycle has changed is getting back above the 21 exponential on the monthly and then back above the point of breakdown at 6,000 but I would actually start to probably really really heavily consider that the Barrett that the bearish market is over if they couldn't regain that exponential moving average why why am I saying it's a 200 well that is the most classic one typically speaking you can judge a timeframe whether it's bullish or bearish based off the 200 exponential moving average for that time frame for that time frame so that's why I use it that's the more traditional understanding of that what's up Rasta pasta how you doing my friend man twitch is so awesome it has like the best emojis to crowd stop saying be held in it's not a word we are behold man you're gonna get mattad be held in for all the bullshit that I say all the time and all the all the made-up words that I have beheld in this before you draw the line man all right well fair enough my friend fair enough Thank You Java TV what's up Jay Herrick hey what's up Jay the carpet matched the trail yes it does it's bald oMG TV says okay so light point having is basically six to nine months before Bitcoin having so there's most likely the reason why I like when is likely to move out of there before Bitcoin yeah I mean it would make sense it would make sense and like I said like coin is the closest one it's still not quite there but it's damn close it's damn close and if it actually did take out this level it would certainly be worth considering you know it'd be certainly certainly worth considering sorry not but not just with regards to like one but for the rest of the mark which is what I'm more concerned about Stephano says can you check with the Long's and shorts where last time we capitulated in 2014 I can actually we don't have information for that and what's up Mohamed Ahmed good to meet you man so yeah man I actually can't get data for that the shorts and Long's only go back about a little bit more over a year on finex anything further than that we you know I can't access what I can do the closest thing that I can get you for a fundamental understanding of what happened in 2014-2015 as far as Bitcoin valuations is over here on wubble which again this guy I absolutely Lily Wu I think is a genius I think that he's really put together very unique looks on the overall data what's up States Daisy what's up man could have you on twitch man awesome fuck yeah and what I could say right here is that if you're looking at this so I let me let me actually explain what this is can you guys see okay well you can see most of it okay great it's basically basically mapping out all these fundamental markers on Bitcoin and we've noticed that in the past Bitcoin has essentially bottom down let me see that you can make oh damn you can't really see that now can you bitcoin is bottom down in the past where oh and what's and what's up Roderigo good to meet you ma'am bitcoin has bottomed out in the past when all of these all of these metrics converge on each other what we're seeing right now is we're actually seeing a divergence between all of these and what's up what's up all a song drogas oh good to meet you ma'am awesome man getting more cave Ian's in the place let's actually zoom in on a little bit you can see the more that we zoom in these are all die virgins away from each other which is not what we want to see we want to see them converge on each other like what we saw during the last low right here that's when you can actually change things around but we're actually seeing them kind of like you know splay out apart from each other so again not a good marker on that that's the closest that I can get to you for a fundamental you know market dynamic look on this guy from a historical perspective but right now we're still not we're still not really showing that that momentum being gained anyways what's up Zen Iman Zen Zen monks is any monk good to meet you man does any monk awesome and you must know a lot about the psychology series let's go over to the comments once again what's up Jan vos nano seems to double bottom on daily tight tight ranging past months I mean yeah but it's also nano man so you know it's a shit coin but let's go look at it sorry that's a very disparaging comment I do apologize I don't want to incite a ton of shit coin requests I mean this no this is this is in no way shape or form it no you know better than that Jan you know better than this this is not a double bottom man this is like five facts and 10 Bad's this is a discussing chart this is this is god-awful this is there's there's in no way shape or form a double bottom here and even then double bottoms I very rarely see actually hold usually get a bounce off that second bottom then and then over over time anyways yeah man I would strongly disagree with that strongly strongly to scream um let's see zero plate on the side can't go lower bro what's that man Jindo Lee says we'd be holdin green big green Dilla's we be holdin what unknown unknown says hyper wave is BS same thing as Wall Street cheat sheet you know the Wall Street cheat sheet is is not I wouldn't say the BS but it's people make it into be the same thing it's like a fractal thinking that it does the exact sort of same actions which can be very to see me because of course that's not the way that it goes but the overall market sentiment and the and and the general the general feeling of the market is very similar but yeah if you're just trying to you know overlay the market cycle cheat sheet on top of you know price action and then say this is what it did this is you know this is what it does because I read the fucking cheat sheet baby Wall Street just left it on the internet for everyone to see it's like and it's like all of Wall Street operates together this is where it gets really craziest when people just blame Wall Street it's like a blanket statement it's like blaming you know if if you're familiar with like the fucking you know social justice more warriors movements like blaming white people for everything right it's like okay what the heck does that make sense sorry we should not get in a political shit over here if crown is a Muslim if he is um unsub get this idea um although I mean if you really care about that kind of stuff you should probably subscribe anyway so I'm probably to say something to offend you uh in due time may knock says whoops just missed that sorry man looks like I uh looks like I just lost that BMB USD T please says boo-hoo-hoo all right man we'll look at B MB it is a it is a top-10 shit coins so we can look at it on Finance it's the most staff exchange of them all hitting the hidden or resistance shelf right here at about fourteen dollars whatever what do we have to say about this I I don't I don't like lying longing it I mean I think this is probably pullback time I think you're probably be pulling back I mean major bearish divergence on the hourly but that's that's tool over timeframe bearish divergence on a four-hour looks like yep one two three what about in eight hours we have anyone in a tower a tower is one two three what about 12-hour how high does it go baby how high does it go one two three I'd say that you're probably getting near the end of your rally rather than rather than continuing on from here I mean does does that mean that this is gonna reverse on to new all-time lows no whenever you have a constructive ride like this is overall good but if you were looking for a pullback I would be looking for a pullback semi soonish I mean as long as this thing is below $14 and $14 and about ten cents it looks like $14.15 I would be very careful of it I think that this you know might grind this area for a while but I would be looking for this area to probably pull back over time reconsolidate lower and then try higher later that's what I'd be looking for right now is a little bit too you know it looks to me like this like this run probably wants to pull back a little bit again Stokes getting up there but that's that's completely fine what about daily RSI daily RS is likely going to be printing some divergence as well depending upon how today's daily close but if this if this daily closes anywhere below $14.15 it's mmm yeah I think the next move is probably gonna be probably to be consolidation all right back now over to the to the comments let's see Mickey OSes do you think theta will get traction when they release our main net probably I have no idea man I'm not I'm not a good person to ask about fundamentals what I can say though is I can look at their I can look at their chart but I also do want to piss everyone off by looking at say non 10 non top 10 coin but what I can say is if it doesn't have a good chart right now it's probably good oh we got a racist trade we got a racist racist trader I don't know I wouldn't say I'm racist man I don't really hate anyone wall street is the wall street is a that's right man yeah I mean here's the thing when people start talking and come up with all these like very elaborate conspiracy theories with regards to Wall Street it's very silly to me mad because I used to be you know I see I used to see that first and first and foremost like sorry first hand right and what I mean by that is I know that all these different firms they're all competing with each other all trying to fuck you know trying to fuck each other so when people say when people make it sound like Wall Street's like colluding with each other so that they can fuck like some random retail investor it's like alright have we really thought this one through have we really thought this one through it's like the same thing with the market makers market makers are are all are all up there to just fuck you you know it's like no market makers are in a competition with each other and no one's on the same team anyways uh let's see Jindo Lee says the problem is white white whales using BOTS on Wall Street yeah I hate those goddamn white whales awful just awful hey what's up or any greetings from the Netherlands again awesome and my favorite place in the world a Bitcoin goes bullish can we see a nice Bitcoin logo on the side of the hair John I mean at some point in time Bitcoin is gonna go it's gonna go bullish when I get a Bitcoin logo and my haircut I don't know maybe maybe let's see red beard says hey crown lovely haircut thanks man I appreciate that what I'd like to know are you using any apps on your phone nope I use training view man I use trading view tradingview actually has an app now I don't want to use any fucking Delta or block folio or any of these bullshit's because they get it wrong and also I need to be able to see charts man and so the best places goes straight to the source man straight so the short straight to the source remember to join the discord link in the description says Daniels locust that's right guys if you want to join the free discord community definitely check out the link in the description it is a phenomenal community proof of true says I'm hunting waste Wade hey what's up man the amount of Dutch people investigating crypto is insane yeah man I do notice a lot of deaf people here I do notice a lot of Dutch people we also have a lot of Kiwis as well which is very interesting I mean it's good man I like the I like the international community but what is it about those two places hey just like George Carlin hate all people equally I don't hate people man I'm not I'm like when I said that I'm not racist against anyone it doesn't it doesn't mean that I don't hate anyone man I really hate anyone what's up Suresh yo Suresh in the house boom baby a little crown I believe litecoin has is making a double top something of November to present look at the daily yeah that's exactly what we were saying man that's exactly what we were saying you know like point at that $56 range is still still gotta be respectful of that man it does look like it's an ascending broached brought broadening what wedge to me which typically those do break down so it's right at the top of the resistance right now do you know does it grind that $56 area for for a little bit of time yeah very possible but in total actually fully confirmed to dilla above there or weakly above fifty three and a half dollars I would be careful with it let's see hey thanks tax TX admin and what's up Alfonso Rodriguez good to meet you ma'am let's see where did I just leave off on these comments I'm in South Korea where the air is poisoned I got I want to go to South Korea man just you watching Starcraft tournament looks fun man looks super fun publicist hey crown naive question all good man why Bitcoin exploded in 2017 when almost no one knew about it where's where's that volume coming from it's not coming from retail investors man it's coming from you know sophisticated institutional investors believe it or not man big players have been in this market for a long time everyone in the traditional financial world has known about Bitcoin since I mean since I was down on the floor in 2011 I mean that's you know it's it's it's nothing new it's nothing new and people play it all the time I mean a lot of the big firms have a crypto desk you know if it's a I mean plenty of quant firms are involved in the game and my I mean like I always speak about this one my buddies firm he's like a mid to your firm in Chicago and and they have a massive crypto desk so it's not like the money isn't there man it's not about the awareness it's not about retailers retailers do not drive price big institutional not big institutional but big players drive the price with significance you know with with deep pockets like 500 you know one hundred and hundreds of millions plus that's who I'm talking about when we're talking about retailers they're you to be quite honest unless you're playing with more than 100 million dollars you're just a speck of piss in the ocean it's it's nothing there's there there's nothing to it retail investors do not drive the market at all whatsoever so again man I would say that it's just perhaps a little bit of a misunderstanding Claire says hey crowd you said that Raven Court is a shitty coin but it has 109 gains monthly pump her much did it really let's go check it out man let's go check it out I'm curious is this is this is this a gigantic ploy to make me go look at insert random shit coin here oh nice nice little move right there huh nice little move right there yeah again I mean you know I'm not a fan of this chart or anything like that but hey it's good move and down man eating my words on that one I mean there's I mean there's nothing really to say about it you know anytime that I see a chart like this where just goes straight down I'm not a fan of that man that's not a good sign but yeah I'm having a good reaction over here know what this is based off of when you get these very low volume low markup all coins it doesn't really take all that much to drive them up but yeah you know fair enough very very very very nice move nonetheless and how much of a move of that about 150 under 6% yeah not bad man not bad so fair enough maybe not a shit coin maybe those goddamn Game of Thrones are coming back and everyone's getting their game to throw coins because they know Jon Snow is coming back from that goddamn dead once again fucking plot armor bastard what's up math a van Dalen good to meet you ma'am mkb brands Dorf already let's see let's see Starcraft tourney bro did you play back in the day – kind of a little bit here in there Matt it's just a it's it's just like interesting to me how people get so invested in it like it's it's a sports event there it's really crazy you're a fuckin coin pumping off the new Game of Thrones trailer release that's right man crown pls drawn us UT I guess it is a top ten show coin we'll go look at it I think already have it charted out as well right where we at where as miter honors there you are mr. Tron where's my Justin son baby at ya again you know hitting it's it's exactly what we said this morning man nothing different here hitting resistance and turning down from it you know this this has been this is probably the easiest truck to read recently we broke this whore that we broke this support right here came right down to the 200 simple bounced off that retested the broken support looking likes rejections so far as long as it's below two two point four four cents not good not fucking good man if it were to break back above two point four four cents I'd be looking for a moved you know up into the up in the upper echelons of this range but for now this looks like a rejection you know just to retest in a rejection we do have daily Stokes crossed up so that would be you know more more in line with the bullish case but again ma'am not a huge fan of this overall chart in general unless if it can get back above that two and a half cent region then you know it may be a little bit of a run still is a lot of work to do from the greater picture lower timeframes a little bit different what's up Eric Lanigan for the donation as always my friend I want to say massive massive thank you he says thanks for the stream can you take a look at spy sure man yeah Harley is rowing us thanks for this can you take a look at spy Sedalia secresy Brown first time sinners digged what did she say who your lease Rangasamy surprised she didn't say herrrr anyways yeah it's kind of her own right now again man as long as you're below 279 I think I think the play is downside man it's been the same stories you know from yesterday to today I think I think that this is the pullback that everyone's looking for we broke the ten symbol for the first time in two months going all the way back on over here from January so again man I think a pullback probably around to 75 to 76 although you do have a daily dole of golden cross so I wouldn't necessarily be getting bearish off this just yet I would if I were taking a short off this and managing the risk around choose you know above 279 I would I would be quick to actually pull that in just because you do have that daily dole Golden Cross you're probably gonna bounce off the 21 exponential I would only be bearish on this guy for a next step down if it broke the daily 21 exponential then again then you have the 200 simple right around here right around 275 so that hole to 75 to 76 range is gonna be of great importance if that area does break then yes then I'd be looking for a move all the way down to this next support at about 272 if that were to break then we can talk about actual reversal if you know 264 gets violated but as you can see a lot of work needs to be done from the from the overall greater picture lower timeframes do look like they want some continuation right here I mean you do what you have your hourly Stokes having a fresh cross down staining the Bears controls when you have your you have your out of the RSI head into the bearish control zone you have you know you have some nice exponential moving average crosses that looks like they wanna have a little bit of a bear cross hourly jewel in a more bear setup but not a signal what about for our for our wants to come down as well man you know again a lot of things looking good for for that pullback I think this would you know the yesterday we got confirmation after this rejection right up to 79 and a half thousand time to take a position I mean shitty even even the day you know even the day of this rejection right here good volume on the rejection and actually the highest falling we've seen on spies for the past few months so again man that all coming off of the top of a red dildo yes I would looking for downside right now but again keep him on the daily Dole Golden Cross I wouldn't be going against that just yet so let's go back on over here to the bitcoins into the lower timeframes already um let's see what do you think of Tesla says kana sim let's go check it out man let's go check out a lawn Musk's baby over here TSLA on nails what's what's elan doing right now yeah man I've been bearish on this for a while man I'm still bearish on it I'm still bearish on it again I think I think the last time I looked at it it had put in this high right over here right at resistance right at the tone it's simple and it was basically an island gap down so or sorry well in island top essentially so again we're just I mean this is accelerating a little bit we know faster than faster than what I was thinking but again you know that's why time analysis isn't really something that I think can really be done however you have broken this horizontal right here I would be looking for this to get some more continuations next kind of support you know support area would be right around 262 255 in this range right around here this to me looks like a retest of of this broken support retested as resistance confirmed now as resistance I'm gonna guess that the lower timeframes are bearish yeah lower timeframes do you want to come down lower to me as well you know as long as we're below 280 I sherry I would be looking for some more downside on this guy if it gets back above 280 then yes I would be looking for a move to about 292 but for now I think that you know more downside is more likely here's what the daily Stokes say right now daily Stokes having a fresh cross down rejecting getting out of the bearish control zone you know same thing with the daily our side just just often in between the bearish control zone in the neutral zone man it's I'd say this one wants to come down further again kind of you know a me me stalk right it you know it's it kind of gets runoff of news and shit like that you always got you know Elon Musk at the helm good old good old Elon I like Yvonne but you know at the end of the day mmm I you know I would be saying down right now already cool that beard hair cut combo screams older guy at the rave last night what what does that even mean man yeah I'm getting pretty old it was very enlightening to see all of the gray hairs and I have getting cut off today what's that positive teammate how you doing on twitch man how you doing yeah man we got stay xiana on twitch as well awesome and Raymond ramp rambaran says great seam crown whoops where did I just miss it man yeah I cut it myself Ellis's not excited about this right now what the hell is xlm doin stellar you wanna go get stellar right now let's go check it out man let's go let's go check it out where's my stellar over here yeah eight and a half cents right at resistances well man and what's up Rachel Nabby COO good to meet you good to meet you girl or sorry whatever gender pronoun that you prefer actually regaining the 21 exponential right here it looks like but again right at resistance man I would be very careful with this lower timeframes showing very obvious resistance right around eight and a half cent as long as you're below eight and a half cent I'd be careful the obvious trading range is eight and a half cent to show that you aren't as simple down around here round around eight point two cent any sort of break out of that range we will have a new chain we will have a short term change of behavior if it breaks to the upside it would be looking for a move to 9.11 five cent if rakes to the downside probably move back down to the range lowest about you know a little under eight cents but for right now I would be I would be cautious as long as you're below this resistance man you're right at resistance I don't like buying into resistance what's up skates acts music good to meet you ma'am alrighty let's go okay back on to the comments let's see what's twitch join man twitch is so cool the crowds also a cage fighter and I show on fun TV hey thanks Paula more glad that you liked that man and fret and for anyone wondering I definitely go check out the interview on flood TV Elliott has a great channel sorry Elliott from flood TV has a great channel where he actually talks about fundamentals which is what I don't do at all he actually understands him and he actually puts in effort to put in you know like actual good information she's not just one of those guys screaming moon or doom all the time he seems to have a very balanced nature which I really like so so so yeah flood TV is the channel to check out um Filippo Mazzini says cannabis agency is growing yeah man it seems like all those stocks are just going fucking moon mode think list says was it a case of Elsa if you don't shave I will oh she's Nordic man she doesn't have hair wink wink bill Guerrero says the bear market ends when crown changes a shirt finally I'll have enough money to afford a new shirt my friend crypto King says crown I want to give a shout-out to the cave discord community awesome and applying what I learned from you and some from some help from red beard made my first real money profits from the next awesome and oh yeah you have before you do Mauna Kea things breaking news BMB and Sabu from the bear markets yeah I mean it's definitely been it's definitely been the one of the better performance I would say I mean I mean that's that's pretty fucking obvious right it's it's been that it's been one of the better performers it was not safe from the bear market though I would say if you're looking at USD value if you're looking at satoshi value absolutely but you know if you're looking at some Toshi value looking at two-out assets that are going down so that's what I be saying them but yeah hey you know you know overall I would say probably better you know definitely better than 99.9 percent of the shit out there when crown versus dated – in MMA if someone wants it if someone wants to set that up I'll be happy to do it [Applause] what's up positive teammate hello around great stuff I come over from YouTube for the twitch viewer bull run Oh baby I love it man I absolutely love it which is just such like a nice tight knit community let's see might be silly block it ken says might be silly question but do you know why when looking at trading view and the exchanges tokens have differences in percentages of gains or losses wha-oh looking at it versus trading view verse and exchange they probably have different time frames that they're operating off of right so trading view is always going to calculate off of the daily total close which is going to be at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time the exchange might be variable exchange might be variable if I understand your question properly it ends when he takes a video game again yeah that's actually true man when the bull market starts I'll probably start streaming video games and do you like a little bit of Bitcoin analysis in between I mean during a bull market man it's it's you know it's it's it's very relaxing it's very like all that much to do mine looking at ACB crowns – Simon Sherman let's go look at some aurora cannabis ACB on new york stock exchange looking like we looking like we're still right at this resistance man I mean overall I like this setup this it this looks to be some sort of some sort of a bullish consolidation I do see a Daily Double golden cross coming originated right over here I do see it being respected as long as we're above all major movement I just I like it you are right at resistance though so lower timeframes I'm not like you know not like looking to buy right here but if you do get another shot two or so if it were to come back down to the lower seven and seven dollar range I would be looking for a buyer and then just manage risk right around seven dollars about twenty cents just below this low would be okay but going back to the daily man you know I see a lot of things here that I like daily Stokes still headed up but lose momentum so that's that's not a good sign what about for our Stokes fresh cross up I do like that you know I think it's probably gonna grind this area probably put some time in here and then probably break it out to the upside it and we'll probably see a move to the next hey come on chart load oh this is embarrassing is embarrassing but it'd be looking for a move you know higher wherever this measure move points towards I think it's like around nine dollars something like that unfortunately my charts don't want to reveal what that section is ta buy cell walls on et si means nothing it means nothing my friend don't even worry about what it means publicist mate can you check out XRP sure man yeah man I'm actually happy to check out extra P it is is a top ten shit coin so why not we got three point one eight cent right now and look at this gonna be making another run towards the top side of this triangle but again remember this is a descending triangle this is the picture until it is not this is the picture until it is not so resistance coming in around three thirty two cents as long as it's below 32 cents and as long as it's sorry as long as it's closing daily Doulos below 32 cents all I see here is a descending triangle if it can close above 32 cents I would be looking for a run all the way to this area at around thirty three and a half cent but from the macro perspective as long as mr. ripples nipples is below thirty four and a half cents I would be overall bearish on it if it can get back above thirty four and a half cents so the picture starts to change and I would be looking for a moving at the 40 cent region but for now you know looking at the looking at the lower timeframe also sorry looking at the daily all sweaters we actually do have a fresh snow cross the upside this one's been quite the snake though it's it's that it's not been too good so I'd just be going with the price action right here you know I've noticed that indicators on alts are not I don't really like indicators on all it's just maybe like the top the top of the table as they can be they can be a little bit too flighty so yeah as long as we're below this area I would be looking at this probably to get sold into again hey if it gets taken out you know it's a nice trade of the upside it's a very nice rate at the upside you'd have a very obvious resistance trend line right here and I think that you'd have you probably a quick run towards this area 33 what is this 33 and a half yeah about 33 and a half right there kind of meeting these last couple highs and this swing low right there so I you know it definitely tradable if it if it were to take it out to the upside but needs to prove itself first needs to prove itself crown how do you how do you had your USD value in bit max I don't use bit next I used ribbit although I do have affiliate links for both of them in description of this video don't don't feel I'll get to choose I'm ready so much that man just fucking type it into the top of your browser how do I hedge my USD value I just I just short my accounts value so if I have 10 bitcoins in my account for example I will go and short 10 bitcoins worth of contracts on the underline and then you know oh you know it technically speaking it should it's gonna it's gonna retain my USD value it's gonna simulate a cash position you do that on bit Mex and ribbit I used ribbit now guys I begin a lot of questions about this you know yes you know a bit Mex does have better look pretty no doubt about that but ribbit does not have the system air and also like like shown before you can actually play options on ribbit which is a lot more a lot more relieving on on my end so again just watching this position very very very very very small position produce produce a nice PL on my streamer account that's all good with me bit next you can't do that on bit max has up in down contracts which are like fucked up versions of wannabe options but they're really it's they really fucked up with that man there it's it's the worst perversion of what a what a derivative can can really become crypto doroth mark says finally got your live stream thank Sarah for all hey man my pleasure my question technically speaking what price Bitcoin USD T must break to be bullish with one to be bearish in USD T oh so where would it need to go to and tether well let's let's see where fin X has all these markers at so the weekly 200 200 exponential on fin acts it's just is that my just delete it all that one second let me just put that back on okay cool alrighty there we go okay so this is fin X right here the weekly turn of exponential on fin X would be right around 40 150 so that's pretty pretty damn similar to spot exchanges right now but of course the more macro areas that I'd be looking for would be the monthly twenty one and then the 6000 level so officially the monthly twenty one BB would be coming in right around fifty to fifty so it's really not that much higher actually and then the area that I'd have to get above as far as price price section goes if you want to do it the most traditional way would be sixty one fifty right here just the area that it held up above for so long before breaking down so yeah man it's actually not that much different than them spot markets funnily enough so you know you have to realize the divergence between the tether markets and the USD markets didn't really happen until you know until like 2017 so we have we have many more years of them being pretty damn close so they're not gonna be all that far off as far as the higher time frames go Michael a justice a crown have you looked at our si price divergence on the to our chart yep we have and there is bearish divergence actually all the way up to the for our double time frame but you see right here on the to our you do see to our bearish divergence one two three strikes who's losing the exponential you also do see to our Stokes turning down as well you also do see the same thing on for our you see for our RSI bearish divergence right here you see for our Stokes actually wanting to cross down as well and what's up falando crypto e an investing mont-dore good to meet you ma'am good to have you in here I'm practicing my Spanish hola como esta muy bien gracias who's dead la pluma soo ha Rd back onto the lower timeframes and back on in the comments actually get rid of let's go to an hourly okay Oh ready um um x RP is gonna do something says hourglass I mean it looks like kind of let's make a move here it does look like it wants make a move um let's see mr. spliff What's Up mr. spliff or mrs. spliff is it mr. splitty mrs. mrs. pill no one knows Robert Jones says I took short positions on my hair three days ago nice I like it man mr. ripples nipples ha ha ha you like that Felipe very sultry my friend have you seen the trend in packs USD is in it's a stable coin as far as I'm concerned man XRP making moves are a lot of people calling XRP right now what is XRP doing let's see yeah it's making moves but again man needs to get above this area before it does anything of anything of interest just yet it's not going on the door though it's definitely worth watching regained the 21 yesterday retested it today and up but needs to take out this area man needs to take out this area so many rejections off that trendline I would be very very very very very careful let's see what's the highest time from that it's gotten up to you without breaking it I think it I think quite literally is it daily yeah it is just the daily yeah alrighty okay already back on to the bitcoins yeah still not quite there though ma'am so not quite they're getting close home getting real close already crown shorts are short is his hair he is long on top though but I really think his haircut says short the market could go sideways for a while longer term on top there you go the da vinci code has been realized goddamnit that was portuguese my bad it's showing my absolute ignorance on the fact bloom Davey says bro I took an average aetherium short position at around 125 holy shit man I've jumped on an 18-hour flight and checked in voila 133 I have enough capital to in the account to float this count till margin at 200 what do I mean I never I never suggest holding losses man and again it's very it's very irresponsible me to any offer up any sort of direct advice because one it's illegal and two I don't know what your specific trading or investment profile is I don't know if you're a long-term player I don't know if you're a short-term player I don't know if you know if you have if you have an outside job if trading is your lifestyle what you're sort of perspectives are with within that whole sphere as well so for me to directly say I would get rid of that right now is is irresponsible although that's what I would say I would say that not because I don't think that the market hasn't bought him but I would say that because it's better to cut off the losses sooner and look for opportunities elsewhere otherwise you're just gonna be tied down into a position that's ultimately gonna you know gonna go against you and can very easily go more against you I mean there's you know we have a lot of the market rally right now man it wouldn't if if mr. bjur ah breaks this area right here if mr. beuter all breaks 1/3 143 and a half you're gonna see another move to 150 you will see another move up into this region if it breaks this era I mean you know the loss is just gonna get bigger if that happens now of course you are right at resistance you do see a lot of you know lower timeframe Stokes turning around so the same point in time I don't want to be encouraging of this mentality of sitting and waiting and praying that's what the whole psychological series is about I know you want a flight I know it was technically out of your control but understand this man if you go into a trade and I don't want to sound like I'm lecturing please please don't take this as such but if you go into a trade not understanding we're gonna manage risk upon where do you know you're gonna be out of it's you shouldn't be trading and I say that very sternly like that because you can get into a situation like this where you get onto a plane but you have you have to do something proactively of course this is all hindsight now I'm sure that you've learned the lesson and and of course you know I don't want this sound like any sort of downwards talking that's not my intention at all but at the very least let this be in it let this be a lesson man whenever it positions going against me I mean I've learned this because I've gone through the same thing myself man whenever I go into a trade I always have an area where I know predefined if it goes about this area I am out I know I no longer interested to find out if this trades gonna work or not if you're gonna be on a plane or anything like that man it's you can't have fucking risk going into something like that it can't be done it only takes one time to just completely fucking bankrupt you when you're when you start looking at your liquidation price all the way at 200 and saying okay well if I can just hold out till then that'll be fine it's the wrong mentality to have you're letting go of so many other opportunities by hoping and praying for this one to work out do I think that you probably gotta pull back here yeah I do do I think that you know you go all the way down you said you got in at like 122 I did I think you're really you're you're going against a short-term trend right now you know you're gonna get shorter I'm trying it's not the right play to be making it's not what I would do myself it's not what I would ever say to do it's not what I've ever suggested you but of course everyone has different perspectives that's what I can say about that we you have to be asking yourself what are you gonna do if this resistance gets taken out right here so we're probably gonna we're probably in a rally another hundred bucks you know what's what's gonna happen if that you know if that happens so that's what I'd be saying about that man GSA will frisk me if I get a haircut like this like corn is breaking – let's go check out litecoin and again man I really want to specifically say though I I really hope that that's not taught that does that does it's there that that does not come off as downwards talking anything like that that's not my intention ever but it's it's just one of those things that have to get that have to fucking get that you can only you know you can only move forwards from here and so that's you know that's what I'd be considering right now that's I can only I can only give you the questions that will hopefully reveal to you what is best for you I can tell you what's best for me if I was in that situation I'd let go of it I'd say fuck it it's it's an unfortunate situation I let go of it okay um what what was I just looking at just DC hey bro you can't lose if you don't sell well you also can't DTA if you fucking dc-8 all throughout the first half of 2018 you have lost a big in the past right yeah absolutely ma'am absolutely Frank Inglis and and it not even go as far as saying that every one of the most successful traders that I've ever met in my life has had at least one major major loss so the reason why I think this is is because we as human beings learn we're emotional creatures so we learned through you know basically trial by fire in a sense yes there is social conditioning yes there is you know so a group dynamic to to the effort as well but for the most part when it comes to trading especially I've noticed that until you actually experience something firsthand yourself you're not gonna have you're not gonna be conditioned with the right emotional response in order to make the right decisions in the future so for right now if you haven't had those those experiences and you don't need to go you don't need to go broke to experience this you need to go through I mean you either need to go through something essentially similar to that or you'd need to get with a good mentor who will teach you the right you know the right essentially the right way without that a lot of people do go through big losses myself included so yeah ma'am and then after that big loss you only need to learn that you only need to learn that lesson once if you let it you only need to learn it once but it will you will keep having to relearn that lesson if you do not take action after that I'll tell you that ma'am I'll tell you that the second that you think you've had the you've had the markets figured out it's a second that it'll come back and fuck you alright let's go check out like when I see a lot of people calling out like one right now like when at 55 and at 55 bucks um what do we have we're just right about a buck but again just grinding this resistance right here you guys I don't see anything of interest just yet needs to get above this area everything's right a resistance man doesn't mean that I can't break it but I'm not looking to buy something until it actually print out actually breaks it even then I wouldn't be buying I wouldn't be buying this what I'd do is I'd actually close my short calls right here and then I let my and then I just let my puts run because there's not really anything to do I mean I just get rid of my I just get rid of this risk and then let these guys these guys go that's another 60 bucks in them 15 tons so I don't know what that's like a thousand bucks something like that not bad uh let's see Darren wise says I've found value in losing trades I mean you learn a lot right you learn a lot you you learn a lot by losing you also learn a lot by winning but I think honestly one of the worst things that can happen if someone is that they enter in the markets when it's an actual bull trend thinking that things just always go up in that it's easy because it is easy in a bull market it is so to have those losing experiences early is a lot better than later it's gonna you know it might feel awfully I'm sure in fact I'm I know it feels awful but it's gonna feel you know later on you're gonna be comparatively in such a different space assuming that you actually make the right actions make the right responses and have the right the right emotions you know follow then you can actually talk about some like that and I just see whoa hey oh that mine that's a way to test my text message just saw some big market buys going down but let's see what's what's like went looking like on an hourly mmm just crawl it just err stepping his way higher but still I need to see this area broken guys I need to see this area broken preferably on a daily firmly on a daily at litecoin already up a bucks in March yeah man not bad not bad God tells his high-crowned hey what's up God tell mine looking at Phillips Khan Phillips Khan what's the ticker for that do you know – oh hey what's up Raz man Jace's Eric after you mentioned down talking that's completely tone BAE's never you you're talking to us to say yeah that's what I hope man that that's that's what I really hope my biggest fear is being you know considered like someone like tone bass who seems to like belittle people when he talks to them I don't want to be like that um hard knock listen yeah man I mean it's really true it's really true I can't stress this enough I think it's honestly a massive disadvantage if you entered into the market during a bull market phase and you think that that's what trading is really like really the bet the best the best time to enter and learn training is during a bear market phase DJ says Willy will put up a new valuations page yep I'm actually on it right now man we actually looked at it earlier during this dream it's right here whoops it's not right that's not right there it's this one right here and yeah man it is very interesting about it's extremely interesting and as you see all these guys you know diverge away from each other which again is not how we've seen bottoming action happen in the past and these this is a more fundamental look at the markets which I typically don't you know I you know we really don't get from the underlying price foam in time indications that I that I typically look at in a stream like this so this is very very uncertain to me funnily enough he actually does have the same sort of bottoming target as I do and actually the in actually the top for the next markets like which is all the way at ninety thousand funnily enough but again going back in time you see all these guys converge on the actual low they converge on the actual low you know we don't really see them converging right now we see them they we see them getting you know further apart it's not really the way that you want to see it populate already back onto the comments Zayn Zilla says are the spread so large in options because of lack of liquidity yeah absolutely mad at me I mean just go look at it over here right hmm look at the size on both sides you see you know there's there's basically like five contracts a bid and offered on both sides at any given time and that's pretty low I mean I just saw someone flash like 30 30 offered right here that's that's pretty high ma'am I can't say this if you're looking to get options positions on IND ribbit aye have you know I can typically get filled up to about 200 contracts relatively easy relatively easy but anything more than that it sorry I mean relatively easy I need to explain the process of this it takes about it takes about half a day for it to get filled on something like that at a decent price anything more than that and it's you need to go to a dark pool and rivet actually does have dark pools on there telegram group where you can get something like that done if you want to put in like big orders so yeah man again that's just my streamer account you know it's a lot more manageable hmm already do you think your bottom is BTCC might be man it might be Phillips Khan is ticker I I don't think I've seen a ticker like that before Phillips Khan I don't yeah I don't I don't see anything here man yeah I don't see anything there I'm nothing nothing that matches Phillips Collins d-roc Liz says I lost oh I lost over 20,000 because I got greedy and listen to the whole dole Mimi yeah man I mean that's a lot that's a lot of people right you know and what does that have to do with it has to do with the bull market that's what everyone thought was the right thing to do when Bitcoin is just going straight up from fucking 2015 to 2018 you know what to be a goddamn genius to make money in a market like that you don't need to be professional trader man you don't beat you don't need to really know all that much to make money in that and that sort of a market but right now when the mark cycle turns around that's not necessarily the best strategy now is it where can i trade options or a short crypto in the USA you probably need a VPN if you want to trade if you want to trade on some like de ribbit or bit max or anything like that as far as trading actual options in the USA I don't know if it can be done don't know if it can be done man let's see just market by bro Paul's that's mean Bitcoin pumps is what's up bro I'm shorting now what do you think about going to 3,400 before big bounce um I'd say that you're probably on the wrong side of the smaller term timeframe trend man you know looking at something like this it looks like wants to break this resistance right here ma'am I mean that's you know if it does that I'd be looking for a move to 39 50 and probably you know at that point perhaps beyond you really got to start considering that I'd only be bearish if the if the daily closes back below the 21 I spent I mean as long as we're above 30 780 right here this horizontal right here I wouldn't be bearish mom I wouldn't be bearish on the lower timeframes I mean yeah you could say that we we might be due for a little bit of a pullback but it's gonna give it another try right now and what's up Tim Thomas good to meet you ma'am good to have you in the cave my friend let me get back on over to the comments and let's see maker BTC any thoughts in it man all right we'll look at a shit coin I really don't want to incite a ton of requests for shit coins guys MKR what is what is this thing I have no idea what does it do I have no idea it's obviously very new so I don't know how how even appropriate technical analysis even is for something like this I mean there's I don't really have levels for something like this I'd say that you have support at 0.154 I'd say that you have support you know if that area breaks I'll be looking at point 1 3 3 but again it's it's too young I mean this thing this thing only has history going back less than a year man it's not it's not enough I mean it's trying to flag out right now it's trying to flag out let's I'll be saying you know if you break above this area then you got a nice play but anything other than that man it's it's there's not anything to do want something like that it's as far as tentacles go or at least at least I just don't think that it can really be done already ok the journey of one since I saw your video early regarding litecoin rally before Bitcoin 'is it possible the best market or do you mean the bear market will end in September I don't have like a timing for that I'd rather go off price action ma'am I need to see price action not necessarily my not necessarily my what's it called as Swartz says be nice to your subscriber notification was at the bottom actually that's a good idea ma'am you know I can change that around right now I can actually do that right now let's see let's see can we move this down around here let's see how that goes huh already yeah I've actually been I've actually been looking for a better place for that so let's see if let's see if it works better over there okay cool I already back on to the comments Drake mayor Marley says would you be able to do a bit next long short tutorial I mean I have a tutorial for bit mechs and ribbit yeah it's it's confusing what's like what's unreal eyes PNL mean I mean it means exactly what it means man unreal SPL it's a PL that you have not locked in yet it's the piano if you're open running again for that kind of stuff in I you know perhaps I will put up put out a video for a more like I like a very very very very very very very basic video like that I just don't know like how you know if it if it benefit a lot of people um thanks David Clarke I appreciate that man really do appreciate that I sold my house at 20,000 because I'm in it for the tech that's right baby put on those fucking those necklaces actually MKR is one of the few Nansha coins fair enough man again it's chart it's chart does look like does look different than pretty much anything anything out there so fair enough but again it's too it's too young for me to really do any analysis on it hmm um it says can you check out crown BTC oh my god mint again guys I really don't want to look at a ton of shit coins even though this one has the same name as me it's a shit coin it's it's a god-awful shit coin yeah has a major book up right here getting stopped right at this true and it's simple as long as you're below four four thousand four thousand seven hundred I wouldn't like it man I mean even then that's that's not really good enough it's this area right here as long as you're below seventy two hundred this it like this is not good it's not this is there's nothing good about this if you can get back above seventy two hundred then yeah you know it's um some new consider yeah it probably pumps and dumps again but this right here I mean look at the context of the price action it's not not so invigorating when you look at it like that not so good alright Bitcoin bitcoin is gonna give it another run right now let's see how he does poking his head above thirty eight fifty let's see how one how fast this one goes let's see Filippo Mazzini says crown tell me what you think about how like one will benefit from owning a bank I'm really curious again man I'm not I'm not the guy to go to you for fundamentals I I can't I'm not I'm just gonna repeat I'm just gonna pair it with someone else says and that's what I would fear is is what most people are doing out there on the web so no they're not like actual fundamental analyst not that there really is such a thing to be honest with you to be honest with you like point owning a bank I mean it's it's a positive thing in the long run it's a positive thing what you want me to say other than that I can tell you about its chart man I think the charts are a lot easier to read than something like that hey thanks blockhead can I do appreciate that man really do appreciate that man that's voice are you minds get spongebob squarepants what [Laughter] when tether moon went to the moon when Sailor Moon let's see Michelle Ferrucci says hi bro do you consider open interest and how it fluctuates and if yes how for his trading strategy yeah I do look at it I mean you know when it's typically pretty high I would be looking for a big move that's really all that there is to it it's just it's just another confirmation it's just it's just like another secondary indication that you can look at for when a move is for one like a major market movies about to happen when it gets super high well that's when you're that's when you're likely to have a massive massive move when it gets super low that's when you're probably consolidating but I you know I better indicators for that you know i really suggest using something like this this is what i use for something like that is i use the historical volatility rank which shout out to my man be a bali pour for this one let me actually get onto it right over here and what's up on twitch man good to have you on twitch mr. dildo dildo rowers be love it man love it let's see do I have it on now yeah I do this guy right here tells me a lot more about that so you know open interest is is useful but I think that there's more useful indications for that right now you can see that we are pretty much just consulting which is exactly what it should be saying higher time frames still kind of saying that as well which is which would be the right read what about three day period is not gonna have enough history what about yelling here yeah not gonna have enough history or sorry it is gonna populate it only a three day over here but still would be that of consolidation I mean this is this is what also kind of cemented in my mind that when you look at the higher time frames this is a very obviously consolidation throughout this whole region okay by the way I should also show this I forgot to show this um let's get let's go where's my Ford ad little chart yeah there we go Ford a dildo chart is still being be held in by this yellow 21 exponential which is very important to me because as long as we were below the 21 exponential I would I would be very I would be respectful of this some of this death cross on the 4 dado timeframe so of course that's coming in right around 39 10 so again we have another thing just aligning with that thirty-nine hundred level we have the monthly 50 we have the daily 89 we have the four-day 21 and we have something on the – yeah we have the to week 10 simple all these have been governing factors you know going all the way back for about half a year just basically governing highs so again when I look at something like that I you know it's very difficult in a lower timeframe to me for me to for me to be respectful until I see full-on confirmation of something like that being broken already um hey thanks John Smith I appreciate that man you have a perfect liver you could be a teacher you have missed you've missed the best crypto steam it and bitshares however both have tons of user users amen all good man and I really do appreciate that man I don't really come to I don't really come to here to teach I come here to just share experience man that's all you know cuz I don't really think that teaching can be done I think that because because when I think in like a teacher mode I it's it's confusing it feels overwhelming but if I feel like I'm just sharing experience then that's you know that that's easy enough to do man that I can talk about but if I feel like I was teaching something it feels weird man do you think Donnie was a shit coin I mean it has a chart of a shit coin no doubt about that man I mean look at look at something like this anytime I see a chart like this it's not fucking good man I mean it's got a lot of work to do for it to actually buck it's trend it needs to get back above at the very least 1350 as long it's below 1350 nothing's changed here it's just making higher side lower highs and and in lower lows I mean even even off a yesterday's rally it joins in nothing it's below all major moving averages it wants to go down although also does it get pretty beat up right now you know how much more downside is there on some like this from this area it's just not a good sign that it's not joining in the rally with anything else that's it's not a good sign it's really not get rid of this guy right here alrighty look at dildo BTC oh you bastard you bastard the journey of once is so where would the bottom support area be after a midterm drop where would the bottom support be after midterm drop what exactly do you mean by that the area that the current area of support if we were to actually bounce off in this area would be 37 80 right here right let me actually read this raise this up and get it perfectly it's gonna be right here right around 37 80 that's a daily 21 make it no more complicating that if the daily 21 gets broken to the downside I would immediately become more bearish and I would be looking for a move to about 36 50 down around here which is also gonna be the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement if I can pull this guy out where's my fibs there they are blinding up perfectly with this horizontal support and also this ascending descending support trendline that's going all the way back from late November which we actually can't even get on to you on a timeframe like this but if we go on all the way over here you can see it originating and governing these highs Bessie and I'm perhaps before our double timeframe so again that's what I be saying man I think that's what you're asking about okay let's see tether moon soon says Mataji we can actually look at tether we can't actually look at tether which I do have and I'm actually interested to look at tether right now where where's she there she is nope not going the moon actually 99 basically maintaining the dollar pegging right now doing a good job of it right within a few decimal places that's good enough ma'am that's good enough for me already back onto the bitcoins what are we doing we just fucking around 38:15 huh Judy seriously look up dude seriously look up Christian Eriksen of the Tottenham Hotspur Hotspur why I'm Danish now just the other day I was like some sort of hairy motherfucker okay it's Christian Eriksen Christian Eriksen let's see looks like a nice young man already cut down you might not wake up till we go Power Ball I mean yeah man that's you know that's the thing is for the all coins that do survive for when Bitcoin goes back into a bull market into an upwards trend they're just gonna be you know carried up by the overall rising tide of the ocean 95 cents I don't I don't like to ask this but I'm really uncertain how much percent profits on your trading account could you do yearly in a bear market like this so I'll give you an idea of what I've done in the bear market I don't want to talk specific numbers because I don't think that's appropriate but what I can say is is that overall I was trading this market you know going all the way back on over here I took out the majority I took out about 75 percent of my overall trading account right here when Bitcoin put in this lower height six eighteen thousand I immediately took out 75% and then I traded with the rest of that twenty five percent and I gained and and by the time we got all the way over to all the way over to here this drop down to December I'd basically out I basically had a bigger account than when I had the UH I be how to explain this I had a bigger account than what I had on the top right here overall in that in that account and that trading account so I don't know how much percent that is I guess it's maybe like three 3x or so but yeah man I mean you know it's there there's some damn good trades in here some damn good trades to take I got lucky getting a short whereas one of my big choice was right here at ten thousand and then again at nine thousand then I shorted this area right here those are my big trades of last year taking my account taking out 75% of my account at this area right here was my best trading decision because I think that it's important to take you know I don't really want to have money involved in a downwards asset but you know you have to do you have to take everything to cut into consideration with each other so that's what we saying about that mom again protect protect capital and overall downwards market alrighty let's see what else we got one Kamlesh hydration actually I'm actually out right now hello that's the entirety at either TM let's see uh meat says can you check out a hollow chain again man it's way too young there's nothing to do want something like this I mean look at the price action history of something like this it's it's a fucking line chart for one operating in double-digit Satoshi's and it's very very very very very young it looks to me like it wants to bounce off this area 26 to toshi that's what I could say if you put a gun to my head and said crown make something up right now let's say yeah you're bouncing off support at 20 25 or 26 to Toshi and you probably pop back up and test like the low 30s that's what that's what I can say about that thank you all so that's what it say about that but you know you do that you do have the jewel saying that this thing probably wants to bounce a little bit you do have Stokes you know getting looking a little bit beat up they probably want to bounce as well but again man do I trust technical analysis on some of this something this new no I don't I feel like it's just in genuine for me to even pretend so I'll just kind of get off the topic right now Mickey G says crowd you prefer to buy Kryptos that are outperforming their crypto beats e ratio on the charts do you prefer to buy cripples that are outperforming their crypto PTC ratio on the charts yeah you want I want to buy the strong man you reward the strong the strong get stronger in a bull market and the weak a tweeker in a bear market what led you to the short in November says Fox kochore ok so I was I actually had a video during this day exactly when I took the position but basically it was this it's something is it's something that I've been waiting for for a long time going off of the 2-day dildo time from right here we got the to die dildo death cross the green 55 and the purple 200 right here and then once Bitcoin was ground down below all major moving averages each and every last one with this rejection right here I took the position and had a stop-loss right around 60 for 50 and treinen at 6300 I mean that's that's all it was man no more complicating that you know it's quite quite an easy trade actually quite an easy trade anyone could do it that's my point anyone can fucking do it already okay and that's the beauty of the high timeframes hey thanks Frank Garcia I really do appreciate that man I will look at like one Bitcoin can you check out like when Bitcoin shorts and Long's on finished sure man sure hey and thanks for that man really appreciate that that's awesome LT so you said litecoin Bitcoin specifically okay long Tsonga teenagers banks oh you gotta love it baby you gotta fucking love it let's overlay them with each other this is the Long's I've never looked at the Bitcoin pairing attributes and let's put on the shorts overlaid that the shorts are gonna be with the blue in the background the blue line chart and what do we see right here yeah Schwartz got shorts just got absolutely demolished shorts got absolutely fucking demolished and this was a good signal for something like this you know when you see shorts get this fucking high in relation to Long's being you know basically a baseline you have a lot of people to rec a lot of people to rec so again man you also do see some belongs jumping off the cliff as well what can say about this I mean now they're about at parity right so probably get some consolidation here and that that's what I be saying that's what the that's what the charts offer up as well but you're asking specifically about litecoin Bitcoin let's actually go look at that let's get rid of this guy right or actually let's look at what look at it with the with the Schwartz overlaid you can see this immediately when like coins started pumping that's when the shorts were at their highest I mean just beautiful now the shorts are so low it's like how much how many more people you have direct uh where's the ratio at right now ratios gonna be coming into all kinds of resistances in this area we have one right here we have one right here and let's see is there anything coming up on a weekly this range nope not really what about weekly Stokes weekly Stokes getting pretty high weekly RSI mmm not telling me too much but getting the most control zone for the first time in a while daily daily RSI is gonna be printing bearish divergence again anywhere as long as it's below this range man I'd be I'd be defensive here you know that this is the air to be taking prop or sorry taking profits if you're a long before if you long to this consolidation I've been taking profits right here this is also you also just met the measured move off then someone I guess yeah pretty much already back onto the big cones I mean everything's at resistance right now that's what makes it dip you know that's what makes it difficult even if you want to be bullish I'd never bind a resistance ever oh you said like coin like when USD we can go look at that – mm we can go look at that like when USD shorts versus Long's let's go put this on a daily get all these indicators off and I hear Elsa screaming in the shower right now whoops wrong tab there we go let's go let's do the Long's as well get some Long's in our life and would imagine that they're actually pretty similar actually really similar so it seems to me that all all the actions being run off of the run or not running off the Bitcoin pairing I'm I would be curious to know what the difference in volume is the daily volume between the Bitcoin pairing and the and the US dollar pairing because the US dollar parents not telling us anything right now I mean yeah the shorts to get really high they are they basically were at all-time highs but we see a nice charity between the two we see and we see a nice work around with the two so I'd say that you know I'd say that perhaps the Bitcoin parents want to be watching that's where all the action seems to be going down or up in that case the journey of wants to crown could you give a brief analysis of Bitcoin on the weekly chart I mean I do this every day man I do this I do this every day and I guess we can kind of start to wrap the talk up right here.200 exponential as long as we're below that I am NOT bullish as long as we are above that you wanted simple this pink moon average right here at 3,400 I'm not really like bearish looking for looking for a break to the to the downside into the 2000s but the second that the 200 symbol breaks to the downside I would be looking for a move to the 2,000 so if the 200 exponential breaks to the upside we'll be looking for a move around mid for thousands will have to revisit that one if and when it happens right now obviously very very far away but like I said man all the actions happening on the higher time frames as far as this is concerned we got the two week ten simple coming in right around here we've been unable to open and close a weekly tool above that for the last year we have the monthly 50 exponential coming in right around here as well right around 38 80 which has been governing our highs for the last four months and overall when I look at all these time frames we do have the daily 89 expenditure coming around that range as well you know when I look at all these sorts of things you have to be look at them in confluence with each other and the relation to price action and to me that does say that there is some pressure here and this is a great area of contention what do I mean by that I basically mean that if Bitcoin does get above this area of 3950 I would be very comfortable with saying that Bitcoin will see you know at least 4200 and probably beyond you know probably beyond after that if that were to happen but again you know it's got a lot of work to do it's got it's got to prove itself first and right now there's a lot of bearish divergence on the lower timeframes you know as we as we spoke about a lot of bearish divergence here already let me take another sip of this water so much better so much better can he start can you start again everything else after Elsa's scream in the shower right now how dare I hope you're trolling hmm slim kid says bro I thought this was a crypto show not a gun show what I will be doing guns at some point cause I'm gonna be gaming at some point ma'am I really want to get that apex apex Legends game that sounds awesome looks really cool I mean like I said I'm just waiting for the market would turn around it's all I be doing so I'll be doing uh a thought says 2x my money on B & B with all this ICO hype yeah fair enough man you know fair enough it does have the star power can you please look at H LF you mean Herbalife yeah I'd be happy to look at Herbalife I actually traded this one time during that there was like a war going on between who it was Carl Icahn in someone else and they were fucking going at it and I remember I was actually trading it during that time only during that time never again looking bearish to me here looking like this is kind of the ending of a rally and you never run we have a nice well we basically have well I don't know it depends how you look at this do you look at this as an ascending triangle or not I mean you are grinding up right against resistance right here here's what I'd say here's what I'd say on the weekly I do think that this one comes down my opinion is that this thing comes down weekly Stokes are down weekly RSI getting in the better sorry getting in the neutral control zone a weekly weekly Jul give a paper give a perfect sell right on the top actually and I do you think that this one probably has further down to go I would be looking for support right around 53 70 cents and if that area breaks I'd be looking down all the way to $48.50 of course though it kind of is in a sunny trucker right now so if it were if it were able to break back above $60 if it could close a weekly dole above $60 I would be looking for a run let's let's do the measure move on this baby what's this gonna say I'd be looking for a measure move all the way to a little over $70 about 72 bucks something like that but uh my opinions down on that one I think you're seeing the end of the rally right there alrighty um what's up with the hair bro well got my ears load my friend thank you says hot damn look at that but can you please look at gawk chain that's racist man you can't say those words big short on Herbalife and took a beating yeah yeah that's that yeah bill Ockman yeah Bill Ackman you're right you're right Eddie I'm Sam yep you took a big short on it and he charts being shown Tony take its long training be men um let's see black light redistribution PewDiePie first round of the poor crypto King says that crown I want to give a shout-out to the cave discord community applying what I learned from you and in helping with some help from red beard made my first real money profits on bit next that's all that's awesome and I'm really happy for you man I really am that's super cool let's see the real Ilya says Herbalife was hugely popular among Russian immigrants in the 90s send-up and selling it to each other yeah man it's one of those MLM products right let's see jingle says if you short here where do you put your stop-loss as zero wicks all over the place Ivan would have it right yeah so if you are gonna short here really the best place to have a stoploss is right above the high of this wick right here which is 3901 so you're gonna be risking a lot of fucking money if this one goes against you that's why I don't necessarily like this setup that's not what that's why I'm not really playing spot right now I'm playing options again the only positions I have right now on my main account and my streamer account are just options positions I'm pretty much neutral on everything else because if I were to take a short here the only place to manage risk is above 39 you know and this this is this is technically a bullish consolidation although there are indications that it wants to break down you got to be asking yourself risk reward what is what is he edge here are you looking for a run all the way down to 3,800 oh I mean that's you know that's one to one I mean it's not not a winning setup over time that's what I'm getting at let's see can you comment on that please a bull flag on for our Bitcoin again man you know you know I mean we're talking about that right now right it's is it a bull flag on the for our not really I mean I mean it's an ascending triangle the hourly I don't really see anything on the four-hour but I I don't I don't want to incite that these I don't give these words more than they're worth because when you say bull flag you immediately think it's gonna break onwards and outwards which typically it does more often than not it will but I've seen every fucking formation break out every goddamn which way it it would blow your mind so all I'd say is that you have you have support right here 38:30 you have resistance right here 3850 whichever one breaks first that's a try to be taken I think that that's a lot more Probie just be saying anyways I'm gonna start alright I'll look at silver really quick man I'm looking at I'll look at silver really fucking quick then it's then it's time to to wrap this bitch up what do we got a silver bad is it gonna bounce soon it's bad once come down lower as long as it's below $15 and play it I'd play it bearishly clear rejection off this off this resistance trendline loss of 21 exponential wants come down further next support $14.99 if it loses that area it's gonna be you know I mean it could very easily come back down to the low side of the range at $14 I don't like what I see here weekly Stokes turning down weekly RSI getting getting back below the exponential right here pretty divergence all the way through yeah I'm not good yeah again as long as it's below that area that I just spoke about I forgot which area was but as long as below that area which I said I would not be bullish on it anyways to wrap a Bitcoin right here again lower timeframes very very clear 3850 resistance 3830 support whichever one breaks first gonna be your next big is gonna be your next little break it breaks to the downside that's not necessarily a full-on new you know new paradigm what it would be is it would be essentially essentially alleyway into the sturdy 3780 ish area right here which would actually have some major clout if 3780 breaks that's where I become bearish again if 30s if 38:30 breaks right here I don't become bearish but I would be looking for a move back down to the low side of this of this range right here around 3,800 but again until 38 37 80 breaks I would not be bearish by the same token yes there are bearish divergences on the four-hour dildo timeframe right here you know you do see our for our Stokes turnaround as well and and divergences on on all lower timeframes than that but if Bitcoin does take out 38 50 right here I would be looking for a quick move to test 3950 3950 is where the medium-term timeframe picture starts to change a little bit if 30 if 3950 is taken out I would be bullish for a move to about 4200 and probably beyond probably beyond after that but for now that's kind of what I see in the very low timeframes in the medium time frames obviously the higher time frames the macro time frames they have not changed at all we're still below all major areas and all major all of those major areas actually come in right around this 3900 level so keep in mind these areas and keep in mind their relation to the greater picture anyways that's gonna do for today guys but an actual post speak with you as always really enjoyed this one a lot of fun a lot of a lot of good conversations and and again guys just want to say massive massive massive thank you as you looked in the camera and I'll see you guys tomorrow with some more video and live stream action until then take care

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