ISCEA Supply Chain Blockchain Summit & CBSCP Certification Workshop at UTA

ISCEA Supply Chain Blockchain Summit & CBSCP Certification Workshop at UTA

at UT Arlington we have wonderful degree programs, we have wonderful faculty wonderful students, but sometimes the industry is a little bit ahead of academia. So I think
blockchain is that technology that’s cutting edge, leading edge. So I think the
digital supply chain is here and the fact that ISCEA is on that cutting edge
trying to provide this education and knowledge, I think is exciting The first thing we have to do to educate managers is to separate what
the cryptocurrency is and around speculation and then what the underlying
technology is, that came from that that can now be applied to a
business concept or business to actually improve supply chains and those, I think would be that they’re cryptographically secure, the
distributed data, so they’re never going to be hackable, and then this
concept of smart contracts how you can build business rules from
operations from finance logisitics into into a blockchain solution in order
to drive automatic events that’s something that my clients are
asking me about. So just getting that baseline understanding and being able to
at least carry on a conversation and then act upon it at some point in time,
it’s more of an “imperative” than a “nice-to-have” from our experience it seems to be these very clear verticals that are
getting benefits from blockchain so part of that would be the food industry,
specifically food imports-exports so if you’re importing to the US
you have to comply with USDA FSIS that means that every single step of the
process you know around you know the animal or the foods in the
fields and then veterinary certificates inspector certificates they will have to
be created and hashed to the blockchain to make them available for an
inspector. So that’s one vertical Pharma or life science is another one that’s
growing double digits internationally so if you’ve got any Pharma
products that needs temperature control and hatching that to the blockchain that means that, that information, it’s out
there, you can actually see it and you can believe the results and then make decisions on whether that was a good shipment or not
and then obviously in some other verticals let’s say, cosmetics, apparel,
anything to do with luxury, some premium drinks they would benefit from using
blockchain because we can provide fraud protection, they would detect
black market, gray market, counterfeit products and give the consumer a very
clear idea of the provenance of that product all the way through the supply
chain. So I think that anyone today that’s looking for an interesting career
would be wise to go and study up how blockchain works, how are
smart contracts implemented because there’s going to be a huge demand for that in the next twenty/thirty years you know, the course here and the
certification is very helpful because it’s explained in a layman’s way that is
transferable. Right? So, good case studies really good examples, very pragmatic, very tangible, so that it’s explained in a way that even a guy like me could understand

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