Is Cryptocurrency Dead?

Is Cryptocurrency Dead?

Hello guys. How are you? Hope you guys are doing great
the holiday season is coming so thank you all for participating
in our recent event which is our Halloween Edition Giveaway
so is it successful, thank you all for your support please look up for our
Christmas and New Year Edition about next giveaway on Twitter and Facebook. I would like to share more about The different between DEX and CEX is your token or your coin (fund) all in your wallet we don’t keep any amount of your
crypto that means you don’t need to worry about losing your fund from all the centralised exchanges. So far as you can see there are so many
centralised exchanges leak data of their customers example email or sensitive information
that why with with the DEX we do not request any document from you. (Yeah!!!) In our DEX, the biggest advantage is the not acceptable DDOS attack. That’s really a nightmare for most traders. We are also building up our DEX on Onion (TOR) and IPFS. It is impossible for DDOS Because there are many available nodes that host the exchange. With any node is attacked there is available backup one. It is very safe for all of our traders. You also can do your own IEO, token sale on our DEX. it’s totally free (Yeah!!!) we’re gonna talk about what is going on
in crypto-world so I think recently China has been pretty positive
about blockchain and I think that is a good sign
very good signal for all of you all of us out here yeah so I think in the next
coming few months we are going to see a lot of exciting things happening in crypto market One more thing about the Bitcoin Halving is coming on May 2020 of course the price of a Bitcoin will go up, of course the crypto currencies will be bumped up again this mean our token’s price
definitely will be the same. It means don’t waste time (action now) I can see the opportunity yeah and I think
coming few months really do trade more on DEX to get more profit and also looked up Xeonbit on CoinmarketCap (CMC). Yes, that’s right that is the good news for us however the data is unavailable Because our coin & token need to be traded more so information can be updated. Feel free to go and get your token, your coin moving on our DEX and then you will see
more information about Xeonbit on CMC soon. Thank you so much and see you on next video

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