IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain Introduction

IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain Introduction

Welcome to IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain, an IBM Maximo Asset Management add-on that brings the power of blockchain to your business. Blockchain is an implementation of distributed ledger technology that enables members of a business network to view and submit transactions to a secure digital ledger. The digital ledger is stored within the blockchain. Each network participant can have access to the digital ledger. You determine what changes are allowable and which members of your network can make those changes. In a typical business network, you can encounter many security risks and communication issues, including difficulty tracing and verifying data, difficultly managing complex relationships among third-party regulators, partners, and vendors, and difficulty ensuring consistent security for your data. All of this can cost your business valuable time and money. By using Maximo Network on Blockchain, you can overcome these risks and issues through the power of blockchain. You can maintain full control of what data is shared, when the data is shared, and who can access it, while maintaining a transparent and visible transaction history. You can simplify and automatically manage your relationships with business network members. You can also trust that your data is secure and accurate, because it is stored in common, immutable records in the digital ledger. Maximo Network on Blockchain makes it possible for you to have greater confidence in your data security and transaction histories and greater efficiency in your day-to-day operations. To provide this confidence and efficiency, Maximo Network on Blockchain combines IBM solutions, such as IBM Watson IoT Platform on Blockchain and IBM Blockchain Platform. You are also provided with two sample use cases for Maximo Network on Blockchain. These use cases include two sample participant applications, where your network participants can view and edit your data outside of Maximo Asset Management. The two sample participant applications, the Service Request Review application and the General Ledger Query application, can be used without making changes, you can customize them, or you can use them as inspiration for building your own participant application. Regardless of the size or complexity of your business network or the unique needs of your business, Maximo Network on Blockchain works for you to secure and give you more control over your data and to simplify your third-party relationships. Ready to get started? Check out our IBM Marketplace page. Just looking for more information? Check out our product documentation in IBM Knowledge Center, our GitHub repository, or our blogs in the IBM Maximo Developer Center.

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