How to Transfer Bitcoin to Bittrex – STEP BY STEP [Noob Friendly] Guide

How to Transfer Bitcoin to Bittrex - STEP BY STEP [Noob Friendly] Guide

all right this is going to be an explanation of how to send your Bitcoin balance or the amount of Bitcoin you want to send from your coin base address or coinbase Bitcoin wallet to it tracks your bit tracks Bitcoin wallets in order to trade on Victrix this is pretty simple and it should be real quick I'm going to show you now so you're gonna start on bit trucks and you're gonna go in the top right to the wallets tab under the wallet stab this is gonna show all of your wallets so if you bought anything on bit trucks before this is gonna show those coins so you're gonna want to search for Bitcoin which is the ticker for bitcoin is BTC and you'll see it right here and over on the left you'll see a plus I and a minus sign the plus sign is whenever you want to deposit Bitcoin to your bitch recs address or your bitch recs wallet okay the minus sign is remember you want to take your Bitcoin out of bit treks and move it to either an offline wallet or your corn-based wallet or a different exchange wallet but what we're trying to do is we're trying to add it we're trying to deposit it two-bit tricks so you're going to definitely want to click on that positive sign make sure it's next to Bitcoin next to the coin symbol so we're gonna click on that and it's gonna show you your address now your address is just like your bank account routing number or your accountant it's like your account number isn't like your routing number it's like your bank account account number that is a unique code a unique series of numbers and letters that is unique to your address so what you're gonna want to do is either double click on it and click control-c or command-c if you're on a Mac we're just right click on it and click copy and that's going to copy it to your clipboard so next you just X out of that and we're gonna be going to coinbase in order to send our Bitcoin from coinbase to this bit tricks address that we just copied all right now once you're on coinbase what you're gonna want to do is go to the send tab from the send tab you don't want to paste that address of the bitch Rex wallet this is gonna because you're wanting a cent from coinbase two-bit tracks you want to make sure that it sends to that exact account address then you're gonna want to type in basically how much you want to send in Bitcoin so I just deposited about $10 worth into this account into this coin base account and I only want to send that much so I'm just gonna click on use max and that's gonna send the maximum amount of Bitcoin that I can from my coin base account to the bitch drugs account if you only want to send a portion of your total balance on coin base in Bitcoin you're gonna want to do this manually and type in maybe point 0 at 10.5 something like that your exact amount in Bitcoin then there's the option to write a message that's only really good or applicable if you're trying to send money or payment for a good or a service just maybe somebody that where you need to describe what the payment is for but I'm just sending that it's basically to myself to a different account and different wallet so that doesn't really matter finally I'm gonna click on send funds and what it's gonna do is it's gonna ask for confirmation via two-factor authentication and this is something that you set up for security on your account it's gonna send you a text on your cell phone which I just got and then all I'm gonna do is click on or type in the code 5 – well actually double-check that it's the right code shouldn't send you it pretty quick view your cell phone yeah SMS and then you're just gonna want to confirm and it's gonna show you that your send is complete see I only sent a couple dollars worth just to test it out and I sent it to that address which I've double-checked is the correct address and now we will see our Bitcoin start to show up in the account so we're gonna go over to bit tracks and we're gonna wait maybe 20 minutes because it's not gonna it's gonna take about 20 minutes before it shows up under the pending deposits and you'll see that takes a little bit of confirmation time to really send from coinbase two-bit tracks I'll be right back as soon as that pending deposit shows I've waited about 10 minutes and I've refreshed my bid treks page I'm still under the wallets tab and you can see now under pending deposits I have one pending deposit for Bitcoin for this amount and there's currently one out of two confirmations now that can be up to six confirmations depending on if the Bitcoin on coinbase has is running a little slow and has some troubles or if the Bitcoin wallet on bit tracks is running a little slow depending on how much traffic is being run through both the addresses or if there's just general maintenance on either end but most of the time it should take between 30 minutes and an hour and if they're having that maintenance in trouble then it's gonna be usually about two hours but I would run it around an hour I would depend on about an hour and if it comes a little sooner that's perfect and you can see if you click on the plus button you can see your transaction ID and the address that you sent it to and I will check back with you guys as soon as this finishes up and let you know how long it took all right it's been about 20 to 30 minutes and as you can see I just refreshed and it says you have no pending deposits but if we scroll down to deposit history you'll see that the Bitcoin on today 823 has successfully been deposited same transaction ID same address so that was a success this was a tutorial just a quick tip on how to send your bit tricks or your Bitcoin from coinbase to bid tricks check out the next videos which will explain how to send your Bitcoin from coinbase to other exchanges and also check out the video before if this is the first video you're seeing in order to see how to buy your Bitcoin on coinbase with a debit card ready card hey you guys for watching

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  1. There seems to be some glitch on my chrome browser that makes it impossible to login using that stupid puzzle piece login puzzle…the entire screen keeps getting pulled over and then I’m back at an empty login screen. I’m on the app on my phone….any help with the app to accomplish this same task?

  2. I practiced on this site from my coinbase account as I'd never actually done it before.

  3. BAD! Look at coinbase terms and conditions. Even trading BTC/Eth is grounds for your account being banned. People get banned from coinbase everyday with no explanation. Always Send your coinbase stash to a fresh private wallet before sending off to the exchange. Better safe than sorry boys

  4. In this transaction, you spent 2X amount as network fee to transfer X amount. Am I right? If so, how does it worth it?

  5. I like to transfer my BTC from coinbase to (the coinbase exchange) and then transfer from GDAX to Bittrex account. The reason for doing it this way is because there is NO fee to transfer coinbase to GDAX and NO fee to transfer from GDAX to Bittrex

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