How to Register for Online Banking

Welcome to the NatWest how to register
for online banking video. Please make sure you have your sort code, account
number and card to hand to help you register. First tell us what type of
customer you are by selecting the button relevant to you. Fill in your personal
details on the screen and select next. Input your sort code and account number.
If you have your debit card handy please input your details here to make
registration quicker for you. Review the online banking terms and conditions and
tell us you’ve done this by selecting the box shown. Then select next. If you’ve
already registered for telephone banking please tell us here and we can make
registration quicker for you. If you’ve not registered for telephone banking
please choose a four digit PIN and select a password you would like to use
when logging in to online banking or calling our telephone teams. Your
password must be between six and twenty characters and contain both letters and
numbers. Please note once you’ve set up your PIN
and password the bank will never ask you for your full pin and password please do
not record this important security information anywhere. Then select next.
You will now be shown your customer number which you should take note of as
you’ll need it for future logins. Your customer number is made up of your date
of birth followed by your own unique code. This is different to the pin you
previously selected tell us you’ve taken note of your customer number by clicking
the Box shown. You can now click continue to online banking by selecting go to
online banking and you will see your account summary. Or choose to learn
more about the mobile app. If you are not automatically enrolled you will have two
options to receive your activation code. You will see a screen where you can
check if your mobile number is correct. Select the option to confirm if your
partial number displayed is correct or not and then click Next.
If you selected that your mobile number was correct you will shortly receive
activation code by text message. This is valid for 20 minutes and you will need
to enter it into the box on the screen. Once you have entered the code select
next. If you haven’t received the code make sure your mobile has signal and
click on the option have not received your activation code. You can request to
resend the code two more times. If you still haven’t received the card select
send by post. If you’ve selected that your mobile number was incorrect you will
automatically be sent your activation code by post. Once you receive this
follow the instructions in the letter. Once you receive your activation code
you will need to access the online banking login screen and enter your
customer number and click continue. Enter your activation code and click next.
Follow the instructions on the screen and enter a memorable pin and password
then select next. You have now successfully enrolled for online banking.
You will now need to order an online banking card reader which will enable
you to access all the benefits of your online banking service. Please click
the show me how to link at the top right of your screen which will show you how
to do this. Thank you for choosing NatWest online

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