How to Read Music on Ledger Lines Fast

How to Read Music on Ledger Lines Fast

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  1. Working my way thru all the lessons. Very through, thank you very much for your time to teach. Been subbed for a while now

  2. Hi, I love your lessons, but cannot join live because I live in England. Anyway, I don't use EGBDF on the staves I use FACE on the spaces and just realised that I can use FACEFACE to count notes on the lines above the top line, thank you

  3. I had to pause the video after you mentioned skipping to say "Thank you! "
    The tips for ledger lines honestly helped, it makes total sense too!

    Very glad I subscribed!!

  4. Thank you for your lessons and time…. I appreciate people like you….. I just discovered you tonight….I am a beginner and you make it simple to understand….

  5. Ty, Tim another invaluable lesson, luv the dirty tricks of the trade. You've been a huge help in my music development with these easy to follow along with basics.

  6. Can you please create a PDF where you visualize the intervals, the video goes so fast that I can't remember it. I mean on and between the lines, interval 2 3 4 5 6 7, Tank you for the great lessons

  7. My Trick: The middle line between the two clefs is c. The upper and lower ledger lines are a-c-e (starting from the lowest ledger line). So the first ledger line above the G-clef is a, the first ledger line below the F-clef is e.

  8. Brilliant! It used to take me a long time to work out ledger lines, without using the skipping method. I really love your style of teaching, thanks so much for posting these videos.

  9. This is great stuff. This is like the movie "The Imitation Game", cracking the code and winning the war.

  10. So useful, it can really slow you down when you are starting out and struggling to recognise what notes to play. It increases confidence the better you get..thanks.

  11. A trick: all C notes (from 2nd ledger line below F-clef to 2nd ledger line above G-clef) are symmetrical to the center of the grand staff.

  12. FYI: …I was just trying to study the ledger lines, and, to me, it seems to be a bit easier to try to view, see, and locate, and focus on the simple repeating (ascending) patterns of the ledger line locations of the grouping of these note letters: ( "F, A, C, E, " ), starting in the bottom space in the "treble ("G") cleff". Note that the next ( "F, A, C, E, ") begins with the top line of the staff, and continues upward, with each higher line. Likewise, there is another ( "F, A, C, E, ") starting with the "focus" of the "F-cleff" /("bass cleff"), and going up, …thru the "middle C", and reaching the bottom line in the "treble cleff". Likewise, each new ( "F, A, C, E, ") is the next adjacent group of adjacent 4 (lines), or (spaces), [alternating], ….going yet higher, or lower. Then, just remember that the sequential letters ("G, B, D") = ( " Great, Big, Dog "), are the ascending names of the missing lines or spaces, not included in the "F, A, C, E, " NOTES… Anything that can allow the brain to find a simple, reliable way to find a "known landmark" (note letter name), might be helpful in building faster reading habits.

  13. i know how to read ledger lines but im trying to learn piano now and while sight reading i get tripped up so thank you! whats the app/ software/ stylus or whatever youre using to draw the notes in?

  14. I memorized the rhymes, so every time I have to hit a note, I go " … every good boy does Fine" then I know the note is an F, or " …great Britain defend france Always" then I know its an A… Its really annoying, cos I am struggling real bad to remember which note goes where on the sheet. I am really having a hard time remembering that. 🙁

  15. Is it possible that you could show the notes on the ledger lines in color again? It was very helpful.. thank you/1

  16. I've had trouble memorizing the ledger line notes since I was young. Now I'm 36 and play at an advanced level. I'm still slow at getting the ledger lines. I always have to stop and count. Glad I found your channel.
    What music software do you use?

  17. I don't think you understand how helpful this tutorial was. My music teacher taught me this and I didn't get it but this cleared things up nicely. Thanks a ton!

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