How to Buy PRPS & DUBI for Clash of Streamers

How to Buy PRPS & DUBI for Clash of Streamers

Hello everybody! In our PRPS & DUBI explanation video, we discussed
the cryptocurrencies PRPS & DUBI and talked about how they relate to Clash of Streamers. In short, PRPS & DUBI are used to purchase
some of the best value deals through the Gaming for Good shop, and DUBI can be used in the
Blockchain building in-game to empower your exported heroes and pets, improving their
effectiveness, cosmetic value, as well as making them available for other players to
rent. So, getting access to these cryptocurrencies
at one point or another is huge if you are looking to maximize your account progression
or make money from your exported heroes and pets. In this video, we’re going to go through exactly
how you can get these cryptocurrencies so you can take advantage of all the features
they offer. Let’s get to it! So, how does the process of purchasing PRPS
or DUBI work exactly? Well, it works through 5 primary steps. Step 1, create an account with a fiat-to-cryptocurrency
exchange. This will be your entry point which will allow
you to purchase cryptocurrencies with your native fiat currency. Step 2, buy Ethereum. Since Ethereum is what we need to purchase
PRPS or DUBI, this step is essential. Step 3, create a Metamask wallet. Metamask is the program that will allow you
to interact with DubiEx later on to purchase PRPS or DUBI. Step 4, transfer your Ethereum from your cryptocurrency
exchange to your Metamask wallet. Step 5, purchase PRPS or DUBI on DubiEx with
your Ethereum. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have your PRPS
or DUBI and can make some purchases on the Gaming for Good shop or transfer the DUBI
to your wallet in-game. For the rest of the video, we’ll be going
into each of these steps in-depth so you know exactly what you’re doing. So, for step number 1, we need to setup an
account with a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange. What exchanges can you use? As of the time of this video, some good exchanges
are Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Bitpanda. While this is certainly not an exhaustive
list, these exchanges have worked well for many people in the past. The exchange that you decide to use should
depend on a few different factors: your experience with cryptocurrencies, the country you live
in, as well as your tolerance for fees. For example, Coinbase is the most widely known
and used cryptocurrency exchange because it makes the cryptocurrency purchase process
extremely simple through a very streamlined interface and very easy account creation process,
as well as allowing purchases through credit and debit cards. At the same time, it’s not available to people
in every country across the world, and although credit card and debit card purchases are available
and make the cryptocurrency purchase process extremely easy, the fees are higher than doing
a bank or wire transfer on Coinbase or any other exchange. If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrencies
in general, Coinbase is probably the best option because it allows you to get setup
and buy Ethereum in the most pain-free process. However, there are a ton of different exchange
options, a lot of which I didn’t even mention in this video. So, it’s important that you do a bit of research
on your own and determine which exchange is available in your country and which exchange
you think will match your experience level. Once you have chosen an exchange and have
gone through the full account creation and verification process, you are all set to buy
Ethereum which is our next step. For step number 2, we need to buy Ethereum. In this video, we’re going to use Coinbase
as the exchange for purchasing Ethereum since it’s the most widely used and simplest to
demonstrate with. In this case, I’ve linked a debit card and
can use that to freely make purchases on Coinbase. To purchase Ethereum, all you need to do is
click the trade button, change Bitcoin to Ethereum, choose the payment method you wish
to use, and then choose the amount of Ethereum you wish to buy. Before choosing the amount, it’s important
to know exactly what your goal is. If you want to purchase a package on the Gaming
for Good shop, then you should have a rough idea of how much each package is worth. The first Gaming for Good shop Gem package
is worth roughly $3, the second is worth roughly $30, and the third is worth around $75. So, when buying Ethereum, it’s a good idea
to choose a dollar amount slightly higher than the value of the package to account for
any fees and any other potential inconveniences. If you’re looking to simply buy DUBI to use
in the Blockchain building in-game, then you can choose any amount that you wish. In my case, I’m looking to buy the 3rd Gaming
for Good shop package for roughly $75 worth of PRPS or DUBI. So, I’m going to buy $80 worth of Ethereum. After entering the amount, you can preview
your purchase and see the exact amount of Ethereum you’ll get, as well as the dollar
value of the Ethereum you will receive. In this case, I’ll be receiving roughly $77
worth of Ethereum, which is perfect since I want to buy the $75 Gaming for Good Gem
package. You can then click buy now to complete your
purchase. Now that we’ve done that, we’re going to shift
topics a bit and talk about Metamask. Because for step number 3, we need to setup
a Metamask wallet. Metamask is simply a browser extension which
gives you an Ethereum wallet and allows you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain in
any way. This is what will allow us to use DubiEx later
on to purchase PRPS and DUBI. So, how do you get Metamask? When heading to the official Metamask website, you can find the download links for all supported browsers. Currently, Metamask is supported on Google
Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, as well as the Brave browser. In this case, we’re going to use Google Chrome
with Metamask. So, when clicking on the Chrome button, you
will be brought to the official Metamask Chrome extension page, which you can simply install
right onto your browser. Once Metamask is installed, you’ll be brought
to the setup page. From here, you can continue with the Metamask
installation steps based on the instructions they give. If you want your in-game Blockchain wallet
to be the exact same as your Metamask wallet, you can actually import the exact same 12-word
passphrase right into Metamask. If you do so, instead of having to transfer
DUBI from Metamask to your in-game wallet, you can simply buy DUBI right off of DubiEx,
and have it appear in your in-game wallet pretty much instantly. Whether you decide to use the same 12-word
passphrase on both your in-game Blockchain wallet and Metamask wallet is completely up
to you. Once you’ve set up your Metamask wallet with
a custom 12-word passphrase or a new passphrase, you’re ready to go onto the next step. For step number 4, we want to transfer the
purchased Ethereum to the newly setup Metamask wallet. To do so, you first need the address of your
Metamask wallet. Simply click on the Metamask extension on
your browser, and click on the account name to copy your Metamask wallet address. Now, we want to transfer the Ethereum to that
wallet address. If you aren’t using Coinbase, then you can
simply follow your exchange’s protocols with regards to transferring Ethereum. Since I’m using Coinbase in this example,
we can simply navigate to the Accounts tab, find the Ethereum wallet section, and click
the Send button. In the recipient field, you want to paste
your Metamask wallet address, and for the amount, you want to select the maximum possible
transfer amount. You can then click Continue to push your Ethereum
transfer through. Now it’s important that you give the transaction
a few minutes to go through. This can take anywhere from a couple minutes
in most cases, to several hours when the Ethereum network is completely congested. Usually, the transaction will go through after
a couple minutes. After a bit of time, you can check your Metamask
wallet and you’ll see your newly bought Ethereum sitting there waiting for you. For step number 5, we can finally purchase
PRPS or DUBI. So, before we get into this, what exactly
should you purchase? If your goal is to complete a purchase on
the Gaming for Good shop, then you should purchase PRPS. This is because it’s usually less expensive
to buy PRPS, meaning that you can get more value for your money. If your goal is to empower your heroes and
pets, or purchase any of them in-game, then you want to buy DUBI. Whatever your goal may be, you first need
to open the decentralized exchange DubiEx by navigating to Once you’re there, you’ll need to give DubiEx
the ability to interact with your Metamask which is a necessary step before you can make
any transactions. If you’re looking to purchase PRPS, DubiEx
by default will navigate to the PRPS to Ethereum trading pair, but if you want to purchase
DUBI, you can simply search for DUBI by pressing this dropdown arrow, entering DUBI, and selecting
the option. In our case, since I want to purchase the
3rd Gaming for Good shop Gem package, I want to buy PRPS; specifically, I want to buy 33.47
PRPS. While the 3rd Gaming for Good shop Gem package
costs 33.47 PRPS at the time of this video, as the dollar price of PRPS and DUBI changes,
the price of the Gaming for Good shop packages will also adjust to reflect the price changes. So, make sure you always refer back to the
website directly for accurate numbers. Whether you are going to purchase PRPS or
DUBI, the best thing you can do is switch to advanced mode, since advanced mode gives
you access to the best prices available. So, click on the button in the top right,
and switch to advanced mode. You want to fill in the information in the
menu in the bottom left buy menu. The type should be set to Market order and
the amount should match however much you intend on purchasing. Since the 3rd Gaming for Good shop Gem package
costs 33.47 PRPS or DUBI, I’m going to enter 33.47 into the PRPS amount field. Before clicking buy, make sure that you are
aware of the gas price. The gas price simply determines the amount
of Ether you’ll pay to send the transaction, because for every transaction on the Ethereum
blockchain, you have to pay a small transaction fee. A higher gas price means you will pay more
for the transaction and the transaction will go through at a faster pace, while a lower
gas price means you will pay less for the transaction and it will confirm at a slower
pace. In most cases, you’ll be perfectly fine simply
using the standard gas price. You can then click Market Buy, and you’ll
see the Metamask confirmation popup appear displaying your transaction information. At the top, you’ll see the total Ethereum
amount of the purchase you’ll be making, and you can also see the cost of the transaction
fee, and the total cost of the transaction below. Once you’ve checked over everything, you can
then confirm the transaction. Similarly to the transfer from Coinbase to
Metamask, the transaction will take a bit of time to go through. The speed will completely depend on the gas
price that you set. After a couple of minutes, the PRPS should
arrive in your Metamask wallet. However, before you can actually see any PRPS
or DUBI in your Metamask wallet, you need to first add the tokens to Metamask. All this does is simply notify Metamask to
record and pay attention to transactions for specific Ethereum tokens like PRPS or DUBI. To add PRPS or DUBI to Metamask, you need
to open the side menu, click add token, custom token, and then enter the token address for
PRPS or DUBI. You can find the addresses for PRPS and DUBI
in the description. By doing this, you will now see the correct
amount of PRPS or DUBI that you have in your Metamask wallet. Eventually, your DubiEx transaction will go
through, and you will see any purchased PRPS or DUBI in your Metamask wallet. Like I mentioned earlier, if you used the
same 12-word passphrase on both your Metamask wallet and your Clash of Streamers Blockchain
wallet, then you’ll instantly have access to whatever you bought. If you used a different 12-word passphrase,
you can simply copy your Blockchain wallet address from your Blockchain building, and
send the DUBI from your Metamask to your in-game wallet address. If we look back at our example purchase for
33.47 PRPS, you can now see it has arrived in my Metamask wallet. From here, we can go ahead and make our purchase
on the Gaming for Good shop. Simply navigate to, click
the shop tab, and then click on the third Gaming for Good shop Gem package. Before you can actually use the newly purchased
PRPS, you have to enable the smart contract. All this does, is it simply gives the Gaming
for Good shop the ability to use and interact with your PRPS or DUBI. Once that transaction has been completed,
you are free to use the 33.47 PRPS to purchase the Gem package. Simply click the use button, confirm the transaction,
and wait. After a bit of time on the transaction pending
screen, you’ll eventually be told that your transaction has gone through. If you open Clash of Streamers, you’ll see
all your new Gems, Crypton and VIP exp all applied to your account. Just make sure you are logged into the same
account on both Gaming for Good as well as Clash of Streamers to receive the rewards! And that’s all I’ve got to talk about for
this guide on how to purchase PRPS and DUBI for use in Clash of Streamers. Hopefully some of you found this video helpful,
and if you did, definitely leave a like and subscribe for more, a lot more Clash of Streamers
content on the way. Until the next time!

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  2. Great tutorial. Although it seems like such a big hassle compared to clicking a button and pay with your linked CC in-game. Hope Athene really makes it worthwhile!

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