How to access your testnet ADA in the Daedalus testnet?

How to access your testnet ADA in the Daedalus testnet?

The first snapshot is complete and it’s
time to do the balance check to make sure that your seed phrase is correct
and you receive the correct number of testnet ADA
once again there will be two snapshots this is the first one so this is only
the balance check we start staking after the second snapshot IOHK just
released a message on their official Twitter their official Twitter is
@InputOutputHK they release it in various different languages if you go
to the site you will be able to find the Cardano
incentivized testnet download this is a separate download to the current
Daedalus version if I go into my current Daedalus version right now you see I’ll
have a philpa wallet with 99.129098 ADA so when I open up the testnet and put in my seed phrase I should receive
99.129098 testnet ADA I’m going to scroll
down this is a Windows computer I will click Windows let’s see how long it takes to get
things running click yes space required is 435 MB’s
I have a 139 GB’s on my computer so I’m good to go I will click install we’ll
give it a little bit of time to install going to click close, exit this and as you can
see there’s a Daedalus wallet here but there’s another Daedalus wallet here so
this is the Daedalus testnet check right here so you can go ahead and click
this I’m going to maximize this screen click English number format Europeans
and people outside the US they use dots or periods to indicate what the commas
are and Americans we use commas and various other countries use commas too
so you can figure out which way you want to do it the month date year, date month
year, or year month date whatever your preference is and the time format you
want this time or you want this time the military time or you want regular time
all right we’re gonna click continue scroll down I agree with the Terms of
Service continue I understand I’m going to go ahead and restore a wallet I’m going to go ahead and restore that wallet that
I was referring to in the actual Daedalus the Daedalus mainnet. I’m going to
click that I’m going to click this and this is going to be the philpa
wallet it’s a twelve word wallet I’m going to hit enter my recovery phrase
now and then you can go ahead and create a new rewards wallet and import
something else so we’re going to go click this and that’s the end of this

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  1. For me the Daedalus stuck in the Starting Cardano node phase. I tried out all the workarounds IOHK website suggested, but no success. Opened a ticket, hope they find in the log files what could went wrong.

  2. Thanks. Will you be doing a walk through for the Yoroi balance check? It's a similar process, but might be helpful for others.

  3. Hi Phillipe. So, when we put our ada before the 2nd snapshot into our yoroi wallet address (not the testnet address). After the snaphot, will there be a new dropdowns of all the participating pools like yourself for us to see and stake our adas? so far it's only balance check to see if we have been snapshotted right.. thanks.

  4. Your various videos on staking/testnet/snapshots 1 & 2 are invaluable. They are readily understandable and concise. Why hasn't ADA or IOHK made you an ambassador? I mean, shouldn't this have been their job? You made great presentations. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Phil. I put all my ADA on my Yoroi phone android wallet for the snapshot. How i can check with a phone? Do i need must check or not?

  6. Awesome. Just did it. Though when I hit the button for staking it didn't take me to any list of staking pools. I guess that will be shown and offered on the 2nd testnet run and not this one? One other thing… I did not get an email from IOHK yet saying the 1st testnet wallet was up. And I don't have a twitter or facebook or telegram account. Have no desire to get any. If it were not for your video I would not have known this was up yet. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Thanks for the video. I know for sure that my seed phrase is correct but my Daedalus balance is showing zero. Also, I have only had my ADA in my wallet and using it shows my correct balance. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!

  8. Staking cardano org website just keeps refreshing over and over. Link for the official testnet wallet?

    edit Working now.

  9. Locked up at connecting to network. Did most of the suggestions, wiped cache, reset router and computer, shut off main wallet, tried several times, even tried from stats page. Nothing yet

  10. lol, My Daedalus balance has not changed for a very long time yet the test net balance is short of my real balance. Anyone else having similar issue?

  11. Thanks. So, as you explained we have to type our seed phase. Is this safe (on a clean computer) ? Or at this point do you recommend transferring out our real ADA to a new wallet with a new seed phase? If I do this, will it cause any problems with the testnet or the real main net, when it comes to receiving my real ADA earnings from the testnet ?

  12. Do I really have to make a "rewards wallet" if i want to be rewarded from staking?, can it be deposited into my balance check wallet?

  13. And if we don’t want to compromise our seed. I think we have to wait the 2dn snapshot and move back to the leger after we use the seed for the testnet. Is that the good way ?

  14. Phil bro do we have to make new wallets for the rewards. I have restored 3 wallets in the icentivized Testnet wallet. So 3 reward wallets?

  15. Tutorial sounds perfect, until I found out I am stuck at starting cardano node. Now I am laughing because I am not sure what to do.

  16. I wonder…if I do the balance checked and had Ada in testnet balance checked. Then, creat another wallet. When the main testnet occured. Did I have double Ada in both testnet wallet or. The testnet will be only count with the 2nd snapshot. In this particular way, what is the point of 1st, is that to just test snapshot system, is it would be alright the to just skip the balance checked. I mean leave it in the same wallet and let's it be ready for 2nd snapshot because this would be less compromised for the seed. What would you suggest?

  17. Thanks for demoing the install of the testnet install of the wallet. Question I noticed you gave the testnet wallet name the same as the mainet wallet (i.e. phillipa) name. Do you have to do this? Could you of given a different name to the Testnet wallet other than the same name of the mainet wallet? I guess my question is does it have to match prior to putting my seed name to testnet?

  18. I'm planning to move my ADA to a new wallet after the second snapshot, even if my computer is malware free, and I was wondering if there is any risk putting my seed into Chrome or Firefox extension at this time. Thank you.

  19. Thanks PHIL for the update
    I transfered all my adas to this testnet staking rewards wallet.
    Coinbase listing should not be before shelley is mainnet. SO no trading needed

  20. Downloaded Daedalus wallet waiting on 2nd snapshot. Subscribed to your channel and I will be using your staking pool when times come! Glad I found your YouTube channel

  21. Thank you for the video! I was able to download the test net with no problems and have transferred balance to rewards wallet.
    Let me know when you’re ready for me to delegate to you! thank you for all of your videos, help and time!

  22. Thanks, I restored the "balance testnet wallet" and create a "Rewards wallet". If I want to send some ADA (which are not included in the 12th snapshot) and add funds for the staking, should I send ADAs to "the Rewards wallet" right? Because I can't see receive/send command in the "balance wallet". Thanks!

  23. there r few things here seems strange and i,m talking about daedalus mainly :
    1 check test net balance can be done on yoroi extention too and i already did it and didn,t ask for spending password which is logic but wasn,t logic to see it on Daedalus testnet check wallet ?? why asking for s[ending password ?

    2 why in the 1st place they ask us to check our balance where they r gonno do a 2nd snapshot ? we already compromise our seeds now ??? what do we do ? move to a new wallet ?

    3 its very strange to take a snapshoot and ask people to test there original seeds on it and compromise their seeds then wait for a 2nd snapshot … normally a snapshot is a snapshot and 100% include all balance for sure . i know IOHK like to make sure every thing is correct before staring a real new thing but i felt like this is over reacting .

    4 i like the project and i,m an early adaptor and Hodlr of ADA .. but some how i feel the project is Huge while doing little over time .. 3 big companies ? IOHK Emurgo Cardano foundation … why all that . ..

  24. I successfully started the node. Do you have any information about the purpose of the "Rewards Wallet" and should we ignore the warning for now? Or should we transfer all our ADAs into the Rewards Wallet? (into a single one or should we have several?) I mean, at this moment I have five different wallet and they are recovered correctly in the testnet Daedalus, I successfully created one Rewards Wallet. Should I create a separate Reward Wallet for each of my wallets, or should I have only one rewards wallet and transfer all my ADA into that? Or one balance wallet and one rewards wallet? I clicked on the "learn more" link but that article does not mention what is the good practice with the rewards wallet.

  25. I installed the testnet on two window 7 pcs and 1 windows 10 pc and all three of them get stuck on starting cardano node…. and doesnt start up. Do you know why? I have my main net daedalus wallet open and working and synced up on my windows 10 pc so I dont know why the testnet wallet is not working

  26. Hello Philpa. Please suggest me advice

    First my incentive test net Daedalus is not starting. Stuck on loading screen.

    I want to be safe and can I do this! Not check my balance by exposing my 12 words. Wait till second snapshot and move my funds to ledger. Then collect my testnet ada? Does this method work or you see any flaw.

    Please anyone I am open to comments. Thank you all and philip.

  27. So, after many attempts, finally got it to load but the balance is off by 1109.887 ADA………..anybody else have that issue? Philipa any advice?

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