High Heels of Bitcoin – episode 13 – Laurianna

High Heels of Bitcoin – episode 13 – Laurianna

Can you hear me?
Do you understand me? I hear you loud and clear oh that’s great. I speak Polish
to you and hear you speak Polish That’s amazing, really. I’m shocked This app works great! If I only knew it works so well we
would do interview in Polish all along yeah, we could have So.. it’s universal… translator? Yes, yes yeah, I would call it that
way, it’s only test version I’ve received from one of the teams they claim that it translated English to
Polish in real time and I think it does Yes. It works It’s super! It’s very nice By the way, I want to ask you Do you plan to paint anything new? As far as I know this
one behind you is ready Yes. I’ve finished this one today…
no, yesterday during the night, so evening… no, night For now I try to enjoy it my last project next projects… I have to make two painting for my clients One of them is a Lion That is tired of the old financial system and wants to free itself from this
old system and come to blockchain This is one painting The second one is… and very similar technique to this one but with red background and also a bull piercing through the old financial system both of the have been ordered Super! Tell me how long does
it take to make such painting the drawing takes is more diffcult, it takes more time usually I first sketch
the thing I want to draw and make a sketch on the right format and that takes me about a day or so that I pause…
You cannot do it all at once Then I prepare a base. I’ve even
sent you the base of this one earlier So basics colors I want to use That will be the most visible and on a third day the final effect Allright! Now I will turn this app off It works, so we can say
goodbuy to our audience so now you will still hear me
in English but our audience will also hear me in English now

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  1. Great interview Mike. Laurianna is a great interviewee.
    I'm especially interested in the part about the Curate project. Such a project is missing in the fashion industry to connect everything in the blockchain. Fantastic.

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