GrinCon1 Conference: Nov 22 @ Berlin

GrinCon1 Conference: Nov 22 @ Berlin

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host Chronos, and today I’m excited
to announce the speaker lineup for GrinCon1, the second annual convention for Grin developers
and enthusiasts. You might be wondering, how can GrinCon1 be
the second convention? Well, for a programmer, 1 is the second number
in the alphabet. We start counting at zero. Zero, one. GrinCon1, the second conference. Anyway, it’s being held in Berlin, Germany,
with a killer lineup of speakers. The schedule is packed, with the typical talk
lasting just 15 or 20 minutes. Feel free to pause the video for a closer
look here. The opener is covered by two of the top Grin
developers, sharing the State of the Union. Notably, the anonymous founder of Grin, Ignotus
Peverell, isn’t on the list, as he has officially stepped away from the project. Personally, I really want to dig into the
Grin Open Research Problems, because innovation is what keeps Grin’s underlying technology,
Mimblewimble, cutting edge and leading the pack. I’m also excited to hear the talks on the
Ironbelly mobile wallet and Grin Usability, because let’s face it: cryptocurrency needs
a smooth user experience in order to appeal to a wide audience. Which topic looks most interesting to you? Anyway, this is GrinCon1, on November 22 in
Berlin. Learn more at I’m Chronos. Thanks for watching!

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