Goodbye Neo. Sold! The Two Coins I Invested In Are? An Oracle Solution & The Community Coin

Goodbye Neo. Sold! The Two Coins I Invested In Are? An Oracle Solution & The Community Coin

heyyo good afternoon viewers of the tube my name is Tyler and welcome to the cryptocurrency channel that will drop a project like a bad habit if they find out they have been crawling through the sewers with some rats it's time for Chico crypto yes if you haven't heard I found out some really shady stuff about finance and neo and how they have been working in cooperation and neo has been lending their main resource over to finance to help build their decks and Finance chain rebuttals that it wasn't Neos Eric Zhang are we they say because Eric spells his name with a k' and in the block net video is spelt with a CK it wasn't him but it was by Nance who made this email for him and even in their white paper they couldn't spell it right they spelt it with just a C and C Z on a tweet did it again with just a see those arguments are null and void then people found a person with the name Eri CK and with the last names a but this guy is just a community writer and even if it was him his articles on medium are written in perfect English like this one here here is a blurb if you believe in this theory then bitcoin has value simply put some people are spending time and resources to build a transaction system and get compensated with Bitcoin perfect English while the question asked to block net from finance Erik Zhang had broken English like this one why do you choose to build your own decks why did you or this one do you think of nebulas and iov as we can see someone had to put in the what in there for him or the bottom one could you please elaborate on a blockchain based storage solution such a storage may have its user base it's broken English and it's obvious it's not the community writer Eric with the CK Xing the questions are far too technical and are obviously coming from a developer not some medium article writer well because of this I attacked by the neo community on their subreddit multiple people of their community calling me a druggie and I eventually got banned from the subreddit all I have to say is keep baring your heads in the sands guys the neo team and the neo community have lost my respect and I am moving on to projects who stay true to their own project with communities that support the people who support them that is why I have dumped my stack of neo and I first put it into Bitcoin but yesterday I decided to make a move into a couple of other altcoin projects which I see doing amazing things for 2019 and will have major boost to finish out this quarter so today I would like to bring you what those projects are and what we have to look forward to very soon the first project is absolutely critical for the etherium ecosystem I have featured it on my channel multiple times going all the way back to when I first started the channel in September of 2017 if you can't tell from the thumbnail that project is chain-linked a little bit of background for those who aren't informed about what chain-linked does it is solving one of the major problems in blockchain and smart contracts the Oracle problem if a smart contract or a blockchain is communicating with a centralized Oracle system to receive data from the outside world it loses all the decentralized aspects because the Oracle holds the power to control what that blockchain or smart contract does in response to its inputs chain link solves this by creating a decentralized oracle solution through a network of chain link nodes that perform data retrieval and act as Oracle's these nodes are distributed and multiple nodes worked on a contract for retrieving data also the person requesting the data can include penalty payments for bad data thus reducing bad acting nodes also there is a reputation system that rates the notes even furthering the transparency of the nodes and reducing the chance of bad data retrieval the chain link maintenance one of the most anticipated in the space and I thought they would be announcing it at F Denver as chain link was attending so I made the prediction it would go live on February 15th but it didn't although Sergey nazarov had an interview there and gave away some details about the launch let's listen in now but what what are the next milestones with what is the the 2019 roadmap look like in this life yes so our plans are you know we're wrapping up our security audits those those audits have done well we've done multiple audits we just want to make sure everything is in the right place and then we'll go to met when we feel that's the the obvious next step so it looks like security audits are in the process of being completed and they want everything to be right at launch which is exactly what I like to hear given that security audits take usually around eight weeks to complete I would speculate that they will launch in late March or early April as the audits have been going on already for some time now there was more very exciting news that came out for chain-linked in regards to the notes node operators will have the ability to be paid directly in USD via built-in PayPal adapter imagine that running a note and basically having a money printing machine filling up your PayPal account if that doesn't cause adoption I do not know what will another big sign that chain link will be huge is been Woosley core developer for Bitcoin has begin working on chain link if we go to pivot tracker which tracks github tasks and activity and go to project history we can see yes Ben is working on the chain link project yes now the second project I have invested in is digi byte why did I make this move I personally like what digibytes stands for digi buy was launched fairly back in 2014 by founder Jared Tate just like Bitcoin there were no funds raised through an IC o—- this is a purely community run project digi bite is a proof-of-work coin and is actually a fork of light coin but with a higher supply 21 billion coins to be exact and this was done so every person on the planet could own digi bite with a manageable price remember with Bitcoin there are only 21 million which means a seven point six billion people on the planet could never own a whole Bitcoin digi buy includes massive improvements over litecoin though including fast payments with fifteen second block times compared with Bitcoin which has ten minute blocks litecoin at two and a half minute blocks digi bite is the fastest you TXO proof-of-work blockchain in existence also digi bite has solved the scaling issue with the concept of digi speed it is a hard fork that occurs every two years in which the block size doubles until reaching 280,000 transactions per second in 2035 another thing I like regarding digi bite is the concept of digi shield since it is a proof-of-work coin mining pools go after coins with a proof-of-work algorithm and sometimes they team up together to create multi pools which means they mine all blocks and making it unfair to other pools and miners these multi pools will then dip the coin once a difficulty increases and then they dump the coins on the market digi shield protects against this it retarget secuence difficulty every block allowing the mining difficulty to rise and fall almost perfectly in sync with increases or decreases in net hash ray of the coin other block chains have implemented this tech over two dozen to be exact including Z cash dogecoin and Bitcoin cash now what is coming up that gets me extremely bullish is digi assets and digi IDs digi assets are representations of real-world assets on the digi buy blockchain these assets can be issues traded but cannot be duplicated almost anything can be a digi asset tickets to a concert or sporting event shares of a company gaming assets property tiles even a marriage license could become a digi asset now eight days ago digi byte release that testing for the digi assets are going very well and these test assets are live on the digi buy blockchain and they provided some sneak peeks of the asset Explorer and asset issuance so think of this digi buy already has an ID tool called digi ID which is live right now in be downloaded on the Google Playstore and Apple Store this empowers user authentication using the digi buy blockchain and allows a person to log into websites applications or building security and things like swipe cards now combine this with digi assets and you have a full suite where assets can be tied to an identity which is as secure as it gets and guess what digi ID will always be free to use and you don't need to own any digibytes just a secure way to log into applications and websites you already use well viewers I increased my position into chain-link heavily and made a big move into did you buy it big things are coming for both projects in quarter one of 2019 and Beyond will be friendly to both these projects will this pay off I did it because I think so Cheers I'll see you next time

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  2. how are you different from another scammer. Stop shilling shit coin. bitcoin is only crypto that will exist rest all rip

  3. DGB is fricking awesome. Multiple blockchains and multiple speed increases. Very fast for a mineable token.

  4. Chinese blockchains will succeed and Binance supports it's own first…Neo Ontology are also working with Russia and implementing it into their economy..I hold abot 20 coins invested interest in projects.Digibyte i hodl a few million, I have no favorite….

  5. Chico, as a long time viewer I enjoy your videos and respect your opinion. That being said I think selling at this price point is a mistake. Although Neo's /Binance business actions might not be considered "Kosher" they still have the best chance of being adopted by China and have a huge long term potential

  6. Hello guys ! lovely video, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your Holding that is primarily why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $5,000 Xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Darren Allan on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over holding especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 700% on my ripples. Darren never asked me to give him access to my account, If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on << Darrenallan82 @ gmail .com >> and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

  7. @chico recently you released a video saying that you tipped Enigma Project which made Chainlink redundant (pretty sure it was Enigma) if so what’s changed your view on this?

  8. Man if you think that's bad you got alot to learn about crypto but nice try on trying to get everyone to sell there neo just so you can buy it on the cheap.

  9. Neo has been lying from the begining whern they promessed the so called "smart economy" and blockchain entreprise solutions through onchain partnerships, They were 0 entreprise parternship and business solution , the so called smart economomy on the neo blockchain is now made of teenage useless dapps and community gambling games. I m in Shanghai , went to severall of their meetings, they spend all the money on useless conference instead of tacking entreprise solution , A total fiasco, Totally over valued project inmho.

  10. Good video, under 10 minutes and to the point. Best of all I didn't have to listen to rambling for thirty minutes before the alt coins you invested in were mentioned. Definitely researching both further.

  11. NEO fan boys are upset and got their fannies in a twist. Funny little things they are. NEO won't even be in the CMC Top 20 by June 1st. It will be out of the top 50 by year end. Poor little things are going to be crushed all year long.

  12. Lately, when asked for predictions about Bitcoin and Cryptos generally, most experts on YouTube and other media, predictions are mostly generic, with no specifics on the direction. Everyone seems to be guessing and getting even more confused about the future. The only constant thing I can say for sure is that traders are actually earning good returns, while the hodlers are always worried about what the future holds for Bitcoin or whether there is even a future at all. With the insight, skills and experience of a merchant like Mr. James Long, the sky is the limit. I came to this achievement when I made a return on investment of more than 300% in my first month using their signals to my trades. I haven't seen strategies as specific as yours or signs you need. Your contact details are * * (jameslong241 @ gmail. com) WhatsApp * * * 1 (631) 364-4612. And you can always ask whatever you might want to know about consistently making a profit like a beginner or an advanced trader. An empirical rule is, never get emotional with your coins as eventual goal if we are true to ourselves is to make a profit.

  13. second video I watch of him and he just sounds like a fraud to me lol just poo coming out of his mouth… and I don't even own Neo lol

  14. Ethereum cant scale. Im not sure why it reached a market cap over $100 billion CAD at its peak. Digibyte, on the other hand, has the potential to be top 10 in the next couple years. HODLING 100K will be grabbing more

  15. Glad to see people understand that this Chico dork has no idea wtf he's talking about. DYOR. Or atleast watch a YouTuber with some intelligence.

  16. binance and Neo working together, great time to buy, lets make some money, idiots with ideals stay broke

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