Gold Chart Foretells Bitcoin's Future? Gold Fractal.

Gold Chart Foretells Bitcoin's Future? Gold Fractal.

Bitcoin versus gold everyone's been asking about it so let's do it this is Bitcoin this is gold they look super similar don't they they have the parabolic rise they have the parabolic rise they have the three peak and then one last bolt trap they have the one two three peaks in here and then one last bolt trap in here and then you have the big dip all the way down there $6,000 and then you have the one two three smaller one two three smaller bolt traps and one last final little bolt trap before falling off a cliff well that's fine a little bolt trap right here you can barely see it on the screen because it's so small before falling off a cliff it's exactly the same it's so similar that you might have actually believed that this was gold this is actually Bitcoin you might have actually believed that this was gold this is actually this you might have believed that this is Bitcoin this is actually gold I mislabeled this on purpose so look this is so similar to this that you can pretty much forecast what's gonna happen to this using this why because this is back in two thousand two thousand eight two thousand six two thousand four this tells you what happens when the stock market guys The Wall Street guys get a hold of your commodities guess what they said look ah Leo go to Leo he says will tame Bitcoin in this guy see that's literally what he said he will tame Bitcoin as soon as we get him on in the futures market it's not this one oh here this one oh this is literally what he said I quote that's a very important step in bitcoins history we will regulate may Bitcoin not wild nor Wilder we will tame it into a regular type of investment with trades and rules is what he said and that's what he started to do guys like this guys like this hmm all right getting back to our topic so is Bitcoin still going to fall to fifteen hundred dollars or eight hundred dollars like everyone's thinking it will look we had such a huge rise we have to follow the fifteen hundred dollars or eight hundred dollars to make this triangle you see this triangle this is a real triangle if we're gonna take this and just move use standard classical charting principles and drop this down at the end of this triangle then you take this height then you minus the $6,000 from this height which would make Bitcoin umm what negative $1,200 if so you know that's not going to happen you're not going to be able to take this price and subtract it from the cost of Bitcoin at this neckline at this Meridian so where is the bottom well the bottom still benefice it's $2,500 no it's $1,800 no it's $800 let's see what happened if we compare gold to Bitcoin now this is the peak so let's say this is bitcoins $20,000 this is the neckline where we had one two three one two three bolt traps so let's say this is $6,000 right here this is $6,000 and let's say this now after that we had the three bolt traps then we fell really really aggressively to this was the painful scary fall right that everyone started saying $800 Bitcoin here become $300 Bitcoin here we come we had this happen so as low as that went this is 3,200 dollars so that would be about $3,000 $3,200 right here so what did gold do does anyone remember what gold did because that's exactly what bitcoins gonna do right now if gold fell to $1,500 then yes or this level which is on gold it would be about $900 if the price of gold fell from this point to $900 yeah I guess Bitcoin can also fall to $1500 because gold did so and if this guy guys like hold on let me get get his picture back here is if guys like this wanna tame hold on Bitcoin the same way they tamed did he personally tame gold you don't think he was around in March 2003 he was around in this was his heyday in March 2003 when gold first did its ETF but let's that's another subject I'm actually going to cover that in this video so hang on let's see what happened did Bitcoin fall to $2,500 eighteen hundred dollars eight hundred dollars three hundred dollars can keep falling after this did gold if it's if it's gonna be a fractal look Bitcoin let's see what gold did at $3,000 I'm going to fast forward time we're jumping through time hmm gold stopped right here it literally stopped right there what's fascinating though with gold are you seeing the same thing happening are you seeing something if you're a regular tuner inner of this channel you know what I'm going to talk about here's an Adam and Eve bottom reversal Bam Bam I had a man Eve bottom reversal Adam and Eve double bottom reversal Adam and Eve double bottom reversal this one Adams coming up a little short Eve's coming up a little long and droopy let's look at Bitcoin what happened here you know what I'm going to show you Adam is coming up longer and deeper and Eve is coming up tighter and and just more I don't know what's the word for this up compressed it's just compact it's just it's just full so Adam and Eve Adam is lower Eve is higher here Adam is higher Eve is lower that's the only difference and after we had this drop from $6,000 the neckline BAM we actually went right back up to the $6,000 neckline and touched but Bitcoin never did that yet Bitcoin hasn't done that yet and not interesting we don't have that touch back up to the $6,000 mark yet on Bitcoin whereas on gold we did and we had we had it immediately on gold this is the neckline in it if this is the $6,000 neckline that was broken gold pops right back up in fact it tried to pop back up immediately the first waken in the second Wieck until it finally regained and now what's it doing that's creating in verse head and shoulders to pop up now I started in verse head and shoulders because we have this that it's okay you can correct down to 80% the height of the right shoulder you can correct it down to 80% the height of the right shoulder without the invalidating the inverse head and shoulders and it creates a nice rising or ascending triangle so that's that's kind of nice for gold Bitcoin still has yet to touch back on 6,000 so that tells me if Bitcoin follows gold and it has been following gold super super close so far this whole time in fact you could have just predicted the fall of Bitcoin just by looking at the fall of gold here some bitcoins can hit six thousand dollars in everyone's just going to get be flabbergasted when it does and I'm here to tell you there's nothing to be flabbergasted about its history it's guys like this hold on hold on hold on hold on here is up to his same old tricks exactly same old tricks so okay so when Bitcoin jumps up here when Bitcoin jumps up here what's it gonna do next there's it gonna hit six thousand dollars and just kind of do one of these lingering things between $8,000 and what five thousand again for years and years and years like gold did look look at this meandering ugliness that gold did for what 2013 all the way to 2019 that's Oh six years six years of ugliness is Bitcoin going to give us six years of ugliness you know for a fact that bitcoin is not going to do that because bitcoin doesn't have to be physically moved it doesn't require security guards look look at all that look at how fast bitcoin changes to two key to duty so bitcoin that I could zoom into this and show you but bitcoin what happens in gold in six years now Bitcoin doesn't six weeks you know I really should change this because it's confusing the hell out of me okay this is Bitcoin Bitcoin will digest six years of gold action in six weeks so don't don't worry about that now let me stop confusing the hell out of myself okay gotten gold now now now let's look at this hmm what is this this is whens Gold's ET actually I'm going to do this another another episode and I'm gonna put it in the different channel to find this episode where we talked about how Gold's ETF made gold go from holy shit three hundred dollars all the way up to Wow two thousand dollars three hundred dollars to two thousand dollars that's not too bad of a parabolic rise the moment the first ETF of gold was launched is Bitcoin going to do the same thing is it gonna be similar would I pick this similarity right here after this mountain to draw a little green thing here what's this green thing about what's this green thing about now that's gonna be in the next video to get all our videos go to Bitcoin – price top CEO Bitcoin – price dot CEO and you can find all our channels in here not sure which anyway it's these are all our subject matter channels and if you have over 20 bitcoins of active investments where Bitcoin – fund – manager comm we protect and glory Bitcoin 24 hours a day seven days a week we trade it for you while that stays in finance matrix politics BitFenix Cragen we remote-control trade it for you so you don't have to send us your cryptocurrency holdings we just trade it for you online so that you can

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  1. The difference between bitcoin and gold is that GOLD only fell below 0.618 fibonacci.

    Bitcoin fell below 0.236 fibonacci, similar to NASDAQ in 2000-2003.
    By compare BTC to NASDAQ (2000-2003) and to BTC (itself) (Nov 13-Jan 15) we have reached the bottom.
    Also by looking to longtime LOG-CHART of BTC we see that BTC will continue the parabola rise.

  2. Nice comparison but no chart of the past can predict the future unfortunately… We'll have to witness it a day at a time.

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