Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Knock You Out – Exclusive Final Look

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Knock You Out – Exclusive Final Look

– ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Mothra. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Ghidorah. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Rodan. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – You got a catchy name for thi? – My God–
– Zilla. ♪ Don’t call it a comeback ♪ ♪ I’ve been here for years ♪ – Our planet will perish. – ♪ Fear ♪ – Unless we set Godzilla free. – ♪ Listen to the bass go boom!♪ – So this plan is
what you would call a long shot. – Well, let’s get started. – ♪ Competition’s paying the pr♪ ♪ I’m gonna knock you out ♪ ♪ Mama said knock you out ♪ – No. – ♪ I’m gonna knock you out ♪ – Long live… the king. – That’s messed up. – ♪ Knock you out ♪ ♪ I’m gonna knock you out ♪ – This is Godzilla’s world. – ♪ Mama said knock you out ♪
– We just live in it. [ roars ] – Aah! – Damn right. – ♪ I’m gonna knock you out ♪– Rated PG-13.Experience it in IMAX May 31.

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  1. The problem i had with this film is that they showed way to much before the movie came out, i hope Godzilla vs Kong releases a trailer about 4-5 before the release date instead of 11 months for king of the monster or you could release one during the summer, but dont show TOO MUCH monster action

  2. Fuck critics…I loved it 🤩🤩😍😍♥️♥️
    It was epic… The sound..the fight…CGI… jump scares…epic…enjoyed it…I hoped for more fight…if it was 2hrs more I would have seen it…just like WWE Godzilla SmackDown ♥️😍🤩🤩♥️

  3. Hears ghidroha call
    Kong: ok I don't give a fuck
    Hears Godzilla roaring
    Kong: ok now it's on like donkey Kong.

  4. Critics: talk in a nerdy voice umm excuse me but can we all agree that the movie was to action filled
    Legendary: then y did you ask for it

  5. Why do I feel like 1998 Godzilla roar was involved in this trailer
    It sounded like it in the first two scenes in the trailer but of course never in the movie

  6. Critics: Theres too much monsters

    Umm, Haven't seen the trailer? And isn't that the main purpose of the title "king of the monster"S""

  7. G – "What's a king to a god?"
    KK – "What's a god to a non-believer?"
    G – "What is a non-believer to death?"

  8. Godzilla 2014: picture of Godzilla and king ghidorah | Godzilla 2019: Picture Of Godzilla and Kong | Godzilla 2020: ?????

  9. I Have two MonsterVerse Movies
    Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island on my Blu-Ray Collection
    Now I'm Getting this in my Blu-Ray Collection

    But Warner Bros Please Please Please I Want Zilla from the 1998 Godzilla movie in the MonsterVerse Please I Beg You

  10. Is this it's own movie? Or a follow up bc I knowticed the one guy from king kong Jack Black was in too except they killed king Kong so that probably answers my question & then the other recent/not so recent Godzilla movies…. & wasn't sure if this is the first Godzilla monster movie with the 11 bob brown from stranger things or a first one? I was obsessed with the classes growing up watching them on VHS lol & just wondering if there's ones I need to watch before this & missed…. I'm sure most aren't so into it but I'm an late 80s early 90s dork & I love syfi old horror, & monster movies plus comics & I know some say it's not the same & blag blah but it's like all are fun imaginations, art, my goofie crews idea of fun coming to the big screens now & all "realistic" lol just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything bc being an adult can sux esp my career & it was a busy busy season. But if anyone can just give me simple answers & not be obnoxious I'd greatly appreciate it! Working to hard I've been missing out & trying to catch up! Lol

  11. Critics saying they dont want to much focus on the monsters…. Do you see how transformers turned out when they focused more on humans than the bots.

  12. This movie could’ve been so good, I wanted to see more monster action but the action wasn’t good action, it was too shaky and dark to understand wut happens in it

  13. See theres a reason why critics didnt like Godzilla. First of all they didnt kbow who any of the monsters where and another reason is why Godzilla was fighting them. No Godzilla fans knew exaclty wad was goin on. Take my wife for example she only knew Godzilla she had noo idea who Mothra ,Rodan , king Gidorah was so she didnt get it but i did. I think critics need to reserch films before they see it. And to see what thecharectors the monsters are about. No the people sort of say.

  14. Deadpool 2: “My trailer is so super awesome that comes with LL Cool J’s
    rap music”

    Godzilla, King of the monsters: “Hold my beer”

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