God’s Garden: Mystery Of The Universe Explained!

God’s Garden: Mystery Of The Universe Explained!

“Heaven shouts the glory of God, and the sky shows his creation. “Who can count your works, Oh God? “In wisdom you made them all. “The earth is full of your creatures.” The more we learn about the size of the universe, the more impossible it becomes to imagine the Power that made it all. And the more we learn about even the smallest living things here on earth, the more impossible it becomes to imagine the intelligence that went into making it all. When I heard about what the two Planck satellites learned, it started to come together in my thoughts in a wonderful way. I want to share that mental picture in this video. Every time someone tries to describe the size of the universe, which is growing faster than the speed of light even now, it points me to eternity…that place where God lives. A place that makes time and space very small by comparison. Scientists admit that this very big and very old universe still has boundaries, and it is not eternal. There was a beginning, in space and in time. But eternity goes outside the universe. Even the greatest scientist cannot comprehend eternity. We have all of space, and we have one little planet: Earth. Full of life, down to the smallest plants and animals. The Planck satellites learned that this amazing universe turns around an axis. Of an almost infinite number of places where it could be, that axis goes exactly through the earth’s orbit around the sun, at two points: the winter and summer solstices. All of creation…the whole universe… turns around the Earth. We are not an insignificant speck in the middle of chaos. We are the center of it all. What an amazing discovery! As we look around, we see that what we have here on this little planet–is absolutely unique. It is an amazing ecosystem, full of incredible biodiversity. Scientists talk of finding another planet with the right chemicals to make life. As though having glass and metal is enough to make watches appear. But here on earth, we have all the pieces for everything, and we see them put together in ways that the smartest minds cannot even begin to understand. Everywhere else we see little more than dead rocks and frozen gases. Earth is God’s garden. It becomes clearer with each new scientific discovery. The Planck satellite discovery just shows how true this is. The God who made the mighty universe took special interest in this one little planet, putting every little piece in its right place. He created life, but he also made it incredibly interesting for those of us who experience it. He entertains and comforts us with all those galaxies and black holes out there. They give our scientists something to play with. But they will never equal God’s number one project: This lovely little garden itself. He made the sun for heat, and clouds to clean salty water. Then he put them together to make amazing sunsets, just for the joy of making such beauty, to entertain us and to please himself. He made plants able to grow into other plants, using insects and birds to make it work. And he added thousands of different beautiful colors and shapes, which we call flowers. He topped it off with smells: vanilla and cinnamon…gardenias and lilacs. God has entertained each of our senses, never forgetting the life and death needs of thousands of different, and often useful plants and animals. Some of us work together, keeping each other alive or healthy. Plants and animals provide oxygen for one, and carbon dioxide for the other. All of it was part of a master plan, with some things needing to be discovered: Electromagnetic radiation, from which we get light; metal, glass, and nuclear energy; cures for sicknesses, and even chemicals to take away pain. He put it out there for us to find. And for the fun of looking. This planet is his gift to us, The creator of the universe loves us so much he was even willing to die for us. We, and the garden we live in, are the apple of his eye. But what have we done with it? The smartest scientist is only one step closer to understanding it than what you and I are. Yet those scientists want us to believe that all of this happened without any outside help from a super intelligence. They say it happened by accident, and they can prove it. The worst part is that we believe them. Why do we believe them? We believe them because they wear lab coats. Those white jackets scientists wear when working in their labs. Seriously. A very simple, very famous experiment showed it. This well controlled experiment showed that most people would literally kill someone, if a man in a lab coat said it was necessary, that it was for the good of science. The experiment itself is now outlawed. You cannot do it, without making other scientists angry. It is called the Milgram experiment. It deeply disturbed the people who did it, to learn that they would kill another person, when told to do so by a scientist. It was so awful that it has been outlawed. But that is not what I want to talk about. Our faith in deluded scientists can be a depressing subject. Let’s think about the loving God who made us instead. Real science–microscopes and telescopes and other tools– show us that the world is a truly wonderful place. Our planet is almost nothing against the size of the universe. But the skill it took to make just one little baby outshines all we know about the rest of the universe. God’s most creative abilities were centered on this one little planet, to give to us all that we have here now. We have the power to live life to the full, as Jesus put it. But, when God looks down from eternity, and sees how we waste what he has given and how little interest we have in the One who made it all for us his heart must break, if his anger does not boil over. We stupidly tell ourselves that he will not be angry if we do all we can to destroy what he has made, and curse him as we do it. Do we seriously think we can escape his anger? Just SAYING there is no Creator will not make him go away. There are moral laws and powers greater than what we find in human politics. We deceive ourselves when we ignore them. For centuries people believed we would never run out of clean water and air Air and water seemed to have no end. They believed that it would last forevert. Today we do the same thing with fuel, with timber, with land, and with all the other resources. God made his garden with enough for all of us, but only if we share, and if we do not waste resources. An epidemic of greed changed all that. People became addicted to something called money. We convinced ourselves that money would solve our problems. We have destroyed the world’s resources to get more of it. This stupid stuff we call money. You hear educated politicians say that high-paying jobs are more important than rainforests. They justify tobacco companies, air pollution, destroying the ozone layer, more and more plastic bags…virtually anything, as long as it makes money for the people who do it. Everywhere it is, for them, only about jobs and money. But this is also how the world’s worst criminals justify selling drugs, trafficking humans, even becoming hired killers, or making snuff films. They say that they need the money. Then they do anything that it takes to get it. The Revelation of Jesus Christ was written almost 2,000 years ago, long before talk of using up our resources. It predicts a time when money will become a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. People will not be able to buy or sell without it. We can see that day right now. The world is racing to do away with cash as quickly as possible. so we can all use electronic money. Money that can be controlled by a tiny implant in the right hand, or (if you have no hand), in your forehead. The Revelation links this change to the return of Jesus, to judge the world. It says of that judgment, “God will destroy those who destroyed the earth.” For centuries, we have read that verse without understanding it. But now we stand on the brink. We are moving toward extinction, Just by hurting the environment and wasting resources. We are very close to the start of the mark, that we will need for all buying and selling. Judgment day is coming. The gardener will soon return to his garden. He may be forced to destroy it and start over, making a new heaven and a new earth. He will move a few of us from this garden to the next, unharmed. But the rest could face eternal torment. I do not know what that means, or how he will do it. But this is a Being who is bigger than the universe. He was smart enough to invent and put together every atom. He made Earth and all that is in it. He even gave us the ability to reproduce. Can you imagine how much suffering such a Creator could put on us? On those of us who have ignored him and ignored his Son? Maybe He so kind that He would not let us suffer. Maybe he will let us fall quietly asleep at the end of a godless life. That is what most people assume: We abuse God all our life, without one minute of suffering in eternity. That must be the stupidest assumption ever. Look around, and you see that our Creator does not have a problem with even innocent people suffering, here and now, before judgment day. So why do we think that the real rebels against God will never need to answer for their actions? Jesus told a story about a man who had a garden…a vineyard. He let people use it, if they would give him some of the profits. But the people assumed he would never return. They could do what they liked. They even killed the owner’s son, when he came to get the profits. Then Jesus asked, “When the owner comes, what will he do to those people?” The religious leaders were scared by what Jesus had said. They answered, “He will destroy them in great anger.” Of course he will! This wonderful bio-system is the greatest work of our Creator. He made it all for us. And we reject him! This is not just about atheists. Not just about arrogant scientists. It is about religious leaders. Those who think they own the vineyard. They have killed the Owner’s Son: the one he sent to show us how we can all have enough. He promised to take care of us, if only… we would build his world of faith and love. God asks us to drop the ways of the world, to become poor, to live lives of service to others, to be happy with just food and clothes. If you want to learn more, write to me at the address on the screen; Watch other videos on this channel; And read about it in the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew Mark Luke and John. See how the first followers of Jesus lived. We can live the same way today. I hope to hearing from you soon. Goodbye for now.

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