Gip Cutrino, “Here’s how blockchain changes gaming”

Gip Cutrino, “Here’s how blockchain changes gaming”

Claudio: A greeting to everyone, next to me there’s Giampietro Cutrino Gip: Hi, thank you for everything, see you next time Claudio: When he worked on Le Iene Show on the Italian TV channel Italia 1, he always started by saying “see you next time”. Instead, now you have to tell me two things, you’re 1974, you are a millennial. Gip: I’m almost a millennial, next year I can actually call myself a millennial Claudio: Okay, I don’t understand why you keep changing hats and putting them on in every way, now you have two because you represent two things here, namely Wallem and Sgame. Of course, we are talking about games Gip: Games and cryptos, because what the hell are we doing at ICO Race if we’re only talking about games? Claudio: Okay, we’re here at ICO Race and now you’re going to tell me everything you’re doing, let’s start with Sgame, CEO/founder what are you? Gip: CEO, I like it, nobody knows what CEO means but it means Chief Executive Officer and I learned it by becoming one. Claudio: And also travelling around the world Gip: Oh my god Claudio it’s terrible, once I liked to travel, now it’s a disaster. When they tell me “you have to go to Dublin for a presentation” I get a sore throat and tell them I’m sick. Claudio: You theorized for many years of your life that this is how it’s done: work, earn but the real purpose is to travel Gip: Yes, but not together, when you work you can’t travel. When you work you work, then when you travel you can enjoy it. While if you travel and work like a madman, you can’t enjoy both, understood? Claudio: Now you can enjoy playing Sgame and allowing others to play, tell me what is it. Gip: So Sgame, an aggregator for mobile games, but what can you do? It allows you to mine cryptos simply by playing. Claudio: What do you earn? Gip: You earn cryptocurrencies which then are convertible into money Claudio: So, tell me about the platform, what do I find, what do I do? Gip: You download Sgame, that is not available yet Claudio: When will it be? Gip: Maybe I can announce the launch, when will this interview come out? Claudio: Don’t worry, in a while, we will put it online many times Gip: End of July, we come officially at the end of July with the beta version and in October 2018 with the definitive release, it’s a mobile application that contains a series of games, these games allow you to earn credits simply by playing them, but not only, because until these games allow you to earn credits simply by playing them, but not only, because until single player, which means that I can play alone, a classic game on a tram, in the bathroom. Claudio: You have to look into the camera a bit Gip: Forgive me. A classic bar game, or in the morning, when you’re in the bathroom you can play. These are games that usually last a couple of minutes each, now, inside Sgame Pro we turn them into asynchronous multiplayer games, you can challenge other users to play these games and lose or gain credits, I can not lose credits that I have not earned for free previously, so it’s not gambling, because you can not spend, there is no way to use credit cards, to spend real money. To challenge my friends I must first mine, or play in singleplayer mode. Claudio: Anyway, in summary, the concept is: if you’re skilled and you play, you’ll have fun and earn money. The token, two words on the token Gip: The token has a very high liquidity for the simple fact that it is not purchased by users but is mined by users and we have a reserve that gives out these tokens. We remove from this reserve and as it empties we are forced and obliged to go and buyback on the exchanges to be able to give them back to our players. A very important thing is what do I do with these tokens? Because the concept is: I play, I challenge, I win, I have tokens, I change them in money, but if you want the most interesting thing is that inside the game there’s a marketplace that allows you to redeem prizes, for example, Netflix subscriptions, Spotify subscriptions, Amazon vouchers and other interesting prizes. Claudio: Very good, now, since Gip, never does one thing at a time, at least 2, now you will swap on air, as we can see, one would have said a splendid forty-year-old. Here’s the new Gip. Giampietro Part 2: Wallem Let’s see, this is exciting stuff because a moment ago someone explained it to me, basically not only you play and win cryptos but somehow you fight in a metropolitan jungle with others, is it correct? Gip: The concept: more or less we all played or know the phenomenon Pokemon Go, you could go around and catch Pokemon in augmented reality. But what the hell do you do with a Pokemon? Why not go around catching cryptocurrencies that then you can exchange, trade etc… So we have created a virtual world where with augmented reality one goes on the streets and collects cryptocurrencies and this thing, in my opinion, is phenomenal because the cryptocurrency comes out at events, imagine a concert by Jovanotti, Jovanotti does a tour, today in Rome, tomorrow in Lugano, the day after tomorrow in Paris, the day after tomorrow in Turin, Bergamo and so on, it’s not that it’s always on the ground, so what do you do, want to see Jovanotti? Go to a concert. The concept is this, we’re creating a shop on the streets that gives you money, that’s essentially what we’re doing. Claudio: A miracle Gip: It’s a very cool thing, you might think, but what kind of business model is this? It gives money, it’s obvious that people will come but when you don’t give any money people will leave. A shop that gives money, when it stops giving it becomes empty. Claudio: Instead of a citizenship income you want to give out money in another way. Gip: I give money but it isn’t mine, this is the coolest thing. This is an ecosystem where to find out about ICO airdrops in specific places. ICOs give out tokens that advertise themselves to people who are interested in playing but also earning, collecting these tokens, understanding the ICO project and possibly invest if they find the project interesting. Here comes Sgame Claudio: The other cap Gip: Sgame will be Wallem’s first project because of what it does, it will be the first airdrop inside Wallem starting from July 2018. Claudio: A question, so you play, you earn, etc., but in Wallem’s case, you also steal things Gip: This is the most beautiful thing, not only do I collect but I can steal tokens. The game is called Wallem catch n ‘snatch, and if Claudio has collected 10 tokens, 10 bitcoins, that’s a lot… Claudio: I’m happy if I go out on the street in the morning and find one euro. Gip: The concept is similar, find and collect. If he has collected and has tokens in his opened wallet inside Wallem, I can snatch them unless Claudio moves them into a secure wallet. Claudio: Okay, we have to go back to Sgame because I heard that there’s someone that has made 10 billion views, has 60 million followers, I don’t know if he holds the record of the planet, the universe. He will accompany you on this Sgame adventure. Gip: Mr Felix Arvid Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, number 1 YouTuber in the world, over 62 million followers, just under there’s Justin Bieber, to understand what we’re talking about. Number 1 YouTuber, his main topic is gaming and comedy, he’s the promoter and lead marketing of the project Sgame, he’s already filmed videos for us. Claudio: He’s going to play like crazy with Sgame Gip: Not only will he play like crazy but he will make you play like a crazy. Claudio: In what way? Gip: Through promoting, and he will organize a series of contests linked to Sgame through which you can win extra prizes and challenges. He is involving a lot of wonderful people ranging from athletes to influencers. Claudio: In a future video you will tell us something about the business model, Giampietro Cutrino born 1974, nicknamed Gip. Everyone says the former presenter of the Italian show Le Iene, now you are not a Hyena anymore, you are a kangaroo Gip: I read a beautiful article on Forbes which says I’m officially an entrepreneur. Claudio: This fantastic entrepreneur. Think about it for a moment, especially during sad and boring days, you can play, have fun, play with others and earn money. Gip: You earn cryptos Claudio: See you next time

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