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  1. I love when someone shouts out the truth (germany being a socialistic country), while all those delusional marxist students here running around and blame everything on the non-existant capitalism.


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  3. concerning tax on labour italy is at the top ..nobody can beat that tax rate .no way… I am not sure but should be more than 70 %….REKT

  4. About hex pleae dont do like dumbest BTC maximalist who label everything outside BTC scam .. move on , evolve yourself, open your mind exit the silos you are trapped in……. check it out before writing i" HEX is a SCAM "and look like e retard . you cannot be scammed HEX ICO is free , It is impossible to pay even if you try hard !!!

  5. That VAT does NOT apply in the Netherlands. That is because cryptocurrency is seen as securities. No Dutch VAT is levied on securities.

  6. I have learnt it takes a lot of effort and improve and hard work… and not to blame the system and others for our failures…

  7. It's so obvious that governments and the big banks have been quietly taking over crypto, whilst using the mainstream media to convince everyone else that it's worthless. It's great to be amongst people who can see straight through their deception.

  8. People HODLing is not bullish. It takes liquidity away from the market. So, it makes the price more susceptibility to manipulation. Not good news.

  9. The cryptocurrency market will experience a market optimism in 2020, as not only Bitcoin, but all the major cryptocurrencies will also experience an upward shift. The governments and the central banks will embrace the digital currencies, hence the demand should be more. So I want to purchase some more Bitcoin in advance… and bet on the side that always wins. That is a pretty safe bet, although I am able to increase my bitcoin portfolio, 12 btc and counting in the space of five weeks with the help of Benjamin Jackson who is a Pro Trader and has been helping Novice crypto investors showing them ways to trade their Bitcoin, he is down to earth and always ready to serve, I made profits, and it was worth it. I urge all of you to want to do this to contact you through (e-mail- [email protected] com or telegram- BenjaminJackson ) for your signals and tips on how to quickly create a work strategy to increase your portfolio and earn profit Consistent and consistent.till a big fan and I like your channel but had to get this off my chest

  10. I am from Germany and about to finish my degree in Computer Economics.
    I went through your academy and I am a programmer for about 2 years now.
    What companies based in Germany would you suggest me to go for a job?

  11. No doubt that they are, I believe a lot of them are the whales moving the market anyway.

    When it comes to banks USING blockchain tech, you don't need to look past BoA (Ripple, Algorand), even JPM/Northern Trust are building on their own respective blockchains.

  12. i've learned that if things are uncertain, see steve jobs in the beginning of Apple, there is were you can make the biggest profit, i also learned that traders come and go , but studying ivan on tech acedemy and becoming a builder in the blockchain is much more lucrative and satisfying, sorry for the grammar mistakes, Hugo from Belgium

  13. Today I learned how to uninstall Mcafee antivirus software, how Swedish tax system works, and the best investment is in yourself! Keep up the great work Ivan!!!

  14. This is GOLD …. Thank you for sharing I dont want anything I just want to express my gratitude for the service your doing for humanity …

  15. Today I’ve learnt about the CZ’s top 10 books which can have great value for any readers. I’ve also learnt Ivan is working for the Russian government and recommends Kaspersky 😁

  16. Estonia is the best country in the Europe to start a business and grow it big because it is possible to conduct business with 0 taxes. You pay 21 % tax only for the money you take out of your Company to your personal bank account (in form of salary or dividend).

  17. I learned that mass immigration of third world people into Europe, where huge taxes are paid to run a welfare system that feeds and houses people who will never contribute is probably not a good idea. As governments try to maintain control they'll tax ethnic europeans even more. White men need to realise this and hedge themselves with gold and btc. gold should be held in custody in countries that are not importing the third world because the third world will eventually vote to confiscate from white people – look what they're doing to white farmers in South Africa

  18. I learned that German banks might be allowed to buy/sell and store Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in 2020, that Binance is killing it vs. Deutsche Bank profitwise, and that CZ has published his top-10 reading list

  19. I learned that Ivan on tech comes to me everyday same time like a atomic clock no matter what.. but if I win I ask that you give the course to someone that needs it . Double giveaway next time

  20. only fraudalent companies chase low taxes , places with higher taxes have healthy,happy,well motivated and well educated workers, for a high tech companies taxes is not a main thing , slave runers chase low taxes and low wages , ofcourse it is a factor but not the deciding one

    Thank God there are only 5 or 6 likes…… stupid people are scary………….
    Bitcoin is the new Gold…….RIGHT?????
    Go buy more fool………….you can do it…………..

  22. Today I learned about CZ booklist which I already bookmarked. Hopefully most are available in audio because I also listen more than I read

  23. Bankers should be in jail, now they will walk us to the gallows of social credit system, sorry funds are unavailable…

  24. I use Dydx for ETH trading with leverage. You could also loan you Dai for 5% apr. DueDex is.good.for.leverage trading BTC.

    Defi is the best. No KYC, You custody your own crypto

  25. I learned that you can build a virus out of "lego pieces" from YouTube description box. I learned that more institutional investors are looking towards bitcoin, EU banks.

  26. Ivan don't stop talking fast – that's the Ivan we come here for – Richard Heart is the one who looks 'needy' not you, because he is the one who is promoting his ponzi coin, and it is he who gave up on his previous Crypto project for CFD because it was 'too hard' – whereas YOU are a software developer who has actually made things that work for a livelihood – all Richard has done is buy and sell and NLP the heck out of people !

  27. I learned about: a) how German banks are now getting into crypto and offering custody solutions, etc.; b)how scammers are installing malware onto your computer to mine monero,; c) corporate taxes of other countries, among other things. Love your show. Pick me for your Academy

  28. Ivan, Do you know how much debt Sweden has to the US in dollars? (How much are Sweden's citizens going to be affected by the "milkshake theory"?) Thanks man.

  29. Hi Ivan, I'm going to check out the 10X audio book . Love audio books, they are the best. (Ready Player One ..) Do you have any opinion about you tubers being extremely negative about other you tubers in this space. I wonder if it's more about them getting more Subs and power. I'm always scared off by those that presume to be an authority . IE know more than anyone else.

  30. I learned that banks are getting into crypto. There's more money in crypto then what they make normally. I'm only scared that banks will be allowed to short BTC with futures. Kill the price and then buy everything themselves

  31. I've learned that we cannot blame the state or others, but take our own action and educate ourselves, read good books for a start.

  32. 4:28 Ivan you have to admit removing Turing completeness is quite smart. We have had enough innovation. Time to audit how secure the current code ecosystem is, then slowly move towards complete Turing completeness once recurring security risks are identified. Giving devs complete control will just result in hacks like the overflow bug.

  33. I've learned that the banking system is finally embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Even though we've been against this, it is not that much different than using Coinbase or other centralised exchanges. It creates awareness and, hopefully, people will start looking at Bitcoin as a real alternative to the monetary system.
    Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on CZ's recommended books. Plenty to read.

  34. I learned that crypto is a fun theory but a system backed only by theory. I will continue to invest in American real estate where there is a tangible product, with me having greater control.

  35. 25:55 …books are the best return on investment you can possibly make and it is insane you pay $20 books are so cheap I don't understand how they can be so cheap because you pay $20 you can find a gold nugget in that book that will make you a hundred million I mean at least 1 million if you're reading 50 books per year I assure you and you're focusing on success books I assure you you will find a book that makes you at least 1 million I can guarantee you that and so many people complain about hey you know how unfair life is this and that the government this tax says the the banks and yes a lot of life is unfair central banking is unfair but in order to make the best of it you get a read you get a read as much as possible and you know it's still possible to go from zero to success even in this unfair world but you you gotta stop blaming the system and you gotta you gotta improve yourself in that system and then with crypto…

  36. the banks created bitcoin, no one man could do it, it would have taken a huge team and lots and lots of money, think about it. they could never of implimented it without people thinking the banks cant control it. i have crypto but im clever enough to realise this. except they control it and get in early. good luck

  37. I would buy your course if it was one time party but subscriptions sucks. You can charge for new books but since you can’t even keep anything unless you pay monthly it’s really bad.

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