Cryptocurrency Webinar From basics to live market strategies

Cryptocurrency Webinar  From basics to live market strategies

Not available for Canadian traders hello everybody we’ll get started with
the webinar at this time if you would let’s do a quick systems check before we
get going just type OK in the chat box if you seeing my screen all right and
hearing me clearly hello Alex the Basile just waiting for a few more responses I
want to make sure the majority of everyone is hearing ok I’ve got a
different audio setup so let me know if it sounds muffled or not clear let me
know ok so we’ll get going looks like we must be OK for everybody if along the
way you have any issues let me know obviously based on the screen here where
we’re covering crypto currencies today a lot of potential a lot of good movements
going on some some fundamental news coming in as encouraging for the market
as well we’ll take a look at and as we get going just keep in mind as always
all investments have risk no one investment or one trade is
guaranteed to bring you profits and this is true for forex trading CFDs spread
betting options trading you can read the full risk disclosure statement on a
betrayed calm I keep in mind what we covered is meant to be educational and
not taking a financial advise meant but as we go over things the idea is that
you’re going to build upon your trading strategy or your brand-new two things
start building your trading strategies based on real knowledge based on
information and ideas that can really help you gain control of what you’re
doing and understand completely how and why you’re trading on something and in
which direction with kind of maybe a checklist of ideas that you’re looking
for before you take a move on something that justifies in your own mind why
would I buy on this rather than sell or vice versa
okay so along the way we’ll be looking at both technical and fundamental
analysis we could go in their blockchain technology ideas about what is crypto
technology the the blockchain behind crypto technology is viewed as a very
secure decentralized technology and we could go on and on but a lot of
industries are starting to use the blockchain technology for lots of
purposes like voting and issuing stock from private companies large banks are
getting involved with creating their own digital currencies and it’s become
really a mainstay now this blockchain technology that become more and more
mainstream and we’re starting to see lots of retail outlets accepting
payments and different forms of cryptocurrencies they’re putting in both
the hardware and software to handle it and it really looks like it’s here to
stay and this this whole recognition of that has really brought the crypto chart
back to trending like the old days of the Cristo’s where we’ve got lots of
nice movements and huge potential profits to go after so first thing we
should do is probably go through the demo account here and take a look and
you certainly can be using your live accounts but I’m taking a look first at
the technical analysis a bit and then we’ll move on to some of the fundamental
news to hopefully explain why the technical movements are occurring so
this was from yesterday we were looking at gold and boy we had a session going
yesterday here was the support level it broke the first one here was the second
support level while we watched it plunge down we talked about if it breaks the
next support it could continue to drop and it did that while we were watching
it was a pretty exciting session and and a lot of traders took advantage I think
of that movement now predictably gold has come back up to
the resistance point here the old support level and kind of paused but why
am i pointing out gold was the crypto currencies Bitcoin in particular
as the mirroring the movement of gold believe it or not is as I you know in
the past cryptocurrencies were saw as highly volatile and people were some
somewhat scared to invest in them they’ve actually become somewhat of a
safe haven from what’s going on with all the trade wars in the different
countries and and the instability in the European Union in the UK people have
been buying into Bitcoin and some other coins I as a safe haven and and as we
were seeing gold go up so was Bitcoin as it was coming down so it was Bitcoin and
maybe a cerium as well so it’s very interesting so we see what happens with
gold yesterday let’s take a look at what was going on with this point and some
other cryptocurrencies let me find the middle groups at the
bottom now with their new names okay Bitcoin USD and we see it pulled
back a little bit but not much this was yesterday here pulling down and
then today had some recovery back up so it mirrored gold a bit but not
completely and so as we as we look at the technical analysis right now let’s
zoom in a bit and take a look and we see a recent high ceiling up here today this
huge Polish movement here with Bitcoin climbing above 9,500 and we see we’re
sitting right now about 9,000 351 and I when we look at this what do we see we
see high points basically getting lower and we see low points basically getting
higher so the market is tightening it there’s a certainly a tightening market
and I soon what do you think will happen one way or the other right what do you
see potentially happening a breakout it can only the market can only tighten so
far it’s going to try and wiggle between here and eventually either breakout up
or breakout down from the Titan okay one or the other has to happen right
eventually here it can’t just keep tightening and the market is tightening
right there I’m bit going so the question is which way do we think it
will break down what what makes sense and so technical analysis wise if it
breaks above this high point right here let me draw a line it breaks above this
high point here here’s our resistance the most recent resistance resistance
here resistance here about the same spot and so if it breaks above this
resistance level then you could maybe have a pending buy stop ready to buy it
that would mean okay off trend started higher – broken resistance okay that’s
one option if it breaks below the support down here
you could have a sell stop ready to go if it breaks below that level okay – you
can simply put a couple pending orders and wait for the breakthroughs out of
this consolidation that’s been occurring sideways
yeah Alex you can you can try to make some money on this tight range but
remember you have to overcome the spread now we’ve tightened our spread here
we’re really competitive with our spreads at arbitrated and just this last
Friday we cut spreads across the board 20 30 % even more on Samantha but as the
tighter this gets to try and play this off and down movement it gets a little
harder so yeah you should check out the spread ballots and and remember we don’t
charge commissions in and out of trade so we’re really we’re better than most
of the competition now now if you combine no Commission’s with the tighter
spread we’re doing really well on that regard in terms of trading conditions
now but this is a tightening movement so it might be hard to scout when it
McIver and tighter so it’s hard to scalp that movement
what’s the breakthrough in either direction might be an easier move but
listen it by all means if you want to scalp it you certainly can you can try
and make that move small move down from the upper slope and up from
the down to the lower slope but the breakout moves look to me either have
more potential for larger movement once you get outside of the range either up
or down and so if you’re buying in on a buy stop this might be a take brought
your first take profit location here this last high point if you’re selling
out a self stop your take profit might be this last support area down here
around this level okay so two opportunities for pending orders I types
yes if you’d like me to show how to set up the pending orders they say if it’s
something you like the idea of the breakout rooms buying if it breaks
through the resistance selling if it breaks through the support I I can walk
through how to set up the pending orders if you’re unsure real quick I’ll just
show you for those of you that are new you can switch from market execution
defending a switch from market depending just like that and then again I’ll just
show to a market depending order and then if you want to buy from the higher
point that’s up here if it breaks through and you want to buy in let’s say
at 94 33 you would do buy stomp entry price whatever you think is right for
you 94 30 or whatever it might be and then you can program to take profit your
stop-loss as well so if you if you bought from this location 94 30 your
stop-loss might be back down at 90 400 5 and your take profit might be up here
just before the resistance okay so if you’re buying it as it breaks through
the resistance might make sense if you take profit just below this or I’m sorry
your stop-loss just below in case it goes back down and you take profit
somewhere near the next price level up here the next resistance level okay so
you put your stop loss and take profit mark
pending entry price and then you place it and it would be waiting in case it
hissed at market would open for you if you want also to program below the
support in case it breaks down that’s a self stop what’s still pending order and
sell stop and so again your app price would be if
it breaks below the support maybe somewhere down here ninety two forty
something like that could be your cell stock price and then again your
stop-loss would be back above the support if it reversed and went back up
that could be your stop block and your take profit might be somewhere down near
the next support level okay riffing in this set up much less here
stop-loss than your potential profit in both of both of these moves okay if
you’re using stop-loss no need to hedge either no need to hedge i if you feel
strongly about one direction over another then once the once the position
open live then you can go back and hedge the other direction okay but you can’t
it’s not durable to set up the hedge without having the other trade open
first a market move or the first pending order ticks in then you can go back and
put the other pending order in why is that well you know if this buy stop
opens up here then i can place a pending order back down here is a sell stop to
hedge with what if i do the self stop now it’ll hit the self stop before it is
to pay to buy stuff or this I’m sorry this to sell women here it would hit the
sell limits before it would hit the buy stop so you can’t you can’t do a pending
hedge for a pending position that’s actually higher than the head you have
to wait first position has to be open then you can go back and set up the
pending heads okay so starting out maybe put the stop-loss
once let’s say it broke up and opened here the buy stop then you can go back
and say okay I can remove my stop wall and put my hedge position as a sell stop
down here once the other ones open okay so starting out protect yourself in one
way then you can go back and adjust the protection getting rid of the stop-loss
maybe and putting a hedge once the other ones open
alright those good points because some people don’t understand it’s hard to set
up the hedge on a current pending order it’s easier to set it up once one
positions open okay so couple opportunities here let’s
look at maybe ripple and it looks the same doesn’t it ripple looks very
similar we’ve got what looks to be and and really it looks a little bit
different doesn’t it this is more of a flat support level it’s not it’s not
tightening it wasn’t narrowing like the other and misses a flat resistance level
up here okay support you see here’s the break through back here support support
and resistance resistance resistance okay so again this this actually looks
like a range that you could trade up-and-down from the support resistance
so you could trade down with a sell limit from up here from the resistance
you could trade up with a buy limit pending order from near the support and
you also could set up if it breaks through a buy stop up here and if it
breaks through on the bottom a sell stop down here so you can put four pending
orders right now for pending orders not trying to pretend that you know which
way it will go just if it gets near the resistance what happened the last three
or four times it hit this price and drop it hit this price and dropped it hit
this price and dropped it hit this price here and dropped one two three four
times four out of four hit this price level and drop so a sell limit from
somewhere just before that price if it occurs again you could have a nice
profit if it breaks through you hit your stop-loss and then you
activate the five stop so you can have a sell limit prepared as a pending and at
the same time prepare your buy stop at the same spot the buy stop goes in is
where your stop loss is on your sell limit so if the sell limit activates and
then it breaks through you hit the stop loss them a sell limit and activate the
buy if I stop if it activates the sell limit up here and drops then your buy
stop never open and you’re profiting on the sell women same in Reverse if it
comes down here activates your buy limit advise and you’re profiting if it breaks
through you hit your stop-loss and activate the cell stop and your property
if it continues so you can set up all four
pending orders at once this really looks better for ranges the Bitcoin was really
narrowing getting tight this one has a clearer range up and down
up and down okay so now anyways right and that’s all we can do is go on what
we see technical analysis wise we’ll get the patterns on the chart and look for
the most opportunistic entry point so so far this is pure technical analysis this
coin USD pairing looks like it’s bet it’s right for a breakout one way or
another the market consolidated in tightening and it’s got to break one way
or the other this one a cerium I’m sorry Ripple paired with us Dean looks more
like a ranging pattern that you can do a 1/2 set up here and a 1/2 set up down
here both possibilities at the bottom and the top of this range ok let’s take
a look at some fundamentals and then we’ll come back and look at this again
ok because right now the technical analysis looks pretty clear now can we
narrow down that maybe we prefer one direction over another and not for
pending orders maybe we only put two or one maybe do a market move based on the
fundamental news so let’s take a look at the fundamental news and see what’s
going on ok risk rally hits pause button as
markets await trade signal ok so people thought the risk was dropping yesterday
on the markets because there was good news about us-china trade negotiation it
was leaking out over the weekend and then through the day yesterday and and
also I mean through day Monday and also yesterday
now China pushed back a little bit yesterday saying you know what we want
some of the already existing tariffs rolled back for this deal for phase 1 of
the deal as they’re calling it they’ve broken it down there maybe three phases
we’re trying to do US and China so that kind of put a pause on things I
think it we talked about that yesterday that that seemed interesting
so risk rally hit sparse what they mean by risk rally they mean the rally
I was gold and it’s a savings at end of the stock market which was hitting new
high okay now I so that’s interesting to
think maybe there might be some move back into the state phase based on this
information and what did we say is mirroring gold a little bit as a
potential safe haven cryptocurrencies we’re back means if China saying they
want to rollback of some of the tariffs that means the u.s. already imposed
tariffs on China and China saying we don’t just want phase one to be that you
won’t increase tariffs more China’s saying we also beyond not increasing
tariffs more for this phase one deal we also want you to lower the tariffs back
down on the ones you already increased okay
so that’s what that’s what rolling back the tariffs and that idea means fever
then it it could have sense that a different way in the headline that’s the
way it was written so that’s how I said it but but they just mean take back some
of the tariffs that you already put on some of the products China’s pushing
that they want some of them removed so so that kind of put a little pause than
saying hey we’ve got a deal already so that and we’ll take a look at gold
and we did it came plummeting down and we see it bounce back up some real
resistance level so there’s some upward pressure on the tape havens again
because maybe this feels not quite in place but between US and China okay
specifically about Bitcoin and the crystal currency Bitcoin rising steadily
all towards gaining bullish momentum does that sound like the head winds are
blowing up horn blowing crystals up or down maybe
Alex that could be maybe it breaks back above the 1500 mark and up towards 15 15
or 15 25 if that’s how you feel out you can
set things up that way and you also will take a look you can wait for
confirmation – meeting it’s at a resistance level you can wait for the
breakthrough and then get in as if I stopped and if it doesn’t break the
resistance and pulls back down well then you’re not losing anything because you
didn’t buy yet if you’re thinking about buying okay so so anyways what does this
what do you think this type of headline that just came out today does for the
price of cryptocurrencies that sound like it all cryptocurrencies rise or go
down Bitcoin rising steadily all torrents gaining bullish momentum dumps
may be good for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies positive momentum if we
go and take a look Hong Kong makes major crypto moves what
are they saying look at this starting today crypto
currency exchanges can apply to be regulated by Hong Kong security of
Futures Commission they’re legitimizing crypto currencies it’s becoming more and
more common for different areas around the world to start thinking this way
what does that do for the momentum of cryptocurrencies if you see while a
major market for cryptocurrencies is actually legitimizing and regulating it
now on their exchanges what does that do for momentum for grip
those Bitcoin aetherium ripple probably positive momentum with that type of
headline and enough okay and then this is just confirmation of the same idea
the risk rally has paused we’re looking at gold and plumbing is a bunch
yesterday and that kind of slowed down now we can also look at the economic
calendar says most of these cryptos are paired against the USD and see what’s
going on with the u.s. today mixed news out of the European Union
some red announcements which means bad news some green ones which means good
news nothing on the USD a– nothing major to speak of there’s some low-level
announcements today one bullhead on this platform means low-level announcements
three boys would be high level I later today there’s crude oil
inventories okay so it’s something maybe to keep an eye on but nothing as of yet
today in the USD so mostly looks like positive headwinds for kryptos it’s the
the driving story today so if then now we go back we go back if this goes up if
if ripple goes off the challenges let’s resistance level do you prefer to keep
this sell limit or get rid of it you prefer down both the sell limit and the
buy stop set up up here or do you prefer to have one over the other
yeah probably get rid of the sell limit if you feel like there’s more reasoning
for ripple to break through the resistance rather than continue that
trend of bouncing down from right so if you if you feel that way and you don’t
have to feel that way I’m not here to tell you how you should feel about it
but this is how you start to eliminate taking that shot that then hits your
stop-loss okay to maybe avoid that and wait for
confirmation of what you’re more certain of in your mind so if I say okay I’m
going to delete I’m not going to do the self sell limit because I feel there’s
positive momentum in the market for christos to go up more than down and if
and I’m saying hypothetically if that’s how I saw oh then I prepare my by staff
above this resistance level and I wait for it and that’s it and this then then
you get into the idea some of you are asking about huging if you don’t want to
put a stop loss down here because you’re afraid when it breaks through they’ll
activate you buy stuff then it will give a little jot down hit your stop-loss and
then it will keep climbing and you’re afraid that will happen and you can just
put after it breaks through and your buy stop open then you can put a sell stuff
down here at the hedge don’t put a stop loss on your on your buy position and
you have the hedge down here in case it drops you’re breaking even with the head
you’ve got yourself covered without putting the stop-loss
so that if it breaks down and then back up
you have a stopwatch on the head and your buy stop stays open in that in that
effect and that’s only if you’re more certain about up rather than down in
that example if you’re not that certain then you just do your buy stop and maybe
put your stop-loss down here and you hope when it breaks through it goes run
right but either one is an option then so then what about down here what about
down here if you’re more certain about a buy than a sell should we leave the buy
limit should you set up a pending order buy limit as well not justify stop up
here but a buy limit yeah exactly make sense if you if you think it’ll go up
then if it happens to come down to the support level then that means you trust
the support level you trust the support more than the resistance so you’re not
selling down from the resistance but buying up from the support make sense if
you think they Christos should go up right now based on the fundamental news
so now I say okay I’m not going to take a chance that if this comes down
triggers my my buy limit and then comes down temporarily and hits my stop-loss
then it goes up I’m going to be mad right so I might set this up as a buy
limit here and it is in this case you can set up your hedge position ahead of
time there’s pending orders because it’ll get in your first position first
the one you believe in more let’s say it comes down hits your body limit triggers
it then goes down breaks the support now it can trigger yourself stop your covers
if it keeps dropping if it comes back up have your stop-loss on yourself stop
here and your buy limit is still open to continue property okay so in this effect
you would set up three pending orders if you believe in the buy more than the
sell and again I’m not here to tell you you should you saw the news report you
saw the article if you believe that cripples should go up more
down right now then these three pending orders would make sense a five staff up
here with a stopwatch on the bottom or a pending order that you open up after
this opens you could come back and switch the stop box to a pending hedge
or leave it as or just a stop line this one you can have the pending order in
advance because the first one that you believe in will open first and if it if
it triggers the buy limit takes off running your hedge position never opened
if it breaks it opens the hedge to cover you okay
so those three pending orders you could set up in advance right now if you
believe in that fundamental news and that the direction you believe them Alex
if you think the news isn’t strong enough and you think it will keep
ranging then you you keep this sell limit you keep the sell women right then
you have all four of them set up still and if you really believe in the ranging
you don’t need if you really believe in the ranging up and down you have to sell
limit here the buy limit here and you just say a stop walk here and here and
you don’t have to have the hedge position if you think it’ll keep ranging
in your mind you’re certain of it okay so it’s all about perspective right
Alex you might believe it will keep ranging someone else might believe now I
think it’ll break through so that that’s a personal decision how you interpret
the news but many that you set up the strategy with multiple entry points
potentially it’s called a trade check you don’t you just take one shot that’s
necessarily and if you Reuters are lost think of it more like chest you take one
shot know exactly doesn’t cost for pending orders and if it makes sense
that you’re playing it more like chess where you think three moves ahead
you put the pawn out there and if it gets you to the Queen great if it
doesn’t you’ve got the next step ready when the market moves and hits your
first then you’re ready for step two and each
time putting yourself in a better position to buy one it’s more oversold
or to sell when it’s more overbought catching that advantage each time you
make that next move and in the end you can win with the trade set even if your
first thought was wrong because in this setup for example your stop losses or
your hedge positions kick in with only a small amount of loss with a much bigger
potential for movement on the upside and if he keeps covering the losses you can be in profit on the one overall
trade set with with the first position even still being negative okay so it’s
very nice to set things up this way as you go along so that we can go to pips
going man and we could say the same thing okay
I find it hard to try and trade on the ranging hit I don’t think it sets up
nice for range and you might you might say if it gets near this high point here
or here you sell and if it gets near this one point down here or here you buy
so you can set up a ranging concept to me the markets narrowed though I’m this
more so I’m waiting for a breakthrough which which bris who you think would
have the chance to be triggered and then be a false signal right do you think
it’s more likely that it would come down trigger yourself stop and then go back
up and you lose on it or do you think it’s more likely that it’ll break
through trigger your buy stop and then come back down and you lose on it which
one do you believe in more which one you believe in more here I believe I’m in
the breakout UPS more why because of the fundamental news we looked at certainly
I could be wrong and you could believe that you think it will drop more so if
you want to avoid a false signal and you think it’s more likely to climb than the
drop then don’t prepare the sell stop because maybe you think it’s more likely
that if it triggers the sell stop down here that it could bounce back up from
one of these other supports and go running up right so as you start to
choose based on the technical analysis combined with the fundamental news which
can mean order do I prefer to set up here and maybe you say I think the news
is good for christos I trust it the breakthrough up will last if it happens
more than the breakthrough down so maybe you say okay I’ll get rid of myself stop pending order and I’ll only put my PI
stop okay now that’s just an example you can think the opposite or you could
leave both of them right you have all three of those options based on the
fundamental news maybe in this example you prefer the by staff over the
self-doubt because you’re afraid of a false activation and reversal more on
the cell because of the good news I’m totally pussies so then we’ll only cut
up the bye stop maybe here aren’t you saying if there’s a strong balance of
the supporting 8900 then worth a long trade
8900 would be the support level down a bit further we’d have to go let’s still
one our candles and let’s draw the 8900 price again we need for our candles
8900 we’re looking right about here okay so yeah there’s a more major support
down here I’ll put a double line up okay right about this area where I put these
two red lines you see this is a more major breakthrough support support
support support so if you feel the pull back down to this support first then you
want to buy so you put a pending order way down there so some of you might say
I don’t want to find like the timeless support others might say I think it’ll
climb no you’re going to miss your opportunity because it might not drop
back down to that support right so it’s different concepts now can’t you do both
couldn’t we do both wouldn’t you say if it breaks through up I’m in on a buy
stop right only if it confirms the uptrend by breaking through this slope
this side here which we saw on the 15-minute candle if it breaks through
and triggers to five stop above this resistance level I’m identify if it
continues dropping then I have another buy limit buy limit down at this price
waiting to buy and so you’re covered either way then
right if you don’t like getting in as a buyer with the first idea to buy stop
then don’t then don’t do it right if you prefer waiting to see if it comes down
here first then you only put the buy limit and that’s a again a personal
preference but you could do both you can set both of them up and I’m the
first buy stop you could only put half the trade size you’re willing to do and
and and if that goes wrong and it comes down here then you can reactor at the
better price that’s enough and an option as well so it’s not always you have to
do one or the other you can do both and still come out on top and again and that
goes back to the idea of a trade set rather than going all in on one move
okay good points and it’s always good to look at the bigger perspective on the
bigger candle to see where is the more major support level where’s the more
major resistance level what else is going on in the bigger picture it’s akin
to you know if you’re too close to the mountain range you only see that one
opening into the one Valley to get to get into the mountain if you back away
further you see all there are multiple valleys there are other entries at
different location it’s the same idea with trading so sometimes you want an
outside-in look you’re back away look at the 4-hour the 1-day candles then work
your way into the 1-hour in the 15 minute the 5 minute to find your more
exact entry point and you’ve got a an idea of the fine points then also the
bigger picture okay any other questions or points okay perfect okay so it’s not
that you have the fundamental news that things aren’t perfect with US China yet
cave-ins might be pushing back up a bit that the general fundamental news for
cryptocurrencies looks pretty positive and things have been off trending of
risa if we then if we take a look well what’s happening with gold right now the
safe haven and so if we take gold over here and we say wow gold dropped way
down but if we zoom in and look at 30 minute candles
Gold’s trying to make a little bit of a run-up right so it shows a little bit of
hesitation for gold to keep dropping doesn’t mean it won’t keep dropping
especially if US China tweet something out saying hey deal reached boy gold
could drop a bunch more if the opposite happens go could go rushing back up
right if they have some kind of problems with the negotiations that’s unexpected
so certainly either could happen you can use the same strategy on gold by the way
if it breaks above this high point you could have a pie stop the next
resistance levels not till way up here which is back up to that 15 above 1500
that I think it was Alex you were saying you think it’ll go even higher than that
it may be wait for confirmation before you buy an unbuilt right and Leslie if
gold starts running up we might keep this point start running up in etherium
as well and and ripple and some of these other cryptocurrencies okay so I think
we’ve looked at at the general trend and we could look at one more crystal
currency here’s ripple that we looked at let’s look at a theorem a cerium look at
that if you want a confirmation that there’s been positive momentum in
Kryptos nothing spent down trending yet everything already just uptrend and is
consolidating sideways or is continuing the uptrend each of the crystals we’ve
looked yet nothing is what bearish and so as we look at this uptrend that’s a
nice little ranging pattern as an uptrend flow okay so if you believe
cryptos will go up that’s an opportunistic entry point right there
that’s an opportunistic contra point so if you have positive thoughts about
crystals right now in the momentum you might think about a market move even
there that’s a pretty nice entry point your stop-loss could be just below these
low points outside of this slope somewhere down here it could be
your stop-loss okay not much risk for quite a potential client all right and
you’re also if you think crystals will drops no problem I’m not trying to steer
you in one direction you can wait if it breaks below and out of this awkward
slope range then you got yourself stopped over here if that’s what you
think that happened okay so lots of possibilities I think easy to predict
you see this is bouncing right now upward off that slope confirming at
least for the time being bounced up and it kind of corresponds with goals that
pushed up as well so some things you can do here certainly I’m not here to tell
you what direction the trade what’s the technical analysis what’s nice it really
does on the chart there I think this is a good place to stop we’ve been going
over 30 minutes going on 40 minutes now any questions before we entered all
right great so thank you all for joining have a good rest of the week you do too
as well thank you and we’ll be back at it next week Monday Tuesday Wednesday
with the webinar goes luck with your trading I hope to see you all profiting
and crystals if you choose to trade on them I make sure you use the information
to decide which way you want to trade okay all right bye for now

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