Critical Test: Bitcoin's Price – XRP Volume SkyRockets! – Coinbase Supports Staking! – March Top 5

Critical Test: Bitcoin's Price - XRP Volume SkyRockets! - Coinbase Supports Staking! - March Top 5

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today in crypto sideways looks like it might as it did it pull back there was so much action in the market today some of these alts are just pop it off really well Bitcoin had 4080 to overall market capitals and forty three billion dollars let's take a look this is a four hour Bitcoin chart so earlier Bitcoin had a nice pump up to about forty 120 then it pulled back found support here and started climbing higher looks like Asia was probably waking up right now so Bitcoin strikes trying to move a little bit higher so this symmetrical triangle we've been talking about recently we did get a break out of the triangle but there's not really there wasn't very much volume to confirm it so a lot of people we're a little bit concerned about this I really think that the next step and really the big test is still ahead we really want to see how it interacts with 4190 we haven't been able to break through 40 190 4200 I think this is the seventh time we've tried to break through 40 190 4200 so again the breakout of this giant ascending triangle would be huge and however there's a lot of people that are talking about possibly opening short positions around 40 140 200 so definitely this could be where we see a break lower but again this is the big test that everybody wants to see what Bitcoin does so definitely pay attention to what we do here earlier I tweeted this on twitter OMG cup and handled by the breakout if you're not following me on twitter crypto BTC underscore chris constantly post useful informations a lot of charts lately on twitter so if you want to catch these breakouts that i posted be the place to do it so I posted this before it broke out and then shortly after you know it shot right through this resistance level you buy the breakout everybody's like man you nail the eve nail that just to read some comments I've got this the past 24 hours FY I picked up a couple grand this week these trades were so rockin man thanks for all your setups your you have really great content and your patron group is off the chain this gentleman says I watch your YouTube videos daily since November December join your patron group less than two weeks ago anyone I would say joining your patron group was the best investment decision I have made in a long time talk about value for the money you know how good it feels to read these comments and this is not like hey I collected these over the last week I get three four or five of these every single day then he went on to state I was gonna quit trading altogether I've just been losing money and you you really do a good job he stated about helping the novices in the group you know this is like starting from the basics built from the ground up how can we team up together and face off with the whales the institution's the big money the smart money how can we do that if we work together you are interested in joining the patron group the link to the patron group is in the description you get 10 to 20 percent off if you pay 6 months to 12 months in cryptocurrency Bitcoin briefly hits monthly high above 4,100 the British Pound marks 31 year low the Canadian town of Innisfil launched a pilot program to enable residents to pay property taxes with cryptocurrencies in Argentina the Deputy Minister of Finance claimed that adoption of crypto and blockchain will help promote Argentina's financial inclusion at reduce state costs XRP hits Gmail so after integrating xop transfers with Microsoft's flagship email application outlook there's an independent XRP developer that's bringing the leading digital asset to Gmail through a Google Chrome extension where users can now send XRP to one another through Gmail pretty cool Bitcoin transactions surge crypto researchers say a company called Vera block is largely responsible for a sharp rise in Bitcoin transaction Vera block is a tool designed to boost the security of all coins by linking them to a Bitcoin blockchain you can see here just is huge spike in transactions on the Bitcoin network Tron's Tesla debacle I know you've probably seen a bunch of other youtubers talking about this I spoke about it yesterday a little bit just to kind of sum it up I told you I'd kind of research a little bit more justin sun was gonna give away a Tesla and it turned out to be a catastrophe they pick a winner and then Justin son says well this is actually a fake then he went back to the drawing board and he selected a second winner and disregarded the first so now he son is offering a consolation prize basically gonna give him a airline ticket and admission to one of the Tron upcoming Tron conventions well my first thought is as much money as this guy has like you know he might throw another test route Tesla out there here's and here's the gentleman this is like the talk on Twitter right now when the exact Tesla car in this picture and then it's a probably like a little 3 inch car I've been other problems where Justin son has had some issues with these giveaways there was a hackathon at one time where 56 teams were promised cash reward totaling 1 million and they said hey there's so many people that were high quality we're gonna give away the last money to more winners so if you haven't picked up your ledger nano x2 the link to the factory is in the description you can now hold up to a hundred different cryptos on your ledger it's got a lot more space and it's wireless so you can link it to your phone your tablet wireless Bluetooth to your PC the crypto custody race is on so a big huge Achilles heel in cryptocurrency is keeping funds safe coinbase ledger and IBM are now offering new services with coin base and ledger they're gonna use cold storage to lock up these crypto assets IBM solutions are gonna involve securing crypto assets via the cloud so coin base is actually going to allow staking now primarily with Tasos and maker so everybody's super excited about this because the problem with crypto is this if you have a ton of money and you're really uneasy about this asset class that's because you don't want to get hacked and you don't want to lose your money it's one thing to take a ten or twenty percent lost another thing to lose all of it 100 percent lost because of a hack so people are worried about this and a lot of institutions don't move into crypto because working with other people's money potentially you lose your money it's one thing you lose other people's money you're gonna lose your job you're gonna lose your livelihood you're not gonna be able to feed your family so there's a lot on the line for this coin base they're trying to lure institutional investors into this market there's about ten billion dollars with the Wall Street money that's sitting on the sidelines so coin base is trying to bring them into the market coin based custody came out and said the risk necessarily to actively participate in staking has mostly outweighed the return they're looking at 6.6 percent staking rewards which is obviously pretty big you know anybody in mainstream society and get six point six percent Interest they're gonna probably want to do it pretty quick ledger has a new partnership with Hong Kong license Legacy Trust Company they're gonna introduce institutional great digital asset custody solution that's called the ledger vault and then we talked about we've got IBM coming up they've got a hybrid cloud native application that's gonna secure digital assets so it's supposed to be just as secure as cold storage but you'll basically have access to your Kryptos pretty quick so the downside of cold storage is you got to make arrangements to get your crypto out so if you're trying to trade it can't happen it doesn't happen very quick keep in mind we also have fidelity Gemini backed bit Co Kingdom trusts several others Celsius Network block five they're all getting into cold storage seesee says he's got B and B chocolates one of what they taste like are like sweet and super rich I bet they're super rich cuz the price isn't Moony so yeah if you own some B and B tokens definitely congratulations on this recent run-up this is definitely one of the best Bitcoin crypto cars that I've seen he says Bitcoin rich on the side with a pig or a piggy bank where they're putting Bitcoin inside of it so yeah shout out to the guy that owns this car be prepared for this when you join my trading group you might want to tell your family about it yeah honey kids we're gonna it's gonna be giant green candles breaking through the roof though the Bitcoin price rally is masking a serious problem Bitcoin price cracks 4100 as bullish sentiment grows this gentleman says hey the Ben market is over it's been over for the last three months however history doesn't bode well for this latest Bitcoin push again it's really attempted to break 4200 this is going to be the seventh time so really a huge big test ahead for Bitcoin comodo I don't talk about them much but they're in the news from time to time so this is delay their offering fully quantum secured blockchain so obviously the arch-nemesis of cryptocurrency could in theory be quantum computers which can unravel the blockchain there'll be that powerful potentially they don't really exist to that where we can say hey I mean they exist to a point but not to the level that they will in the future so this new technology provides protection against attacks from quantum computers than ensuring exceptional level of security so Komodo stepping up their game Android malware attacking cryptocurrency in banking applications that's the last thing we need it's called the goose stuff it's a vicious Trojan horse created by russian-speaking cyber criminal it's now attacking Android smartphones with the sole aim of stealing users crypto and Fiat contained in the apps it's touted as a weapon of mass infection it's the goal is to mimic legit crypto and banking apps to steal the passwords and other sensitive details of the victims yeah so you guys have got to really be careful on what you download these apps make sure they get vetted download them from secure sites iOS founder claims he could easily take down Bitcoin and aetherium and then he stated why he hasn't done it yet so this is Daniel Armour he helps start steam a OS bit shares a lot of different crypto and now I don't know he has this cred rights in there like I'm gonna I'm just going to destroy the world blockchain Bitcoin theorem everything he says how many innocent people would you have to hold ransom to get Bitcoin and aetherium miners to reverse a transaction with miners in a mining pool operators would be subject to class-action lawsuits if people died because they mined which is a little bit outlandish so everybody so tone days whose you tuber and he really doesn't like all coins at all he kind of just comes out and he's taking bitcoins side he says you hold over 51% of the world hostage and I would expect a 0% chance of Bitcoin transaction being reversed because a minor doesn't and shouldn't care if you consider any one of the four centralized scams built by Dan Larimer you just got a coerce one 221 people talking about the twenty one block producers on iOS so tone Vaes hates all coins just so you know so what's going on here like really like this is the best you got you know stuff like this encrypt out like this is not positivity this is there's nothing positive about this like this guy is outspoken you get a big head he's made it's a bunch of money and crept out and he just starts to lose it get out your pen pencil write these dates down PLC chain main net is getting launched a month from the 30th actually April the 31st elf main net is getting launched on March the 31st nygma discovery Cody's open sourced it's gonna be released sometime in April so always important to you know write these dates down put them on a whiteboard a lot of times you'll see run ups offer these main net test net white papers being launched anything news related you'll get a build up but they'll sell off about two days before the actual news happens backed gets the former IBM and Cisco Executive Tom Noonan to chair its board so what this tells me is backed is getting serious like they're hiring people that put them in place I don't think back would I even MIT ready if back would have said if everything would have happened months and months ago when back was initially being talked about they wouldn't had a bunch of people hired to even work for the company yet so looks like they're finally taking things seriously fidelity poaches coinbase institutional head of sales Christine Sandler everybody's just poaching these guys these people are in high demand the sec postpones a decision on bitwise van eck bitcoin etf provoked proposals so remember this solid ex bitcoin etf was the one that everybody's excited about and hopeful about well it delayed and then they they basically withdrew it and then they reapplied for it but then it did get delayed again today so market didn't obviously even flinch on this news in March if you put two thousand and B&B it was up 74 percent you put a thousand and Tasos up a hundred and one percent a thousand and ever except three hundred and nine percent a thousand in Raven coin up four hundred and thirty nine percent your five thousand dollar starting investment would be fifteen thousand dollars so definitely some big gainers this month it was great to be obviously in the in the crypto trading group everybody was chasing these pumps and in these pumps and like sometimes they went pretty parabolic and it was it's definitely risky you want to look at these charts and you'll start to see a pattern or you you get these rounded bottoms and cup and handles and and there's a pattern called a rounded bottom and you get in halfway with soon as you start to see a curve to the upside and these have been playing out amazing for the group Japanese ecommerce giant rack cuttin to launch its crypto exchange in June so you got this huge Japanese ecommerce giant launching in June you've got Yahoo Japan launching in a couple months so there's a lot of big players coming in and this is gonna legitimize cryptocurrency I think a lot of people you know they have they know what Yahoo is Rock Hudson is a huge Japanese e-commerce site so I feel like this name recognition is gonna bring a lot of new people into crypto crypto whale watchers say ripples X rapid likely powering surge in XRP volume whale watchers say three crypto exchanges have powered up ripples XRP based X rapid the amount of XRP moving between bitstamp and coins pH – confirmed X rapid partners has ramped up in recent days and you can look at this chart and yeah it's skyrocketed I think as you look at X our piece price action and if this has happened in recent days the price has fallen so what I would say is volume doesn't equate to higher prices especially the way ex rapid is designed if you is free 3x RP is used for a brief period of time so it's gonna take a lot of volume in order for this to move the price I would think what do you guys think about this I'd like to hear your comments in the comment box breaking ripple designed to deal with leading Indian Bank Federal Bank to speed up international remittances so the Bombay Stock Exchange released notes on how the Bank wishes to use the technology to accelerate cross-border remittances ripple staying in the news though – version point 1/4 includes an anti 51% attack chain locks and they've released their test net – constantly the news coin Benny blockchain researchers say the Bitcoin exchange lost at least 105 million dollars but coin Benny says no there's no hack there's no there's been no hack it's all a big lie I mean everybody's saying these block chains don't lie where's all this money getting moved around for so the irony is that 70 million of the funds were liquidated that were moved were liquidated via ether data ether Delta's a noncustodial exchange and customers on their funds there when trading they're similar to Tron TRX market that the number one coin that was stolen was MXM which is maxi mine a newer crypto that is out that has definitely taken off so the total takes about 105 million only 2 million is in ether itself hacked crypto Pia wallet moves 30 almost 31,000 aetherium worth four point two million dollars to an unknown wallet owner not again hopefully they're just restructuring some things at crypto Pia but at this point like we just don't need anymore hacks in crypto this is getting ridiculous Japan's biggest railway plans to accept cryptocurrency payments this would definitely speed up mainstream adoption I feel like Asia is really big at not using fiat you know they like to use electronic form of payments and it's gonna be a easy Segway for cultures such as Japan which are used to not using cash Thailand's richest company acquires the firm behind them aisa go for more than a hundred million dollars huge news for a Mesa go if you like the content that I provide on a daily basis be sure and subscribe to the channel like the video comment below with the bell for notifications thanks so much I'll see you guys tomorrow

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  3. First – Full disclosure … I am a noob here and barely understand the technology, but I know a sure thing when I see it. And cryptos are a sure thing. That said, regarding XRP, it's volume and minimal price movement, there has to be a reason and my SWAG is this: It seems to me that the price is being intentionally kept low to allow the sale of XRP via the OTC market until a predetermined amount of it has been sold. Then – BOOM … the price explodes. If the price went too high before the supply was exhausted, in my mind, why would a bank buy and use it? The attraction for them would be to buy a large volume of XRP now at the discounted OTC price, then the price goes vertical and they only have to use fractions of their purchase when moving funds. Or am I way off base???

  4. Indications show that once the bitcoin is able to break forward above $4,190, we may be headed for the next resistance around the $6,000 but nevertheless, we are not completely clear of tendencies which may still pull the coin towards and below the $3,000 which in both possibilities, a well equipped trader would still make great profits. What defines a good trader is not his ability to relate or spill technical jargons only but most importantly, his/her ability to enter and exit trades at the precisely accurate time. This you have to do by first researching preferably under the guidance of a very successful trader and then taking it a notch further by using his signals for your trades and also using and understanding his trade strategies. What this entails is, you learn and earns simultaneously. I did this with Mark Hall and the reward has been great. 24 BTC from 6.7 BTC within 3 weeks would have been a dream until it happened to me as a user of Mark’s system. I am really excited and would love to afford others this great opportunity as well. You can reach Mark on [email protected] for any inquiries and i am sure he would go the extra mile to assist you become a profitable trader.

  5. Rakuten bought Ebates in 2014 and is currently re-branding. I asked Rakuten US if they're going to offer crypto rewards instead of cash and I was told they will forward it to their parent company. This could be an opportunity to introduce the public to crypto.

  6. Hey chris noticed that you have a lot of sold out tiers in your patron group. Is there any chance you make new spots for the little dudes like me? Lol

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  8. I'm Becoming More An More Interested In The Patreon Group With Each Passing Video. Now That I'm Making A Little More Money It May Be Possible Soon.

  9. Rounded bottom ?? LOL Did I hear rounded bottom ?? LOL …ummm… Pundi X… King of the 250 sat ICO coins with working products already shipped……….. it has the biggest rounded bottom down to 10 sats and just starting to curl up at 15 sats rounded bottom. (it touched 22 last month with a MASSIVE volume spike that should have pushed it much higher, so they must be saving that gun-powder for later.) But I would be willing to bet that Pundi X at 15 sats and 11% free airdrops for April May and June for a total of 33% free Pundi X added to your stack has go to be the best short term deal in crypto right now. The stop loss at 8-10 sats, and the potential upside could be multiple X-ing, as well as all the free coins. That's a play with very little risk, and HUGE upside potential.

  10. Dan Larimer should avoid publicly making violent statements like that about crashing BTC and destroying the savings of countless millions of innocent people. Because it's possible that when someone makes such insane claims, they could end up suicided. LOL …Dan should be happy with the success and money he has already raped from this space, and shut his revenge of the nerds faced pie hole. Ha!

  11. Thanks Chris great job as always hopefully everyone is over the bear market and BTC will break through not long now and we will all see what happens. Fingers crossed for the best.

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