Welcome to capricornio or reading weekly from 4 to 10 November and Congratulations you are the second video to be published so if you want continue to be among the first to be published remember to leave your fingers up and Share this video to be the most I saw in the week I jot and I give Welcome once again to my channel I invite you to subscribe activate the bell for you to reach all my Notifications and comments Leave me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these remember reading that in the end you have an interactive question for this week if you stay with me the energy you have for this week They want to speak to you two letters Capricorn and I’ll give the in at this moment is generally a here you want to get away two out the letter of trust and you get the letter Mind also looks capricornio this week marks that you’ll You are having many questions many insecurities they will be like turning on head that you’re going to block the roads but it is for yourself these questions you you’re having by this situation you which you have perhaps been percatar that your plans were going pretty well and Now everything has changed and the letter mind tells you everything is within your thought itself all those little towers you are creating you in your destruction of mind that everything will go wrong all that you are generating and you are creating what you are doing call for trust in you to trust the way the universe It’s getting in your life so that You trust that things are happening for more reason than you in this moment maybe you’re not understanding speaks be careful not start taking missteps because this You could then truly block all the progress you’ve managed to have in your life until now it is not a step for drastic changes in your life you are indicating that if you feel that maybe you’re walking on a fixed land not you They walk in quicksand you are then you stay indicating the shore and begin to analyze what the best steps you can take You have to overcome these doubts and overcome these insecurities you’re having because you are creating the you you listening to that little voice that always bad around you insists you and tells you You have no future you will not leave Later that you do not deserve happiness not let that little voice win this week have to trust you trust that things will work out to that leap of faith to believe that what you’re doing is right to be also believing in yourself is one week in which your self-esteem may also It is being affected some may will be reappearing in your life are me indicating your spirit guides traumas your past traumas of your childhood if you you became a victim of some kind of Mental bullying psychological abuse that maybe your time when you were in school only became known as bullying but maybe yes If you are suffering from any of these then definitely situations I always say to them seeking help for be careful that this does not go to affect this week tell me that you can overcome all these difficulties and it’s all in your mind you have to work on these bad thoughts go to your Look into your family life leaves you letter Ace of drinks and talks that beings ones in your life in your core Family can be parents may be even with your partner will be giving you the support you need to get ahead but to out of that darkness where you will You can find these moments you have to ask for that help talk that your family will be essential for you so you can believe again believe in your future again on you and on the road you have to take but you talk that You have to be alert then these this letter are also blessings I saying your health guides could living a recovery within family of yours is going to be miraculous Always remember assist your doctor and this recovery occurs because person in your family group has been following treatment based on diagnosis that made him so Dr. they are indicating that they will see that Family recovery corpse much joy and it will be much I am feeling much love between you It will also be a week where you will be able to connect like never before your friends leaves you the letter dated 10 cups are telling me here that your friends will be planning some such an invitation could be for this week or next there are people who miss you and you They want to see and want to do some sort party or small gathering activity to share with you as well capricornio It is that you are saying here your guides spiritual definitely accept that Salt Invite them share a again to again have that connecting family and friends are very hand tell me your guides here it’s like for some of you your group of friends are your family have a very strong connection with them and they have always been there for so you are telling it time to reconnect once again they can accept these invitations be a barbecue dinner can be it may be just to talk but accept that this is going to be very desestresar well for you and leave that mind you have right now that you are hassled too if you are working What is the message for you this week if you are working It is the letter nine of clubs forgiveness NINE of CLUBS and you are indicating that some of you may feel exhausted during this week you feel exhausted and drained that you have no energy you are indicating here is that maybe you have to relax and unwind you can not not allow that work or need to make money take over you because that could be the cause of your you speak stress that even if you do not you want to admit You need to relax need disconnect and stop being you stressing because your mind again continues to tumble this week in the work and you will not give the same thing always you give you will not be paying some of you are telling me that on their days off even though such take them to rest once that no They are recovering 100% but is then what need is try off your mind because it’s like either you could not sleep because it always toying with an idea some reason or something you want to do and you have not yet or meet a person also obsessed with getting to work numbers might have a goal that meet on the amount things you have to do you have to pay may be one too you It is affecting the situation through your job but are showing me Hence there is definitely a stress based on numbers reach a goal if you are looking for a job which is the message for you this week leaves you the Look letter 7 gold medals that speaks to you you have to be patient speaks of that things are going to be coming to you soon at this moment the planet Mercury is the planet Communication trips jen electronic communications in these instants is retrograde and speaking that this also will affect much the energy with which you’re He is living in the moment and could also be drawing some things it seems that some of you an offer work an opportunity that had been been detained or has been stopped in these moments and you came to be unemployed and those then you are saying here that will materialize again do not lose faith that you continue there fighting If you’re in a relationship this week then we will see who are single If you’re in a relationship this is the letter he wants to talk to pass the letter from six of spades and we have here a distancing a departure that You could be having these moments with your partner and perhaps the stress for some of you have to lot to do with that decision capricornio leaving a person who and not make you happy you tormenting you I remember also mentioned some abuses of bullying so this can also be in the relationship and you then thinking of walking away or leave this situation is not you benefiting in these moments to some of you this distance It may be permanent for others it may be temporary all depends on the situation in which you find yourself Always remember to take what resonates you what not simply discard it take the advice that is sounding for your life and you can also listen to your rising sign there may have a message If you’re looking couple you capricornio out the letter from nine cups you that your wishes are going to do speak really put me so I demand image Aladdin’s magic lamp with the which are telling your guides order your spiritual desires and someone else So grant connects to your energies during this week because Some of you might be messages received news of a cross a platonic love Who May Be becoming a true love for Some of you let’s go through the numbers Luckily for this week and at the end and lack little is interactive question so stay with me for you ask something to your spiritual guides 52 and you have 30 or 31 10 counts as 0 or 1 here in my channel if you like you can vary these They are what I recommend lucky day for you this week a day where you will receive messages or important news comes out that you will be on Thursday so attentive to the news could be They receive on Thursday because they will We very impactful for your life will go through the question and interactive sailing thinking at this moment remember to subscribe and share this video leave your fingers up your Likes and invite your friends to watch this video If you want to become the first to be published oh sorry I will get you the two options ask your question to and choice option b You can pause at this moment and ask your question I will reveal the letters if you took is the option to b option even also in the comments suggested to me that you can ask a question for him is a he asks to see what you can do as you can ask two questions you please and take a letter to each of your questions thanks for the person I He gave the suggestion at this moment I do not remember your name if you took is the option and was perhaps the same letter the day wow If you took the option is the answer for you it is yes so for it they would say that looks j esqueda did you get that letter and we no longer is a blessing because the letter went out again So there it is for you if you took Option B is the answer for you is 1 right now this can not be converted into a yes yes you want it is transformed into an option if you took the answer to you is yes if you took in option b it is not right now You can change if you wish tie at this moment you shown I recommend following videos here at the top is the link for you to visit my website here You can learn about the different consultations I offer private and prices I’m Jack and I ordered a full week plenty of light and progress

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  2. Asi es me estoy alejando de escorpión veo que el no se decidi, no me deja avanzar, y para que estar con alguien que no trae buenos frutos 😞quiero paz

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    Un abrazo desde colombia🇨🇴

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  7. Hola J..Que divertido..justo dije hare 2 preguntas y contastes que se podia…
    La primera wra si debo seguir esperando a un Escorpio que me encanta…y la otra si debo cambiarme de trabajo…muchas gracias J ..saludos desde Chile…

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