what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech cash house for another video here today hope all of you guys are having a good one now in today's video I want to go ahead and look at bitcoins current price and give all of you some news relating to a fortune users predictions on bitcoins price for the near future now you might be wondering you know what exactly does some guy on 4chan know about Bitcoin why does this matter well his predictions so far had been very spot-on he's actually never been wrong he has a very good track record so that's exciting you know of course I like to see people making accurate predictions so I want to go ahead and talk about bitcoins current price you know talk about what exactly I expect it to do in the next couple of days and then segue into my discussion of this prediction from the 4chan user so anyway guys with all of that being said if you like the video go ahead drop it a like subscribe and share for more of those things all the channel out a ton they're greatly greatly appreciated anyway guys with all of that being considered let's go ahead let me start out here and you know start by discussing bitcoins curb price let's see if we can get 200 likes 5000 views for the current price and let me go ahead and kind of discuss what exactly is going on as of right now so all of you know that this past weekend okay today is Sunday at the day the current day that I'm releasing this is Sunday and the date that I'm recording this is Sunday bitcoins price has been fairly stagnant as of late it hasn't been doing a ton the past week was actually pretty okay this past weekend has been relatively boring the price hasn't moved a whole lot but generally speaking you know we're still seeing a trend upward especially through June and heading into July we actually saw a nice period of consolidation right here and after that period resolves I think we're gonna head higher to about 1314 K then we'll probably dip again slightly from there and then I think that in August and in September we're gonna see some really really major price movement I think that September September is gonna be one of bitcoins biggest months I think in a long long time okay especially in terms of percentage moved I think the volume is gonna tick up pretty high I generally have seen trends where I see Bitcoin interest increases in September especially after the summer months however right now there's a good amount of interest in Bitcoin I during the early summer months and that's always a good sign in my opinion okay usually in July there isn't a whole lot of interests on Bitcoin but this July has so far been different there have been a lot of people interested in Bitcoin doing a lot of research and that shows that we're heading in the right direction okay now honestly speaking you can see right now looking on the dailies we're kind of an oversold territory just slightly so I would expect over the next couple of days to head into a higher buying cycle at which point I would expect about 13,000 to be reached possibly 13 five or the next week or so so this next week will be important okay it seems like it might not be that big of a deal but mid July like I said before is also gonna be a critical time for bitcoins price of course after that we'll probably once again see a sort of sell signal we'll see a large sell-off actually occurring and then we'll probably drop down to the mid 12s again and then head higher from there the price is fairly stagnant like I said as of right now but I think that soon we'll be trending upward in a big way again so that's my prediction as always I'd like to go ahead and kind of field the opinion this is the daily chart that we're looking at here you know looking weekly we're still slightly over but okay looking monthly we're also still slightly overbought but not incredibly so this actually you know looks to me like we will be trending higher soon so that's a very good sign looking at the minute of course these are minor trends that don't really matter all that much for a longer-term outlooks but day trading today has been relatively boring I haven't really done much of it because honestly it just hasn't been all that exciting we're not seeing quite as many fluctuations as we generally do but things are still looking good so anyway guys with that being said that's my current take let's go ahead and see what exactly this 4chan user is saying in regard to his Bitcoin prediction so let's go ahead and dive right in looking at some in fro ins info partly from clipped crypto globe here okay so what exactly is crypto globe saying well let's go ahead and find out so an anonymous 4chan user who was spot on in his Bitcoin price prediction so far this year accurately hitting price targets has predicted Bitcoin will hit 87 grand in November of 2020 as first reported by trust nodes the anonymous 4chan user accurately called the Bitcoin bottom doubt in December of 2018 and thirty two hundred dollars and also got right there coin would be trading at five thousand three hundred dollars in April those two things were spot on completely and that's a pretty good sign you know getting to especially important and volatile prices correct you know it's not easy to call a bottom and April was kind of a midpoint for bitcoins price it was a major major resistance line you know five grand that we need to break and that was also predicted pretty accurately so those are very good signs he accurate predictions okay his accurate predictions by her typo there didn't end there the anonymous analysts predicted Bitcoin would trade at nine thousand two hundred dollars in July and came extremely close as in the beginning of the month Bitcoin dipped to about ninety five hundred dollars before recovering so in other words Bitcoin is doing slightly better even than he predicted which is a very good sign now I think that Savas predictions are a little longer term than I would really expect I think that honestly before not 2020 we'll probably see prices of upwards of 80 grand or so I don't think that's unreasonable and also I do want all of you to keep that in mind I might think that his predictions are a little bit more on the conservative side that's not necessarily a bad thing okay so in the future the 4chan user sees bitcoin hits 16 grand in october and keep on rising to get to $29,000 in February of 2020 by November of that year it'll be at 87 grand he adds that then it's market cap will be that of 1.5 trillion dollars and its dominance will be between 40 and 46 percent meaning the cryptocurrency space would have a market cap of well over three trillion dollars total okay so in other words he expects bitcoins overall dominance to be scaled back and I want to note that bitcoins dominance is generally a bit lower during periods of major families for example in 2017 we saw up there coins dominants slightly scaled back as the price of other alt coins rose pretty substantially and you know that provides some healthy competition in the markets as well I don't think that's a bad thing at all and it's something that I think you know we would Siri materialized as the market hits another major spike so at press time Bitcoin is trading at about eleven thousand three hundred and eighty dollars after rising from the dip earlier this month the cryptocurrencies recovery so far this year was notable even though it's still around forty percent below its all-time high in this chart here okay we can see the analysts got his predictions right so far so you know that's a very good sign for the Anonymous analysts the charts never lie the model used seems to revolve around bitcoins price doubling every time it starts to rise this pattern has according to trust nodes been occurring since at least 2013 so for quite a while his predictions would nevertheless line up with those of other prominent cryptocurrency analysts willy woo for example who I talked about yesterday as predicted bitcoins market cap will hit one trillion dollars by 2025 while top technical analyst Carter Werth who called Vic coins price would be at ten grand in June told CNBC viewers to enjoy bitcoins rollercoaster ride to another breakout okay so Carter worth did also say that bitcoin is headed toward another great breakout and you know this guy predicted 10k so you know people are calling these these levels pretty accurately and this is getting to the point where honestly because bitcoin is fairly cyclical at this point and because it's fairly easy to understand and see what exactly it's doing I think that these predictions are becoming more and more reliable okay you know making bitcoin predictions back in the day used to be but it used to be much more of a shot in the dark all right people kind of just fueled predictions kind of say what exactly they thought was gonna happen and then they would essentially sit back and wait to see whether or not they were right things are different now okay people are putting out much more accurate bitcoin predictions and that's definitely worth noting okay so here's another thing that he is saying here let's go ahead and zoom in just a little bit I want to see this post specifically so okay a little while ago actually in 2019 of course actually looks like it was January 21st when the 4chan user actually said and I'm gonna go ahead and read this out the bottom was December 15th 2018 just look at the charts we are in the bull market we are currently in the last three months of accumulation stage after that we will slowly rise and rise then we will boom he says scream camp this which is you know bold but you know the predictions are right so far so honestly I think that's pretty reasonable ok so then they say April 20 1999 T $200 which once once again we feed OK by about $300 october 20 1977 87,000 with one fewer zeros ok but anyway and then they say this will be a 1.5 trillion market camp the dominance of Bitcoin will only be 40 to 46% the charts never lie and guys like I said the charts really do never lie ok and we're getting to the point now where these charts can be accurately read that can be accurately used to fuel predictions and honestly I mean even looking here you can see just large by cell trends established simply using stochastic and other similar techniques it's really pretty simple so honestly when we're looking at the monthly trends here we can see that you know starting out here especially looking at 2017 we saw some major by momentum what exactly is going on now well we're seeing some major bond momentum again ok honestly speaking when you look at this reduced down it's quite easy to follow what exactly is going on here we had overbought majorly and then a dipped and then we went to a period of strong overselling which pretty much you know bottomed out in February of 2005 where in March 2019 and now we're going back into another accumulation by cycle so honestly you know this is signaling right now is a very strong buy signal in fact the you know looking here the stochastic sand at the RSI we can see that things were strongly oversold for quite a while and all of us know that okay we're heading back into sustainable levels and levels that are honestly quite realistic you can see these patterns laying out we're simply following a trend that has already been established so anyway guys that's pretty much all I have to say for this let me know what you think about this anonymous 4chan users opinion I want to get all of your opinions on this in the comment section below because the more opinions we have the better that's how things work that's how democracy works so anyway guys hope you enjoyed and learned something let me know what you think about this drop the view like subscribe and share for more affluent Bitcoin shirt or sticker check them out right below the video I'm gonna wrap this up now I'll see all of you in the next one have a great one guys and adios

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