BTGPay: Accept Bitcoin Gold Crypto Currency on your E-commerce website

BTGPay: Accept Bitcoin Gold Crypto Currency on your E-commerce website

are you tired of paying thousands of dollars per year in merchant fees to Visa and MasterCard are you frustrated that in today's global economy it's still a hassle to accept international orders using a credit card are you annoyed when Visa and MasterCard take days to deposit funds into your bank account and then withdraw your funds when they like if you're hit with the charge back step forward into the new age of online payments equip your e-commerce website to serve customers around the world by accepting Bitcoin gold with Bitcoin gold you'll no longer have to wait four days to get funds from your customers into your bank get them in seconds with no credit card fees accepting payments in Bitcoin gold costs less than a penny per transaction saving your business tens of thousands of dollars in fees most importantly you can relax knowing that you won't be on the hook for chargebacks simply because customers have changed their minds open your doors to the global market by accepting orders from customers all over the world with free 100% charge back protection on every purchase making up for the deficiencies of traditional currency bitcoin gold is your gateway into the future of e-commerce payment want to know just how easy it is to accept bitcoin gold create a digital wallet show your customers the wallet address and receive your payment instantly that's it with easy integration you can accept bitcoin gold using leading e-commerce platforms like shopping cart elite WooCommerce Magento and press the shop expand your possibilities save time and money start accepting Bitcoin gold today

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