BTC Breaks $12K | New ECB President: Bitcoin Will “Shake The System”

BTC Breaks $12K | New ECB President: Bitcoin Will “Shake The System”

what's up everyone then with the BTC sessions here and this is your daily session total dead Bitcoin before we dive into the news of course a big shout out to sponsors of the show legend I oh this is where you can use your Bitcoin for a couple of different services one being Bitcoin back loans so you can get Canadian or US dollars using your Bitcoin as collateral there's a couple minutes sign up and you're typically funded within 24 hours the other is a Bitcoin savings account where you can earn interest on your Bitcoin in Bitcoin if you sign up using the link I've provided down below then they will add 50 dollars worth of additional Bitcoin to your account and secondly if you are concerned about privacy on the internet as any good Bitcoin or should be I recommend you check out Nord VPN I use it myself it helps encrypt your browsing data and you can also unblock Gio blocked content so double bonus there I use it on my phone and on my computer so check it out you can get a deal where it ends up only being three bucks a month for a three or three year subscription so be sure to check that out and let's dive into the news so Bitcoin price has had a nice day thus far I put off recording this video until closer to the end of the day and good thing I did because it definitely has popped up it's about it's getting close to up 8% on the day and it had been kind of having trouble breaking through that 12 K mark while we busted through that pretty decisively we're at 12 3 right now and so what does that mean looking forward well it only took a few minutes for the bus 500 bucks upwards and and kind of the resistance level that people were actually looking at was this 1261 or twelve thousand and sixteen dollars because we had peaked just above and then been rejected off of that recently so having surpassed that it has kind of opened up the door to re touch that 13800 an eighty high that we've reached a week and a half back when I was actually in San Francisco for the Bitcoin 2019 conference now if we don't stay where we are and we go back to the downside then there are some key support levels that we could be looking at so 11 for our sorry 11 411 900 both those kind of Kings provide some support also 10,000 and around 10,000 8 roughly and if we start doing below that then you know 9 9 6 not a nice thought but you know I I'd like to look at these numbers just kind of mentally prepare myself for any possible scenario so that I have kind of an even an even demeanour about it so that I'm kind of calm because if I find if I if it does something crazy and I haven't at least seen a number in my head mentioned then you know you just get more panicky whereas this if I'm looking and like okay maybe it'll go back down to 9 then I'm not as finicky when it does happen so anyways definitely Bitcoin is back to being volatile that's for sure we learned that this year another interesting bit of news the new ECB boss is Christine Lagarde and now she's she's made a bit of a Bitcoin warning and she's touched on crypto and and digital assets in the past so she has been nominated to replace the current ECB boss Mario Draghi so she will be the president of the European Central Bank now in the past she has warned that cryptocurrencies are shaking the system and and so she's not always been super against digital assets and crypto currencies but she hasn't necessarily been Pro Bitcoin either some of the things that she's been happy about have been things like XRP and then you know stable coins and like JPMorgan coins so you know the establishment version of fiat essentially is is what she's down for so she says to quote her I think the role of the disruptors and anything that is issuing distributed ledger technology whether you call it crypto assets currencies or whatever that is clearly shaking the system we don't want to shake the system so much that we would lose the stability that is needed I find that comment interesting in that stability is a relative term and fiat currencies are anything but stable when you zoom out they are on a steadily downward trajectory when you look at the purchasing power of any fiat currency it gradually trends to zero and I guess you could call that stability in the sense of it not being as volatile as other assets but you know a form of stability where you're definitely losing purchasing power is not anything that I'm super interested in I would rather have volatility and even the possibility of increased purchasing power then be guaranteed that my money will be worthless if I save it so again to each their own and and obviously somebody that's now the president of the ECB will be saying these kinds of things but yeah you know and one other thing here now if you're on Twitter you probably saw earlier today that there was video from inside the office of Tron in Beijing and there was literally an angry mob and police lining the inside of beetron offices and the angry mob was was putting up a huge stinking sink Tron is a scam and we lost all this money and freaking and you know crypto Twitter was having a field day with it but there's more to the story there what actually was happening is there was another scan like and okay there's scams and then there's scams so Tron I already look at it is mmm it's a little scam me sounding to me but a full-on blatant scam also took the name of Tron and bit torrents and ended up scamming a lot of people out of a lot of money actually to the tune of thirty million dollars and it actually also resulted unfortunately in one suicide so some of these things it's it's really no joke it's really unfortunate this kind of crap continues to happen but essentially all these people that got scammed by a totally different entity thought it was this Tron and and their head office in Beijing and so they stormed in and we're causing a big disturbance and they were essentially they you know they had the pitchforks out not literally but figuratively and it was actually the the people working at Tron that called the police to protect themselves from the angry mob that was confused about who they were so while I don't don't like Tron in this instance the people that were angry had their anger misplaced because they had lost their money elsewhere I'm sure there's plenty of people that have lost their money on Tron and are rightfully angry but this was not the case here so you know when you see stuff on crypto Twitter dig a bit deeper taking with a grain of salt see what's happening anyways I did want to touch on a video that I made over the weekend and I'm very very excited to have made it and that video is all about the wasabi wallet so this is how you can use coin join to help protect your privacy with Bitcoin be as as many of you know bitcoin is not anonymous by default it's on an open ledger anybody can track it and if you have coins that have been linked to you by buying on an online exchange or you know paying for a service all of that links back to your identity and unless you use technologies like coin join or Samurai as something called whirlpool then you essentially run the risk of anybody being able to figure out not only how much Bitcoin you own but also what you're spending your Bitcoin on so you know they can get a pretty good picture of exactly how much money you have and what you're doing with it and just in general if you're a privacy conscious individual that's non-ideal and that's why I recommend checking out wasabi wallet so this is a relatively in-depth video it's 25 minutes it literally covers all the way from setting up to funding the wallet with Bitcoin to actually doing a coin join to understanding what a you TXO is and how to be careful with this so that you don't actually accidentally Dean autumn eyes yourself and then sending money back out of the wallet so it covers a lot feel free to flick through it but yeah I'm very happy and actually got us thanked everybody the response to it has been pretty tremendous in the first couple of days and I'm very happy that people are finding it useful so thank you for that and with that guys I'm gonna start wrapping up thank you very much short video today but if you want to help out the show a couple things you can hit subscribe like and share I just revamped my website so feel free to go and check that out and I've got an event coming up in Calgary here for very very beginners so I know a lot of you are not very beginners but if you do know if somebody that may be interested feel free to send them to the link down below and I'm actually doing an affiliate program with this one so if you're in the Calgary area and you want to help get people out to this event I am offering $40 per ticket sold to anybody that helps me sell tickets so be sure to hit me up with that so if you've enjoyed what you saw you can feel free to drop me a lightning Network tip my tip end of each page and with that I am out thank you guys and I will see you tomorrow for your daily session

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