Brian McGinty – Turn Bitcoin and Currency into 24kt 999 Gold – Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty – Turn Bitcoin and Currency into 24kt 999 Gold –  Brian McGinty

[Music] [Music] [Music] hello wood-frame McGinty with you quick little tutorial today we have lots of people know buying large amounts of gold from cara’s international 10,000 20,000 50,000 euros worth I’m a lot of those people are asking me what is the best way for them to buy gold and those are mine so I’m going to very quickly show you how easy it is for anyone to do that before I do that I just want to quickly talk about karatbars gold in case you don’t know about your company karatbars gold comes from and LBMA accredited refinery we only sell my point one graph to five gram weights we don’t sell anything bring a lot but bigger than that because we’re trying to make gold affordable to the masses ooh what does not point one gram of gold look like that’s it there in the center of that note we then have our nuts on – it’s just two pieces of gold not point four four pieces of gold I’m not point six you’ve guessed it yes six pieces of gold and you can see them and say there once you get to one gram size we’re not into carat this is the 3 point 5 gram card and this is the 5 gram and I’ll show you I’ll use the 5 grams for the rest of this example so we have the karatbars logo embedded into the gold during the manufacturing process it’s 24 karat 999.9 which you can see on there the certificate of authenticity is in the back here and we have the hologram on the other side and on the front every single character has its own serial number the carats himself have their own DNA security feature which is only readable with characters SD and a reader and we’ll just do this as an example you can hear the beep and you can see the little light so that means that this is a genuine character and this is completely unique characters international making our products fraud proof and that’s really important what the amount of fake gold that’s out there in the market we’re delivering with our dishes in 2011 and to over 120 countries you can choose free storage in Germany or you can choose FedEx delivery 13 years 50 and say Europe 18 euros 50 outside Europe or if you wait until you have over 100 grams of storage or if you buy over 100 grams that storage or that delivery cost is free and over the past 16 years people don’t realize how much gold has increased against different currencies and we quickly show you that against the US dollar you can see the first column on the left the scroll right down to the bottom you can see the average over the past 16 years is 10.7% not a lot of people know that in fact less than 0.1% of the population own any gold mrs. white people don’t know these figures go over to euro to the eurozone you can see it’s 10 percent or right beside their GBP UK points you can see it’s twelve point three percent a year so what else could you have bought with your money over the past 16 years that would have given you twelve point three percent every single year I’m going to show you in the website how quick and easy it is now to buy for example a thousand euros worth of gold so a thousand euros worth the gold you go to the website I’ll show you this in a second you put in four takes you down to the chequered you’ve got your payment options which I’ll cover in a second the important thing to remember is the price per gram on a 5 gram card is much lower than buying a bone graft card the price program on a 5 gram card today is 46 euros that’s 54 dollars or 41 pounds program and that’s for a product that has all the security features that I mentioned before so let’s go to the website now and take a look at what how easy this actually is so we go to product purchase which is on the top of the website if you don’t have an account get back to the person who told you about this video or there may be a link underneath the video so we go to classic products once you click classic karatbar easy for me to say and then we scroll down here and if you’re looking for the best price program this is where I’m showing this to larger buyers and you’ll buy the 5 gram card so here we go that’s the 5 gram card there now if we want to buy a thousand euros worth we go two three four if we wanted to buy 50 of these we simply change that to 50 and then my tier will update in real time so let’s just go back to 4 again for example so it’s nine hundred and sixty seven twenty we add those to the cart and then we scroll up to the cart here and we can see view cart okay so we’ll just click on View cart that takes us three nine nine hundred and sixty 720 and we’ll go to checkout so we click these two boxes what you hear and here money laundering regulations we have our bonus card options then if you don’t have a three percent bonus card ask us for one and we’ll get you one the gives you three percent of all your purchases for twelve months so my bonus card I put in months ago so I don’t have to put it in again the website realizes that and we can see it’s 29 29 euros – I’m getting off that now if I want to choose shipping I click this box if I to use storage I click this box so let’s say for example I want to choose storage again storage is free and then I can choose to pay and choose with a credit card a debit card I can use Bitcoin we have a huge amount of people my taking some of their profits from that coin and by our theory amor ripple or whatever their cryptocurrency is they’re using we’re getting a lot of people taking some of those profits now and putting them into physical metal and karatbars is a really nice easy way to do that it’s just hedging against anything bad happening with cryptocurrencies good idea or you can choose bank wire transfer or you can choose your karatbars prepaid mastercard if I choose my prepaid mastercard which I have funds loaded onto already and then I there is no fee for me to do that oh it’s a really really quick really easy for the purposes of this tutorial I’m going to choose bank wire transfer most people when they’re buying 10,000 20,000 50,000 euros worth of gold then they would choose the bank where option there’s a limit of twenty thousand when using credit cards okay so we’ll click on purchase and that should take us now to an order confirmation which we can see here this is the order confirmation we can see here now the unit price their quantity nine hundred and thirty at the eighteen and on the bottom right here you can see now a PDF all right so this PDF will give you your details where you need to wire the funds to you so if you’re in the earth Kingdom we have the UK account of United States we have a United States account we’ll just open up the buy this backward information you can see here using my usernames premier team so I need to put that on the transfer and then the amount is 938 it team no because it’s a UK bank I’d be sending the money to I go to a website called XE calm and I put in nine hundred and thirty eight thirteen and it tells me that that’s eight hundred and thirty nine points so yet 139 pounds I will then go and transfer that to the UK occurred so I scroll down and I look Croatia Slovenia Czech Republic’s being United Kingdom that’s the one I want so I go to my online banking I can order I can go into the branch to do it and I transfer the money to that account and that’s cohdon c 839 times the occurrence team and germany will find that amount of money see it coming in they will see my username they will then go to my backpack office and see the invoice sitting there and they’ll know of me at that purchased Nilla credit to go with them to my account or start the delivery process if it’s being delivered without of italy and france poland and also the United States this is reasonably recent we now have a Wells Fargo back in the United States and you can see the account number and the routing number on there as well so really really quite really really easy to buy em a amount of gold and remember always get that three percent discount codes we can give that described to you as well so let’s go back to the PDF again what a lot of people don’t realize is that people always ask this question what can I do with my gold later the important thing about karatbars gold is that it’s private issue if you’re buying gold sovereigns or Eagles or maples or anything like that please remember that the government has she and a government can ask for them back in times of financial crisis this is private as she googled the geo okay so be fully aware when you’re buying things from Royal Mint sir any of those that that’s not private as she bought this is and what a lot of my beggar buyers are telling me at the moment is that they were buying a lot of karatbars hundreds at a time and what they will do with these car parts is they will split them up and give them to either children as their inheritance so for example myself I have five children I could continue to see it nice now for the next twenty thirty forty years and then if anything happens to me then I can simply pass that gold on to my children and little blonde roast my children can then do whatever they like with that gold you could take it to Spain and turn it in to turn it into a hobby some spin or whatever it is they want to do with it so that’s the great thing about gold you can turn gold back into cash really in any country on earth it is the oldest form of currency it’s the oldest form of money it has been a form of money for the past three four thousand years so that’s really at guys I’m gone forward into 2018 and we are now launching key exchange centers all around the world it just means the shops and businesses and I can apply to become a key exchange which means they can apply to accept cash gold as payment so if you’re saving and – gold if you’ve got some cash golden your online accord the app will be worthless in January and you could simply go into a shop that accept karatbars payment and you can pay using the app or you can pay using the physical notes if you have them as well so the oldest form of payment the oldest form of spending money is back again CalPERS Intl is unique and what we’re doing as well as that shopkeepers will be able to register their own customers help their own customer set up savings accounts and the shopkeepers then can earn some commissions from those customers Civic so that’s going to be fantastic for shopkeepers it’s going to be fantastic for businesses and create a new revenue stream for them as well and whenever all said and done we’re achieving our mission our mission is to put gold affordable gold back into the hands of the public again and gold ownership has been decreasing and increasing and decreasing since the 1960s and we’re trying to reverse that night and we’re putting gold back into the hands of the people where it should be so thanks very much for watching if you’ve got any questions please do get in touch otherwise there should be a link on to this video to register or get back to the person who told you about this video and hope to speak to you again pretty soon thanks very much for watching [Music] you

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  1. Beware of platforms like
    I deposited Bitcoin for gold with them in order to hedge against the rest of my crypto. I also decided to take a small proportion of fiat out of that gold to test settlement time. I place an order for redemption of gold to cash on 2nd December. I'm still waiting for my money. 18th December now. Poor user experience with They claim regulations are preventing them from paying me on time however, they will not link me to the regulation of which they speak.
    I don't want others to get caught out. Please spread the word and check the comments on "UK Trustpilot Goldmoney" (YouTube won't allow me to post the URL)

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